I believe it is time!

I first began writing erotica when I was 16.  Whenever I finished writing something I would tear it into little pieces and throw it away, embarrassed that I could write such filth.  Surely it was wrong to write about sex?  For years afterward I tried to write poetry, I tried to write ‘general’ fiction, but nothing really mentally stimulated me quite as much as those early erotic pieces had.

In 2011 I began writing erotica again and have been writing it ever since.  I have one story completed, I have four which are under construction and numerous other ideas in my mind.  Until now the only person who has read any of my writing is my wife.  I like writing for her, I like watching the look on her face change as she reads whatever it is I have written in the last day, week or month… but, I now feel the need to share.

I think part of it is a self confidence thing for me.  I have never had a lot of self confidence, I seem to fail at most things I attempt and have never been great at anything.  Yes, I did well in my human biology class in year 11, I did well in the couple of human development papers I took during my first attempt at university, but I’ve never been GREAT.  This past year at university I achieved an A- grade for a public relations paper I did, and for the first time I started to believe that perhaps I don’t give myself enough credit, that maybe I am better at certain things than I think I am.

This leads me to where I am right now.  I have an author page on facebook, I have a twitter account and I have this blog.  I have nothing published and only my wife has read my work, but I am ready to share.  I am ready to try and get my work out there.  I don’t expect fame and glory, I don’t expect to become a household name, but I do dream of others reading my stories and would be happy with just ONE person becoming a fan of my writing.  Yes, of course in a perfect world there would be thousands of people who consider my stories amongst their favourites… but right now I would settle for one!

I have no real idea how long it is going to take to get my work up to standard to publish, but until then I will post snippets of my work here in the hopes that it will pique the interest of a few of you!

Thank you for reading!


3 thoughts on “I believe it is time!

  1. I read a few of your recent post and loved them, so I thought I would juts start from the beginning and read my way back to the top. I really would like to give erotica a try, I have the thoughts and actions in my mind but when I try to write them out it’s like jdnksdcnsbdjcndsiji…..Ends up making no sense at all. That’s my overall problem getting what’s in my mind on paper…….anyway upwards I go hehe 🙂


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