My Sexy Saturday, week 60

After taking a few weeks off (okay… forgetting to sign up!) I am back with another My Sexy Saturday post!  For those of you who don’t know, My Sexy Saturday is a bloghop which gives writers an opportunity to share 7 words, sentences or paragraphs based on a specific theme each week.

This weeks theme is ‘Our Sexy Romance’, and the excerpt I am sharing is from one of my (many) unnamed WIP.  It features Jenna and Lucas who are (in this excerpt) on their annual New Years getaway.  Jenna has recently found out she is pregnant and this has caused her and Lucas to re-evaluate their lives and their relationship… including their ideas about marriage.  Well, for Lucas anyway.


“I love you,” Lucas whispered, smiling softly at Jenna.

“I love you too,” Jenna replied contently.

“I know things have been hard for us at times, but I think the fact we are both sitting here like this tonight shows how strong we are and how strong our love is,” Lucas told her, his voice surprisingly full of conviction and emotion.

“Things have been amazing and things have been hard… but we’ve always had our love and I think that is what has gotten us through,” Jenna agreed, wondering what had caused Lucas to open up in such a way.

“All I know is that I want to spend the rest of my life with you, raising our children, enjoying our grandchildren and our great grandchildren… and I would really love if you would marry me,” Lucas announced and moved his hands out from underneath the blanket that was over them.

In his hands was a red ring case which he opened and presented her with. Inside was a gorgeous ring – the type she had always dreamed of – three perfect round diamonds set in a plain white gold band; it was beautiful and she probably couldn’t have picked a more perfect ring herself.


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