I am a sex blogging superhero!

I have my blog listed on the Kinkly website and a while back they announced they were taking
nominations for their ‘Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2014’ competition… I was shocked when yesterday I received an email saying that I was in the top 100!

Writing about sex and writing erotica are both passions of mine and it felt great to get recognition for it.  It’s obviously not something I can scream from the rooftops or share in my monthly ‘update of my life’ email I send to all my family [please note: I don’t actually send this email…],  but it is still hellishly exciting for me.

Me.  I never get chosen for anything.  I never win.  I am never anything but average… so while this award might not seem like a huge deal to some people, it IS pretty major to me.  My self confidence and self belief have never been particularly high, so to receive recognition that hey… some people out there actually read & like my blog! it is pretty awesome!

Congratulations to everyone else who made the top 100 and to everyone who was nominated!

If you want to read the full list you can find it  here.  While you’re at it check out Kinkly, it is a great resource for everything sex related (probably best not to look at work though!).


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