Goodbye Blogger, hello WordPress! An introduction…

After a few months of using WordPress for another blog of mine and one I contribute to I began to wish I had started my blog on WordPress.  I presumed it’d be too hard to transfer from Blogger to WordPress but today was feeling game so took the plunge.  It was 100% easier than I thought it would be and I am now all set up with a new look blog!

I thought this would be a good chance to introduce/reintroduce myself because already I have some new followers… I have to admit it is pretty exciting!

My name is Bree.  Okay, my pseudonym is Bree… I opted to go with a pen-name mainly because I wanted to keep the two writing sides of my life separate.  I’m not ashamed that I write erotica or that I blog about sex but I enjoy having two personas if you will.  I am sure this will make sense to some of you, particularly those of you who write!

I am married to an amazing woman, she is my soulmate and my everything.  I’m not just saying that either!  Between us we have four children (two each) aged between four & ten, they make life challenging at times but more often than not they are a joy and I cannot imagine my life without any of them in it!  I am a full time student and have one year left to finish my Bachelor of Communication… and apparently I enjoy punishing myself because I am also considering a second degree (Bachelor of Arts) after I am done with my BComm.

I take great joy out of writing erotica – or more specifically erotic romance – and have recently began challenging myself to smaller word counts by writing flash fiction.  Along with writing erotica I enjoy writing about sex in general because I feel it isn’t something we should be shy about… the world needs more dialogue when it comes to sex!


Thanks for checking out my blog, I hope you stick around!

Bree xxx


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