A little teaser – Alyssa & Cameron



I began writing this story a couple of months ago when I had a dream and became inspired.  I then became inspired to write something else and the story of Alyssa and Cameron was put on the backburner.  Because I have another two-ish months until university goes back I thought I would spend some time this summer moving along my works that seem to have stalled.  One of those stories will be the story of Alyssa and Cameron, and I thought that I would share a sexy little excerpt as a way to motivate myself to add to it!

In short the story is about Alyssa and Cameron who decide to run off to Rarotonga to get married after their mothers push just that little bit too far.  Alyssa’s mum doesn’t agree with anything she likes – dresses, hairstyles, flowers, colour themes – while Cameron’s mother plain and simple doesn’t like Alyssa, believing that her darling son is far too good for ‘someone like him’.  So off to Raro they go with their three best friends in tow… best friends who just happen to be in a polyamorous relationship.  I won’t spoil the story any further, but you get the gist of it!

The scene in the following excerpt happens toward the start of the story after Alyssa and Cameron have had particularly unpleasant wedding-related visits with their mums.  It is after this scene they decide to have a relaxed island wedding without any family present.



Alyssa felt some of her anger melt away when she saw Cameron’s car was in their driveway. She was curious about why his mum had asked him over, but in that moment she couldn’t really give a damn; she needed to wrap her arms around his waist, she needed to feel his arms locked around her back, she needed to rest her head against his chest and inhale the heavenly scent of her fiancé, then she had some major venting to do. They had only been engaged for a month and she hated to think how much worse her mum would become as she ‘helped’ plan the wedding.

Opening the front door, Alyssa frowned when she heard the music Cameron was listening to. Silverchair. It was his angry music, and she hated to think what his mum had done to put him in a mood that required Silverchair. She walked into the lounge and found Cameron on the couch with an empty beer bottle beside him, another sign that he was officially pissed off.

Rather than sitting on the couch beside him, Alyssa straddled his thighs and put her arms around his neck. They sighed in unison and when she felt Cameron’s hand’s move under her t-shirt and up her back she could feel the tension in his hands. She opened her mouth to ask what had happened with his mum but when she felt her bra come undone she giggled, even more so when her t-shirt came off seconds later. Cameron looked up at her and she could see the anger in his eyes, but there was also an undeniable look of hunger, a look she returned in kind.

He pressed his lips to the crook of her neck and she tilted her head to the side to give him better access, whimpering quietly as he began kissing a trail up toward her jaw. While he was focusing on her neck, Alyssa moved her hands to the hem of his t-shirt and pulled it up – hating the brief stoppage in kissing as she moved it up and over his head – dropping it on the floor behind them. The feel of his bare chest against her bare skin sent a surge of desire coursing through her body, that desire increasing when she felt his hands on her ass.

“Went well with your mum then?” Alyssa asked breathlessly as Cameron continued his assault on her neck.

“Oh fabulous, she had another go at me about the church thing,” Cameron said against the sensitive skin of her neck.

“How fun for you,” Alyssa said sarcastically and moved her hands to the back of his neck.

“Oh it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time,” Cameron said and then groaned as she started raking her nails up and down the back of his neck.

“I bet I had more fun,” Alyssa informed him, biting back a moan as he pulled down on her hips and a certain hardness encased in trackpants became evident, pressing against the flimsy fabric of her skirt and panties.

“Oh really?” Cameron asked and began nipping at her earlobe.

“Oh yeah, mum told me that-” her words interrupted by a moan as he began tugging on her earlobe, “told me that my boobs would look enormous in the style of dress I want and that-” another moan caused by Cameron stroking the side of one of her boobs replaced the rest of her sentence.

“What if I want my bride’s boobs to look enormous?” Cameron asked seriously and snuck a hand in between their chests so he could gently rub one of her nipples.

“Then I told her I want a knee length dress and she told me it wasn’t a high school prom,” Alyssa continued, her breathing shaky as Cameron’s fingertips teased her nipple.

“Such a wedding dress sin!” Cameron whispered huskily against her ear, sending a shudder rippling through her body.

“Then I told her I didn’t plan to have a fancy hairstyle and she suggested I just get married in the bedroom after I get out of bed,” Alyssa told him, finding it hard to concentrate as he moved from rubbing the nipple to lightly squeezing it.

“Mmm we could just get married in bed,” Cameron joked and squeezed her nipple a little harder, causing her to press her hips into him.

“And then we can have sex the moment we are announced as husband as wife,” Alyssa said finding it hard to concentrate on speaking as her nipple was squeezed even tighter between his fingertips.

“Straight on to the honeymoon, I like that,” Cameron chuckled, his voice still with that sexy husky quality to it.

“Won’t even need a dress that way,” Alyssa joked.

“You, me, naked… what could be better?” Cameron posed as he pulled her down at the hips again with his spare hand.

“You,” Alyssa began and kissed him hungrily, “me,” she continued, swiping the tip of her tongue against his, “naked,” she continued still and began to move her hips against his in tight circles, “your cock inside me,” she finished, moaning as he squeezed her nipple tightly then dipped his head down, eliciting a groan from her when he captured the nipple between his lips.

Alyssa moved her hands to his shoulders and dug her nails into the soft skin, bucking her hips against him when he suddenly began to squeeze the other nipple while continuing to suck on the one in his mouth. As he sucked one nipple harder, he squeezed the other one more tightly between his fingers; all the while her panties were becoming increasingly damp. The four layers of clothing separating his cock from her pussy seemed like far too many and she couldn’t stop her hands from moving between them and pulling at the waistband of his trackies.

Cameron managed to push himself up far enough to free his cock from the confines of his pants and boxers but, before he had time to do the same to her, Alyssa moved back a little and wrapped her hand around his hard length. She smiled as he groaned loudly and arced his hips forward, effectively pressing more of his cock into her fist. His eyes lolled as she started to move her hand up and down his cock, his grunts and groans making her pussy ache as her own need for him became too much and she released his cock from her fist.

Cameron looked at her pleadingly, biting his lip when she moved her hand between her legs and pulled her panties to the side. She shuffled forward to close the gap between them and lowered herself down until she felt the hot tip of his cock pressing against her hole.

“My cock inside you like this?” Cameron asked, the word ‘this’ coinciding with him pulling her down at the hips and his cock hitting deep inside her.

“Oh god yes,” Alyssa groaned as her hips instinctively began moving against his.

Cameron kept a firm grasp on her hips and as he pulled her down again they both moaned loudly, his cock moving deeper and hitting some magical spot. Alyssa moved her hips hard and fast, she knew neither of them wanted the sex to be slow and ‘nice’, even if they did she doubted it would have been a possibility.

When they began kissing what Alyssa felt only intensified, the feeling of his tongue swiping against her own seemed to hit her right in the clit, making her throb and swell around him. Her fingers had never really released their grip on his shoulders and for a brief moment she was worried she may be hurting him; without realising she started to dig her nails in even deeper and the loud, guttural groan he made when she did this suggested it was pain he welcomed.

His fingers were gripping her hips in the way she loved – it made her feel as if he wanted and needed her, like he didn’t want to let her go – it was weird the places the mind went during sex. Those fingers of his dug in some more when he pulled her down again and as she began to grind her hips harder against his she couldn’t contain the need to cry out loudly, to let the world know just how fucking good he felt inside her.

Alyssa hoped the windows were still closed because her cries were coming in a long continuous stream, growing louder and more high-pitched as her orgasm approached. It started in her belly and seemed to spread throughout her entire body. Holding onto his shoulders was no longer enough and as she wrapped her arms around his neck Alyssa heard a husky groan from Cameron, then felt one of his hands following her hip around and down the curve of her ass.

The anticipation of what he was about to do to her was almost enough to make her cum – and she had a feeling that was his aim – he knew her body far too well. His hand continued drifting inward and when he reached her crack she groaned loudly as his finger ran slowly down toward her butt hole. She was finding it hard to catch her breath and as he pressed the pad of his index finger against the tight hole she felt explosion after explosion inside her pussy, all leading up to what she knew was going to be one hell of an orgasm.

Cameron increased the pressure of his finger against her ‘other hole’ as she referred to it (because there was no sexy way to say ‘asshole’) and though she tried to resist the urge she began bucking her hips wildly against him, screaming as her orgasm continued to build. She was caught between wanting to keep her orgasm at bay and wanting to unleash it; it felt too good to want it to be over already but at the same time it felt too good to not allow herself to experience it.

Then she felt the pressure she had been waiting for as the tip of Cameron’s finger pressed inside her ass, and she came undone around him, screaming as her orgasm hit and tore through her body. Wave after wave after wave came and went, she was rigid against Cameron and was pressing so hard against him her hip began to cramp. She started to come down just in time and it was then she became aware that Cameron was in the midst of his own orgasm, a loud strangled groan filled the air and she could feel his cock throbbing inside her.

He was still pressing firmly into her when she collapsed against his chest, his cock twitching as his own orgasm came to an end.

And then they were still and mostly silent, the only noise coming in the form of exhausted gasps for air. Alyssa was slumped against him and had he wanted her to move he would have been out of luck; she couldn’t move, even breathing was a challenge. Her bones had turned to jelly, her muscles to water.

It was only when she felt Cameron’s cock slip out of her pussy that Alyssa moved her head so she could look at him. They gave one another a sleepy smile and when she yawned he laughed quietly.

“Should we go to bed,” Cameron suggested and Alyssa nodded against his shoulder.

“Need to be naked,” Alyssa yawned.

“Me too,” Cameron replied, kissing her on the cheek.

“Can’t move,” Alyssa declared and Cameron tightened his arms around her.

“Let’s just stay here,” Cameron conceded but Alyssa shook her head and somehow found the energy to move off him and stand up. She held her hand out to Cameron and helped him to a standing position.

“I need to be naked with you,” Alyssa explained and led him toward their bedroom.


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