Reunited and it feels so good (dammit!)

I think this week should be renamed ‘reading over half written stories and picking up where I left off’ week.

I’ve revisited the story of Eva and Ethan, and the story of Sam and Nadia earlier in the week (I posted excerpts from both); now I am revisiting the story of Hannah and Josh.

These two lovebirds are reunited after almost a year apart and after what they thought would be ‘closure sex’, go on to realise that they can’t eaa64cce4fd63cbee10a2835709e5b95be apart any longer.  It’s not exactly going to be smooth sailing for the couple though.  The reason they broke up in the first place was because Josh unintentionally cheated on her.  I know, how can you ‘unintentionally’ cheat on someone, right?  Just trust me, it can be done.  Because of the cheating Hannah’s family now hate Josh a passion – and news of their reconciliation isn’t taken very well.  At all.  It’s understandable I think, who wants to see someone they love getting hurt?

Whether her family like it or not, they are destined to be together.

Usually the excerpts I post are sex scenes but this one isn’t.  Quite.  It stops about a sentence before the sex starts – I do plan on posting the sex scene but felt like being a bit of a tease… and setting the scene is never a bad thing!


Hannah hated how familiar Josh’s body was, but more than that, she hated the way their bodies still seemed to meld together so effortlessly. It had been close to a year, she really thought he was out of her system – but there she was, ready to quite literally get him back into her system.

The phone call had been out of the blue and her reply to his suggestion they should ‘catch up’ while he was in town came as even more of a surprise.

She jumped at the chance.

After everything he had put her through, the way he had broken her heart then buggered off to the other side of the world, she still couldn’t say no to him. What made it worse was that she didn’t want to say no to him.

At the time she had tried to convince herself that their ‘catch up’ would be nothing more than that. Over a coffee they would talk, laugh, perhaps reminisce a little and then go their separate ways. Perhaps she would even leave the cafe feeling a little lighter, finally getting some of the closure she badly needed.

In reality, however, she knew that when she left the cafe he would be right beside her and they would both be full of anticipation, desperate to get back to her house, to get each other naked before finally climbing into bed together.

Of course their little catch up at the cafe had played out just as she had expected; two hours later there they were, enjoying the feeling of being naked in each others arms again after such a long time apart. It was almost as if they hadn’t had any time away from each other, it felt so right having his body pressed against hers; it was almost a reflex for her to lightly graze her fingertips along the small of his back while he stroked the back of her neck.

Hannah had truly believed her weakness and need for him had disappeared the moment he had admitted cheating on her. When he had told her he was moving to the other side of the world for work she had thought she was officially over him. He was out of her life, she could move on and forget all about the scumbag who had broken her heart and then not stuck around to try and make things right.

But there she was, all too happy to be back in the safety of his arms. His skin felt warm and soft against hers, his fingertips working their same old magic as he absentmindedly traced them up and down the back of her neck. It had been a long time since she had felt so relaxed – and much to her annoyance – quite so turned on.

She had expected that the moment they got back to her house clothes would go flying before the door was even closed and that within seconds Josh would be taking her up against the wall as he had done so many times before. Instead he had led her straight through to the bedroom and after finally kissing her (there was no way she was going to initiate!) they had begun to undress each other.

Their clothes had come off slowly and unlike when they were a couple, there was nothing hasty about the process. Each newly revealed bare area of skin had been kissed and touched gently, and to her surprise neither of them had got carried away during this time.

In the past an unrushed undressing would only last until both of them were shirtless. One glimpse of his muscular arms and broad chest would leave her craving his cock. One look at her boobs would cause some sort of animalistic reaction in him. There would be a hasty pulling down of his pants, a pushing up of her skirt and pulling aside of her panties with him slamming inside her before either really had a chance to register what was happening.

Hannah tried to convince herself that she didn’t really want him, she imagined moving out of his arms and telling him he should leave… but it wasn’t what she wanted.

What she really wanted was to feel him buried deep inside her, to have him moving against her, bringing her closer to orgasm with each perfectly timed thrust of his cock. She wanted to ride him, to watch the agonised look of pleasure on his face as she moved her hips in slow circles, causing him to make the guttural moan she had once loved so much.

She wanted to take him through to the bathroom and stand with her hands on the vanity unit, locking eyes with him via the mirror as he took her from behind. His fingers would dig deeply into her hips, she would push back against him as his thrusts became more forceful, both would be moaning and groaning as they reached that blissful peak together, before collapsing on the bathroom floor in a sweaty, breathless heap.

Without realising what she was doing, Hannah arched her hips into Josh’s and gasped loudly. The change in position meant his cock pressed against her slit and even though he wasn’t inside her a charge of electricity tore through her body. As much as his body felt familiar to her, his cock felt even more so and almost from nowhere the intense hunger she had once felt for him returned… and it was just as strong as ever.

When it came to Josh she never had any self-control and their year apart had done nothing to change that. She rolled him onto his back and in one smooth movement got to her knees and straddled him. The tip of his cock came into contact with her hole and she shuddered as he gripped onto her hips. Josh gave her an intense but nevous look; Hannah knew he wanted her to be the one to take the lead.


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