My Sexy Saturday, week 72

Welcome to another My Sexy Saturday!  I cannot believe there are only two more Saturday’s left in 2014… I am sure the years are going faster and faster.  Please say it isn’t just me?!

Those of you who aren’t familiar with the My Sexy Saturday blog hop, it gives writers a chance to share their ‘sexy 7’ – seven words, sentences or paragraphs – based on a particular theme each week; the excerpts can be from published works or works in progress.

The theme for week 72 is ‘A Sexy Morning’ and while I had a lot of excerpts that could have worked for this, I chose one that starts out sexy but ends with some unfinished business.  An important part of my writing is that I like to write about real life. Not everything is smooth-sailing for my characters… they are afflicted by the same problems as the rest of us, tiredness, sickness, interruptions, timing being off.  They always get there in the end though!

India and James are set to partake in some nice slow morning sex – they get halfway there – but then real life happens and they are interrupted….

I hope you all enjoy xxx



James smiled when he woke up and found India gazing intently at him. She immediately moved in closer and kissed him with more hunger than he’d expected for that time of the morning and wondered just how long she’d been awake. It was impossible not to respond and as he slid his hand up her thigh she shuddered and let out a breathy sigh, thrusting her hips against him when his hand passed over her bottom. James chuckled quietly as she pushed him onto his back and straddled him; he was about to mention condoms when India sneakily pulled one out from underneath her pillow.

“I thought we may need this when you woke up,” India explained and he grinned at her.

“Oh we will certainly need that,” James replied with a wink as India moved down his thighs a little and put the condom on his standing-to-attention cock.

India shuffled back up so she was straddling him at the hips and wasted no time in sliding down his length, letting out a deep, shaky breath as she took a moment to enjoy the feeling of him inside her. She leaned forward and put her hands either side of his head and began to rock her hips slowly while they kissed tenderly, his hands resting on her hips. India moved her legs apart slightly and sunk deeper onto his cock; he could tell she was fighting the urge to cry out, an urge he was also trying to resist. Perhaps sex in his sister’s house wasn’t such a fabulous idea, not if it meant they had to be so uncharacteristically silent.

Even with the barrier of a condom between them, India’s pussy felt amazing around his cock and the more she moved against him, the more he had to fight the innate need to vocalise just how good it felt. His eyes were closed and he was concentrating on how good she felt when he felt something against his arm. A chubby little hand. India stopped moving and uttered ‘oh fuck‘.

“Uncle James are you getting up soon?” Holly asked and James gasped.

“Shit, Holly, how did you get in there?” James asked and Holly frowned at him.

“Who is the lady in the pretty nighty?” Holly enquired and India looked at him with panic in her eyes.

“Holly, the lady in the very pretty nighty is India, she is my girlfriend and she is going to spend Christmas with us,” James informed her and Holly smiled at India.

“Hello, my name is Holly and I’m four,” Holly said introducing herself. India giggled.

“Hi Holly, my name is India and I’m almost thirty,” India replied in kind.

“Can I see your pretty nighty?” Holly asked and James chuckled.

“Holly, it’s a magic nighty that only I’m allowed to look at… if anyone else looks at it, they turn into a frog,” James told her managing to keep a straight face.

Holly screamed and ran from the room. James hadn’t expected that reaction from her. India climbed off and kissed him.

“I guess we’ll wait until tonight… or until we’re alone at some stage,” India said through giggles and James nodded.

“I think that’s probably for the bes-” James started but was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Jameson, why is Holly crying and asking me if she’s turned into a frog yet?” Lily called and James rolled his eyes.

“Sorry, I’ll fix it… she kind of walked in on…. well… you know….” James called back and Lily laughed.

“Yeap you are going to fix it and answer any associated questions… now hurry up and get out of bed you lazy sod, your niece needs to be consoled. I hope you remembered her present by the way!” Lily called back and James groaned. He had forgotten that he promised to bring back a special present for Holly.

“Don’t get your granny panties in a twist, I will get up and save the day,” James called and India looked at him sternly.

“Come on Uncle James, sounds like we have some making up to do,” India said getting out of bed, taking off the skimpy nightgown that had gotten him in so much trouble She may have replaced it with with a t-shirt and trackies but to him she looked just as enticing.

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3 thoughts on “My Sexy Saturday, week 72

  1. Very nice snippet. And so true but took it much better than I ever did. Having who didn’t understand the locked door was always fun. LOL!

    Thanks for sharing.


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