Carly and Stella give Brad a memorable welcome home

threesome_heart_attackWhile I was doing some last minute exam study a couple of months back – I became inspired – and rather than adding to my notes about… well, whatever it was, I turned to the back of my exercise book and began writing.

The result of this procrastination was the story of Carly, Stella & Brad making the most of Brad’s boss’s lunch break by having sex on his desk.  It was going to be a one off and it still is a one off, but I enjoyed the characters of Carly, Stella and Brad so much that I felt the need to visit them again.  Because it was meant to be a one off story I don’t actually know a hell of a lot about the characters, other than the fact they are in a polyamorous relationship… I have a feeling I’ll have to get to know them a bit better if I am to write anything else about this trio!

I haven’t really written since I got all of my exam results back and last weekend I was feeling bad about that.  I revisited old works and would get motivated to write, but sitting in front of my laptop the words just wouldn’t flow.  That was when I remembered the flash fiction I had writen about Carly et al and before I knew it I was writing!

The following is what appeared to flow from my brain directly to the computer screen…

I am sure I will be back with story #3 very soon!


Brad sighed with relief as he let himself in the front door. Work had been hectic that day and he was looking forward to being able to put his feet up and spend the evening relaxing with Carly and Stella.

Smiling expectantly, Brad walked into the kitchen but his smile disappeared when it was an empty room he walked into. Usually the two girls would be in the kitchen cooking dinner by that stage and he wondered if he had forgotten they were going to be late home. That didn’t make sense though, as both of their cars were in the driveway and the door was unlocked.

He went over to the big bay window that looked out over the backyard but the only movement out there were a few birds hopping around on the soggy post-rain grass.

“I’m home,” Brad called out but his greeting went unreturned.

Perhaps they had gone for a walk, he decided, as he made his way down the hallway toward their bedroom. He would get out of his stuffy business clothes and get into something suitable for a night of lounging on the couch with the loves of his life.

A grin spread across his face when he opened the bedroom door to reveal Stella lying spread-eagled on the bed moaning quietly, while Carly focused the attentions of her tongue on Stella’s pussy. It was a sight he never got tired of and one that had an immediate effect on his cock. Even as he approached the two women he was getting hard, his cock starting to throb and twitch as he took in the sight of Carly hungrily licking Stella’s cunt.

Both women were naked and he couldn’t decide which one he wanted to touch first, or how. On the one hand Stella’s nipples were hard and he couldn’t wait to take one in his mouth and suck long and hard on it, but on the other Carly’s ass was enticingly on display and the temptation to remove his pants, step in behind her and guide his cock inside her wet pussy was very strong.

“Mind some company?” Brad asked overly-politely as he shrugged his shirt off and undid his pants.sexthreescompanyfeb5

“You are officially invited,” Stella replied, her voice husky and pleasure-filled. “We thought you’d like a nice surprise when you got home,” she explained quickly and moaned loudly as Carly worked some sort of magic with her tongue.

Stepping out of his pants and boxers, Brad moved closer to the bed, stroking his hand up and down rapidly hardening his cock. Without really thinking about it, he stepped in behind Carly and with his hands on her hips, ran the tip of his cock up and down her slit. The way she was positioned at the end of the bed, she was at the perfect height and he couldn’t resist the open invitation provided by her splayed pussy.

He would have loved to be able to display some form of control, to not appear too eager to bury himself in Carly’s wet heat but he was fighting a losing battle.

Carly arched her hips backward and groaned against Stella’s pussy as he pressed the top inch of his cock into her hole. Brad placed his hands on her hips and finally pushed all the way inside Carly, grunting loudly as her pussy tightly gripped his cock and she instinctively began moving her hips in loose circles.

Stella’s own moans and cries of pleasure grew louder and Brad smirked because he knew how turned on it made her when Carly was being pleasured by him, while pleasuring her. The first few thrusts of his hips were slow and gentle, but as was so often the case, he very quickly got carried away, gripping more firmly to Carly’s hips so he could hit deeper and harder with each movement.

Even though they were muffled against Stella’s pussy, Carly’s moans were still considerably loud which had the domino effect of making him more vocal. There was something about hearing Carly’s and Stella’s cries, whimpers, moans, groans and screams of pleasure that heightened the whole experience for him and invariably led to him being louder.

Stella’s cries reached fever pitch – the look of utmost pleasure on her face telling him she was going to cum – and soon. At the same time Carly’s hips were moving faster and she was pressing back into him, her moans louder against Stella’s pussy. He could only imagine the vibrations caused by Carly’s moans were having an effect on the sensations Stella was feeling; for the millionth time since they had entered into their relationship, he thought about how lucky they were to have such an incredible sex life.

The three of them were moaning, groaning and crying out, the sounds of their pleasure mingling to create some sort of sex chorus. Stella’s cries had transitioned into screeches and Brad could see Carly pressing her face more firmly against Stella’s pussy, he knew her tongue would be moving back and forward against Stella’s clit at an astonishing rate. In some ways Brad was envious of Carly, he loved the taste of Stella’s pussy juice on his tongue and decided perhaps he would need a turn later in the evening.

He didn’t understand guys that complained about having to go down on their girlfriend or wife; one of his favourite things to do was eat one woman and eat the other straight after. There was nothing better than having both women at the mercy of his tongue and then hearing them scream when they couldn’t handle any more.

Brad watched as Stella started to tremble, his fingers digging deeply into Carly’s hips as he braced himself for the loud scream that would inevitably erupt from Stella in a few seconds. The trembling became more pronounced, the loud screeches suddenly became screams and as Stella’s orgasm hit he pulled Carly back into him, ensuring he hit deep inside, knowing that would help trigger her own orgasm.

His orgasm was steadily building and he hoped Carly would cum before he did; he always put Carly’s and Stella’s pleasure ahead of his own and felt oddly guilty if he came before one or both of them had. Judging by the tightness of her cunt Brad knew Carly’s orgasm would hit soon and he couldn’t stop himself slamming harder into her, in hopes it would make her orgasm even stronger when it did hit.

Carly’s cries became more high-pitched and he could feel the muscles in her hips tensing beneath his fingertips; at the same time her pussy began to strangle his cock and not release. Harder, and harder he moved against her, his cock ramming into the back of her pussy making her cry out even louder. The cries turned into screams and the constant friction against his cock became almost too much. His breathing was fast and shallow, his ass was tight and he was gripping Carly’s hips tightly, anchoring himself in preparation for his orgasmic release.

When Carly’s screams became louder she pressed tightly back against him again; he could feel her shaking and put more effort into the movement of his hips, groaning loudly as his cock started to throb with such intensity it became uncomfortable. He slammed into her as hard and fast as he could and after five final thrusts Carly screamed long and loud as she came undone around him, the contractions of her pussy milking his cock.

Carly was still riding the crest of her orgasm when his hit and he roared loudly, pressing into Carly while pulling her back at the hips, cock pulsating as he spilled his load into the tight heat of her cunt. The orgasm didn’t seem to want to stop and when it finally petered off Brad felt more than a little light headed.

He released Carly’s hips and watched through heavy eyelids as she crawled up the bed and lay beside Stella, immediately snuggling up against her and letting out a satisfied sigh. Brad’s legs were shaking so he followed Carly’s lead and crawled up the bed, coming to a stop on the other side of Stella.

Somehow they managed to move under the blankets and as Brad rested his head against Stella’s chest he put his arm over her, his hand coming to rest on Carly’s hip. Carly did the same thing with her arm and he smiled as he felt her fingers lightly stroking his side.

“I’m glad you’re home,” Stella whispered and Brad nuzzled his nose against her neck.

“I’m glad as well,” Brad replied.

“We missed you,” Carly added and he smiled, loving that after so long together the three of them still missed each other when they were apart.

“I missed both of you as well,” Brad told them honestly.

“We were talking about the naughty weekend we spent in Sydney and that was what got us horny before you got home,” Carly informed him and he smirked as he remembered the weekend she was talking about.

“Perhaps we should reminisce some more after dinner,” Brad suggested, unable to think of anything he’d like more than spending the night having sex with Carly and Stella.

“Food and sex, perfect way to spend a night!” Stella joked and they all laughed.

“I love you two crazy women,” Brad declared.

“We love you too,” Carly and Stella replied in unison, both smiling adoringly at him.


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