Hannah & Josh celebrate Christmas…

Merry-christmas-images-4Helllllllew lovely people!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Yeap, it is officially Christmas Day in my neck of the world and we are just about to head off for a day of wet fun… NO, not that type of wet fun.  We are going to the lake!

(the other wet fun will come later…)

Before I leave I wanted to post this short little story I wrote this morning.  As you will see it has a very Christmasy theme… and they DO have that type of wet fun (lucky bastards!).

Have a fabulous Christmas, everyone!

Bree xxx


“Darling, can you come with me for a minute?” Grace asked Josh who reluctantly released Hannah from his arms so he could stand up.

“Need a man to do something, do ya?” Josh joked and Grace rolled her eyes at him.

“Because women can’t do anything for themselves, son?” Grace asked in a tone that told him he should end that particular line of conversation.

“Just being silly mum,” Josh apologised and put an arm around her shoulders. “Lead the way.”

Hannah turned her attention to the conversation going on around her. Josh’s sister, Keira, and their cousins were talking about their plans for New Year’s, causing Hannah to get excited all over again. She and Josh were jetting off to Fiji on New Year’s Eve and were staying for a week. She couldn’t wait to be all alone with her man, no family to have to please, no work to attend, no boring mundane everyday life… for a week anyway. They planned to see in the New Year with some dancing and then a midnight swim, followed by what she was sure would be hours of sex. She wished they could skip Christmas altogether and go straight to Fiji.

She never had been the patient sort.

Grace came back into the lounge looking decidedly pleased with herself and Hannah wondered exactly what it was she had asked of Josh.

“Come on son,” Grace called down the hallway and Hannah heard a mumbled, incoherent reply from Josh.

Hannah heard footsteps coming down the hallway and found it impossible to contain her laughter when Josh finally entered the room, wearing what could only be described as the ghastliest Christmas jumper ever. She wasn’t alone though, Josh’s entry to the room was met by raucous laughter and various comments about said jumper.

“I love when Grandma makes my presents for me!” Josh declared sarcastically and Grace giggled.

“Sorry son, but she did put a lot of time and effort into your jumper, it would be rude of you not to wear it,” Grace told him.

“Why did everyone else get normal stuff then? Keira got a handbag, Leo got a snapback, you go that perfume you love… does she hate me?” Josh grumbled as he took his place back beside Hannah on the couch.

“I think you look very handsome,” Hannah choked through stifled laughter.

“I think you’re a bitch,” Josh retorted.

“You should wear it all day, everyday,” Hannah suggested, still unable to control her reaction to the hideous jumper.

“Careful what you wish for, it’s you who will be seen with me when I’m wearing it, so you will look stupid by association,” Josh informed her and Hannah frowned.

“You have a point there. Maybe just wear it when you’re not with me,” Hannah told him with a cheeky grin.

Josh took his phone out of his pocket and turned away so Hannah couldn’t see what he was writing, probably texting one of his friends to complain about his mean girlfriend. She couldn’t help it though, it was too hard not to tease him. When Hannah’s cellphone lit up and she saw the message icon it became clear Josh hadn’t been texting a friend. ‘You are in so much trouble‘, the message said and Hannah bit the inside of her lip as she replied, saying ‘I hope you mean it…

For some unexplained reason they had managed to sleep in that morning, waking up only ten minutes before they were supposed to arrive at his mum’s house. Naturally that meant there was no time to have sex and by that stage Hannah was craving it… even that stupid jumper couldn’t hide the muscular frame of her boyfriend and did nothing to detract from his panty-melting good looks. The man was a sex god – her sex god – and she never had been able to get enough of him.

“Can you come and help me for a minute, babe?” Josh asked standing up and holding out his hand to her.

“Sure, you want help to take that jumper off?” Hannah couldn’t help herself. Everyone in the room laughed, including Josh.

“Nup, never taking this baby off,” Josh replied with a wink and led her from the lounge, down the hall and into what had been his bedroom.

The moment the door was closed, Josh put his hands on Hannah’s hips and pressed her up against the door, kissing with the hunger that had been building between them all morning. She moved her hands up his neck and buried her fingers in his hair, moaning silently when he moved his attention to her neck, alternating between biting and licking the crook of her neck. With his mouth so expertly working her neck, Hannah lost control very quickly, thrusting her hips forward in the hopes their clothes would melt away and his cock would magically press inside her.

No such luck.

Josh’s hands followed the curve of her ass around and as his hands spread over her ass cheeks Hannah had to bite back a groan, especially when he lifted her up and suddenly his cock was pressing against her pussy. If it wasn’t for their clothes…

He turned around and carried Hannah toward the bed. What seemed like minutes later (even though it was only seconds) Josh lay her down with her ass at the edge of the bed and kissed her passionately. Their tongues swirled together and she couldn’t keep from pulling him down at the hips in an attempt to feel the hard ridge of his cock against her again.

“I meant what I said, you are in so much trouble,” Josh promised with a wicked glint in his eye.

“Go on then,” Hannah prompted, hoping she didn’t sound as desperate as she felt.

“First of all,” Josh began and moved off her so he could slide his hands up the outside of her thighs, “these need to go,” he said as he dipped his fingertips inside the waistband of her lacy red panties.

“Uh huh,” was all Hannah managed in response as he took her by surprise and tore one side of the flimsy lace garment open.

“That’s better,” Josh sighed with satisfaction as he made easy work of tearing the other side of her panties. Hannah lifted her ass off the bed and Josh pulled the useless scrap of red lace from beneath her, discarding of it on the floor then dropping to his knees.

“Much better,” Hannah finally agreed, trying not to sound too impatient to have him inside her.

Josh put his hands on her hips and pulled her closer to the edge of the bed, before she knew what was happening he spread her legs open and buried his face in her pussy. Hannah managed to reach up, grab a pillow and put it over her face just in time for a loud moan to escape from between her lips. His tongue was moving slowly up and down her wet slit, grazing over her clit and dipping inside her hole; her need for him went through the roof and she felt slightly frantic. She needed his cock, but she didn’t want him to stop what he was doing with his tongue.

Hannah found it almost impossible to catch her breath when Josh broke the contact between his tongue and her pussy. She knew what was coming and the anticipation was almost too much to bear, particularly as Josh stood up and she watched him undoing the button and zipper of his jeans. He pulled them and his boxers down to reveal his deliciously hard cock standing to attention, twitching as if with excitement. The sight of his cock made her pussy clench in response and her legs instinctively spread wider apart.

Josh groaned quietly when he looked down at her pussy and stepped closer to the bed. He crouched down and gave her a heated look as he ran the tip of his cock from her hole to her clit and back down again, eventually settling with the very tip of his cock pressing against her wet opening. Hannah found it hard to breathe again as he placed his hands on her hips and helped her wrap her legs around his waist so her ass was off the bed slightly. He was still teasing her with just the tip of his cock and Hannah tightened her legs around him in hopes it would pull more of his cock inside her. It didn’t.

“After you were so mean to me, maybe I should just go back out to the lounge,” Josh mused and Hannah shook her head.

“No… no, don’t… I… I need you… so bad,” Hannah whimpered, tightening her legs even more as if to prove her point.

“Maybe it’d be more punishment to just leave you in this dripping wet state,” Josh suggested and somehow managed to move his hips so the tip of his cock was only just touching her hole.

“Josh – I need you so ba-” Hannah was cut off by the sensation of Josh’s cock slamming into the back of her pussy. “Oh god,” she exclaimed as she clamped the pillow back over her face.

His cock moved out and he slammed back in again pulling tightly on her hips at the same time to ensure he hit as hard and deep as possible. Hannah shrieked into the pillow, louder as he slammed inside her again, and again, and again Any worry that he was going to suddenly stop and leave the room disappeared when he began moving his hips harder and faster, even through the pillow she could hear his grunts and wondered if everyone in the house knew what they were doing.

In that moment she didn’t care.

Hannah’s pussy felt incredibly swollen and that made the friction caused by Josh’s penis feel sublime. Every single hot spot inside her was being struck and rubbed in just the right way; then there was the friction against her clit which was making her grip on to the pillow over her face in an attempt to somehow stop her screaming at the top of her lungs. Every stroke of his cock felt better than the one preceeding it, it was the type of sex she wanted to never be over, but at the same time couldn’t wait for it to be over because she knew she would be treated to an excessively explosive orgasm.

Josh’s grip on her hips tightened and Hannah noticed his grunts were changing into the animalistic growl she knew meant his orgasm was fast approaching. Her own orgasm was getting closer with each skilled thrust of Josh’s hips and as her pussy began to tighten her hips raised higher off the bed, allowing Josh to hit harder. She was gripping the pillow so tightly over her face that she could hardly breathe, but it was either that or alert everyone in the household to the fact they were fucking in his old bedroom.

Hannah began panting as she felt her orgasm building, her body tensing up in preparation at the same time as Josh’s thrusts sped up. She couldn’t concentrate on anything but the pleasure coursing through her body and as she felt that pleasure surging to a peak she braced herself against the orgasm that was seconds away from hitting.

Her entire body was rigid and on the next contact of Josh’s cock against the back of her pussy the much needed orgasm hit. She screamed long and loud into the pillow and felt one final thrust of Josh’s cock as he reached his climax and stilled, pressing into her as his cock pulsated with release.

Suddenly she was dizzy and gasping for air, not even noticing when Josh pulled the pillow from her face. She took in deep gulps of air and tried to move her arms so she could wrap them around him as he collapsed on top of her, but she couldn’t. It was as if she was no longer connected to her body.

She was aware of Josh rolling off and lying on his back beside her, clasping her hand tightly in his own. After a couple of minutes Hannah felt more like herself and rolled on her side so she could face Josh.

“God, I needed that,” Hannah sighed happily and Josh nodded in agreement.

“I was going to suggest a quickie this morning, wish I had,” Josh replied and then chuckled, “at least we got it out of our systems eventually.”

“Certainly a memorable way to celebrate Christmas,” Hannah giggled.

“Now to try and get rid of the freshly fucked look before we go back out into the lounge and join civilisation again,” Josh joked.

“Only if you promise we can get back that freshly fucked look later,” Hannah winked, not surprised that even though they had only just had sex she was starting to feel horny again. The man had that effect on her.

“Well, we do need to test drive that new lingerie I got you for Christmas,” Josh reminded her.

“It will go so well with those naughty red stilletos I bought myself as a surprise for you,” Hannah said innocently and Josh gasped.

“Oh god, I’m not going to make it through the day now! Naughty heels, why didn’t you tell me, we could have pretended we were sick and you could have spent all day in heels and lingerie… we could have had that freshly fucked look over, and over, and over, and over,” Josh sounded truly disappointed.

“That’s my plan for tomorrow,” Hannah told him.

And it was a promise.


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