Jamie finally gets to live out her m/f/m fantasy (part 1)

Last year I felt the urge to write a m/f/m threesome… so I did!

Rather than give you a big speel about the story I have decided to just post it because it is pretty self-explanatory!  It is actually part of a WIP I haven’t really shared anything from because I’m not sure whether it’s going to be a series of short-ish stories, or novel length.  I’m sure y’all will be the first to know when I do eventually decide!

Anyway… here is part one!
-> and here is part two




Part one.. There is better to come!

Part one..
There is better to come!

A familiar knock on the door caused her to jump. It wasn’t that Jamie wasn’t expecting the knock on the door, but she knew what that knock represented, and though she was more than ready for it, she still felt nervous. Josh chuckled as he got up off the couch.

“How about I get the door?” he suggested and leaned down so he could kiss her. “Try and relax,” he added.

“I am relaxed,” Jamie promised, taking a cleansing breath as she watched her boyfriend leave the room to answer the door.

Jamie smiled as she heard the two men talking in the entryway, then she took another cleansing breath as the voices and footfalls got closer and closer. Josh entered the lounge, followed by Marcus – and it was quite a breathtaking sight the two of them made. Both were tall with broad shoulders, perfectly muscled arms and powerful legs, all of which came from the hours they spent in the gym. Both were personal trainers, they worked very hard, but by god did it pay off! Looking at either of them individually was enough to make her pussy throb, but both of them together? That was just asking for trouble.

“God, I am glad today is over!” Marcus exclaimed as he fell back on the couch on one side of Jamie, with Josh on the other side of her.

“You know, if you would sooner go home and go to bed, you’re more than welcome to,” Jamie teased.

“Are you crazy, woman?” Marcus retorted and Jamie nodded.

“It has been suggested that I may be,” Jamie joked, but wondered if perhaps it was the case.

“I love your special brand of crazy,” Josh said sweetly and she smiled at him.

“You bring it out in me,” Jamie replied and giggled as he leaned in to kiss her.

Josh’s tongue swiped against her own and she didn’t bother attempting to stifle the whimper that escaped from between her lips. A hand brushed her hair out of the way of her neck, and as she felt Marcus’s warm breath against her neck, another whimper escaped, this one louder and accompanied by a tightening sensation deep inside her pussy. Josh continued to tangle his tongue with hers, while Marcus pressed his lips gently against the crook of her neck and began to slowly kiss his way up until he reached her earlobe.

Marcus nibbled lightly on her earlobe and as he did Jamie realised her nerves about the threesome had been unfounded. Josh and Marcus both knew her body better than even she did and knew precisely what to do to get her turned on. She had felt nervous about how to get things started – who would initiate and how they would initiate – but it seemed her nerves had been unwarranted.

Both men were amazing in bed, gentle when they needed to be, rough when they needed to be, and more impressively, both understood the importance of foreplay. Sex had always happened very naturally between her and Marcus, back when they were fuck buddies and it was the same between her and Josh. It made sense that things would happen spontaneously.

Jamie moaned quietly when Josh broke off the kiss and moved on to her neck. Already she was feeling bombarded by sensations and they weren’t even naked yet. Marcus was still lightly nibbling her earlobe while Josh worked his way down her neck with featherlight kisses which made her toes tingle. His fingers grazed against one of her nipples and Jamie let out a shaky breath, a shaky breath which turned into a moan when she felt fingers grazing against the other nipple.

She turned to face Marcus and smiled coyly at him seconds before he closed the gap between them and pressed his lips against hers. It had been a long time since she and Marcus had kissed kissed, but that familiarity was still there. She had always loved how soft his lips were and the way he could tease her with his tongue. It seemed nothing had changed. Quickly the kiss deepened and became more passionate; it was the type of kiss that gave her butterflies in her stomach, the type of kiss that made it hard to focus on anything else.

Except for the feeling of Josh’s lips wrapping around her lace-encased nipple. Jamie groaned against Marcus’s mouth as Josh sucked her nipple through the lacy confines of her bra. The designs of the delicate lace provided resistance of some sort – she could feel parts of her nipple against his tongue, but other parts were stuck behind the lace – and as he sucked harder on the nipple, the friction increased. She had been so caught up in the kiss she hadn’t even noticed Josh moving her wraparound top down over her breasts.

The louder she groaned against Marcus’s mouth, the deeper and hungrier their kisses became. The more her groans increased, the harder Josh sucked on her nipple. She could feel the slick wetness spreading between her legs and it was accompanied by an undeniable ache deep inside her cunt; an ache that could only be soothed by the feeling of having a thick, hard cock stretching her wide open.

When Josh tugged on her nipple with his teeth Jamie let out a loud cry and wished they were naked. She needed to be touched every where, she needed fingers stroking her skin, hands cupping her boobs, fingers gently spreading her open, fingers moving inside her, a tongue licking slowly up and down her wetness. Most of all she needed to feel a cock against the back of her pussy.

And in her ass. Anal sex wasn’t a regular part of their sexual repertoire, but on the odd occasion it was something she craved.

Back when she was in university she had watched a porno with her then-boyfriend. It was tacky and the acting was awful, but the threesome that was the ‘main act’ of the movie had turned her on far beyond anything she had experienced before. The woman had a cock in her pussy and a cock in her ass… something about that had appealed to her on a level she wasn’t used to.

She had been embarrassed to start with and had tried to just forget the idea, but the older she got, the more sex she had, the more she wanted to engage in a threesome. She wanted a cock in each hole. She wanted two men to focus all their attention on her. She wanted to cum until she couldn’t handle it anymore.

Then she’d met Marcus. While they had never moved beyond fuck buddies, they had been very close from the start and had often had candid discussions about sex. They had shared stories, they had shared fantasies, they had recommended porn for each other and had taken great pleasure in watching non-porn R18 movies which had explicit sex scenes in them. Above all else they had had amazing sex. Marcus knew about her desire to have a threesome and on a couple of occasions they had tried to find a man who would help fulfill that little fantasy for her, but they had always come up empty-handed.

It was through Marcus she had met Josh. Very early in their relationship they had spoken about their fantasies. By then Jamie had come to terms with the fact she would probably never get to experience her threesome fantasy, besides, Josh kept her more than satisfied – their sex life wasn’t exactly what she classified as vanilla!

But there they were. Two days out from her 32nd birthday and that fantasy was getting extremely close to being a reality.

“Do you want to go through to the bedroom?” Josh asked, and Jamie broke off the kiss with Marcus so she could nod in reply.

The three of them stood up and without exchanging a word walked down the hallway, bypassing Jamie and Josh’s bedroom and entering the guest room. After Marcus had initially agreed to the threesome, he’d joined them for dinner one night and the’dy discussed the ‘rules’; one of the main ones being that the threesome would not take place in the bed Jamie and Josh shared. All had agreed that would be crossing a line.

In preparation Jamie had bought nice new Egyptian cotton sheets for the bed… just because they were doing something some would class as sexually deviant didn’t mean they couldn’t do it in comfort! As well as the fancy new sheets, she had also spent almost a whole day trying to find the perfect lingerie for the occasion. She didn’t want anything that was tacky looking, but she did want to look and feel sexy!

Knowing Josh’s weakness for garterbelts, suspenders and stockings, she had eventually opted for a black lace garterbelt and suspenders combo, with lace top sheer stockings. She’d purchased the matching bra, but had decided against the matching panties. Panties would only get in the way, and she knew Josh loved a pantiless surprise when he undressed her! He was a very visual man and she knew he would love the view of the garterbelt and suspenders while he indulged her craving for anal sex.

Jamie could tell that neither Marcus or Josh really knew what to do next, so standing in front of them she undid the tie to her wraparound top, biting her lip as she let it fall open while taking in the look on the men’s faces. Both were boob men, so it made sense to break the ice, by enticing them with her almost-bare breasts. She could feel her nipples straining against the lace of her bra and bit her lip as Josh moved in toward her, a determined look on his face. It was a look that caused her breath to hitch, her heart to speed up, her pussy to swell.

Josh’s hands gripped onto her hips and he pulled her tightly against him. She could feel the hard ridge of his erection pressing against her belly and had to fight the impulse to pull his pants down and mount him. She was aching for his cock.

They began to kiss frantically and when she felt Marcus pressing up behind her she wasn’t sure whether to arch her hips into Josh, or into Marcus. To say she was ready for both of them was putting it mildly and she knew it would still be a while before she had both of her holes filled with their hard lengths. How would she be able to wait?

Marcus stepped back and she felt his fingers brushing down both sides of her neck as he trailed them down to her shoulders and slipped her top off her arms. Josh’s hands drifted up her sides and again she found her breath hitching as he ran his fingers around the outer curve of her breasts, before moving his fingers inward, swiping his thumbs against her painfully hard nipples.

It was impossible not to moan as Josh worked his own brand of magic, manipulating her nipples in the way he knew would drive her crazy; he applied firm pressure with his thumbs but rather than moving them back and forward continuously he kept breaking the contact, causing each new touch to resonate deeper inside her.

She was aware of Marcus’s hands moving up her back and when she felt her bra release, let out a quiet whimper of delight. With her bra off she knew there was no way either man would be able to keep his mouth off her. Josh began walking her backward and by the time she was perched on the edge of the bed her bra had disappeared, not that she was surprised. What did surprise her was when both Josh and Marcus dropped to their knees in front of her, one on each side of her. She had no idea if the guys had spoken about it, but as they both shuffled forward, Jamie found it very hard to breathe.

Josh was the first one to make contact with her nipples, circling his tongue around the nipple on ‘his’ side. Jamie moaned and shuddered, relieved to finally have proper tongue-nipple contact. Marcus wasn’t far behind and when he began licking the other nipple she moaned even louder.

Josh’s tongue was swirling around in circles, Marcus’s was flicking up and down. The contrast of sensations was unlike anything she had experienced before and as she put a hand on each man’s shoulder and dug her nails in, she could feel their warmth of their skin through their tshirts. She needed to anchor herself, some way to try and not get too carried away by what was happening.

Both knew her nipples were extremely sensitive and she feared that if the nipple play went on too long she might cum from that alone. The men, it seemed, weren’t worried about that though. While Marcus continued licking one nipple, Josh began to suck on her other nipple. To start with, his suckling was gentle, but as was usually the way he lost the ability to be gentle and began sucking her nipple harder, taking it as deep into his mouth as he could.

More. She needed more.

The contact between her nipple and Josh’s mouth broke. Jamie looked at him pleadingly. Opening the top drawer of the nightstand, Josh removed an item which jingled as he took it in her hand. Without seeing it, Jamie knew it was her nipple clamps. Immediately her heart began to speed up and she could feel the extra blood rushing to her pussy, the mere thought of what would happen when Josh put the nipple clamps on her, almost enough to send her over the edge.

“How about we get you out of that skirt?” Marcus suggested. Jamie hadn’t even noticed he had stopped licking her nipple.

“Uh huh,” was all Jamie managed in response as she stood up in front of Marcus, who was still on his knees.

“What exactly are you wearing beneath your skirt, I wonder,” Josh commented, his voice husky and rich.
“A special surprise,” Jamie replied with a wink as Marcus undid the zip on the side of her skirt and slowly pulled it down over her thighs revealing her pantiless yet lacy state.

“Fuuuuuck” Josh gasped and gave her the look of a man possessed. Just the reaction she was hoping for.

“I see your taste in lingerie hasn’t changed at all,” Marcus chuckled, but couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“Where do you boys want me?” Jamie asked suggestively, grinning as she noticed the particularly large bulges in both mens pants.

“On the bed, like you were,” Marcus replied quickly and Jamie bit her lip as she watched him taking his top off. He had an amazing physique and if anything he looked even better than he had when they were sleeping together.

“Heels on or off?” Jamie asked, knowing full well what the answer would be.

“On!” Marcus and Josh exclaimed in unison and she giggled as Marcus pushed her onto her back.

Josh smiled down at her as he took his top off and then lay down beside her, nipple clamps in hand. Jamie was about to ask him exactly what his intentions were, but the only sound that came out of her mouth was a gasp, quickly followed by a groan as she felt a tongue running up between her wet folds. Her focus had been on Josh and because of that Jamie hadn’t noticed Marcus spreading her legs and moving in between them. Oral was on their ‘acceptable’ list, but Jamie hadn’t thought it would be Marcus doing it to her.

Neither Marcus or Josh had felt weird about the idea of having a threesome, or of being naked together, but Marcus had said he didn’t want to cross any ‘intimacy lines’. Josh and Jamie had both reassured him that the only sex act that was off limits for Marcus, as far as their list went, was anal sex. Marcus had been adamant he would stick to her boobs, general touching, and putting his cock inside her pussy, yet there he was, head buried between her legs, tongue lapping up and down the slick wetness of her cunt, making her cry out and move her hips in tight circles.

Jamie looked pleadingly at Josh and he winked at her as he started to lightly suck on the nipple closest to his mouth. The second she had the added nipple stimulation Marcus’s tongue felt even better as it ran up and down her slit, dipping inside her hole at the bottom and circling around her clit at the top.

There was no way she could control the volume of her moans and cries, and as Marcus began focusing more on her clit she wondered how the hell she would be able to control her body and keep her orgasm at bay. The whole point of the threesome wasn’t to cum with a tongue on her pussy and a mouth on her nipple… an odd sense of panic began coursing through her system.

The pleasure she was feeling countered the panic and as much as she wanted to tell them to stop, as much as she wanted to let them know she was ready for their cocks, she just couldn’t. Marcus’s tongue was working magic on her pussy, Josh’s mouth was tormenting her nipple in the most delicious way known to man or woman and as she teetered on the brink she was hit with the realisation that an orgasm was going to happen whether she tried to stop it happening or not. Coming to that conclusion, Jamie decided against trying to fight it, it wasn’t every day you had one man lapping at your cunt while another sucked on your nipples. She should make the most of it!

Josh grazed his nails across her belly then moved his hand upward and began to rub her other nipple. The rubbing very quickly turned to squeezing and tugging, causing her hips to grind against Marcus’s mouth. When Josh’s mouth suddenly left her nipple, Jamie whimpered and looked at him, eyes wide and unblinking, wondering why the hell he’d stopped when it felt so fucking good and she was perilously close! The quiet jangle of the nipple clamps in his hand was all the answer she needed.

Marcus continued licking her pussy while Josh changed position and took one of her nipples between his fingers. Jamie began gasping for breath, the anticipation of what she knew was to come almost enough to send her right over the orgasmic edge. She watched as the nipple clamp moved ever closer to her nipple and held her breath as Josh pulled on her nipple with one hand and placed the clamp on the nipple with the other.

The heightened sensation caused just by the one nipple clamp was almost enough to make her cum, but she willed herself to hold off until both clamps were on. Josh didn’t waste any time putting the second clamp on, and as a result Jamie screamed loudly, feeling overwhelmed by just how sensitive her nipples felt with both on. It wasn’t so much the clamps, as the combination of Marcus going down on her and Josh having fun with her nipples; it was a lot more exciting than her using the clamps on herself while Josh went down on her!

With the clamps on Jamie lost the remaining thread of ability she had to fight off her orgasm. Josh began rubbing his fingers against the tips of her nipples and she felt her pussy starting to tighten; when Marcus increased the pressure of his tongue against her clit, she could feel the room starting to spin as her orgasm began building. Her thighs tensed, her stomach muscles tightened, she lost the ability to concentrate on anything other than the pleasure the two men were giving her.

The burst of pleasure started in the pit of her stomach and worked its way up as the tension grew in her pussy. Her orgasm erupted violently and she screamed loudly while holding Marcus’s face against her pussy, not wanting his tongue to move in hopes it would prolong her orgasm. Josh was squeezing her nipples tightly, causing burst after burst after burst of electricity directly from her nipples to her clit.

Jamie could feel when she reached the peak of her orgasm and as it began to wane Josh made quick work of removing the clamps from her nipples. They had used them enough for him to know that if the clamps were still on after Jamie came down from her orgasm, it would cause the complete opposite of the pleasure she had been feeling seconds beforehand.

She was in a daze as Josh pulled her into his arms and when she felt the softness of his skin against her cheek, she let out a loud, happy, sated sigh. Moments later the warm plane of Marcus’s chest was against her back and Jamie let out another blissful sigh.

Some people didn’t feel the need for intimacy immediately after an orgasm, but she always had and felt lucky that Josh was exactly the same in that regard. She loved when they had sex, she loved making him cum, she loved him making her cum, but she almost loved the post-sex cuddling even more.


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