Jamie finally gets to live out her m/f/m fantasy (part 2)


Yesterday I posted part one of Jamie’s threesome with Josh and Marcus… as promised here is part two!



After a few minutes she began feeling alive again and having two hard cocks pressing against her was making her feel alive in more ways than one.

“Perhaps we should get in the bed properly,” Jamie suggested and Josh chuckled.

“It might be a bit more comfortable,” Josh agreed as the three of them sat up.

“You still okay with this?” Marcus asked and Jamie liked that he did. They had spoken at length about how important it was for one of them to say if they wanted to stop, and that if any of them went through with it just to keep the others happy, it would end badly.

“Very okay with this, as long as both of you are,” Jamie replied as they all got off the bed and she pulled back the covers.

“Oh, I am more than okay with it,” Marcus said with a smirk as he pulled his pants and boxers down, making it visually clear just how okay he was with it.

“Does it look like I want to stop?” Josh asked pointedly as he too lost his pants and boxers. Jamie whimpered as she chewed on her bottom lip – seven years they had been together – and the sight of him in his naked, tattooed glory still made her breath hitch

Jamie sat in the middle of the bed and patted the empty space on either side of her, winking at both of the men as she did so. Josh got in the bed and began to kiss her hungrily. It seemed only natural to move her hand down and when she gripped him tightly she felt a renewed clenching deep inside. Josh groaned loudly as Jamie started moving her hand up and down his cock, and as she moved her other hand to Marcus’s crotch, she could hear Marcus’s breathing getting faster, then much louder when she finally took him in her fist.

Two cocks. She had two cocks in her hands. Jamie couldn’t really believe the situation she found herself in. It had been nothing more than a fantasy for a long time and to be able to live it out was an incredible feeling; the fact she was doing it with the love of her life and her best friend made it even better.

The three of them had always been open about their sex lives and while Josh and Marcus both made it clear they had no desire to experiment with other men, she loved that they were comfortable enough with each other and their own sexuality to help make her fantasy come true. It was by no means the sort of thing you could ask any old friend to do.

It didn’t take much for Jamie to get carried away. Having two cocks at her mercy gave her an arousing sense of power, the groans and moans coming from Josh and Marcus spurring her on to move her hands faster. She probably could keep going until they both got off, but that wasn’t how she wanted the night to end for the two men. She wanted their night to end when they were both buried deep inside her, spent, after filling her with their cocks and their cum. Both men were like steel in her hands and her pussy was beyond sopping wet.

She knew they were all ready to take the next step.

Jamie broke off the kiss between her and Josh, and smiled softly at him. ‘I love you,’ she mouthed and Josh gave her an adoring look as he mouthed ‘I love you‘ back. It was time. She knew it, he knew it, and turning around to look at Marcus, the wild look on his face suggested he knew it was well.

Lying down, Jamie rolled onto her side and smiled at Marcus then lightly pressed her lips against his and immediately felt her pussy reacting. His cock was solid against her belly, while Josh’s was equally hard against the small of her back as he kissed along the back of her shoulders and traced lazy circles on her hip.

The kiss between her and Marcus became more passion-fuelled and instinctively Jamie pressed her hips against him. His body felt so strong and hard against her own, familiar, safe… but at the same time it was something she felt detached from.

Josh pressed up behind her and when she felt the tip of his cock nudge against the crack of her ass she let out an deep-seeded moan as flashbacks of his cock moving slowly in and out of her ass flooded her memory. The length of Marcus’s cock was pressing against her slit, the pressure causing her cunt to clench uncontrollably – she needed Josh, she needed Marcus – every single nerve in her body was craving the feeling of their cocks.

It was time.

Jamie gave Marcus a subtle nod of her head, which he returned, their signal for ‘ready‘. With Marcus’s permission granted, Jamie moved her top leg over his hip and tilted her hips until she felt the swollen tip of his cock pressing against her hole. Very slowly Marcus pulled on her hips and as his cock slid inside, Jamie held her breath, exhaling loudly when his cock came in contact with the back of her pussy.

Behind her she felt Josh rolling away, then rolling back in toward her. The sound of the lid on the tube of lubricant being opened made her heart race, but not as much as the sensation of Josh applying the lube to her hole. Anticipation caused her to hold her breath for the moment she felt Josh’s index finger probing at her asshole and as he gently worked it inside her she let out a loud whimper. Her whimper turned to a shaky moan when Josh added a second finger and as he slowly moved them in and out, Jamie found herself wanting – needing – more, namely his cock.

When he moved his fingers away from her hole Jamie could picture him coating his stiff cock with lube. She could picture the excited yet tender look on his face as he ran his fingers down her spine, she could picture the way he was biting his lip as he lined himself up and started to very gently rub the tip of his cock around her hole.

Marcus winked at her and put his hand behind her head and pulled her in for a kiss. Jamie moaned softly against Marcus’s mouth and moved her arm behind her, putting it on Josh’s hip, their agreed upon signal that he could officially make her fantasy come true.

Almost imperceptibly slowly Josh began to penetrate her asshole, and Jamie groaned against Marcus’s mouth. It didn’t hurt, it wasn’t uncomfortable, but the sensation of being filled up in that way was always one that took a few moments for her to get used to.

Jamie could feel herself being stretched open with such an intensity it was almost too much for her. Again, not uncomfortable, just overwhelming. Pleasurably overwhelming.

When Josh was all the way inside he remained perfectly still for a few seconds, giving her body a chance to get used to the intrusion. Instinctively Jamie began to move her hips against Marcus, amazed by just how sensitive she felt with two cocks inside her in comparison to just the one. Everything was amplified, the pressure, the friction, the delicious stretch… it already felt more amazing than she had dreamed it would and they had barely started moving!

They took it very slowly. Even though the threesome was technically about her, she wanted it to be a pleasurable experience for Marcus and Josh as well and she knew that taking their time was a way to ensure that happened. Taking it slowly would also give Marcus and Josh a chance to get accustomed to feeling each other as they moved against Jamie.

Everyone had acknowledged it wasn’t only Jamie that would be experiencing something she had never felt before, the same went for Marcus and Josh, who, even though they were in different holes, would be able to feel each other’s cocks. Before they had agreed to go through with it Jamie had wanted to know that it was something they felt 100% okay about. She didn’t want the experience to leave either feeling awkward or for it to change things between the two men. Yes, things would change slightly, but she didn’t want them to change in a bad or negative way. It was only with reassurances from both men that they had finally agreed to go through with it.

Josh kept his movements nice and slow, gliding in and out in a way that heightened sensation for her, making each stroke of his cock more pleasurable. Marcus was moving faster and Jamie loved the way his cock was hitting the back of her pussy at an angle that meant her A-spot was getting a lot of stimulation. The position of her hips meant ther was almost constant friction against her clit and it felt divine; she really had the best of both worlds. Josh’s cock was rubbing against nerves that didn’t usually get stimulated and that was heightening the pleasure caused by the spots Marcus was hitting.

The more into it Jamie got, the faster she moved her hips and the inevitable result was that both men began moving faster. She was crying out louder with each increase in the speed of their hips and knew that her cries were spurring the men on; though they had agreed to take things slow, they soon enough reached the point that she needed it harder and faster – in both holes – and the men were only too happy to comply.

She could feel how swollen Josh’s cock was as he moved inside her with powerful yet careful movements. He was unable to control the volume of his groans and Jamie was sure that with each powerful drive of his hips, his groans were getting louder and more desperate. Marcus was a little less careful with his thrusts, but that was the way Jamie liked it – she needed to feel his cock slamming into her pussy – it was in perfect contrast to Josh’s more controlled movements.

The sensation of fullness really was like nothing she had ever experienced before. Before they got started she knew she it would feel different, but she had no idea just how much! That fullness was at its best when Marcus and Josh somehow got into a rhythm and were both on the in-thrust at the same time. Having two cocks moving in her at the same time created a huge stretch at the peak of the stroke, followed by a second of feeling suddenly empty before BOOM, overwhelming fullness again.

Jamie felt almost crazed as the full/empty/full sensation was repeated over, and over, and over; her clit was throbbing wildly, the walls of her pussy were swollen and growing more sensitive with each of Marcus’s thrusts. Her ass was much the same, only it was a lot more sensitive than her cunt, every stroke of Josh’s hard, thick length elliciting a deep moan from her.

In the deepest recesses of her pussy she could feel her orgasm developing, it was like a storm brewing and she knew that when it hit, it was going to hit hard. Her hips were moving at a frantic pace that she wasn’t controlling – she gave herself over to the sensation and let her hips move naturally – she had never felt quite so out of control during sex. It was a very primal, almost animalistic feeling.

Marcus and Josh both felt hot and sweaty against her but that only added to the overall experience, as did the loud guttural groans coming from both of them. Knowing them as well as she did sexually, she could tell both men were getting close to their rapturous peak and somehow she gave herself over even more to the sensation coursing through her system. She allowed herself to feel everything and in a way reached a mental state of zen like relaxation, instantly that feeling of a storm brewing deep inside her increased and she braced herself for what was to come.

“Harder… now… pl-” Jamie begged, not needing to finish her plea as both men immediately picked up the pace and began slamming into her.


She could feel heat spreading throughout her body. Her toes, her calves, her thighs, her abdomen, her chest, her shoulders, her head. Intense heat, coursing from a place she didn’t even know existed inside.


It spread faster than the heat, her entire body going rigid and taut as that storm approached, waiting to burst free.


She was screaming louder than she had ever screamed before, her throat feeling raw, her lungs burning.


The room was spinning, she felt as if she was watching the whole thing taking place from outside of her body.

Then it hit. Hard, fierce, violent.

Her body shook to the core as the walls of her pussy gripped and released Marcus’s cock with so much power she was aware of his groans becoming deeper, louder, almost pained, as his own orgasm was triggered. He pushed into her with one final, forceful thrust, his cock hitting her A-spot so hard that a second orgasm hit out of nowhere and she let out a strangled scream as she experienced sensory overload that was so pleasurable she felt she might pass out from it.

Josh’s fingers digging into her hip snapped her out of it and as the foggy haze started to clear, he let out a loud grunt and pushed into her, his cock hitting deeper than it had at any point, ever. Jamie could feel his cock pulsating against her walls as he emptied himself inside her ass, his fingers digging so deeply into her hip, it was as if he was hanging on for dear life.

And then they were still. The room was filled with sounds of the laboured breathing of three people who had experienced three indescribable orgasms. Jamie was conscious of Josh slowly pulling out of her and seconds later she felt Marcus’s cock leaving her pussy. Suddenly she was empty. There was an incredible void inside her; she could feel her cunt almost quivering at the sudden emptiness.


She had never felt so swollen, or tender. Or beautifully sated.

Jamie briefly pressed her lips against Marcus’s, before managing the effort of rolling over and finally being face-to-face with Josh. The beautiful man who would do anything for her.

Josh smiled softly at her as he moved his hand up and stroked her cheek while looking adoringly at her.

“I love you,” Josh whispered and Jamie felt close to tears as she returned his smile.

“I love you too,” Jamie replied, leaning in and softly brushing her lips against his.

Behind her Jamie could feel Marcus rolling over onto his stomach and giggled quietly when he began quietly snoring.

“How about we let him sleep and go have a shower?” Jamie suggested quietly and Josh nodded in agreement.

“Sounds good to me,” Josh replied, kissing her again before rolling over and getting out of the bed.

Jamie and Josh picked up their clothes from the floor and tip-toed out of the room, closing the door quietly behind them. Walking into their bedroom Jamie rolled her eyes as she felt cum dribbling down her inner thighs. Sex. It wasn’t always pretty! She followed Josh into the ensuite and both dropped their clothes in the hamper as they passed it. He turned the shower on and she put both of their robes on the heated towel rail, ready for when they got out… there was nothing she liked more than getting out of the shower and putting a toasty warm robe on!

When they stepped into the shower cubicle Jamie immediately found her way into Josh’s arms. She smiled against his chest as the water coursed over them, the soothing heat pelting against her skin in a way that made her feel unexpectedly sleepy. Obviously picking up on the drowsy state she was in, Josh took over the role of washing her.

He started with her hair; his hands felt so good massaging her scalp that she let out relaxed sigh after relaxed sigh. When he was done with her hair his soapy hands roamed her body, cleansing every inch of skin with a heavenly touch so light she could barely feel it. He was very gentle when he dropped to his knees and soaped between her legs. Any other time, having hands between her legs like that would have led to steamy shower sex, but not that night. It was no exaggeration to say she was sexed out and all she wanted to do was snuggle up in bed with Josh, his arms protectively around her, their legs entwined, listening to the sound of each other breathing.

Fifteen minutes later that is exactly where they were. Josh went as far as putting her favourite mink blanket on top of the duvet, creating an extra cosy feeling when he pulled the blankets right up around her head the way she liked. His skin was soft and warm against hers and although she wasn’t up for sex, she couldn’t keep her hands off him, tracing the designs tattooed on his belly with a lazy finger, enjoying the way his skin felt against her fingertips.

“Thank you for tonight,” Jamie whispered.

“Did it live up to the image in your mind?” Josh asked curiously and Jamie moved up slightly, Josh repositioning the blankets over them.

“It was better than anything I had dreamed up,” Jamie admitted and could feel herself blushing as she remembered what they’d been doing only an hour earlier.

“You have no idea how happy that makes me,” Josh replied and kissed her on the forehead.

“Was it… was it weird for you?” Jamie had to ask. Josh chuckled quietly.

“Is it something I would want to do every night? No,” Josh replied, continuing, “Was it weird? Well, it was a little at the start, but when things started properly, when I was playing with your nipples and Marcus was eating you, I kind of just focused on what I was doing and how you were responding,” he told her, taking a break to kiss her. When the kiss came to an end he carried on, “by the time we got down to the – uh – main act, if you will, I got so carried away by what I was doing that I wasn’t really thinking about the fact Marcus was in bed with us,” he explained.

“But you could obviously feel him?” Jamie asked, enjoying that they could be so open about what had just happened.

“I could, but like I said, I was more focused on what I was doing to you. I guess if none of us were really into it it would have been a different story, it’s probably all I would have focused on, but it didn’t bother me at all,” Josh responded.

“Just so you know, it’s not something I’d want to do every night either,” Jamie reassured him.

“Would you do it again?” Josh asked seriously and Jamie shrugged.

“I don’t think so,” Jamie replied honestly. “I got it out of my system,” she giggled, then corrected herself, “well, in my system,” and they both laughed. “I know it is a major cliché, but you are more than enough man for me,” she finished, meaning every single word of it.

“I love you, you crazy woman,” Josh yawned and Jamie grinned at him.

“I love you too, you crazy man,” Jamie replied and pressed her lips against his.

“Sweet dreams,” Josh yawned again and after one final kiss Jamie rolled over in his arms and yawned loudly.

Very soon she felt sleep starting to take over, and mused that with Josh’s body pressed up against her, his arms protectively around her and the blankets pulled all the way up, it could have been any normal night for them. Had they really just had a threesome?!

When Jamie woke the next morning she stretched out and smiled sleepily. She loved Saturday mornings. No 6am wake up call. No work. Nowhere to be. It was heaven. Though it had never been something they had discussed or agreed on, Josh always let her sleep in on Saturday mornings. On Sunday morning they tended to spend most of their time in bed together, but on Saturday Josh left Jamie to sleep, telling her she deserved it after how hard she worked during the week.

In reality, Jamie knew it was really a way for him to spend time playing video games or watching his favourite martial arts movies, but she didn’t mind. Just because they were in a relationship didn’t mean they needed to spend every spare second of their time together, besides, when she did surface on a Saturday morning Josh always stopped what he was doing and they did things together.

That particular morning Jamie felt nervous and it took her a couple of minutes to put a finger on why. Yes, somehow she had managed to forget about the fact she, Josh and Marcus had had a threesome only 12 hours earlier. She had no idea whether Marcus was still there and if he was, she had no idea what the atmosphere would be like between him and Josh. They had all agreed they had the type of friendship that wouldn’t be negatively impacted if they went through with the threesome, but she wasn’t an idiot, she knew that until you were in that time and place you really had no idea how you’d react to something.

Part of her wanted to stay in bed and hide, part of her desperately wanted a coffee and it didn’t take long before the coffee-loving part won out. Jamie got out of bed and put trackpants and a T-shirt on, taking a deep breath before she opened the bedroom door. From where she stood in the hall Jamie could hear the unmistakeable faux-car sounds of a video game and walking toward the lounge she could hear voices. Marcus was obviously still there. Surely that was a good sign that things weren’t awkward between the two men?

Jamie opened the lounge door and entered, not at all surprised to find the two men on the couch, video game controllers in hand and an empty packet of chocolate biscuits on the floor. It wasn’t until she was standing right beside Josh that he even noticed she was there.

“Morning babe,” Josh greeted her, not taking his eyes of the TV screen.

“Hey sleepy,” Marcus joked, his eyes not leaving the TV screen either.

“Both of you sleep okay?” Jamie asked, sitting down beside Josh.

“Fine,” Josh replied, eyes still glued to the screen.

“Best sleep I’ve had in ages,” Marcus announced, but like Josh, his eyes didn’t leave the screen.

“Coffee?” Jamie offered and Josh nodded his head.

“Yes please, I will beat this douchebag in just a second,” Josh replied, then laughed loudly as the car Marcus was controlling crashed and burst into flames.

“You’re a cheat!” Marcus cried out and Jamie watched, amused, as Josh poked his tongue out at him.

“Na, you just suck!” Josh said gleefully.

“Whatever, dick, I let you win!” Marcus retorted and Jamie rolled her eyes.

“How old are the two of you meant to be again?” Jamie asked teasingly.

“I guess we should stop while I’m ahead,” Josh sighed and Jamie winked at Marcus.

“I dunno about that, it’ll take me a few minutes to make the coffee, I’m sure there is enough time for Marcus to beat you,” Jamie suggested innocently.

“It’s on!” Marcus yelled and Jamie laughed as she watched the two men glaring at each other.

“Prepare to lose, again!” Josh exclaimed. He hit a button on his controller and the game started again.

Jamie laughed quietly as she watched the two men becoming instantly immersed in their battle. She had no idea why she had felt so nervous about how the atmosphere would be that morning. It was life as usual for the three of them; Marcus and Josh taking a break from the adult world and acting like teenagers, her rolling her eyes at the scene, while at the same time feeling blessed to have such an amazing partner and a best friend who hadn’t let sex get in the way of their friendship.



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