Hard, fast, & rough – just the way they like it


You know that feeling when you’re just about asleep and you get a brilliant idea.  The idea is so brilliant you are suddenly wide awake and your brain is all ‘OMG THIS IS BRILLIANT!  YOU ARE FANTASTIC!  YOU MUST THINK ABOUT THIS FOR HOURS!  WHO NEEDS SLEEP? SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!‘… and you just have to do something about it; that or not sleep at all.

That was me last night, well, this morning.  1.54am I got out of bed, sighing and frowning, thinking about the stupid words that were forming in my head, the story that was writing itself and just begging to be given my full and undivided attention.  To begin with I thought I’d get up briefly, write a couple of sentences in my notebook and go back to bed.  But no.  My brain had other ideas.

I sat down in front of the computer, opened up a blank word document and let my fingers do the talking writing.

The following is what I came up with.  I have no idea if there will be more – if I will get to explore Carla & Andy further – but at least I got it out of my system and eventually managed a few hours sleep!



Carla smiled sleepily at the feeling of lips pressing against her neck. Predictably she had fallen asleep but as promised, Andy was waking her up so they could see in the New Year together.

“Happy 2015,” Andy proclaimed quietly while at the same time prying her legs apart and gently running a finger up and down her slit which was still wet from the sex that sent her to sleep in the first place.

“Happy 2015,” Carla replied, spreading her legs further upon the welcome intrusion of two of Andy’s fingers inside her pussy.

“Told you I’d wake you up,” he reminded her and even in the dark she could tell he had a self-satisfied smirk on his face.

“I didn’t expect anything less from you,” she informed him and a smirk spread across her own face as she wrapped her hand around his cock and squeezed tightly.

“I was hoping I’d be inside you before you woke up,” he said, his voice a half groan as she again gripped his cock tightly in her fist.

“Should have moved faster then,” she said innocently, grinning into the dark when, as expected, he moved on top of her.

“Like this?” he asked just as innocently while plunging inside her and making her moan loudly.

“Like that,” she gasped when her body had recovered from the initial shock of him suddenly being inside her.

Andy reared up and plunged into her again, causing her to moan louder and dig her fingernails into his shoulders. Beneath her fingers she could feel the slightly raised areas of skin covered by one of his many tattoos, and something about that turned her on even more.

He wasn’t her usual type, a little rougher around the edges than she usually went for, a bit of a bad boy who drank a little too much and acted like a moron around his mates. Tattoos adorned his skin and her favourite was the solid tribal design on his upper left arm and shoulder – his freckly arm and shoulder – another thing she loved about him… he was a ginger. Gingers had never been her type but the moment she met Andy that had all changed and she had a feeling that if he had had any other hair colour he probably wouldn’t have caught her eye in quite the same way.

Carla groaned when Andy found his rhythm and began fucking her hard and fast, instinctively she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist and tilted her hips up slightly, allowing him to hit even deeper. The impact of his cock against the back of her pussy created a throbbing sensation deep inside and she began clawing even harder at his back in an attempt to anchor herself.

Anchoring herself became almost impossible when Andy moved his arms so his hands were hooked underneath her shoulders, the extra resistance meaning his cock started hitting even deeper and harder. If she wasn’t so used to it she was sure it would have been too much for her.

From the start sex had been that way with him, hard and fast, the type of sex that made her scream so loud her throat would hurt for hours afterward and made him cum so hard he growled rather than groaned. While they did have ‘nice’ sex every now and then, they both preferred it hard and fast – it wasn’t any less intimate than the ‘nice’ sex – but it was a hell of a lot more fun.

Knowing her as well as he did, Andy began biting down on the crook of her neck; it drove her crazy and fuelled what was already an enormous sexual appetite. The moment he bit down on the soft flesh of her neck she felt frantic – crazed almost – and again the sex reached a new level.

Carla was crying out loudly and clawing his back so hard she knew she would be leaving vicious red marks, but couldn’t help it – he brought out a primal streak in her – just as much as she brought it out in him.

She could feel her orgasm beginning to approach and groaned in frustration when Andy stopped moving against her. He got up on his knees and flashed her a devious grin as he reached over to the left side of the bed and seconds later wrapped a restraint around her left ankle. The right ankle restraint quickly followed and then she felt the swollen head of his cock at her cunt again.

Carla braced herself, waiting for him to slam inside her but instead he pressed inside achingly slowly. The sensation was just as intense as if he had forcefully entered her, the internal friction amplified by the slow entrance of his cock; not to mention the fact her legs were spread which added to the delicious stretch in her pussy.

Never one to let her down, Andy resumed his usual hard and fast thrusts, but this time Carla found it harder to anchor herself, harder to feel any little ounce of control. His mouth was back on her neck and each time he bit down on the crook of her neck her pussy would squeeze tightly and she was feeling increasingly swollen.

The swollen state of her cunt meant he felt even bigger inside her and as she struggled against the ankle restraints she began crying out in a mixture of frustration and sublime pleasure. All she could focus on was how Andy’s penis felt as he moved against her, the tension in her pussy increasing with each powerful stroke of his thick cock.

Carla moved her hands from his shoulders to his lower back and automatically her fingers dug into the taut flesh, making Andy groan loudly against her neck. Ah yes, as much as she enjoyed being bitten and tied up, he enjoyed the pain her nails could inflict, especially on his lower back and hip region.

The harder she dragged her nails up his lower back, the louder Andy groaned, and it wasn’t long before the noises he was making had a definite animalistic tone to them. Of course that only served to spur her on. If she wasn’t so close to cumming she probably would have been concerned about the damage she was doing to him, but in that moment all she could concentrate on was the pleasure coursing through her body.

Andy locked his hands under her shoulders again and that was when Carla knew it was all over for them. The throb in her pussy intensified to the point it was uncomfortable, Andy began grunting loudly and slamming into her emphatically, her clit was tingling and her cries of pleasure were becoming loud screams. She dug her nails deeply into his back, as if she was clinging on for dear life and tried to prepare herself for the climactic end to their first sex of the New Year.

Nothing could prepare her for the explosions that rocked through her body as she came, one after the other, boom, boom, boom, her throat ached from screaming so loud and long, her head was slightly dizzy, her bones felt as if they were made of jelly, her brain felt as if it was shutting down. She was conscious of Andy on top of her, grunting gutturally as he spilled inside her, his body rigid, muscles tight and firm, a cold chill on her skin from the air hitting the layer of sweat that had developed between them.

Carla was vaguely aware of the restraints loosening around her ankles and then disappearing, seconds later Andy flopped down beside her, his breath much like hers – shallow and fast – as they tried to regain control over their breathing.

Blankets were pulled up over them and then her cheek was pressed against his chest. She couldn’t remember making the mammoth effort required to move and decided he had pulled her into his arms.

Gone was the hard and fast. Gone was the biting, the scratching, the restraints; all replaced by gentle kisses on her forehead and fingertips softly stroking her hip. The screaming and groaning were replaced by whisper-quiet sighs of contentment, the frantic crazed feeling replaced by a feeling of satiation so intense both felt incredibly sleepy.

As Carla fell asleep for the second time that night she was wondering how it was possible one man could have two completely different sides; hard and fast and forceful, yet incredibly gentle, one minute have her tied up and at his mercy, and the next holding her protectively and lovingly against his chest.

She was still smiling when sleep finally took over.


4 thoughts on “Hard, fast, & rough – just the way they like it

  1. I like it. I like it a lot. I’m more of a slow builder but I love to end hard and fast. And I like it even better if I make her cum a few times before I come, when she’s beside herself and fucked up.


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