The accidental orgasm


There is a particular story I have been writing for well over a year now.  It won’t get published, no one else will probably read it in its entirety but my wife… but it is one I can’t stop writing.  I guess I have a bond with the four characters and I need their story to be finished – for myself – more than anything!

…. if you want to skip straight to the good stuff, feel free!

… if not, read on!

The story revolves around two couples – Jenna & Lucas, and India & James – both couples are expecting a baby (or in the case of India & James, twins), but their backstories couldn’t be more different.  Jenna and Lucas have been together for years and are expecting a baby after the heartbreaking loss of their first baby five years earlier, while  India and James have only been together a couple of months when they find out they are expecting twins.  Both couples have their own hurdles to overcome… but of course they do just that, and live happily ever after.

(I like happily ever afters, so sue me!)

This excerpt is from India & James side of the story.  As a little background, India was put on strict bedrest a couple of months prior to this scene.  One of the restrictions was that she wasn’t allowed to have sex, or to orgasm, needless to say they are both very sexually frustrated and have reached breaking point.  To give India a break, James books two nights in a hotel (with the midwife’s approval!)… this scene takes place when they arrive at the hotel.

(I know pregnancy erotica isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I also know other posts of mine including pregnancy sex have been very popular)


By the time they got to the hotel it felt as if they were in another city, both were relaxed and James could tell India was happier than she had been since going on bedrest. She was even happier when they found their room had a waterfront view and a large patio with loungers for them to blob out on.

“I love you,” India sighed happily as they lay down on the large king size bed.

“I love you more,” James replied and kissed her softly.

James was surprised by the hunger with which India returned his kiss, her tongue tangling with his, moaning softly as she dug her fingers into his side. Before he knew what was happening India moved a hand between them and slipped it inside his shorts and boxers. Her palm was hot against his cock and he knew they were playing a very dangerous game, it would be a major battle to stop themselves before they got too carried away.

But he didn’t want to stop, and he knew she didn’t either. One of them was going to have to be the strong one and he hoped they could stop themselves before it was too late. It was as if they had no control over what they were doing, like their instincts had taken over… or perhaps they had both finally reached the limit of what they could handle.

They were quickly undressed and touching each other in a way they hadn’t for a long time. James very carefully pressed his fingers inside India, making sure he didn’t go too deep – but it was a huge mistake – a huge mistake that made his cock throb and his body tense up as he fought the urge to plunge deep inside her. India hit his hand away and he was glad one of them had the sense to stop things, that was until India slowly got to her hands and knees, and straddled him. His cock was sandwiched against her pussy, her wetness drenching him, causing his cock to pulsate more insistently.

“I want you so bad,” India’s voice was whisper-quiet but he heard her loud and clear.

“I want you too,” James replied, pulling her down at the hips and wishing he didn’t enjoy it quite so much when she cried out loudly as the tip of his cock and her clit made contact.

“We can’t,” India was panting. “But need to.” She sounded desperate and almost scared.

“I don’t know if I can stop,” James began, groaning when India started moving her hips, his cock gliding between the wet lips of her pussy. “If I start,” he managed to say before another loud groan broke free.

“What do we do?” India was moving her hips faster and her face was contorted into an odd mixture of pleasure and terror. He understood the terror, knew that she would be imagining what could happen if they went ahead and had sex; she could go into labour, the babies could be born and have difficulties because of their prematurity, all because they weren’t restrained enough.

“I guess we stop,” James said, hoping India would be the one to stop them – there was no way he could.

India looked as if she was about to cry and stopped rocking her hips. Rather than getting off him and turning away so she could cry, India grinned down at him.

“I can’t have a penis in my vagina, and I can’t have an orgasm,” India said, as if he needed reminding.

“That is correct,” James was amused and wondered just what she had in mind.

“I – uh – I can’t – you see – um,” India went bright red, then rolled her eyes and looked seriously at him, “I don’t orgasm from anal sex.”

“Anal… you mean…” James was shocked she had brought it up.

“Please James.” India was begging and he found it incredibly sexy. “I need you, it has been far too long, I need you inside me, even if it’s not exactly the way I want,” she explained and James stroked the top of her thighs.

“You got any lube?” James asked and India winked at him.

“Guess this horrible dry phase I am going through is going to come in handy,” India laughed. “The lube is in my little bag in the bathroom,” she informed him, then moved off him in a motion that was nowhere near as swift as it once had been.

Without being asked, he got off the bed and went into the bathroom to get the lube from India’s bag. She had been embarrassed about needing to use lube because of vaginal dryness, but it seemed it wasn’t all bad!

Back in the bedroom he found India looking decidedly shy and James wondered if she had changed her mind.

“You okay?” James asked and India nodded.

“More than okay,” India reassured him. “I just realised we haven’t had anal before, that’s all.”

“Something new and exciting for us,” James chuckled as he joined her on the bed..

“I was thinking that um, spooning might be best,” India said sheepishly and he smiled at her.

“Whatever you want,” James replied and kissed her.

Quickly they found themselves where they had left off, both panting, both badly in need, his cock was throbbing and India’s hips were moving. When she broke off the kiss, gave him a naughty smile and rolled onto her side so her back was to him, James knew they were both more than ready for what was to come.

India’s breathing sped up as James began kissing the back of her shoulders and stroking her lower back. The closer to her ass his hand got, the faster her breathing became, and when he finally touched her butt she let out a loud, high-pitched whimper. In some ways it was unchartered territory for him, he had never had anal sex with her and it was almost like having their first time all over again; the nervous excitement took him back to the first time they’d had sex. It seemed like a lifetime ago but in reality hadn’t even been eight months.

Not wanting to keep her waiting too long, James picked up the lube from beside him on the bed and put some on his finger. He was glad India’s back was to him so she couldn’t see the nervous look on his face as he pressed his finger against her tight hole and began massaging it in slow circles.

The nerves didn’t last long, India reacted strongly to the sensation of his finger against her asshole and when he pressed the very tip of his finger inside her she cried out loudly and pressed back against him. He thought he would spend some time with his finger inside her before he lubed up his cock, but India was responding with such intensity that he decided sooner would be better; not just for her sake, either, the way she was writhing around and crying out was turning him on more than he had expected.

When he removed his finger from her ass India began bucking her hips and he couldn’t put the lube on his cock fast enough. By the time he was ready to enter her, India was whimpering and he couldn’t tell if it was with anticipation or from frustration, either way, when he brushed the tip of his cock against her ass she moaned loudly with delight and pressed back against him.

James wanted to enter her ass slowly and the way she was pressing back against him meant it took more control than he expected. As he moved deeper inside her, India’s cries and moans grew louder, and he wished to hell he could move his hand around to her front and rub her clit at the same time. To stop his hand moving he dug his fingers deep into her hip, making India’s pleasure filled cries and moans even louder He hoped no one was in the rooms next to theirs, but there was no way he was stopping now, they would just have to avoid the neighbours!

India’s hips were moving in deliciously tight circles, the friction on his cock was almost overwhelming and as his cock began throbbing harder James wondered how long he would be able to last. The tightness encompassing his cock was like nothing he had experienced before and he started to lose the ability to control his movements.

Harder and faster, that was what he needed and that was how he instinctively began moving. India’s cries were loud and high pitched, he had forgotten just how sexy she sounded in the throes and wished he could hear it numerous times a day; perhaps it was a bad idea having sex after their dry spell… going back to not having sex might be even harder than it had been up until that point!

“Harder, please.” India’s voice was strained and James wondered if it was okay to be so rough, but decided if it was too much she would let him know.

Not one to have to be asked twice, James did as India asked and began moving harder and faster in and out of her ass. The tight ring of muscle was milking his cock, her heat intensifying the throb and amplifying the friction against his rigid length. His balls were incredibly tight and he knew when he came it was going to be one of the biggest orgasms of his life; he felt bad India couldn’t experience the same thing, but no amount of sympathy for her was going to be enough to stop him slamming into her ass.

Not that she was complaining. The opposite really.

India had moved on from crying out and was shrieking with pleasure, her noises were spurring him on and as he felt his balls tightening even more he bit down on her neck. He wanted to ravage her, to make her orgasm twenty times before the day was over, but that wasn’t going to happen. Sadly. He felt out of control and as he alternated between kissing and biting India’s neck he could feel her tensing against him. God he had missed sex with her, but especially the moments directly before one of them came, he wished it could last for-.

“Fuck, I… James… I… Oh god,” India screamed and pressed back against him as her orgasm hit, his cock strangled by the tight muscles deep inside. It proved too much for him and he came with a roar, pulling her back roughly as he spilled his seed deep inside her, grunting as his orgasm continued, wave after wave after wave.

His orgasm finally subsided and James moved his arm around India, his hand resting on her belly. Beneath his palm were the little jabs made by one of their daughters moving some part of her body, probably wondering what the hell had just happened to their mummy.

Considering how heated the mood had been minutes before, James now felt more relaxed than he had in a long time. One of their babies was kicking the palm of his hand, his fiancée was snuggled into him, her big belly a beautiful reminder they would soon be a family of four rather than two.


8 thoughts on “The accidental orgasm

  1. the need for intimacy during pregnancy coupled with the desire for anal is so real its surreal..well done Bree..I am extremely fond of this piece of made me hotter than I have been for some India moved into unchartered waters..I to was swept along with her


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