My Sexy Saturday, week 77

Welcome to another edition of My Sexy Saturday!  My Sexy Saturday is a blog hop which gives writers of erotica a chance to share 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs from a published work or a work in progress.

Each week there is a specific theme, this week it is ‘Their Sexy Thoughts’, and I have chosen an excerpt from an untitled WIP which centers around four main characters (Charlotte, Amelia, Thomas & Harrison) who are in a polyamorous relationship.  This excerpt is toward the start of the story, before Amelia and Harrison begin their little branch of the relationship.



The more time Harrison spent with Amelia, the more convinced he became that he couldn’t just be friends with her.

He wanted to be able to kiss her, to be able to cup her face in his hands and tell her just how beautiful he thought she was. He wanted to make love to her, spend hours exploring her body, making her moan, scream and cry out before she finally came undone around him. He wanted to take her by surprise in the shower with fast and furious sex that would leave them both dizzy and shaking.

He wanted her.

What made it worse was that he knew that she wanted him as desperately; he could see it in her eyes and read it in her body language. It was so hard to try and give themselves time before taking things further when they both wanted it so badly.


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