Goddess or vixen? Andy can’t decide which…

I’ve been continuing with the story of Carla and Andy this week, the story is flowing quite easily, which is always nice!  Before I begin working on another WIP, I thought I would post one of the more recent scenes I’ve written.

Carla and Andy are meant to meet friends at 6pm, but sexual frustration is reaching its peak and when he sees Carla in her new dress, Andy decides they can do with being a little late to meet Ava and Connor.  They have a more pressing matter to see too.



The kiss was soft and brief, but sent prickles of excitement throughout her body. Learning from the previous time, they didn’t take things any further, but for the rest of the time they were in the pool at least one part of their body was touching at all times, a promise of sorts, of what was to come.

When Andy gently pressed his lips against her neck Carla knew she had to get out of the pool and away from the almost-naked man. Having him close to naked was too much for her. The temptation to touch his flesh was increasing with each brush of his lips against her neck and she was struggling to keep from moaning.

“When we get back to your house I plan to get you very naked,” Andy whispered, continuing “and then I am going to touch you all over until you are begging for more.”

“What will I be begging for?” Carla asked, pretending to be clueless.

“To have me nice and deep inside that extremely wet pussy of yours,” Andy replied, nipping at her earlobe.

“Oh, that sounds fun,” Carla replied quietly, her hands moving to his hips and softly stroking just above the waistband of his shorts.

“Oh, I think it would be fun,” Andy agreed, his tongue grazing up the crook of her neck, causing her breath to hitch. “I could pin you down and fuck you so hard and fast that you’d cum before you could even register what’s happening,” he added, the picture it painted in her mind requiring her to bite down on her lip so she wouldn’t moan out loud. “Or perhaps I could tease you, going hard and fast, then slow and gentle, over and over, you’d cum so hard you would probably pass out.”

Carla gripped onto the waistband of his boardshorts and gave him a heated look.

“Perhaps I could just fuck you right here,” he suggested and Carla bit his neck, harder than intended – but it was that or cry out and beg him to start fucking her – not a good option with his sister nearby.

“We should probably get going, we have to meet Ava and Connor soon,” Carla insisted, hoping her voice sounded normal. Her body sure as hell didn’t.

Her pussy was throbbing, she couldn’t unclench her fists, her thighs were tight and her breathing was fast and shallow. No man had ever had such an effect on her, not through the use of his words. Carla wanted everything he had suggested, she wanted him to take her hard and fast, to be slow and gentle, to tease her and take her right to the brink. She needed his cock, desperately, and thought it was likely she’d internally combust if she didn’t feel his hard length nestled deep inside, and soon.

The plan to get back to her house in time to have much needed sex before going to meet Ava and Connor, was foiled by his mother’s insistence they stay for a coffee, claiming she felt bad she’d had such a long nap when they had been there especially to see her. How could they even think of declining?

When they had had a drink with Jill and were finally ready to leave they went to say goodbye to Cassie and found her in the kitchen, crying. Through sobs she told them she was all out of berries, bananas and yogurt, meaning she couldn’t make the smoothie she so badly craved. Andy, being the good big brother he was, took a hormonal and pregnant Cassie to the supermarket and bought her enough fruit and yogurt to keep her craving in check for another few days.

Finally they left and by the time they got back to her house it was 5.15. In 35 minutes they would need to leave to meet Ava and Connor, essentially not leaving them enough time for the type of lengthy sex they so badly needed.

Andy couldn’t stop apologising but Carla told him to stop being silly. She didn’t really mind that they wouldn’t be able to have sex for another few hours, reminding him that anticipation always made sex more exciting anyway.

She didn’t, however, turn down the opportunity to have a shower with him and got more than a little carried away. Carla was surprised they exhibited enough restraint to get out of the shower without having sex, especially considering their wet and steamy exploration of each other had left her feeling even hornier than before the shower.

While Andy got dressed, Carla dried off in the ensuite so she could do her hair and makeup before putting her dress on. She smiled at her reflection in the floor length mirror, the red dress accentuated her curves, the new bra did wonderous things for her cleavage – even she thought she looked sexy – and that was saying something. Before leaving the ensuite, she took a deep nervous breath.

What if Andy thought she looked too dressed up? They were going out for dinner afterward, but still… perhaps she should change? She decided to let Andy be the judge – if he liked it she would stay as she was – if not, she’d resort to one of her tried and true simple black dresses.

Timidly, she stepped from the ensuite into the bedroom and smiled nervously at Andy. All he could do was stare at her and Carla made the decision there and then that she would change into something less sexy. She knew she looked ridiculous, and the look on Andy’s face was all the confirmation she needed. What was it her mother always said? Mutton dressed as lamb?

“Text Ava and tell her we’ll be late,” Andy instructed, handing her her cellphone. “There is something I need to do.”

Without waiting for an explanation Carla texted Ava, surprised to find a text from her friend received a few minutes earlier, saying she and Connor were going to be a little late as well.

“They’re going to be la-” Carla was cut off by Andy’s lips against hers, in a kiss so intense her knees really did start to buckle.

Andy caught her at the same time her knees gave way, picking her up with his hands under her ass, so her legs were around his waist. He walked toward the wall and pressed her against it, letting out a flustered groan as he pinned her against the wall and managed to undo, and push his jeans and boxers down to mid-thigh.

“You look far too good to keep my hands off you,” Andy said simply, as he moved a hand between her legs and pulled the crotch of her new panties to the side. “I need to be inside you,” he declared and at the same time pressed the head of his cock against her hole and swiftly pushed inside her.

Carla moaned loudly, overwhelmed by his apparent inability to wait any longer. Andy’s groan was one of relief, pleasure and need; as he began moving against her she put her arms around his neck, his breath against her sensitive skin making her moan louder.

The anticipation that had been building all day left Carla without a doubt that the sex would be furious and over with quickly. The force with which Andy was slamming into her made her a little concerned they would break the wall, but it felt so damn amazing there was no way she’d be suggesting they move to a less breakable locale.

Every thrust was causing the pressure inside her pussy to continuously build, until she knew she was teetering on the edge of what would be a very loud, almost violent orgasm. Andy’s grunts became deeper and Carla tightened her arms around his neck, bracing herself; she could feel his cock lurching against the walls of her cunt and as his grunts became even louder and deeper, she knew he too was on the brink.

“Harder,” Carla gasped breathlessly and Andy quickly complied, three powerful thrusts all it took to send them both over the edge. She wasn’t sure who came louder, but by the time she came down, her throat was raw and her ears were ringing.

Andy staggered backwards and carefully fell back on the bed. Carla felt dizzy, but more than that she felt sated. Completely and utterly, blissfully sated.

“Hope I didn’t get your dress messy,” Andy chuckled as Carla rolled off him and onto her back. She laughed.

“Worth it even if you did,” Carla replied, moving into the crook of his arm and exhaling deeply before adding, “besides, that’s why washing machines were invented.”

“I just couldn’t help myself, you came out in that dress looking like some sort of goddess-slash-vixen, I can’t decide which, and all I knew was I had to be inside you as soon as humanly possible,” Andy told her.

“I hope that isn’t an apology, because I needed it so badly and I’m glad you couldn’t control yourself!” Carla informed him and he smiled sweetly at her.

“That’s okay then, I was worried that perhaps you would think it was inappropriate or something, you know, just ravaging you like that.” Andy sounded relieved and perhaps a tad vulnerable. Carla kissed him on the cheek.
“If I thought any of that, I’d have said so,” Carla assured him then sat up and smiled sadly at him. “We should probably head off soon.”

A couple of minutes later Carla went into the ensuite and cleaned up, glad to find no evidence of their spontaneous against-the-wall sex on her dress. When Andy had done similar cleaning up (the not-so-sexy aspect of sex) they walked hand in hand out to his car and shared a lengthy kiss that quickly became too heated, and made her consider cancelling on Ava.

She couldn’t do that to her best friend though. As she pulled away from Andy it took all her strength to walk to the passenger’s side of the car and climb in. It took even more strength to keep her hands to herself on the journey to Coopers.

The night wouldn’t be over fast enough.


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