Savannah’s night at the concert takes a (deliciously) unexpected turn

sorry-what-was-thatMy muse is too good at her job.  She always knows precisely what to say or do to cause the first spark of inspiration that quickly becomes an inferno.  As an example, when I started writing about two couples (Savannah & Mason, Chelsea & Max) I mentioned to her I wondered what their background stories were, how the couples met, that sort of thing… the next thing I knew I was starting the story of how Savannah met Mason.
It has been a long time since I shared any writing on here, so I thought I would post it here… well, the story as it is right now.


The music was beyond loud; Savannah couldn’t even hear herself think. Her darling friends, Jessica and Audrey, had disappeared leaving her on her own in the middle of an out-of-control moshpit and she needed to get out. She needed to leave and escape the noise – of the crowd more than the band – but with everyone squeezed so tightly together in front of the stage, the several attempts she’d made to get out of the claustrophobia-inducing crush had failed.

For years she’d wanted to see Thunderbolt and while the band itself was awesome live, the slightly crazy fans were more than she could handle. She must have been getting old, she decided, fondly remembering a time when she’d been right in the middle of the action, screaming right along with the best of them, usually drunk as hell. How things had changed. A little older, a little wiser, and very sober, the rest of the revellers left her feeling slightly intimidated. Some friends Jess and Audrey were, leaving her to fend for herself like that!

Savannah’s mood went from bad to worse (or mildly panicked to extremely panicked) when two morons began pushing and shoving each other, two more idiots joined in, five more idiots joined in and before long she was stuck in the middle of an all-out brawl. As is the case when people are standing so close together, the first person falling over triggered a domino effect and people began tumbling to the ground. The person in front of her fell backward, crashing into her and sending her flying backward.

Rather than crashing to the hard floor, however, Savannah crashed against the hard plane of the chest of the person behind her and went no further. Whoever was behind her gripped her hand and miraculously they began making their way through the crowd, coming to a stop when they reached the outer perimeter of the wild group.

It was only then Savannah’s saviour turned around to face her.

All the air was sucked out of the room, or that was how it felt as she took in the gorgeous man standing before her. He was… he was… he was a god.

Tall, with wide shoulders, a broad chest and arms that were well muscled, but not to the extent they looked out of proportion with the rest of his body. It wasn’t his physique that really caught her eye though, it was his face. For starters he had the most beautiful, intense, light-blue eyes she had ever seen, a smile that sent thrills of pleasure directly to her clit, and to top it off, his face was framed by the type of sexy haven’t-shaved-for-a-few-days stubble, that left her imagining how it would feel grazing against her inner thighs.

“You looked like you needed help back there,” the man leaned in and said directly into her ear.

Savannah shuddered at the sensation of his breath against her neck. “It was crazy in there,” she said loudly and he nodded.

“I’m Mason,” the man introduced herself. Mason. Yes, he looked like a Mason.

“Savannah,” she replied in kind and Mason flashed her a sexy smile that had an even stronger effect on her clit.

“You wanna go out and get some air after the next song?” he was almost shouting in her ear, but any quieter and she wouldn’t have heard him.

“As long as it’s not one of my favourites,” she laughed and he nodded in agreement

Savannah turned in the direction of the band and took a calming breath. The last thing she’d expected was to meet a seemingly nice – very delicious man – and found herself caught off guard. She had no inclination to get back into the dating world, not after the shit Carlos had put her through four months earlier, but something about Mason got to her… in a good way. A very good way.

Thunderbolt started singing one of her favourite songs – Raging Heart – and her attention quickly turned to what was going on on stage, rather than the man standing behind her. Instinctively she started swaying in time with the music, right along with the rest of the crowd; it was a surprisingly deep song about the often overwhelming intensity of love, and always made her emotional.

Suddenly her attention switched from the song and back to Mason when she felt his hands making contact with, and resting on her hips. Rather than giving him a look that said ‘get your hands off me now’ and walking away, Savannah took a short step backward, eliminating the gap between them and causing contact between more than his hands and her hips.

Everything about Mason felt so firm and strong, so safe and, well, masculine. She felt protected by his body and could imagine how good it would feel to have his arms around her, how divine it would feel to have him lying on top of her, his hips thrusting hard and fast. He began moving in time with her, which did absolutely nothing to stop her train of thought; without any conscious thought she began rubbing her ass against his crotch, the unmistakeable feel of his hard cock all the motivation she needed to rub harder.

Savannah was glad the music was so loud because when Mason dipped his fingertips just inside the waistband of her skirt, she moaned – loudly – and silently willed his fingers to move further south. To her disappointment his hands stayed where they were, all the while she was overcome by the painful desire for her pussy to be full with his fingers. She could imagine his thumb rubbing against her clit while the other fingers moved in and out, faster and faster, until she came loudly, collapsing onto the floor in a heap, wet, swollen, sated.

Her juices were pooling between her legs and she was beginning to feel extremely flustered. For the first time in her life she considered a one night stand, taking Mason home, having him fuck her all night long. Closing her eyes Savannah could see the whole sordid night playing out before her; their naked bodies writhing around, tangled in her sheets, the room smelling of sex and sweat.

Could she do it though? A close call with an older man when she was 18 had put her off the idea of having a one night stand, but she was older now, she was sober – and judging by the lack of alcohol smell on Mason’s breath so was he – surely she could make a responsible decision? Perhaps it was just what she needed to get out of the little funk she’d been in the past few weeks. She had been stroppy and short with her friends and colleagues, leading to more than one of them joke she needed to get laid.

Maybe it was just what she needed? In actual fact, there was no maybe about it. It was what she needed.

Savannah turned around and looked up at Mason. “Let’s go and get that fresh air you were talking about.”

“I might want slightly more than fresh air now.” There was a certain shyness to Mason’s voice, making her want him even more.

“So do I,” Savannah replied, her voice a whisper in his ear.

Mason’s arms snaked around her waist and as he lowered his mouth to meet hers, a thrill of excitement caused her breath to hitch. His lips were incredibly soft against hers, and for all the hunger they both appeared to feel, the kiss was soft and gentle, nothing impatient or frantic about it. Her hands joined behind his neck and as they continued kissing she felt the first little flicker of his tongue against hers – it was enough to make her want to jump and wrap her legs around his waist – though somehow she managed to keep both feet on the ground.

The more their tongues touched, the more Savannah knew she wanted this man in her bed… and inside her. He was intoxicating, everything about him screamed out to her, making her body come alive in ways it never had before. She wanted all of him, everywhere. His hands, his fingers, his mouth, his lips, his tongue, his penis; she wanted him on top of her and underneath her, she wanted him behind her, she wanted him sitting, she wanted him lying down, she wanted him standing, she wanted – well – she wanted him.

By the time the kiss came to an end Savannah was clawing at the back of Mason’s neck and he was similarly clawing at her hips. It was pointless to attempt to use restraint, to suggest that rather than getting it out of their system that night, perhaps they could go for a coffee the next day, maybe get to know each other a bit better before giving in to the chemistry building between them. But who was she trying to kid? She didn’t want to wait until the next day to have coffee with him, she didn’t want to get to know him better before finally being able to experience the feeling of his naked body pressing against hers.

“Let’s get out of here.” Savannah hoped she didn’t come across as desparate as she felt.

“Best idea I’ve heard all night,” Mason replied, his voice sounding a little strained.

“I could do with a drink,” Savannah told him, realising just how parched her throat was.

“Let’s do that then,” Mason agreed, taking her hand and leading her toward one of the many arena exits.

Miraculously there was no queue at the refreshment stand, probably because the band were getting into all their popular hits and no one wanted to miss out; with the exception of her and Mason. Instead of getting a drink for himself only, he got a bottle of water for her as well and she gratefully accepted it, then went on to drink it in record time.

“That’s better,” Savannah grinned at Mason as they threw their bottles in the recycling bin provided.

“I forget how dry I get at concerts,” Mason commented and Savannah couldn’t hide the naughty smirk on her face when she thought about the part of her body that was anything but dry. “What’s that look for?”

“I was just thinking about, um, there is a part of me that… isn’t… quite so… dry.” Savannah could feel herself going red and Mason looked as if he wasn’t sure what to say in response.

“Is that so?” he finally managed, chuckling quietly.

This time it was Savannah who took his hand and led him away, apparently no longer in control of her own actions. The sign indicating public toilets grew closer and she found herself holding Mason’s hand tighter. In its usual context the sign was innocent enough, but in that moment it wasn’t informing her of the nearest rest room, it was providing a sense of promise, the promise of lewd, trashy, inappropriate sex.

“I didn’t expect this,” Mason commented as she pulled him into the large cubicle with the wheelchair sign and baby-changing station sign on the door and he locked said door.

“I didn’t expect to be doing this,” Savannah replied, grinning at him when he pressed her against the wall.

“Never done it in a public toilet,” he said as he took his wallet out of his pocket and pulled out a condom. “When we were 16 my ex and I had a bit of a pregnancy scare, since then I’ve always carried a condom in my wallet,” he explained, placing the wallet on the baby changing table next to him as Savannah undid the button on his jeans.

“I’m glad you’re responsible,” she whispered while pushing his jeans down to his knees.

“Someone has to be,” he winked, pleasure washing over his face as she put her hand in his boxers and gave his cock a squeeze.

She really was not being herself. Her thoughts on sex in public toilets was that it was skanky and something people with no morals did, and as for initiating sex, that was something she was never comfortable with until she’d been with a guy a few times. But there she was, preparing to have sex in a public toilet, sex she was initiating.

Savannah swiped her thumb over the tip of his cock and whimpered when she smeared a droplet of precum. His cock was radiating heat and when she finally freed it from his boxers she had to fight extremely hard to resist the urge to lick the newly formed droplet of precum from the smooth head of his cock. The more she looked at his cock the more her vagina throbbed and swelled, the more it throbbed and swelled the wetter she became, and the more her hunger for him grew.

Any thought of giving him a blowjob disappeared when she felt Mason’s hands trailing up her outer thighs, beneath her skirt, his fingers hooking in the band of her panties. He gave her a look that she knew was him silently asking permission, she gave him a subtle nod whilst biting her lip and felt her entire body tighten as he slowly slid her panties down her legs. Stepping out of the garment, Savannah was glad she’d chosen one of her sexier pairs to wear that night, they were simple black lace, but still a lot nicer to look at than the boring plain cotton panties she’d taken to wearing since ending things with Carlos.

Savannah watched as Mason put the condom on and part of her wished there was no need for a condom. She hated how much they dulled the sensation for her, but it was either that or risk an unplanned pregnancy and when it came down to that, a condom was the lesser of two evils.

With the condom in place it was as if their last ounce of restraint dissolved and Savannah moaned as Mason hoisted her skirt up, pressed her against the wall and began kissing her. His tongue brushed against hers and as the kiss deepened he pushed her harder against the wall, his cock straining between them, her pussy clenching wildly and uncontrollably. She needed to be stretched open, needed to be filled by his hard, thick length, needed to be at the mercy of his deep, powerful thrusts.

Mason’s hands found the back of her thighs and in a fluid movement she jumped and wrapped her legs around his waist; seconds later the very tip of his cock grazed against her wet hole and finally, finally he plunged inside her, elliciting groans from both of them. Savannah gripped him tightly with her legs, helping him hit as deeply as possible, the impact of his cock against the back of her pussy was like nothing she’d ever experienced, and she wondered if she’d even be able to handle it.

Handle it she did. The harder Mason slammed into her the better it felt, it was intense and slightly overwhelming, but it felt too good to feel anything but divine. Savannah had never been one for slammy, poundy sex, but in that toilet cubicle a new part of her sexual being had been released, an unexpected part that wanted it harder, faster, rougher, that wanted to be completely consumed by the sensations screaming through her body.

Him. She wanted to be consumed by him.

The way Mason was grunting against her mouth as they kissed, she could sense he was struggling to keep his orgasm at bay. It did occur to her that that was a good thing though, they were having sex in a very public place after all and chances were any moment someone was going to walk in to the bathroom.

As it was her own orgasm was quickly building and she was torn between feeling sad and relieved it was almost over. Sad, because she could be fucked like that all night long, relieved because she really didn’t fancy getting caught, or have someone alert security that two disgusting human beings were having sex in the toilets!

Mason was keeping his thrusts hard and deep, but when Savannah tightened her legs again she took him even deeper and his cock began ramming into a new spot inside her. A spot that made her cry out loudly and tilt her hips into him in the hopes he would be able to hit even harder. When they had to stop kissing because of their non-stop moans, groans and cries, Mason buried his face in her neck and bit down, gently at first, but harder and harder along with his thrusts.

A ball of fire was growing at the base of Savannah’s spine, powerful and hot, soon spreading throughout her entire body, making her clamp down on Mason’s shoulders as if she was hanging on for dear life. The combination of his cock against the back of her cunt, and his teeth digging into her neck was making it almost impossible for Savannah to fight off her impending orgasm. She needed more, she needed it harder, she needed… everything, all of it, all of this hard, fast, deep, rough, hungry, out of control, animalistic fucking.

She didn’t have the strength to fight it off though, and as her body tensed up and her pussy squeezed Mason’s cock with an iron grip she finally succumbed to the powerful pleasure that had steadily been building inside her.

Wave after wave she was rocked by pleasure so intense she wondered if her loud scream would ever stop. She had never screamed so loud in her life, her throat instantly raw and painful as she screamed through each strong wave of her orgasm, still hanging on to Mason for dear life.

Savannah was only vaguely conscious of Mason’s loud, guttural groan as he came, his hips crushing against hers as the rhythmic pulsations of his cock reached a furious peak before dying down and stopping altogether. His face felt clammy against her neck, his breathing fast and shallow, matching her own.

It was with very shaky legs she released her legs from around Mason’s waist and stood leaning against the wall, watching as he removed the condom and put it in the sanitary bin disposal unit. It wasn’t exactly the sexiest of post-sex happenings, but at least he hadn’t just dropped it on the floor or put it in the rubbish bin for the next person who used the toilet to see.

Mason bent down and picked up her panties, then handed them to her as one would do if picking up a dropped pair of car keys or the like. All Savannah could do was giggle. It was by far the strangest situation she’d found herself in after having sex.


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