Mason and Savannah get better acquainted

The last excerpt I posted on my blog was about Savannah and Mason; they met at a concert and not too long after were getting it on in the public toilets at the concert arena.  It wasn’t just a case of ‘wham bam thank you ma’am’, the two then went back to her house under the premise of having dinner…

We join Savannah and Mason in her lounge, eating pizza and having a beer…



“So what do you do for work?” Mason asked.

“I work at PageTurners,” Savannah told him.

“The book store?” he asked and she nodded.

“The one and only.” Savannah waited for him to give her a look that suggested he thought it was a stupid job, but the look never came.

“You obviously enjoy books,” he smiled, looking at the numerous bookcases which filled her lounge room.

“I do,” she replied, adding, “I studied English at university, much to my grandma’s disapproval. She always told me I’d never get a good paying job out of it and of course she was right, but I do okay for myself, and a bookstore is my idea of heaven.”

“Good to do what makes you happy,” he commented and she couldn’t agree more with him.

“So what do you do?” she turned the tables on him.

Mason looked at his watch and gave her a nervous smile. “If you let me turn the TV on, I can show you.”

Savannah handed him the remote and looked curiously at him. “Get onto it, you’ve got me wondering now!”

Mason turned the TV on and flicked to one of the many sport channels. A rugby league game was 20 minutes in and she rolled her eyes.

“If you wanted to watch the game, you could have just said,” Savannah told him and he laughed.

“I don’t need to watch it,” Mason replied.

“Why did you put it on then?” she laughed, noticing the smug look on his face.

“You’ll see,” came his response.

Savannah kept her eyes on the screen, wondering why he wanted to watch a game he’d already seen, more to the point, why it would shed any light on his job.

Suddenly the answer was extremely clear. There, on the field, looking all sweaty and muddy, and just plain ol’ sexy, was Mason.

“You! That’s you!” Savannah exclaimed.

“Guilty as charged,” Mason chuckled.

“You play league?” She did a good job of stating the obvious.

“I do indeed.” He was still chuckling.

“And like, proper league? Like… you get paid to do it? For a proper team?” She must have sounded like a complete idiot!

“Yeah this is my third season,” he replied with a shy smile.

Not only had she met an incredibly attractive man, he was a professional sportsman, the type of man most of her friends fantasised about being with. Of her group of friends she was the only one who didn’t really give a damn about sport, yet there she was, sharing a pizza post sex-in-public with a professional league player.

“You want another beer?” she asked and Mason nodded.


Savannah stood up, stopping when Mason caught her hand.

“Actually, I will give the beer a miss, there is something else I want.” he pulled her gently toward him and seconds later she was straddling his lap.

“Good choice,” she whispered, biting her lip when she felt his hands move to her waist.

Mason pulled her closer and captured her lips with his own. Savannah didn’t hold back and kissed him with the passion that had steadily been building inside her As his hands slowly slid down to her hips and their tongues brushed together, she started moving against him. Between her legs was an unmistakable hardness, causing her to groan against his mouth when she imagined his pants and boxers weren’t between them and his cock could slip inside her.

Her pussy clenched as she remembered how it felt to have Mason’s cock inside her, so thick and hard, striking all the sensitive spots hidden within. There had been so much power behind each of his thrusts and knowing what he did for a living, it made sense. His job required him to be physically big, to be strong, he probably didn’t know how to be anything but powerful!

Mason’s lips moved along her jaw and down her neck until he was lightly biting along her shoulders. Every bite left her feeling increasingly aroused, left her pussy slightly wetter, her frustration level a bit higher. It was impossible not to moan, and when he started biting harder her moans turned into cries which grew louder as he continued teasing her with his teeth.

The feeling of his hands against the bare skin of her back made her whimper with frustration. She needed to be touched properly, she needed to be naked with him, to feel his fingers everywhere, to feel his tongue everywhere, to feel him everywhere.

“If you don’t have another condom in your wallet we should get to my bedroom right now.” Savannah tugged on his earlobe with her teeth when she was done whispering.

Mason didn’t reply. Instead he stood up with her in his arms and started walking toward the lounge door leading to the hallway.

“End of the hall,” Savannah whispered and tugged on his earlobe again, loving the way it caused him to dig his fingers into her ass. Another tug of his earlobe ellicited a groan from him, a groan which triggered a spasm deep inside her cunt and her fingers to dig into the back of his neck.

Finally they made it into her room and as Mason lay Savannah down on the bed a thrill of excitement tore through her. Her legs stayed locked around his waist and when he fell down on top of her she let out a loud moan, the feeling of his body weight making her want him even more.

They kissed hungrily, hands all over each other, hips grinding together, both of them quickly becoming breathless. Savannah didn’t want the kiss to stop, but before things could go any further she needed the condoms out of her bedside cabinet; there was also the small matter of them needing to be naked.

“We can slow down if you want,” Mason whispered, looking into her eyes with caution.

Savannah giggled. “Slowing down is the last thing I want,” she told him, moving her legs so they were around his thighs and arching her hips into him, to prove her point.

“If you change your mind-” she cut Mason off with a deep kiss, her hands slipping inside the back of his jeans, raking her nails up the cheeks of his ass.

Mason made a noise that was caught between a moan and a gasp, causing Savannah to grin against his mouth. He reared up on his knees and she captured the clasp of his belt between her fingers, trying to control herself as she undid it; it was so tempting to undo his pants, take his cock in her hand and give him a handjob, but that wasn’t how she wanted it to be. Not that time anyway!

Pulling down his zipper, Savannah made sure her fingers rubbed teasingly against his cock, earning another moan-gasp from Mason. He pulled his t-shirt off and she had a hard time not gawping at the sight before her. It seemed his tattoos went further than his full sleeves, his chest, belly and one side of his ribs were covered in ink. Had they not been already about to have sex, she was sure she would have torn off her clothes and beg him to fuck her.

Tattoos, one of her major weaknesses when it came to men. Mason seemed to feed a lot of her weaknesses, big arms, big chest, beautiful eyes, devillish grin, and now on top of all that, tattoos adorning most of his body from the waist up.

“You really should get out of those pants,” Savannah suggested when she came out of her little tattoo-induced haze.

“As long as you get out of all of your clothes,” Mason winked as he moved off her and pushed his jeans down, then put a hand on his boxers.

“Let me,” Savannah insisted, sitting up and scrambling to the edge of the bed.

Her fingers curled into the waistband of his boxers and she slowly pulled them down, letting out a happy, yet impatient sigh when his cock was freed. The sight of his cock was a welcome one, but at the same time her desparate need to have him inside her grew even more; patience was a virtue, everyone knew that… it just happened to be a virtue she didn’t have!

Mason stepped out of his boxers but rather than standing up to take her own clothes off, Savannah pulled him forward at the hips until he was close enough she could lick the tip of his cock. The way he shuddered as she licked him again caused her to deviate from her original plan; rather than licking him once or twice on the tip, before moving things along, she began licking the length of his cock before taking him in her mouth and sucking him.

His fingers fisted in her hair and he made no attempt to be silent; the deep groans spurred her on, and as she took more of him in her mouth she wondered if perhaps she would finish him off when he was still in her mouth. She was by no means against blowjobs, in fact, she quite enjoyed giving them, so long as the gesture was reciprocated.

The decision was made for her, however, when Mason pulled back, his cock wet with her saliva, visibly throbbing and lurching.

“I need to get you naked,” he offered as an explanation and pulled her to her feet.

Quickly her skirt pooled at her feet and she knew she could push him down on the bed and have him inside her within a matter of seconds… if it weren’t for the necessity of a condom. Mason cupped her hips and slowly moved his hands up her sides, moving her tshirt up at the same time until she raised her arms and he helped her out of it. The t-shirt joined her skirt in a puddle at her feet, as did her bra, which he made very quick work of.

Before she even considered touching him, Savannah moved around to her side of the bed and took the box of condoms from the top drawer of her bedside table. “Might need these.”

“I hope that box is full,” Mason said and she laughed.

“More than enough to get us through a night,” she replied, biting her lip as Mason took the box of condoms from her hand and wrapped his arms around her, holding her close for a surprisingly gentle kiss.

Savannah could feel his hardness pressing against her belly and as much as she enjoyed the gentle, sweet kiss, she badly needed more and with that in mind broke off the kiss and pushed him down onto the bed. Mason chuckled as Savannah took the condoms back from his hand and took out one of the foil packets.

“You just lie back,” Savannah said innocently, opening the foil packet and carefully taking out the condom.

“If you insist,” Mason sighed dramatically, and as she rolled the condom down his considerable length his eyes widened. “Jesus-fucking-Christ!”

Savannah whimpered when Mason caught her wrist and pulled her on top of him, his hands moving to her nipples, rubbing them lightly as she moved up his thighs until she was finally positioned with her pussy above his cock.

Before taking him inside she needed to kiss him; the moment their tongues tangled she couldn’t wait any longer and slowly slid down his cock, groaning against his mouth when he filled her to the hilt. Considering how swollen she still was from the first time they’d had sex, he felt huge inside her and even the slightest movement of her hips caused intense friction against the walls of her cunt.

Mason’s hands locked down on her hips and the harder he pulled her against him, the harder she found it to try and take things slow. Their first time had been so rushed – and with good reason – and she wanted their second time to be different, but he felt too damn good inside her, and what she really wanted was to ride him hard and fast, rough even; so that’s what she did.

Savannah began rocking faster against him and while it felt good, it wasn’t quite satisfying her. She needed more resistance, to be able to really grind against him and give her clit the friction she knew it needed. Gripping on to the headboard gave her that added resistance, the sensations coursing through her body amplified by Mason’s mouth and fingers, the new position giving him perfect access to her boobs.

The harder she moved against him, the harder he sucked on one nipple and squeezed the other. He switched back and forward between the two nipples – sucking one, then the other, squeezing one, then the other – each change causing the hot throb deep inside her pussy to grow, until she felt as if she was on fire.

Although her moans and cries were drowning out Mason’s sounds of pleasure, she could tell he was enjoying it just as much as she was, particularly when she spread her legs further and took him even deeper inside.

She felt a hot ache in her lower back, which spread quickly into her abdomen and down into her pussy. Frantically, she ground her hips against him, moving so fast sweat was forming on her forehead, the burn no longer contained to her pussy; her entire body felt ablaze.

Mason released the nipple from between his fingers and moved his hand back to her hips. Savannah shrieked when he pulled her down and suddenly there was more friction between them; he pulled her down even harder and she could feel her orgasm starting in her toes, spreading up her legs before bursting into her pussy.

A loud scream announced the arrival of her orgasm, her hips bucking furiously as she rode the waves slamming through her. Everything felt tight and hot, ultra-sensitive, and by god it felt spectacular! When her orgasm eventually began to wane the tight, hot feeling was replaced by one of her bones and muscles melting away, her brain turning to jelly as she collapsed on top of him.

It was only when she registered how relaxed Mason felt beneath her that she realised that he had also cum; just as well too, because there was no way she could even consider moving her hips to help him reach his peak!


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