Now that the Outlander drought is over…

I feel compelled to post about the new episode of Outlander that aired on the 4th of April.  I am not sure WHY I feel so compelled, nor do I know exactly what I want to say about it.  All I can say is that the following post will contain spoilers, so if you don’t want to read said spoilers, may I suggest you go and look at some of my other blog posts.


Remember the spoilers?  They are a-coming, this is your last chance to leave… mmmkay?


I mean it this time, LAST CHANCE TO LEAVE!



(you get the idea, right?)

In the first episode of the second half of season one of Outlander (seriously, what is it with this whole breaking in the middle of a season thing?) we find out that Jamie did indeed save Claire from that asswad, Blackjack Randall, not only did he save her, they escaped and managed to make their way back to Castle Leoch in one piece.  They weren’t exactly talking, to put it frankly they were both pretty pissed with one another, but they made it back, that is the main thing.

Fast forward to the scene that made me roll my eyes because I *know* there are going to be truckloads of people writing to complain about it.

When I said they make it back to Castle Leoch in one piece, I may have missed out one important fact; on the way home, Jamie, 1740’s Jamie, takes it upon himself to punish his wife for disobeying him.  This punishment is in the form of a spanking with his belt.  It’s not really as straight forward as that though, because Claire is not impressed with the idea of her husband punishing her in such a way; the scene is rather funny, really… if you forget the spanking with the belt thing, Claire is the clear (haha) winner of the scene, throwing all manner of heavy objects at Mr Fraser, along with kicking him in the face.

I can hear the complaints already about the show glorifying domestic violence, about the show trying to make funny a very serious issue.

YES.  A man assaulting a woman / a woman assaulting a man in such a way IS physically abusive.  Nowadays it would certainly be seen as domestic abuse in every context possible, but people need to remember that the show is set in 1740’s Scotland and that back then, women were seen as chattels, men did believe it was their right – their job – to put a woman in her place if she stepped out of line.

Already I have seen people comparing this scene to 50 Shades… which is just bullshit.  The spankings in both books/movies/tv shows (whichever applies)  are in totally different contexts.  In 50 Shades the spanking is part of a BDSM relationship; in Outlander the spanking is completely unrelated to anything sexual…   If anything, the spanking in Outlander is more a ‘way of life in the 1740’s’ thing.  While it’s totally inappropriate in that context, people need to remember when the show is set.

Enough of the spanking though.  An even better scene was at the end.

A sex scene.

Need I say more?

This sex scene was a lot less ‘polite’ than the previous sex scenes involving Claire and Jamie.  To put it politely, it’s hot!  Both have their time in the driver’s seat, so to speak… the sex is fast, it’s slow, it’s rough, it’s gentle, it’s romantic, it’s angry and hunger fuelled.  I have said it before and I’ll say it again: the sex on Outlander is the best on screen sex I have ever witnessed…



***** I just want to add, although a lot of people will be pissy about the spanking scene, there are no doubt going to be hoards of women more than a little curious about belts and perhaps going as far as to suggest to their significant other that they play ‘naughty wife in the 1740’s’…



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