Introducing Tom & Maria

As I tweeted a couple of days ago, I have spent FAR too much time studenting (totally a word) lately; because of this writing has become almost non-existant.  I had to do something about that.

So I did.  The characters of Tom and Maria introduced themselves to me and suggested I write about them… I now give to you, a little snippet of their story.




“God I have missed you,” Tom exclaimed the second she entered the hotel room; she didn’t even have a chance to reply in kind before he had her pressed against the wall and was kissing her hungrily.

The hunger wasn’t one sided by any means. All Maria had been able to think about since she had kissed him goodbye a week earlier was being back in his arms, his lips against hers, naked flesh writhing against naked flesh.

Even as they kissed, clothes were being shed; Tom’s t-shirt came off quickly, as did her shirt – she had purposely worn a wraparound shirt that tied at the back – a floaty skirt that Tom took no time pulling down over her hips, letting it drop to the floor so she could step out of it. Panties? Who needed panties, they only got in the way, especially when time wasn’t a luxury they had. Maria didn’t even have time to move onto the task of helping Tom out of his trackpants, apparently it was far more important for him to drop to his knees in front of her, move her leg over his shoulder and lap greedily at her cunt.

Tom would have quite happily made her cum as they were, but Maria needed more than his skillful tongue against her clit – she needed his cock – and she needed it badly. She tugged gently on his hair and quickly he moved to his feet, grinning at her in that sexy way of his, lips wet with her juices, fire in his eyes.

“Can I get you anything?” Tom asked, managing to sound serious as he pressed her back up against the wall and captured her mouth with his for a brief kiss. At tasting herself on his lips, Maria whimpered and then pushed him back.

“What you can do for me,” Maria informed him, pushing him back again, “is to free that cock of yours.” She pushed him back one final time and he fell back on the bed, looking innocently at her.

“And then what?”

Maria hooked her fingers in the waistband of his trackpants which were riding enticingly low around his hips, and began pulling them down, groaning when his cock sprang free. She quickly pulled them the rest of the way off and threw them behind her. “Then,” she said quietly, locking eyes with him as she approached and began crawling up his legs. “I want-” she stopped when the tip of his cock grazed against her hole. She wrapped her hand around his shaft and guided the top inch of him inside her, struggling to maintain composure as she felt the delicious stretch of her hole around his tip.

“You want what?” Tom was putting on an Oscar winning performance, his face was full of innocence, even though she could feel his cock throbbing against her.

“I want y-” she made a sound that was part cry, part growl, part moan as he swiftly pulled her down at the hips, his cock making unbelievably hard contact with the back of the pussy.

“That?” Tom’s voice was slightly strained, but at the same time, he sounded victorious.

“Fuck!” was all she could manage to blurt out as her hips began moving naturally against him and much needed sensations began to wash over her body.

A week. In technical terms it wasn’t a long period of time – a very short one in fact – but the more time she spent with Tom, the longer each week they were apart became. That comparatively small period of time had become painful and Maria wasn’t sure how much longer she could keep it up; it was time to either publicly ‘come out’, or to end what they had. Ending it wasn’t really an option, both of them had acknowledged that, but at the same time, making their relationship public would cause a whole lot of drama.

Disappearing for secret weekends together had been fun in the beginning – necessary even – but now the novelty had worn off and it was starting to take its toll. Pity, it was fun pretending they were the only ones in the world!

Luckily it was hard to concentrate on those thoughts for too long, what with Tom working his usual magic. Sex with him had quickly become mind-blowing and addictive. She hadn’t really been able to pinpoint what it was that made sex with him so different, and could only put it down to the fact their bodies were made to join together. Every veiny ridge of his cock rubbed against spots inside her she, prior to him, hadn’t known even existed.

No matter what position they were in, she was soon crying out and trying to keep her orgasm from hitting. Positions that had done nothing for her in the past soon became positions that did everything for her, acts that she had had no interest in before Tom had become a regular part of their sex life; she could only imagine how much better it would be when they were no longer restricted to two nights together a week.

She was snapped from her thoughts as quickly as she’d entertained them, when she felt tight pressure on one of her nipples, tight pressure that quickly became painful, and then morphed into an intense type of pleasure. Nipple clamps, where the hell had he been hiding those?!

Maria started to grind her hips harder against Tom, being careful not to move her upper body as he attached the second nipple clamp to the other nipple. Immediately the signals from her nipples to her clit doubled; not only was the friction of her clit rubbing against his pubic bone bringing her closer to orgasm, now she had the nipple clamps and each time Tom lightly flicked the tip of her nipples it was as if a large electric shock of sexual pleasure was coursing directly to her clit. Over and over he tormented the tips of her nipples, alternating between flicking and rubbing. Just when she thought she was used to it Tom began to tug on the metal chain that connected the clamps to each other; the pressure on and the pulling of her nipples only increased that shock of pleasure being sent to her clit and soon she was gasping for breath.

Her orgasm, she could feel it sitting just below the surface, simmering away; she knew any moment it was going to hit. Tom pulled her down with one hand while he continued tugging on the chain, the tugging motion becoming increasingly harder and causing the level of pleasure to sky rocket. It was no longer just hitting her in her clit, she could feel the sensations spreading through her hips and abdomen, down into her thighs and up her spine.

For two seconds she felt guilty for not doing anything special to make the sex just as spectacular for Tom, but the look on his face told her she was doing plenty… that while every tug on her nipples made her pussy clench and squeeze, it was his cock being clenched and squeezed by the powerful internal contractions.

Maria experienced a weird feeling of being in limbo, of being as aroused as she possibly could be while awaiting her orgasm. It always made her feel odd, physically, she loved the crazy levels of pleasure Tom caused within her, but after a while that pleasure almost became uncomfortable, as if there was too much pressure and she’d reached the limit of what she could handle, with the only relief coming in the form of an orgasm. Not just any orgasm though, an orgasm that would inevitably rock her to the core and leave her feeling shattered, in the very, very best of ways.

Tom, the exceptionally talented lover that he was, always seemed to be able to tell when she reached that point of limbo, and was a master at pushing her as far as she could go without the good frustration becoming bad frustration. He knew just how to push her over the metaphorical edge and more than that, he knew exactly how she needed to be brought to orgasm, whether it was hard and deep strokes, hard and slow strokes, extra clitoral stimulation, or something else… each orgasm he gave her always surpassed the one prior.

That afternoon was no different; the second he squeezed tightly on her nipples her orgasm tore through her, wave after wave of pleasurable heat coursing through her pussy and spreading to the rest of her body. It was the type of orgasm that caused her to scream in a very unladylike manner, it was the type of scream that came from somewhere primal, somewhere raw and animalistic, somewhere… somewhere only Tom could expose.

Everything was tight and full of pressure… until there was nothing. She floated down blissfully on a cloud of white light, of nothingness, unsure whether she was even conscious or not. The onset of sharp aftershocks caused by intense contact against the back of her pussy announced that Tom had cum, the aftershocks shooting through her flesh, causing jerky little spasms along the way.

Maria was aware of the strong plane of his chest pressing against hers and of his arms wrapping around her; she sighed happily as he held her close, still feeling as if she was floating on that little cloud of white light. She felt wet and sticky – particularly between her legs – but she didn’t care because she was well and truly in her happy place. Tom. He was her happy place.


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