My Sexy Saturday – week 88

I have had a few weeks away from My Sexy Saturday, but I am back!  Those of you who aren’t familiar with MSS, it is a blog hop giving writers of erotica a chance to share their ‘Saturday 7’ – seven words, sentences or paragraphs – from one of their works, each week.

This weeks theme is Sexy’s Got You, babe… and the way I interpret it,  it is couples who, even when they have nothing else, have each other; no matter how trying times are, they have one another.

With that in mind, I chose to use the story of Cameron and Alyssa for my Saturday 7…



“Do you really want to disappoint your grandmother like this?” Susan demanded and Cameron took a breath to compose himself.

“Mum, I have told you we don’t want a church wedding.” Cameron was trying to remain calm but it was a lot easier said than done.

“Your grandfather would be horrified,” his mum said angrily and Cameron scowled.

“You are not going to guilt trip me into a church wedding by talking about grandad!” Cameron raised his voice.

His mum shot him a pained look. “All he wanted was to see you get married in the same church he and grandma got married in, the same church your father and I got married in, the same church your brother and Melanie got married in.” Now she was crying, obviously deciding that he wouldn’t be able to say no to his crying mother.

“We are getting married in the English garden at the reserve, Mum,” Cameron said firmly. “It is what Alyssa wants, it is what I want and that is final,” he punctuated the point by (very maturely) stomping his foot.

“I knew that girl was trouble from the moment you introduced her to us,” his mum said bitterly and Cameron found himself struggling to not yell.

“She is the love of my life, she makes me happy, I cannot wait to have a family with her and to grow old with her, you really should start accepting that she is – and will always be – a part of my life.” Cameron could handle his mum being a stubborn old bitch when it came to him, but would not stand by and let her be nasty about his Alyssa.

“I will never accept it, or her,” his mum said plainly. “That girl has no morals, she doesn’t go to church, and I would imagine she is the one who pushed you to propose to her because she knows you are far too good for her and she wants to trap you! Don’t think I haven’t heard the rumours about her and that woman, I do not want you associating with such a person, let alone marrying one!”

Cameron had had enough. He stood up. “I love you mum, but I hate that you have never given Alyssa a chance and that you don’t see the amazing woman that I do. She didn’t push me to propose – I did it because I wanted to – and there is now way I am too good for her, if anything it is the other way around.” Cameron took a breath before continuing, “You need to accept that I love her and plan to marry her, whether you are there or not.”

“Are you threatening me?” his mother asked in shock.

“Not threatening you, Mm, just making sure you know that you cannot dictate the type of wedding I should have, and that if you can’t respect our choices, perhaps it is best if you don’t attend,” and he wasn’t just saying it to be dramatic.

Cameron had had enough of his mother’s belief she knew what was best for him and that Alyssa wasn’t it. He wasn’t a kid anymore, he would do what he wanted, how he wanted, with whom he wanted. He didn’t even grace her with another look as he walked from the room, leaving her standing there still gaping at him, no doubt. Fuck it. He hoped Alyssa had made it home already, he desperately needed to see the beautiful woman his mother had never hidden her disapproval of.


“No, no, darling, not an empire line, that cut will make your boobs look far too big,” Lynn chastised and took the beautiful empire cut dress from her hands, placing it back on the rack. “You need something a little more… classic, perhaps a nice A-line dress,” she suggested, picking a dress off the rack. It looked like something a fifty year-old would wear.

“But I like the empire cut and what if I want to emphasise my boobs?” Alyssa said pointedly and her mum cringed.

“Sweetheart, we don’t want you looking like a marshmallow,” her mum scoffed. Take your mum wedding dress shopping with you, they said… it’ll be fun, they said. Yeah right.

“Earth to Alyssa,” her mum’s voice was unbearably high pitched in that moment.

“What were you saying?” Alyssa was almost afraid to ask.

“How long do you want the train to be? And what about the veil? There is something so beautiful about a long train and veil!” her mum said enthusiastically.

“I was thinking more knee length, vintage, lace, pretty and understated,” Alyssa said, bracing herself for her mum’s reaction.

“For the veil?” her mum asked hopefully and Alyssa shook her head.

“No mum, for the dress,” Alyssa replied, her mum’s face dropped. She looked horrified!

“Knee length? Are you kidding? You’re getting married, not going to your high school prom!” her mum’s voice was almost a snarl.

“I don’t want anything fancy mum, I want something that is nice and simple, hell maybe even something I can dye a bit later and wear to some fancy event,” Alyssa said with a smile, thinking about her dream wedding dress.

“Absolutely not!” her mum exclaimed and pulled her toward the over-the-top ‘poufy’ dresses.

Alyssa screwed her face up as her mum went to great effort to take a full-skirted lace and chiffon dress off the rack. “I thought you didn’t want me looking like a marshmallow!” she joked but her mum didn’t look amused.

“I want you to look beautiful on your big day, that’s all,” her mum sighed. “Speaking of that, I thought after this we could go to the hairdresser and have a look at some hairstyles, you can never be too prepared!” she said with a smile.

“Uh, I’m not having a hairstyle per se, you know how much Cameron loves my hair down, I figured I’d just do it in a plait the night beforehand so I can wear my hair out and it will be nice and wavy,” Alyssa told her mum, gritting her teeth when Lynn frowned.

“You might as well just get married in your bloody bedroom right after you wake up one morning!” her mum said sounding exasperated.

“You can fawn all over Taylor when she gets married, she loves big stupid wedding dresses and stupid fancy hair styles, but not me mum, I want to feel like me when I get married, not some fraud straight out of a bloody wedding magazine!” Alyssa said loudly, feeling frustrated that her mum just didn’t get it.

Her little outburst earnt her a disapproving look from the owner of the dress shop. She was over it. “I am going mum,” she announced, standing up and putting her hands on her hips.

“You can’t! We need to find a dress!” her mum pleaded.

“No. I want to get a dress that I want, not one that you want and that is going to be near impossible with you here, so I am going home and I am going to look for a dress by myself, or maybe I’ll take Zoe with me. Yes, I think I will do that actually. Zoe understands me,” Alyssa said firmly and almost laughed at the look on her mothers face when she mentioned Zoe.

“That woman… you… Alyssa, you know how I feel about that,” her mum’s voice was shaking as she said it.

“Yep, you think two women having sex is the biggest crime in the world,” Alyssa said loudly. Her mum went bright red.

“How do you think Cameron would feel if he knew you were gallivanting with that woman?” her mum asked and Alyssa laughed.

“He would probably encourage us to go into a sex shop and buy some very slutty lingerie to wear the next time we have a gang bang,” Alyssa couldn’t help herself and the look on her mum’s face was priceless. It was fun winding her up.


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