Mason’s midnight snack

Putting it simply, it has been far too long since I posted anything substantial on here.  Life is stupidly busy and my fiction writing motivation seems to have been cancelled out by that glorious thing called academic writing.

While I get my butt into gear and write something new, I thought I’d share another excerpt from the Savannah and Mason story; it’s pretty straight forward and doesn’t need an introduction, so I shall leave you to read!



A quick glance at the digital clock on Savannah’s bedside table announced it was 3.42am. Mason yawned and was hit by the realisation he was alone in the bed. Had she left? No, wait, they were at her house, she couldn’t have left. Perhaps she’d gone into a spare bedroom to sleep? Did she already regret what had happened between them?

Needing a drink of water, Mason got out of bed and walked down the hall to the kitchen. The sight that confronted him was one that was both amusing and arousing; Savannah – wearing his t-shirt – was sitting on the island in the middle of the kitchen, devouring a piece of cold pizza. He stood in the doorway watching her for slightly longer than was appropriate, but couldn’t help it, she looked beautiful.

Her hair was a tousled mess, his t-shirt was a few sizes too big for and she was swinging her legs back and forth, somehow managing to hum a tune while eating.

“I hope you’ve left some for me.” Mason startled her and when she was over the shock she held out a piece for him.

“If you hurry up.”

“Really should have eaten more before we went to bed,” he commented and Savannah scoffed.

“Face it, we’re lucky we managed to have a couple of pieces each!”

“You’re probably right,” Mason agreed and she winked at him.

“I am always right!” she said smugly.

“Modest as well,” he teased.

Savannah nodded. “So very modest.”

“You weren’t very modest earlier,” he joked, trying to gauge how she was feeling about the fact that, as strangers, they’d had sex in a public toilet.

“Hey, we didn’t fuck in the open, give me some credit,” she laughed.

They were silent as they ate, but when he’d finished his piece of pizza he decided that rather than worry about how she felt, he’d just flat out ask her.

“When I woke up and you weren’t in bed I thought you must have been having some pretty major regrets and would be curled up in the spare bed, planning on staying there until I scampered away,” Mason said it light-heartedly, but they both knew there was also a large element of seriousness to what he said.

“The only thing I regret,” Savannah started then put her hand around his wrist and pulled him so he was standing right in front of her, before continuing, “is that we didn’t eat more before we went to the bedroom, because then I would still be in bed with you.”

It seemed he had his answer. “As long as you’re sure, because I can bugger off if you want me to.”

“I mean it,” she declared, wrapping her long legs around his waist.

“That’s a dangerous move,” he warned, feeling flustered as she shuffled closer to the edge of the island, bringing his cock into contact with her pussy. Being tall; it was a blessing and a curse.

“What if I like danger?” Savannah cheekily asked and Mason laughed.

“Let me guess, danger is your middle name?” he asked before playfully biting her neck, loving the way she groaned and tightened her grip on his waist.

“Savannah Danger? That’s just silly,” she chastised, giving him another of her smug grins.

Mason wiped that very grin off her face with a passion-fuelled kiss; suddenly the joking atmosphere was gone, replaced by a sexual one, leaving him with no doubt what he had to do the beautiful woman whose legs were still strangling his waist.

He pried her legs from around him and she pouted, and made to get off the counter, but he stopped her. It wasn’t his words that stopped her either, it was the act of him putting a hand on each of her knees and spreading her legs open seconds before dropping to his knees, glad to find that his hunch had been correct; on his knees he was at the perfect height to indulge in a little oral delight.

Savannah whimpered when he spread the swollen lips of her pussy and as he pressed the flat of his tongue against her hole she whimpered again, her legs moving over his shoulders, allowing him closer contact with her wetness.

It was with long, slow laps of his tongue that he began tasting her; she tasted heavenly on his tongue and her scent was intoxicating. Mason inhaled deeply and groaned against her pussy. His cock was responding, pulsating in such a way that made him wonder if perhaps he would cum through the enjoyment of eating her pussy alone.

There was no doubt in his mind Savannah was enjoying what he was doing, her hand was clamped down on the top of his head and she was pulling his mouth against her; not only that, her moans sounded animalistic and raw, the moans of someone who was quickly getting carried away.

Mason moved his hands to her hips and pulled her more firmly against his mouth, the result being loud shrieks from Savannah, loud shrieks and trembling thighs. He could feel the muscles in her body going taut at the same time she fisted his hair in her hands and attempted to pull him closer. The pain caused by her pulling on his hair only spurred him on and he began licking her pussy with more conviction, thrusting his tongue into her hole before licking up to her clit and moving his tongue back and forth.

He quickly learnt Savannah’s reactions were strongest when his tongue was probing at her hole so decided to stop teasing and focus on making her cum.

The loud, long groan she made when he moved his tongue in circles around her swollen hole made his cock lurch and throb to the point of discomfort. As delicious as she tasted, as much fun as he was having tormenting her with his tongue, he needed to feel her cunt gripping at his cock, needed to feel the heat of her encompassing him. More than anything, what he needed was for her come undone around him, for the iron grip of her pussy to trigger yet another explosive orgasm.

Mason’s face was buried in Savannah’s pussy, she was extremely wet against his tongue and that made his need to be inside her even stronger. Her hips began furiously bucking at his face and the loud groany moany screams she was making told him her orgasm was very close to hitting. With one final effort he pulled her against his mouth and pressed his tongue inside her.

Savannah screamed loudly and with his tongue he could feel her pussy spasming wildly as she rode out her orgasm, his head tightly clamped between her thighs.

Then she was still and silent and as Mason resurfaced he could see she was lying back on the counter with a goofy grin.

“I had to do that,” Mason attempted to sound apologetic, but he knew she wasn’t fooled.

“As you can tell I hated it,” Savannah said through laboured breaths.

“I’m going to take you back to bed now,” he informed her and scooped her up from where she was lying. She giggled in his arms.

“Just as well you’re strong enough to carry me, there is no way I could walk,” she commented, her head resting against his shoulder, arms around his neck.


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