Something short and sweet (and sexy!) for Sunday


With that pesky 3000 word paper out of the way (and submitted with 10 minutes to spare…) I thought it was time to devote a little attention to writing AND to my blog!  I plan to spend a bulk of today writing so decided to do a little reading of one of my WIPs to get into the heads of my characters, so to speak… and it seemed like a pretty good excuse to share a short little tidbit from my story about Hannah and Josh, former lovers reunited after a year apart.

The following scene happens after a run in (via cellphone) between Hannah and her mum, who is furious Hannah has reconnected with Josh; Hannah understands her mum’s anger, but she’s let Josh go once and she refuses to let it happen again.


Dropping the phone beside her on the bed Hannah snuggled up to Josh. Even with the drama going on with her mum, she couldn’t help but smile to herself. It felt so right being curled up against Josh, it felt right to have him in her bed, to have the warmth of his naked body against hers. For what felt like the millionth time since he had arrived, Hannah wished it wasn’t the case and that, rather than feeling right, it would feel wrong to be with him again, but nothing had felt quite as right in a long time.

She didn’t even realise she was kissing his chest until Josh sighed with pleasure and dug his fingers into her lower back and hip region. Encouraged by his reaction, Hannah kissed a path along his chest until she reached a nipple and licking it, she could tell he was fighting back a groan. He lost the fight when she took the nipple between her teeth and very gently tugged on it before moving on to the other nipple which she gave the same treatment as she had the first.

Josh’s fingers were digging deeper into her back and his breathing was faster than it had been moments earlier. Hannah enjoyed making the man lose control and decided it was time to do more of that. Wiggling down a little further in the bed Hannah turned her attention to his belly, kissing it and swirling her tongue around his belly button, playfully digging her teeth into his flesh, making him groan louder with each kiss, lick and nibble.

By the time she ran her fingers down the length of his cock he was predictably hard and when she took him in her hand he began to tremble. Hannah wished she had the willpower to tease him for an extended period of time, to get him to the brink and make him beg to be put out of his so-called misery, but the feel of his hard cock in her hand caused her to crave the feeling of his cock inside her.

Moving to her hands and knees Hannah straddled him, and with his cock still in her hand, lined him up with her aching hole; both of them groaned loudly as she slid quickly down his length and began moving her hips against him.

Hannah’s movements were slow and deep, she wasn’t so much thrusting her hips back and forth as grinding them in a circular motion, movement minimal but intense. Josh’s hands were on her hips and he was pulling her down against him, aiding with the constant friction on her clit. The head of his cock was rubbing against some little spot deep in the back of her cunt and the stimulation was like nothing she had felt before, overwhelming almost.

Usually she was loud in bed (especially when it came to Josh) but she was so focused on what she was feeling that she was almost silent, as if making noise would somehow disturb the sensation building in her pussy. Josh’s own groans were getting louder and the noises of his pleasure were only enhancing the experience for her; as Hannah began to grind harder she felt as if she was burning up, it started in her toes and spread up her legs, her ass, her belly, her arms, her face… she was on fire and couldn’t stop it.

She was still relatively in control until Josh pulled her down at the hips while tilting his hips upward, hitting deeper inside her and sparking off the orgasm that was steadily brewing inside her; finally she screamed, verbalising the pleasure that had been building. Josh’s hands were tightly grasping her hips and as he started grunting Hannah moved her hips faster and harder, not stopping until the loud, long, strangled groan that announced his orgasm had hit.

Hannah kissed him on the forehead and cheeks then on the tip of his nose and his chin before finally pressing her lips against his as she felt all energy draining from her body. Josh’s arms wrapped tightly around her and when he rolled them so they were both on their sides, she whimpered quietly as aftershocks shot through her body, reminding her of the intensity of the orgasm she had just had.


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