Teasing Tuesday: Isaac and Grace


I have been horribly slack posting on my blog lately and I apologise for that.  I have been working on a few things lately and thought I would share a little snippet of something new I’m working on.  I know it always seems like I’m introducing ‘something new’, but I figure one of these days one of the ‘something new’s is going to go on to be the first novel length story I finish and am happy enough with to submit to a publisher.

With that in mind, I introduce you to Isaac and Grace.  They met the night beforehand through their teenage sisters and decided it might be nice to get to know each other without their hyperactive sisters around and arranged to go for coffee the next day.

…. we pick up when Grace arrives at Isaac’s house the following morning.


Before knocking on the door she took a moment to compose herself, straightening her oufit and running her fingers through her hair. She took a final deep breath and knocked three times on the door, holding her breath until she heard footsteps approaching from inside. The door opened and the sight of Issac made her knees shake and another part of her anatomy quiver.

“You made it!” Isaac sounded surprised.
“Yeap, here I am,” Grace giggled, feeling like she was sixteen again and going on her first date.
“Come on in,” Isaac smiled at her and stepped out of the way so she could go inside. “You look lovely, by the way.”
Was he just saying that to be nice? “Th- thanks,” Grace stumbled over the word. “You look very lovely too.” ‘You look very lovely too’… had she really just said that out loud?
“Thought I should probably make an effort.”

He could probably wear a burlap sack and still look utterly fuckable, Grace thought to herself. He was wearing a pair of jeans with an open long-sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, over the top of a plain white t-shirt. Whether he really had ‘made an effort’ or not, Issac looked delectable and she was looking forward to having him as eye candy for the next few hours.

“I love your house!” Grace commented as she looked around. The house had clearly been renovated and modernised but the villa-esque charm had been maintained; the high ceilings, a lot of woodwork… it felt homely.
“Thanks, I’ve been in here a few years and can’t really imagine leaving anytime soon.”
“Did you do the renovations?” Grace asked.
“Yeah, I did. We had a house like this when I was a kid and I wanted the same type of thing for myself. I hate walking into a house and it feels all sterile and… I don’t know, new houses just don’t feel right to me.”
“I totally agree, and the few open homes I have been to have all been houses from this era. I love old school villas, especially ones that still have the wrap-around wooden porchs with the fancy designy things at the top of the beams, I don’t know the proper word for them.”
“I know what you mean,” Isaac reassured her and Grace laughed. “Wanna see the rest of the place?”
“Sure!” Grace agreed and let Isaac lead the way.

The house was almost as gorgeous as the man who owned it. There were four large bedrooms, his own was the biggest and the other three, he informed her, would be perfect kids rooms. Instantly she imagined him holding a baby and the thought of it was almost too much for her He took her out to the backyard and Grace fell in love with the space. A huge yard bordered by a garden full of a variety of plants – flowers, succulents, roses, shrubs, herbs – but best of all was the patio, which looked out over the yard to the ocean.

“How do you ever leave the house?” Grace exclaimed, following Isaac up the steps to stand on the patio.
“It’s easy enough to leave but I do love getting home and relaxing out here,” Isaac replied, smiling happily.
“I can imagine. That view of the ocean is spectacular.”
“Getting up early in the morning is made easier when I wake up to the sunrise,” Isaac commented and Grace realised that behind the curtains in his bedroom wasn’t just a window, but french doors leading onto the patio. “It’s a pretty nice way to start the day.”
“I bet!”
“Be even nicer if I had someone to share it with.” Inside Grace was screaming ‘I will share it with you!‘ but she managed to keep the thought internalised.
“Everything is nicer when there is someone to share it with,” she eventually replied and he nodded in agreement, taking her by surprise when he stepped in toward her and rested his hands lightly on her hips.
“I am glad you agreed to come over,” he whispered.

Grace bit her lip and looked up at him, trying her hardest not to whimper as he dipped his head down and brushed her lips with his own. The kiss was soft and brief, leaving her dizzy and wanting more.

He smiled sheepishly at her and whispered “I’m sorry, I had to get that out of my system.”
“I- uh- it- I’m gl-” Before she could babble too much Issac cut her off with another brief, sweet kiss.
“We should go to the bakery,” Isaac commented and Grace could tell by the look in his eyes he didn’t really want to.
“You’re right,” she agreed, not that she meant it.
“Otherwise I might get carried away.”
“I, um, I might as well.”
“And that wouldn’t be very appropriate.”
“No, I guess it wouldn’t.”
“Being a responsible adult sucks,” Isaac chuckled and Grace gave him a flustered look.
“Oh, it is hard alright!” she commented and Issac nodded.
“Yes, it is… hard.” Grace had a feeling he wasn’t just referring to the whole responsible adult thing either. God, she wanted to see and feel just how hard it was.

They ended up doing the responsible thing and went back inside so Grace could get her bag and Isaac could get his wallet and keys, then they drove in his car to the bakery. All the baked goods looked impossibly delicious but she eventually decided on the ‘special slice’ which consisted of a cheesecake-style base with a filling of caramel and banana, topped off with cream. Issac went back and forth but eventually decided on the special slice as well, claiming it was one of his favourite treats. Five minutes later, tasty treats and coffees in hand, they walked back to his car and made the quick journey back to his house.

Without even discussing it they went out to the patio where not so long ago they’d shared their first kiss, and sat down to enjoy their morning tea. Grace found it hard to concentrate when her brain kept replaying the two kisses they’d shared. Naturally she took the memories even further, imagining what would have happened if they hadn’t decided to act like responsible adults. At that exact moment they could have been naked in his bed, having sex, or recovering from it, perhaps even getting ready for round two.

“This is good,” Grace said, pointing at the slice of caramel, banana and creamy goodness in her hand.
“Isn’t it! If I could only have one little treat a week it’d be this,” Isaac commented.
“I don’t know if I could control myself if I lived so close to the bakery,” Grace replied and noticed Isaac was looking intently at her.
He reached forward. “You’ve got some cream-” Rather telling her where she had cream he wiped it off the corner of her mouth with his thumb.

Grace smiled shyly at Isaac and as their eyes locked she felt as if the world was going into slow motion. They leaned in toward each other and for the third time that day their lips made contact; it was different this time though.

Within seconds the kiss took on a frantic pace, their tongues swiping and brushing together, his hands were tangled in his hair, hers were digging into the back of his neck. She was quickly breathless, but didn’t want to stop to catch her breath. Isaac shuffled closer to the centre of the large sun lounger they were sitting on and in one swift movement pulled her on top of him.

Perched above him, with the hard bulge in his pants pressing against her, Grace instinctively began moving her hips, moaning quietly against his mouth every time he rubbed against her clit. His hands moved under the back of her top and feeling his skin against hers sent a shot of pleasure coursing through her. She needed to feel more of his skin against hers, she needed to feel him inside her and…

“W- we should stop,” Isaac said huskily, his breath hot against her neck.
“I- yeah, we should, I guess,” Grace reluctantly agreed.
“It’s not that I don’t want to continue, I do, god believe me I do, but… we only just met and I hate guys who think they can get a girl into bed straight away, and if I do that I’m going to feel guilty, and I’d hate you to think I was using you, because I’m n-”
“I know you’re not,” Grace whispered and kissed him on the neck. “But I know what you’re saying, and there is no rush.”
“No, there isn’t.”
“I- I want to, but it does feel a little-” Grace was glad when Isaac cut her off.
“Let’s go out, we can go down to the beach or something… get some lunch from one of the vendor stall things, and then take it from there.”
“I like that idea,” Grace smiled and kissed him one final time before extracting herself from his lap.

His erection was impossible to miss and looking at it Grace felt her willpower starting to melt away. “Responsible adulting really sucks right now.”



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