Making love by candlelight… or not

I’ve shared some excerpts from the story of Mason and Savannah, but until now candlelight-candles-date-3219-825x550haven’t shared anything about the other two characters in that particular story, Chelsea and Max.

Chelsea and Max have been married for three years and have a six week-old daughter, Seraphina.  After returning from her high school reunion Chelsea has plans for Max, plans including candlelight and soft music – and sex for the first time in about ten weeks.  Those plans quickly fall by the wayside…


To say it was a relief to finally be able to touch Seraphina, was an understatement. The moment she’d walked into her and Max’s bedroom it felt as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. Seraphina was fine, she was fine, nothing dreadful had happened in the short time they were apart. When Jude had told her Sera had had a bottle about 15 minutes before they got home, Chelsea was disappointed as she’d been looking forward to getting home and feeding her, but it seemed she’d have to wait. As it was, she had to fight the urge to wake the little one up so she could give her a top up, or a little cuddle at least!

Chelsea walked downstairs as Max was locking the front door after seeing his mum off. That man… she wasn’t sure she would ever come to terms with just how irresistible he was, or exactly why, out of all the women in the world, he had chosen her.

“Cuppa?” Max asked, but Chelsea shook her head as she approached him.
“There is only one thing I want,” Chelsea told him and he smiled as she snaked her arms around his neck.
“And what would that be, Mrs?”
“You, Mr,” Chelsea replied. “To be more specific I want you, naked, in our bed.”
Max groaned as Chelsea kissed him, making sure she pressed her hips against his. “I think that’s a very good idea.”
“It has been six weeks after all,” Chelsea reminded him, moving her arms from around his neck and stepping back half a step so she could dip her fingers in the waistband of his pants.
“The magical six week mark, huh,” Max teased and Chelsea moved her fingers far enough into his pants that she could brush them against the tip of his cock, which had quickly hardened when she had pressed her hips into his.

Chelsea giggled when she felt her dress suddenly loosening, Max making quick work of the zipper at the back. The dress had cost her more than she’d wanted to spend and it seemed almost illegal to leave it in a pile on the floor, but that was exactly what she did, stepping out of it as she undid Max’s belt. The undoing of his belt was quickly followed by the undoing of his pants and the zipper, resulting in his pants joining her dress on the floor.

He stepped out of his pants and kicked them out of the way, chuckling as he pulled her into him, moved his hands to the backs of her thighs and lifted her up.

It wasn’t the way she’d imagined it happening but as her legs locked around his waist she was overtaken by the strongest of urges. She needed him, more than that, she needed him right there and then. As was usually the case Max seemed to feel the same way and walked the few steps to the nearest stable surface, which just happened to be their newly-acquired sideboard.

When she was safely perched on the edge of the sideboard they started kissing, deep, hungry kisses that made her pussy tingle and her toes curl. The type of kissing that left them both panting and in need of more, the type of kissing that caused fingers to dig deeply into flesh and her legs to tighten around his waist.

In her head she’d had it all planned; they would get home from the reunion, she’d feed Sera and then she and Max would have a cup of tea before retiring to the bedroom. While she lit some candles Max would carefully roll Sera’s bassinet through to the room next to theirs so they wouldn’t disrupt her. Max would come back, they would take their time getting each other naked and then, finally, after weeks of not having sex, they would make love; it would be slow and sweet, there would be nothing fast or frantic about it. It would be romantic and perfect.

But there she was, on the edge of the sideboard, holding her breath as she realised Max was pushing his boxers down and whimpering loudly as he pulled her panties to the side. It wasn’t how she’d imagined it happening, but good god, she hadn’t felt so turned on in a long time.

The moment the tip of his cock came in touch with her wet hole Chelsea began to moan and her pussy started clenching. She bit down on his neck as the top inch entered her, groaning as he slowly pressed the rest of the way inside her, her pussy stretching to accommodate him, the tight burn a delicious mix of pleasure and pressure. God, she’d missed it.

Chelsea’s legs tightened around his waist and as Max began slowly moving against her he gripped her hips and pulled her into him, ensuring maximum friction against her clit. It didn’t take long before his slow, careful thrusts became more powerful and there was no way she could control her verbal response.

Moans and shrieks filled the bottom story of their house, her noises seeming to spur Max on; before long his thrusts were hard and fast, the type that made her dig her nails into his shoulders as if to hold on for dear life. In the same way her noises had an effect on Max, his had an effect on her, his loud growls of pleasure causing her pussy to grip his cock tightly; it was as if his noises had a direct connection to her clit. She hadn’t felt so sex-crazed in a long time and suddenly sideboard sex wasn’t quite doing it for her.

“I need more- harder- I nee-,” Chelsea whimpered and immediately Max lifted her from the sideboard and somehow managed to get them safely onto the floor.

He made quick work of her panties before removing his boxers, throwing both across the room. Having sex on the floor in the lounge had never been part of her plan, but as Max lay on top of her and slammed back inside her there was nowhere she’d sooner be.

His hands moved under her shoulders and she let out a loud guttural moan as his cock repeatedly made forceful contact with the back of her pussy. There was an element of discomfort, but it was a welcome discomfort, something she’d been missing for months because of how sensitive her vagina had been while she was pregnant.

Max continued hitting deep and hard, Chelsea’s legs were locked so tightly around his waist her ass was off the ground. Her pussy was getting incredibly tight and when she felt the familiar tingling feeling deep at the base of her gut Chelsea knew she couldn’t take much more; judging by how rigid Max’s body had become, he was also approaching his limit.

His thrusts suddenly became even harder and as Chelsea’s moans turned into shrieks she could feel all the muscles in her body tightening. Max began gasping for breath as the tingling spread from her belly to her thighs, the tingling turning into little explosions of pleasure and finally one large, powerful, explosive release of pleasure that washed over her body as her orgasm burst free. The orgasm went on and on, she was screaming so loudly her throat felt raw and her ears were ringing. It was only as she began coming down that she realised Max was letting out a loud animalistic growl and was pressed deeply inside her, shuddering as he emptied himself into her, his body rigid and shaking.

She felt her muscles and bones turning to jelly at the same time as Max collapsed on top of her, gasping for breath; she tried to wrap her arms around him but no matter how hard she tried, couldn’t move them. Somehow Max mustered up there energy to roll them onto their sides and as he held her against him she could feel herself melting into him, the soft cotton of his shirt feeling nice against her cheek.

“I love you,” Max whispered.
Chelsea sighed happily. “I love you too.”
“That was unexpected.”
“I had plans for you, romantic, slow, sex-by-candlelight plans,” Chelsea giggled.
“Sometimes plans have a mind of their own,” Max joked and Chelsea nodded against his chest.
“I can’t remember the last time we had sex quite that awesome,” Chelsea commented, moving back a little so she could look at Max. She gave him a sheepish grin. “I love when you take charge like that.”
“I’m sorry that after three years of marriage I still think you’re the sexiest woman in the world and find it incredibly hard to control myself.”
“I’m sorry that after three years of marriage I still feel the same way about you.”
“I love you,” Max told her with so much conviction a lump rose in Chelsea’s throat.
“I love you forever,” Chelsea replied, salty tears running down her cheek.

They both laughed. She cried at the drop of a hat these days.

“How about we get upstairs and say goodnight to that baby girl of ours,” Max suggested and Chelsea nodded and more tears threatened as she thought about the gorgeous little girl awaiting them in their bedroom.


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