Temptation {becomes too much} Thursday – Isaac & Grace

(image credit: Photopop)

(image credit: Photopop)

Earlier this week I posted an excerpt in which Isaac and Grace were finding it extremely hard to use restraint on their first date.

Fast forward a few hours and that restraint becomes non-existant.  There is, after all, only so much temptation two people can handle before it becomes far, far too much.


Grace threw her notebook on the coffee table and didn’t even think about it as she straddled Isaac and wrapped her arms around his neck. His hands moved to her hips and when they kissed she could feel that familiar, hard bulge in his pants making an appearance. There was a very fine line between maintaining and losing restraint, and the longer they kissed the more blurry that line became. Stopping things before they got too far seemed like a good idea, but so did not stopping things, and really Grace wasn’t sure she could stop, not now.

His hands moved from her hips to her ass and Grace could no longer bite back the moan that had been wanting to come out since they had started kissing. That moan seemed to trigger something in Isaac because he suddenly wrapped his arms around her and seconds later she was lying on the couch with him on top of her.

Ravenously was the only way to describe how they started devouring each other. It was as if they couldn’t get enough of one another and the longer the kissing went on the more frantic it became. She knew she needed to stop right there and then if she had any chance to seeing the second half of the game, but stopping really wasn’t an option. Especially not when she wrapped her legs around Isaac and pulled him against her. Rather than putting a stop to it Grace found the hem of Isaac’s t-shirt and pulled it up, panting when he reared up on his knees and pulled the top up and over his head, dropping it on the floor beside them.

Raking her nails down his chest was something that came instinctively and the deep-seated growl he let out when she grazed just above the waistband of his pants made her throb. She needed so much more and the simple task of undoing his pants seemed to take an unbearable amount of time. Before she could pull his pants down he put a hand on hers.

“You sure you want to do this?”
“I don’t want to, I need to,” Grace replied, “and before you ask… condom… in my handbag.”
“There is a replay of the game later,” Isaac winked at her as he moved off her so she could get to her handbag.

Grace got the condom and was about to sit back on the couch when Isaac swooped her up and turned in the direction of the hallway.

“I think the first time calls for a bed,” Isaac commented and Grace nodded in agreement.
“Sexy and wise, I like it,” Grace teased, her excitement growing as he carried her into the bedroom and sat her on the bed.

She threw the condom toward the pillows and stood up, whimpering when he helped her out of her top before kissing his way down her body until he was on his knees in front of her, undoing her jeans. It felt like a lifetime before she could step out of them, but then they wasted no time getting rid of the rest of their clothes. There was no time for her to feel shy or nervous; they began kissing while they were still standing up and by the time he broke off the kiss they were in his bed and he was on top of her.

His cock wasn’t even inside her yet and Grace was already panting; there was only one thing for it. Moving her hand above her head she picked up the little foil packet and handed it to Isaac.

“You sure?” Isaac asked.
“Very sure,” Grace replied, starting to feel a little crazed. She had never needed someone so badly, her pussy was literally aching.
“If you change your mind-”
“Get inside me now,” Grace whimpered, watching as he got up on his knees again and put the condom on, another task that seemed to take a lifetime.

As Isaac lowered himself on top of her Grace wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him down, a moan escaping when his fingers brushed against her clit as he put his hand around his cock to line himself up with her wetness. She felt the very tip of his hardness against her hole then, ever so slowly, he pressed inside her. She gasped as a hot stretch spread through her pussy; he felt enormous inside her. Enormous and hard and… perfect.

They kissed, Isaac moving his hips slowly against hers; quickly that hot, tight feeling in her pussy disappeared and she needed more than slow, sweet movements. It had been far too long since she’d had sex and she wanted to be reminded what it felt like to be fucked. Hard.

“You don’t have to be gentle,” Grace whispered, surprising herself with how confident she felt to tell him such a thing.
“Tell me if I do,” Isaac whispered back, moments before his cock moved almost all the way out of her vagina before pushing back in almost forcefully.
“Oh god,” Grace cried out, her nails digging into his lower back as she began rocking her hips faster, in time with his.

She wasn’t sure if it was because she hadn’t had sex in such a long time or if it was because Isaac was some sort of god in bed, but every single thrust of his hips, every contact of his cock against the back of her pussy felt spectacular. He kept his thrusts nice and deep, every movement causing the perfect amount of friction against her clitoris.

It was impossible to control the way her body was responding. In a perfect world the sex would have gone on for hours, but the reality was every single impact of his cock against the back of her pussy was bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. Controlling herself became even harder when Isaac hooked his arms under her shoulders and began pulling her down with every powerful thrust of his hips.

The change in position made the sensations even more intense, causing her to dig her nails deeper into his back and her legs to tighten even more around his waist. It was as if the more he gave her the more she needed, to the point she wasn’t sure she’d ever had a man slamming into her so damn hard. Isaac’s grunts and groans were getting louder, and Grace could tell by the look on his face that it felt just as good for him as it did for her, which was a relief of sorts. It felt good to know he was obviously enjoying it, enjoying her.

Another position change meant that Isaac’s face was buried in her neck, and the way his breath felt against her skin sent chills shooting directly to her clit. Her neck was one of the most sensitive parts of her body when it came to sex, something he seemed to instinctively know without her having said a word about it. It was the feeling of his breath against her neck that set off the domino effect that she knew would quickly lead to her orgasm.

Her ass and the muscles in the top of her thighs tightened, quickly followed by her abdomen and chest; the tightness spread like wildfire down to the tip of her toes, out to the tips of her fingers and up to the top of her head. The heat between her legs turned to a tingle, the tingle developing to the point it was almost uncomfortable; she was shaking, she was hot, she felt so incredibly aware of the way his cock felt as it repeatedly slammed inside her. His teeth made contact with her neck and with that she finally came undone around him, screaming and convulsing as her orgasm hit with more power than she’d ever experienced.

Over and over, her pussy powerfully gripped and released his cock, as if a year’s worth of orgasms were being released at once. She felt light and floaty as she began coming down, but was quickly screaming out a second release as Isaac pressed into her one final time as he reached his own blissful peak.

She struggling for breath as Isaac collapsed on top of her, his own breaths shallow and fast as he too tried to suck much needed air into his lungs.

Muttering something about condoms being moodkills Isaac moved off her and Grace presumed he was getting rid of the condom. But what if he wasn’t? Suddenly all she was feeling was panic as she remembered the last time she’d had sex.

She’d broken up with her ex but a few weeks later they’d ended up back in bed together. Stupidly Grace had thought perhaps they could give things another go, instead literally the moment the sex was over Jake had got out of bed and told her he had plans and she needed to leave. It wasn’t even a ‘wham bam thank you ma’am‘, more of a ‘wham bam now fuck off‘. What if Isaac wasn’t just disposing of the condom, but was also coming up with a way to get her to leave? She’d been stupid to think it was anything more than a quick fuck for him. Why would he want her for anything more?

Grace sat up and pulled the sheet up over her naked body, feeling increasingly self-conscious and perilously close to tears.

“I’ll get my stuff and-”
Isaac turned around and a look of concern crossed his face.  “Hey, what’s wrong?”
“To save us both any awkwardness, how about I just go?” Grace sighed but she was surprised when, rather than move so she could get out of bed, Isaac moved beside her instead, putting a hand on the small of her back.
“Can you stay? I- I’d like you to stay, if you want to of course.”
What?!  “You don’t want me to leave?”
“Why would I want you to go? I’m by no means ready for today to be over.”
“I’m sorry I just- I presumed that you-”
“You presumed that I’m an asshole who likes leading women on to get them into bed, then the moment it’s over want nothing to do with them?” Isaac sounded offended.
“I- no, I don’t think that, I- it- you see, I just- I- I don’t understand what you could see in me. I’m boring. I’m plain. I’m not fun. I’m not sexy. I’m not anything special. I’m just-”
“You are beautiful, funny and sweet. You treat me like a normal human being. I’ve had more fun with you today than I’ve had in a long time, and to top it off, just so you know, you are one of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen.”

Grace didn’t know what to say in response, not that that mattered because Isaac cupped her face in his hands and kissed her extremely softly, the kiss making all last traces of panic disappear. The kiss came to a natural end and she found her way into Isaac’s arms when he lay down, sighing happily as she melted into the firm plane of his chest. She felt protected in his arms, more than, that she felt special… possibly for the first time in her adult life.



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