Sunrise Surprise


Have I mentioned I’m a fan of alliteration?

I’m also a big fan of Hannah and Josh, [temporarily] reunited after a horrible year apart.  They say distance either pushes you apart or makes your bond even stronger; in the case of Hannah and Josh the latter is true.

I would do more of a blurby thing but I’m hungry so shall just leave you with this little piece of the Hannah and Josh story…



When Hannah awoke again she didn’t have to look at the clock to know it was still early. There was a little bit of light coming through the curtains, but nowhere near enough to make her consider waking up properly.

“Hey sleepy head,” Josh whispered and lightly kissed her neck.
“It’s early,” Hannah mumbled.
“I know, the sun is only just starting to rise,” Josh replied and went back to kissing her neck.
“We’ve got all weekend Josh,” Hannah said sleepily, even if a certain part of her body was fast waking up; she wasn’t surprised that behind her she could feel a certain part of his body was wide awake.

Josh moved from behind her and rolled her onto her back then began kissing her. The kisses were slow and deep, and without even realising it she spread her legs for him, moaning quietly when he moved on top of her and settled between her legs. At the feeling of his cock against her hole, Hannah tilted her hips up slightly, silently informing him she wanted him inside her. Following her lead, Josh pressed inside and when she was filled to the hilt he stilled and smiled down at her.

“I love you,” Hannah whispered.
“I love you,” Josh replied.

Slowly, he began to move his hips against her, each movement was gentle and deep, awakening all the sensitive spots inside her pussy and flooding her with divinely pleasurable sensations. They took the time to enjoy the feeling of their body’s moving together, there was nothing rushed or hasty about their lovemaking; it was beautiful and precisely the type of sex she needed.

As they approached orgasm he began moving harder against her but each of his thrusts remained slow and perfectly timed; each movement of his hips bringing her closer to the brink. Josh’s groans became louder and as he began moving faster her quiet cries turned into loud, high-pitched grunts.

Harder and faster he moved, until her body had taken all it could and her orgasm tore through her. She was still screaming out when Josh gave one final thrust and emptied himself inside her, the sounds of his strangled groan filling the room as her own scream died off.

He was rigid against her with his hips thrust forward; the pressure of his cock against the back of her vagina triggering aftershock after aftershock of pleasure inside her.

“I love you,” Josh said breathlessly as he lowered himself on top of her and pressed his lips to hers.
“I love you too,” Hannah replied, suddenly overcome with emotion.

Why did she ruin everything by crying?

Josh held her and she cried into his neck, not entirely sure whether the tears were good or bad. Was she crying because of the amazing sense of closeness to him, or was she crying because she knew he would be gone soon? Perhaps it was a bad idea having a romantic weekend away with him?

“I rang my boss and resigned,” Josh said out of the blue.
“You what?” Hannah asked, then remembered the early morning phone call Josh had had with his boss.
“I couldn’t sleep last night, it was tearing me up inside to think of having to leave in three weeks and I decided I just couldn’t do it, so I rang my boss and gave him my resignation.”
Hannah stared at him in shock. “You- you resigned?”
“I refuse to leave you, bub. These past three weeks have been the happiest I have had since before it all fell apart,” Josh told her. “You make me happier than anything in the world and the thought of being away from you, it makes me feel sick. I need you, and I know that sounds incredibly clingy, but it’s true, I need to have you in my life, I need to wake up to you every morning and go to sleep with you every night. I need you, and that is all there is to it. I love you.”

Hannah didn’t bother trying to stifle the tears that followed; this time however, there was no doubting that they were tears of happiness, of immense relief.

“Let’s go out on the patio and watch the sunrise,” Josh suggested after the tears had subsided.  Hannah grinned. He knew her so well; one of her favourite things in the world was watching the sunrise over the ocean.

They quickly put on tops and underwear because even though it was a hideously early time of the morning, especially for a Saturday, neither wanted to risk the neighbours seeing them in all their glory.

With minimal clothing on they went outside and stood on the patio, looking out over the ocean. The sunrise was as impressive and beautiful as usual; the sky was full of beautiful reds, pinks and oranges, and naturally Hannah needed to run inside and get her cellphone so she could take a photo.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Josh commented.
“It really is, thank you for suggesting we come out.”
“Whenever I am up early enough to see the sunrise it makes me think of you and was always this horrible reminder of how much I’d fucked up,” Josh commented. “Now it can be symbolic of a new beginning for us.”
“I like that idea.”
“I’m going to get a drink, you want one?” Josh asked and Hannah nodded, she was parched.

Josh was only gone a couple of minutes and when he came back he had two champagne flutes filled with orange juice. Hannah giggled as he handed her a glass but stopping her before she could take a sip.

“To us,” Josh proclaimed and they clinked glasses. Hannah wasn’t surprised to find the orange juice was her favourite, extra pulpy one. He really did know her well.
“You are too good to me,” Hannah smiled, noticing Josh looked decidedly nervous.
“There is something else I want,” Josh declared and Hannah looked at him curiously as he put his champagne flute down on the bannister and picked a little box out of a planter hanging next to him.

Dropping to one knee he opened the box and presented it to her, “I want you to wear my great-grandma’s ring, Hannah. I want you to marry me.”

erstwhile_jewelry_vintage_engagement_ring-121With yet more tears – this time of joy –  she held her left hand out, watching in astonishment as Josh slipped the beautiful sapphire and diamond engagement ring, that had once belonged to his great-grandmother, on her finger.

Holding her hand out to him was a response that hadn’t required any thought. Josh was her life and the idea of marrying him filled her with more joy than anything in the world ever had and – with the exception of their future children – ever would.

She was still crying when Josh stood up, swooped her into his arms and kissed her. The crying soon gave way to frantic, hungry kissing and before she knew it they were lying together on one of the sun loungers on the deck, making love. They weren’t just making love, they were making love for the first time as an engaged couple.

They lay for a long time afterward, covered by a blanket that had been hanging on the back of the lounger. It was without a doubt the most romantic experience of her life and she wished there was a way to bottle it up, to take that feeling home with her and relive it over and over, and over.



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