A year on and that chemistry is still fizzing away

hello-im-back… and I have some new characters to share!

I’m sharing it in two parts because it is a substantial amount of writing and probably easier to digest in two readings… but of course I hope you feel the need to read them one after the other, without time to digest!

I won’t share too much of the back story because it is all included in part 1, but the main characters are Nova, Cohen & Drew… a threesome who once upon a time shared a frisky kiss-and-grope session, but nothing has been said about it since.  That, of course, is about to change.


(and for easy access here is part 2!)



“Are you sure this doesn’t look too trashy?” Caroline asked nervously as she stood looking at her reflection in the full length mirror.
“No, you look gorgeous,” Nova reassured her best friend. “Sexy, but in a sophisticated, tasteful way.”
“You think his grandparents will approve then?”
“Of course they will!”
Caroline smiled nervously at her reflection. “Come on, let’s go have a cuppa and relax for a few minutes.”

Weekends at Caroline’s, it had become the norm. Usually the two would go out clubbing on Friday night with other friends then afterward Nova would crash at Caroline’s because it was within walking distance of all the bars. Saturday was usually spent hungover with neither woman moving too far from the couch. On Sunday they would go for brunch and at some stage in the afternoon Nova would go back to her boring, lonely flat.

“You dicks want something to drink?” Caroline called out to her twin brother, Cohen, and his best friend, Drew.
“Coffee please, one of those yummy freeze dried ones, not the crappy powdery instant you usually give me,” Cohen shouted in reply.
“You’ll have what I give you!” Caroline called back and rolled her eyes at Nova. “What about you Drew?”
“Ummm I will have a cup of coffee please, and I don’t mind the crappy powdery instant, unlike this ungrateful bastard.” came Drew’s voice from the lounge.
Caroline laughed. “How that dude is still single, I don’t know.”
“I guess what that whore Janelle did has probably put him off women forever,” Nova replied.

A year earlier Drew’s girlfriend of four years had left him for his older brother, who he used to be extremely close to. It seemed he was finally moving on with life and was starting to cope with losing his brother from his life, but they all knew it had been harder on him than he let on. Understandably.

A few minutes later, with hot drinks in hand, Nova followed Caroline through to the lounge, where the two men were busy watching the replay of a rugby game. While Caroline hated rugby, Nova loved it and was glad she would have a chance to watch the game she’d missed the night before.

“I don’t know the score so don’t tell me if you know who wins!” Nova instructed and Cohen shook his head.
“I have no idea who won, so no problems there.”
“The team with the short shorts won,” Caroline joked.
“That joke never fails to get old, sis, even though you make it every single week,” Cohen said rolling his eyes.
Caroline shrugged. “It’s a stupid sport and I don’t see what the big deal is, the little shorts do make it vaguely tolerable though.”

Caroline took her place in her recliner, as usual, leaving Nova to sit on the big couch between the two men. She would never admit it to her best friend, but sitting between Drew and Cohen was incredibly difficult for her. Difficult in the way that she was constantly fighting the urge to tear the clothes off both men, something she doubted sexual-chemistryCaroline would approve of.

Drew and Cohen; if there was ever a sandwich she wanted to be in, it would be with those two men. Both were tall and muscly with killer smiles and beautiful eyes, but on top of that you couldn’t find two nicer guys if you tried. And then there were the tattoos. Nova was fascinated by tattoos and had more than a few of her own; the mutual love of tattoos had provided something for the three to bond over and Nova wasn’t sure if that was such a good thing!

Making it worse was the fact that once upon a time, during a very drunken night of birthday celebrations, Nova had enjoyed a rather passionate kissing session with Cohen. And Drew. At the same time.

It had been over a year ago and they hadn’t spoken about it, but things had changed between them afterward though not in a bad way. There was a lot of innocent flirting, looks that lasted a few seconds longer than they should have, and sexual chemistry that was continuously fizzing below the surface. As much as Nova wanted a replay of that night, she had deemed Cohen out-of-bounds due to the whole twin-sister-as-best-friend thing, and Drew because of his close friendship with Cohen.

Many a fantasy had been had about both men but Nova had settled for keeping it all in her head. To follow through with any of her little fantasies would end up causing massive drama and she didn’t want to put her friendship with Caroline in jeopardy. Yet there she was, sitting between the two, imagining one kissing her while the other went down on her. There would be lots of nakedness, all three of them with their tattoos bared to the world.

She could almost picture what it would be like to trace Drew’s tattoo which went from his armpit all the way down his side, only stopping when she had his cock in her mouth. Then there was Cohen, she could just imagine digging her nails into those tattooed shoulders of his, as he gave the final thrust that sent her spiralling over the edge.

“Uh, hello? Earth to Nova!” Caroline said loudly and Nova blushed.
“Sorry, what were you saying?” Nova asked, unable to decide if the distraction from her thoughts was a welcome one or not.
“Are you going to stay here with these dicks or head home?” Caroline asked.
“Well, I wanna see this game, so I will just stay here I guess, I will go home after,” Nova replied, wondering why she was ready to torture herself so badly.
“Someone needs to be in charge I guess,” Caroline winked at Nova.

Someone needs to be in charge‘, those innocent words from her best friend’s mouth took on a whole new meaning inside Nova’s head. Drew, he would definitely be the one in charge, Nova thought. He would pin her hands above her head and press against her, his cock hard against her belly, her pussy growing increasingly wet as he kissed her and nipped at her earlobes.

“Jesus, woman! Where is your head at?” Caroline asked, standing up and grabbing her handbag. “Anthony is here, I am going now.”
“Sorry Caz, I just- well, I guess I am tired or something, a bit more hungover than I thought perhaps,” Nova hoped her reasoning was convincing.
“Silly woman. Go have a sleep if you want to, don’t feel in a rush to get home, I should be back after dinner.”
“Don’t worry sis, we’ll take care of her,” Cohen promised, playfully bringing his hand down on Nova’s knee.

If only that hand would slip higher and- no! What the hell was she thinking? In an attempt to stop the naughty thoughts, she stood up and gave Caroline a hug. “You will be fine, you look gorgeous, there is no way Anthony’s grandparents won’t love you!”

“I sure hope so!” Caroline replied and then poked her tongue out at her brother. “Bye dick!”
“Bye slut!” Cohen replied as Caroline walked toward the front door.
“What about me?” Drew called out.
“Bye other-dick!” Caroline laughed as she opened the door and stepped outside, closing the door behind her.

“Finally we can watch this game!” Cohen exclaimed, putting his feet up on the coffee table.
“They better bloody win,” Nova added.
“If they plan on getting to the finals they need to,” Drew sighed.
“With us watching how can they possibly lose?” Nova said confidently.
“Dumbass, they played last night,” Drew reminded her and she laughed.
“Oh, yeah, well, they knew we’d be watching delayed so in their minds it was like we were watching it live,” Nova knew how stupid her argument was but didn’t care.
“What will we ever do with you?” Cohen sighed dramatically.
“I can think of a thing or two,” Drew commented and turned to face her. “And I think you can as well.”

Crap. What happened to the innocent flirting and banter, to the not actually physically referring to what had happened between the three of them?

“I- uh- well- I guess I- ummmm- well- you see, I-” Nova’s jumbled mess of words were cut off by Drew pressing his lips against hers.
“I needed to do that,” Drew informed her when the kiss came to an end.
“I can understand why you’d feel that way,” Nova replied, not too sure what was going to happen next.
“You want me to leave?” Cohen asked, and something in his voice told Nova he already knew what her answer would be.

Rather than replying with words she turned her head his way, leaned in and kissed him, not surprised to feel Drew’s lips pressing against the back of her neck at the same time. Another thing that didn’t surprise her was how loudly she moaned against Cohen’s mouth as Drew licked the crook of her neck. Her heart was racing and she had no idea what was going to happen next; all she knew was that she didn’t want it to stop.

“I’ve had that moan of yours stuck in my head for the last year,” Drew said huskily, licking her neck lightly, eliciting another moan.
“It’s your fault,” Nova whimpered when the kiss came to an end, her heart threatening to pound out of her chest.
“So you haven’t forgotten what happened then?” Cohen teased and Nova looked at him incredulously.
“You really think I could forget that?”
“Well, it was never mentioned, so we thought maybe it was a possibility,” Cohen joked.
“You two have been talking about me behind my back?” Nova pretended to be shocked.
“Only about that night we escaped the birthday party and you groped both of us,” Drew replied and Nova could feel herself blushing. It was true. She had had two rather hard cocks in the palm of her hand at the same time that night.
“I seem to remember the two of you groping me,” Nova said in defense, a burst of adrenalin rushing through her body when she remembered how it had felt to have two different sets of fingers teasing her nipples through her clothing.
“You are the woman, you’re meant to have self-control!” Cohen said with mock seriousness.
“I did have self-control!” Nova lied.
“So suggesting we sneak off and go to that shady motel across from the mall, that was self-control?” Drew asked.
“Yes, it was actually, if I had done what I actually wanted we’d have been very naked, very quickly out in that garden!”

Instead of Drew or Cohen making a witty comeback, it was an awkward, sexually charged silence that filled the room. She knew that, like her, the boys were trying to decide what the next move should be. Get up and leave? Laugh and joke around about how it was a stupid thing anyway? Or did it go further? Did they take the opportunity that had presented itself and make the most of it in a very sweaty, naked way?


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