Cohen & Drew – Nova lives out her fantasy

As promised, here is part two

(you can read part one here)



“Kick me in the balls for suggesting this if you want,” Cohen started nervously, “but um, we could always- well, we could- um- if you w-”
“What he is trying to say is that if you felt the need to um, relive that night and do the whole hot and sweaty and naked thing, well, we would both be… up… for it,” Drew finished saying what Cohen couldn’t.

Without even looking Nova knew that both men were indeed up for it. Truth be told, she was up for it too, more than up for it, but wasn’t sure how to take that next step and communicate that to the two men. Taking a deep breath Nova stood, picked up her handbag from where she’d dropped it beside the couch and turned to look at Cohen and Drew. Both looked embarrassed and she knew they were thinking she was about to leave, insulted by their suggestion.

As if.

Rather than walking behind the couch and toward the front door, Nova walked toward the hallway and when she reached the doorframe turned around and smiled at the men.

“You coming or not?”

She didn’t wait for their responses and instead giggled quietly to herself as she walked quickly up the hallway, very aware of the footsteps behind her getting closer as Cohen and Drew followed her. Nova didn’t turn around until she was in Cohen’s bedroom and the door had been closed by whichever man was last into the room.

Hunger was written all over the faces of the men and Nova knew the same look was on her face. Ever since that night she had known something was going to happen, eventually, but at the same time she hadn’t really thought it would. To be standing in the bedroom with the two men, who looked ready to devour her, was her wildest fantasy come true and she couldn’t decide if she was excited or incredibly nervous.

As it was, she didn’t have time to decide whether it was excitement or nervousness she was feeling. Cohen and Drew approached and when they reached her, one standing on either side of her, she again felt two pairs of lips against her neck. Drew worked his way up toward her jaw, while Cohen kissed and licked his way slowly down toward her collar bone, his teeth grazing along the crook of her neck, causing the room to spin. Hands were then on her hips; Drew’s fingertips softly stroked beneath her t-shirt at the same time as Cohen’s hand moved down her hip and inward, cupping her ass.

The lips, the fingers and hands, she was aware of how differently each set felt. Drew’s lips were incredibly soft and the feeling of his breath against her skin made her shudder, in a good way. Cohen put his teeth to good use as he kept nibbling on her neck, and it was impossible not to imagine him tugging on her nipple with those same teeth; a thought that made her whimper more loudly than intended. Drew’s hand felt strong as it moved up her ribcage, his fingers sneaking under the underwire of her bra and for a brief, glorious second she felt the pad of a finger pass over her nipple. The whimper that escaped from her lips was louder again and as Cohen continued squeezing and cupping her ass she found herself desperately wishing there was no fabric separating his hand from her skin.

Nova was snapped out of her thoughts when the men both ceased all contact with her. For a split-second she was sure they were going to leave, instead Drew moved in front of her and Cohen stepped in behind her; together they pulled up the hem of her t-shirt and even as Nova raised her hands over her head the shirt was coming off. Drew looked down and bit his lip as he took in the sight of her breasts encased in the lacy red bra she’d decided to wear that day.

Cohen took a hold of her hips and pressed into her from behind while Drew stepped in to her, effectively leaving her sandwiched between both men. Although they were both wearing cotton t-shirts, to Nova it felt as if their tops were made of sandpaper. The only sensation she wanted was the feeling of warm skin against warm skin, and she wanted it so badly she felt almost panicked.

“Tops off, now,” Nova ordered and within seconds she was sighing with pleasure at the feeling of silky smooth skin pressing against her own.

She turned between the men so one was on each side of her, and slowly ran her hands down their chests, taking time to enjoy the contrast provided by chest hair and soft skin. Nova didn’t think either man was breathing and loved that she was the cause of it. Slowly, slowly she worked her way further down, grazing her nails down toward their belly buttons and then trailing her fingertips lightly downward, bombarded with quiet groans as she worked her way ever closer to the waistbands of their pants.

The plan had been to move her hands back upward when she reached the waistbands, but that turned out to be virtually impossible. Instead, her fingers dipped inside the waistbands and this time it was she who groaned, as her fingers came in contact with two hard cocks, straining against the fabric containing them. If having them pressing against her had awakened the need to feel their skin against hers, feeling the dual hardness against her fingers made her crave the feeling of that hardness elsewhere. Deep elsewhere.

“Do we have condoms?” Nova whispered as she began rubbing both men through their boxers.
“Plenty,” Cohen replied breathlessly.
“You know we don’t expect this though, right?” Drew asked and rather than responding Nova squeezed the two cocks in her hands.

She wanted it, and she wanted it badly.

Nova still had her hands inside the men’s pants when Drew began undoing her pants and Cohen did the same to her bra. It was only then that she released the grip she had on their cocks and pulled her hands from their pants. With her hands freed, her bra fell to the ground and Nova was surprised that even though she was standing there almost completely naked, she felt confident and perhaps even a little impatient for the men to join her in a similar state of undress. Or complete nakedness as it was, when Drew pushed her jeans and panties down far enough she could step out of them.

Not completey sure on how to get both men out of their pants in a non-clumsy way at the same time, Nova opted instead to walk toward Cohen’s bed, shooting both men a sexy smile as she got in between the sheets and settled in the middle. She watched, almost hypnotised, as the two men quickly shed the rest of their clothes and stalked toward her. Naked, she could see just how strong both men were and the thought of how commanding they could be in bed caused a throb very deep inside.

Cohen walked around to his side of the bed and got in, while Drew got in on the other side. It was then she began feeling incredibly nervous. She’d never had a threesome before and had no idea how they would decide on the so-called logistics of it; who would go where, and when? How would they know when the time was right to move things along? What if it was incredibly awkward and ruined the friendship the three of them had built up? What if it ruined Cohen and Drew’s friendship? That would be awful and she would never forgive herself.

She began changing her mind and was about to voice her concerns when two mouths found her nipples – and all those concerns just melted away, replaced instead by one of the most intense sexual sensations she had ever felt. Drew’s tongue was swirling around her nipple while he sucked gently, Cohen on the other hand was alternating between lightly tugging on the nipple and sucking long and hard.

Moaning was part of the territory, it was the only way she could voice the immense pleasure she was experiencing. Never before had she felt overwhelmed during nipple play. In the past it had turned her on a lot and was one of her favourite parts of foreplay, but the dual sensations caused by Cohen and Drew were making her almost over-aroused, if such a state is possible.

Nova’s instinctive reaction was to spread her legs and tilt her hips up. Had she not been so turned on she probably would have been embarrassed by how forward she was being so early on, but she couldn’t help it; in that moment she wasn’t in control of her body, Cohen and Drew were. Her pussy was absolutely drenched, she could feel her juices coating the inside of her thighs and wondered how much wetter she could possibly get? There was no doubt in her mind that if Cohen or Drew decided they wanted to be inside her that exact second, they would easily be able to slam all the way inside with ease, she was just that wet.

Her breathing picked up when she felt two hands on her sides and she began panting as those hands travelled downward. One hand, Drew’s, continued moving down her thigh while Cohen’s hand stopped at her mound; having them so close to her wetness made her moan loudly and as her pussy clenched tightly she wondered if she would come before either had touched her.

It was then she felt a finger at the very top of her slit, while Drew’s hand moved up the inside of her thigh. Cohen’s fingertip came in contact with her clit when she felt Drew’s fingers move between her thighs and brush up over her pubic hair, moving down again following her slit with pressure so light it almost hurt. Nova cried out when Cohen began massaging her clit in firm circular motions, gasping for breath when seconds later Drew very gently spread her open with his fingers and slid the tip of a finger inside her.

“Oh god,” Nova uttered, her eyes rolling in her head when Drew pressed his finger deeper, while Cohen kept the speed and pressure of his pressure constant against her clit.
“You’re so wet,” Drew sounded almost shocked as he slowly moved his finger in and out of her.
“Your fault,” Nova whimpered as Cohen’s finger began moving faster. “Both of you.”

Drew gulped loudly as she purposely clenched around his finger, but moments later it was she who was taken by surprise when he pulled his finger out and replaced it with three. Nova grunted and found it incrediby hard to catch her breath, especially when Cohen started using more pressure on her clit. Drew’s fingers were hitting some sweet little spot deep inside her pussy and the stimulation both men were providing became almost too much for her.

All Nova could do was cry out and try to breathe through the sensations that were fast overwhelming her. If that was the only sex they were going to have she wanted it to last more than a few minutes, besides, if she came too quickly it would mean Drew and Cohen wouldn’t even have a chance to enjoy themselves. She knew very well that an intense orgasm meant she would fall asleep soon afterward, if not immediately, and the last thing she wanted was for Drew or Cohen to think she was being a cock-tease

No amount of semi-controlled breathing or wanting to make the sex last could keep her orgasm at bay when Cohen, as well as manipulating her clit perfectly, began sucking and tugging on her nipple again. Nova felt her thighs tightening and knew she was a goner; the tension in her thighs quickly spread to her pussy, to her hips, to her abdomen, to her back, and upon one particularly well timed contact of Drew’s finger against the magical spot at the back of her pussy, Nova came undone around Drew’s fingers.

She screamed as her pussy clenched and released, her clit feeling as if it was going to burst while Cohen continued rubbing it. The tension throughout her body was replaced with a jelly-like feeling as she came down from her orgasm; it was as if her muscles had dissolved and her bones had turned to dust. She just couldn’t move. Her eyes were shut and though she tried to open them they just wouldn’t do as she willed them to. On each side of her she was aware of lips against her; Cohen was pressing his lips against the tip of her shoulder, Drew’s were peppering little kisses on her neck.

There was so much going on around her, so much for her to take in and enjoy… but all Nova could do was smile sleepily as she fell into a deep coma-esque sleep.


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