{Flash fiction} Savannah & Mason

After a little exam study this morning, I felt the need to write.  Actually, I felt the urge to write.  It was an urge I haven’t felt in a long time, so I had to embrace it!  This 1885 word flash fiction seemed to write itself, which was another nice feeling. 

While it is a stand alone flash fiction, I borrowed two characters from another of my stories, Savannah and Mason.  I have shared three excerpts from their story, you can find them here, here, and here!

For now though, you can join them in their bedroom…


8a5df5eb5040f9119a8c5507e95238b6Savannah shuddered with excitement when she heard the front door open and close, followed by the metal clang of keys being dropped on the bench. Footfalls grew louder and when the bedroom door opened she forced herself not to turn around; as far as Mason knew, she hadn’t even heard him.

He wasn’t stupid, however. Even though she wasn’t looking at him, she could picture the naughty smirk on his face when the undulating movement of her hips made him realise she was reading something particularly steamy. It wasn’t like she’d planned for him to walk in and find her hot and bothered, lying on their bed in lingerie she’d purchased earlier that day. Nope. Not at all.

Savannah continued her state of faux-oblivion, something that became increasingly tricky when she heard the sound of his t-shirt being pulled up and over his body, before landing lightly on the floor. She then heard the metallic, leathery sound of a belt being undone, followed quickly by two quiet footsteps, indicating his jeans were now off. Another quiet ‘swish’ of fabric against skin caused her thighs to squeeze tightly together; his boxers were off and she knew his cock would already be hard.

It was especially difficult to continue reading her book when Mason straddled her on his hands and knees. Slowly, he crawled up the length of her body, licking and kissing a path up her spine, his lips eventually coming to rest on the base of her neck. He brushed his lips softly against the sensitive skin and Savannah intuitively raised her hips off the bed, pressing her ass against his crotch.

Oh yes, hard indeed.

“You’re very naughty,” Mason whispered huskily, moving her hair to the side and kissing up her neck, following her jaw to her earlobe.
“I don’t know what you m- mean,” Savannah whimpered, her breath hitching when he tugged on her earlobe with his teeth.
“Yes you do.” he flicked the tip of his tongue against the little part of skin where the earlobe meets the jaw.
“Uh uh.” she shook her head and began moving her hips from side to side, groaning when he finally bit down on her neck.

Mason reared up on his knees and placed his hands on her hips, stroking his fingertips back and forth along the floral, sheer black lace of her new panties. They were a mix of boy cut and thong and had a huge lacy bow on the back; very sexy and very naughty. Mason had pointed them out to her the week beforehand and she’d gone to buy them first thing that morning.

He loved her in lingerie and she wondered whether he’d remove the panties or simply pull the crotch to the side so he could fuck her while she wore them. There was something so sexy, she thought, about having sex with lingerie on; she couldn’t pinpoint exactly why, but thought perhaps it had to do with the effect it had on Mason. Lingerie was his weakness and she felt incredibly empowered – or perhaps it was powerful – when she wore something lacy and sexy that turned him into some sort of animal.

“Good book?” Mason asked, one of his hands slipping between her legs. “You seem to be rather wet,” he commented as his fingers slipped inside the lacy fabric.
“Fascinating,” Savannah tried to control her hips but failed and pressed back into his hand.
“What’s it about?” he asked, the very tip of one finger slipping between the wet folds of her labia.
“Qu- quantum phy- sics.” She tried her very best to sound disinterested as more of his finger slipped in between her wet folds, the tip now coming in contact with her aching hole.
“I think you’re lying.” There was a grin in his voice and Savannah knew he was enjoying himself. “I think you were reading about sex,” he guessed.
“I don’t know where you get that idea.” Savannah squeezed her eyes shut as his finger slid easily inside her, her pussy automatically clenching tightly around it.
“You are very, very wet, Miss Savannah,” Mason explained. “So wet I would hazard a guess and say you were touching yourself not long before I got home.”
Was the man psychic? “Moi?” Savannah tried to sound shocked.
“So wet I could probably get five fingers inside you with ease.” She wondered if that example was purely for illustration, or if perhaps it was a promise.
“M- maybe,” Savannah groaned the words as he added a second finger to her swollen pussy.

Mason removed his fingers from her and Savannah moaned with frustration. She had been waiting all day for this moment, for him to get home to find her in a hot and bothered state and to fuck her out of said state.

His hands gripped onto her hips and he pulled her back against him. The heat of his cock was almost scorching and she could feel him throbbing as he moved teasingly against her, the length of his cock pressing against the crack of her ass.

She pressed back even harder against him, in hopes he would put her out of her misery by sliding that delicious cock of his inside her; his hands stayed on her hips and the fine layer of lace remained a barrier between them.

It was worse when all contact between them was broken. Where was he going? Didn’t he realise how desparately she needed to feel him inside her?

A ‘thwack‘ sound was accompanied by a hot burst of pleasure shooting through her, when his hand came down hard on her ass. Savannah moaned and gripped onto the bottom sheet just in time for the second contact of his hand in the exact same spot. There was no pain, all she felt was a crazy amount of pleasure, that sensation increasing when his hand came down again, and again. She could feel her skin burning where his hand had made contact, but it wasn’t just her skin burning, so was her cunt.

She braced herself for another hard contact, but instead all she felt was his fingers gently carressing the hot patch of skin, which was no doubt the shape of Mason’s hand. His fingers drifted inward and he rubbed her sopping wet slit through her panties, being careful not to touch her clit because they both knew if he touched her clit it was likely to be over for her.

When his fingers moved inside the minimal crotch of her panties Savannah pressed back against him, expecting to feel his fingers filling her up; instead what she felt was fresh air against her wet heat.

It looked like she had her answer the panties on or off question.

Hardly a second passed before she felt the tip of his cock pressing against her hole and almost instantly she was filled to the hilt. Thick, hot, throbbing, it felt overwhelming. She tightened around him and instinctively pressed back into him, allowing him to move even deeper inside, the head of his cock pressing tightly against some magical spot deep inside.

There was no building up of momentum, no taking time to find a rhythm; from the very first thrust their movements were hard and fast, she was finally getting the pounding she had been waiting for all day.

Savannah was sure that if any of their neighbours were outside they would hear the ‘slap, slap, slap‘ caused by the impact of their bodies with each of Mason’s powerful thrusts, but she didn’t care in the least. The loud moaning and groaning coming from the bedroom would probably also be a dead giveaway; it was impossible to stay quiet, to not give voice to the immense pleasure she was feeling.

Mason tightened the grip he had on her hips and she cried out when he began hitting harder, and somehow deeper. Savannah’s moans turned into high-pitched shrieks as Mason’s groans were becoming more guttural, almost animalistic; it was a sound she loved.

Spurred on by the noises Mason was making, Savannah pressed back even harder against him and changed the position of her hips; again he began hitting deeper and this time there was no doubt about it, his groans most definitely had an animalistic quality.

Savannah couldn’t remember the last time she’d found doggy style sex so pleasurable. Usually she didn’t like the lack of eye contact or the lack of body pressing against body, but in that moment it was exactly what she needed. She had a feeling it was what he needed too; she knew he’d had a stressful week at work, and what better way to de-stress than with some hard, fast, slammy, poundy sex?

She wished it could last for hours but knew that was an impossibility because Mason was far too much of an expert when it came to making her orgasm. He moved one hand from her hip, to the front of her pussy and Savannah knew they were close to reaching a rather explosive grand finale.

Two fingers on her clit. Circular motion. Faster and faster. She was doomed in the best way possible.

The addition of his fingers to her clitoris caused her pussy to tighten and her hips to move back into him as if they had a mind of her own. Her inner thighs tensed, her hips went rigid, her fingers dug into the mattress to the point her nails were white from the pressure.

The metaphorical fireworks went off and she screamed loud and long as she came undone around Mason, who, at the same time, was roaring loudly as he emptied himself inside her. Her orgasm didn’t seem to want to stop, wave after wave crashed through her body until it was almost too much for her to handle. Every single part of her body felt hyper-sensitive; and then just as quickly, much too weak.

They collapsed at the same time, both panting, desparate to fill their lungs with air, to try and regain at least a little bit of control over their bodies.

When Mason moved from on top of her Savannah was able to breathe a little easier, but she did miss the feeling of having his body weight on top of her; it was a feeling she had always loved and knew would never grow old.

The upside, of course, to Mason no longer being on top of her was that they could finally kiss. Considering they were both exhausted from sex, the kiss was very gentle and lazy, but those were the kisses she loved above all others. There was nothing quite like kissing when they were in a sex-induced haze; there was something so much more intimate and special about kissing in that state.

“Honey, I’m home,” Mason whispered, smiling lovingly at her.
“Welcome home,” Savannah whispered back, in part because it didn’t seem appropriate to talk loud, but also because her throat was raw from moaning and screaming so much.
“Good book?” Mason asked with a cheeky grin as he picked up her book which was still lying haphazardly on the mattress.
Savannah giggled. “Not as good as having my husband home.”



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