{Flash fiction} Savannah wakes Mason up

What can I say, Savannah is having a cock hungry weekend!
(read about the first part of Savannah’s cock hungry weekend here!)



Savannah dropped the bags of shopping on the table and called out to Mason. “Baby, I’m home.” She expected a reply but the house was silent.

His car was still in the garage so he hadn’t gone out and she wondered where he was. Walking down the hall, she thought she’d find him in their bedroom, but nope, no sexy man to be found there. She went back down the hall and into the lounge, thinking perhaps he was asleep on the couch, but once again, no Mason. The french doors leading out to the backyard were open and stepping outside, Savannah grinned.

There he was. Sound asleep on a towel on the grass, having obviously spent some time in the pool while she was away. It was a stupidly hot day and she wasn’t surprised Mason had taken advantage of the new pool; in fact, she was thinking of doing the same thing.

After going back in so she could put her bikini on and grab a towel, Savannah made her way to the backyard and draped her towel over the back of one of the sun loungers. She intended to get straight into the pool, but a quick glance in Mason’s direction led her to walk toward him instead.

How could she not? He was lying on his back wearing only his boardshorts, his favourite green snapback covering his face, and one hand resting on his belly, fingertips just inside the waistband of his shorts. It was impossible not to admire the gorgeous, sleeping man.

He had an impressive physique and she especially loved his muscular arms, but it was the finer details that really made her heart speed up whenever she looked at him. Tattoos from hip to neck, a thick patch of chest hair that, to her, exuded masculinity, and then there was that nipple piercing.

Until she met him she’d thought nipple piercings were stupid and couldn’t understand why anyone would want such a piercing, but she loved it on Mason and as far as she was concerned, just added to his sex appeal. She loved running her tongue over it, and the way he reacted when she (gently!) tugged on the piercing, especially with her teeth.

Savannah bit her lip when she thought about his other piercing. A piercing that had made her blush the first time she’d seen it, but she now couldn’t imagine her life without; his ‘Prince Albert‘. Yeap, the beautiful speciman of man who had decided he wanted to spend his life with her, had his cock pierced.

She attempted to tear her eyes away from the man on the grass, but instead she found herself focusing on the bulge in his boardshorts and getting an idea. It had been a couple of days since they’d had sex and she was feeling particularly horny all of a sudden; but Mason was asleep, surely she should let him rest?

Yes, let him rest. They could have some fun when he was awake. But, what if he didn’t wake up for five hours? Then she’d have to masturbate in the meantime and that didn’t seem fair to Mason.

Sure, he’d told her he loved knowing that she masturbated and the thought of it made him horny, but… maybe he was lying and he actually saw it as an insult to his manhood. Maybe he just pretended to like the videos she sent him of herself masturbating while he was at work. Perhaps he didn’t really feel the need to go to the toilet and ‘rub one out’ upon receiving such a video.


Who the fuck was she kidding? He loved it, she was just craving his cock and trying to justify the intense need she felt to wake him up so she could satisfy that craving.

His boardshorts were especially low around his hips, so low in fact, that she could see the top of his pubic hair. All she’d really need to do was carefully untie his boardshorts and then it’d be as easy as freeing his cock. A little hand action and he’d get hard while remaining asleep, she could climb on board and voila! Cock craving satisfied!

Crouching down beside him, Savannah gently tugged on the drawstring of his boardshorts and the bow came easily undone. It worked to her advantage that he was wearing an old pair of boardshorts because the velcro was pretty worn and didn’t hold well; it didn’t make a noise when she pulled the two tabs apart. She managed to stifle a moan when she put her hand around Mason and freed him from the constraints of his boardshorts, then had to stifle a giggle when he instantly began getting hard in her hand.

This was going to be easy. Very easy.

While massaging his cock in her hand, Savannah could feel her pussy starting to throb. It was a good thing he got so hard so quickly, because she’d have hated having to wait too long to impale herself on his hard length. She released his cock so she could pull the ties on both sides of her bikini bottom, which then fell to the grass between her legs, discarded, un-needed.

Her intention was to straddle him and sink down down on top of him, but just as she was about to move her leg so she could straddle him, the metal ring in the head of his cock caught the sun and seemed to almost sparkle. She wasn’t sure why, but in that instant her plan changed and she straddled him at the knees, her hands either side of his hips.

Licking her lips, Savannah dipped her head and very, very softly ran the tip of her tongue along the tip of his cock. The next pass of her tongue was less subtle and Mason made a quiet whimper in his sleep. Spurred on by his whimper, Savannah ran her tongue around the head of his cock, causing another whimper from Mason. His cock began twitching against her tongue and Savannah lost the will to continue teasing him.

Rather than stopping at flicking her tongue against the sensitive tip, Savannah moved her mouth slowly down the length of his cock, gradually sucking harder, in the hope he’d be gently roused from sleep rather than waking with a start. Mason groaned quietly and as she began moving her mouth up and down his cock she heard more quiet groans from him and she knew he’d soon be awake.

Increasing the suction around his cock, Savannah started bobbing her head up and down a little faster and when Mason grunted loudly she knew he was second away from realising what was happening. She took the time to swirl her tongue around his hard length, enjoying the way the ridges of his cock felt against her tongue. Increasing the suction again, Savannah continued her up and down motion, noticing for the millionth time just how smooth the skin of his cock was; it was a sensation she loved and could never get enough of.

Then again, that seemed to be her general mood when it came to Mason – she could never get enough of him.

“Fuck,” Mason uttered at the same time as his hand moved to the back of her head.

He tangled his fingers in her hair and she smiled around his cock, glad he was awake and knowing he’d be enjoying his wake up call. Savannah knew he loved when she sucked his cock, but she also knew he hated asking her to do it. An ex boyfriend of hers had been a bit of (okay, a lot of!) a wanker and had felt it was his right to get a blowjob whenever he wanted one. Naturally it was a huge turn off for her, and when she’d told Mason about it he’d been disgusted.

The thing was though, she loved when Mason asked her to blow him. It was impossible not to when she could tell how much he enjoyed it, but also because she knew he appreciated it and always made a point of repaying the favour. Oh yes, there was one other piercing and she loved the feel of it against her pussy when he went down on her!

Knowing Mason was awake, Savannah began putting more effort into her oral efforts. She began sucking extremely hard – just the way he liked it – taking him deeper into her throat at the same time. His groans were getting louder by the second and when she felt him lurching in her mouth, she had a feeling he wouldn’t last a lot longer.

It was generally at this point she decided whether to continue blowing him or to stop so she could fuck him until he came; usually she opted to stop, but that day she had no desire to do so.

His fingers were tightly tangled in her hair by that stage and she knew, from the way his arm was shaking, that he was trying to resist the urge to push down on the back of her head. Understanding he wanted her to take him deeper, Savannah managed to do just that, but knew she wouldn’t be able to take him any deeper.

Mason began moving his hips and Savannah concentrated on sucking harder, while at the same time moving one of her hands so it was between his legs. When she gently squeezed his balls he made a noise like a growl and there was no way she was going to stop; he might have been able to play her body like an instrument, but she also had an instinctive understanding of what he needed, and when.

She could feel his testicles tightening in her hand and began massaging them harder. Mason growled again and she could hear him trying to control his breathing so he wouldn’t be too loud and alert the neighbours to what was going on. Well, anymore than he already had.

His cock was throbbing in her mouth and when his balls began lurching she readied herself for what was, pun totally intended, about to come. A preemptory droplet of salty fluid made contact with her tongue and was followed quickly by another as she felt his balls contracting in her hand, rising up and up until his whole lower body stiffened and with a loud grunt he emptied his load into her mouth. Savannah managed to keep up with Mason and swallowed each spurt of salty fluid until he was seemingly drained, his cock beginning to go limp in her mouth.

Mason slipped from her mouth and Savannah moved off him then crawled up beside him and collapsed into his open arms. He crushed her to his chest and she could hear his heart racing through his ribcage, his laboured breathing amplified as he tried to catch his breath.

“For a split second there I was disappointed when I woke up from my dream that I was getting the mother of all blowjobs!” Mason chuckled and Savannah grinned against his chest.
“You were lying on the grass all asleep and fuckable,” Savannah said, by way of an explanation.
“I happen to agree with your method of waking me up,” Mason commented and Savannah giggled.
“I thought you might.”
“There is nothing quite like waking up to that,” he added.
“There is nothing quite like waking you up like that.”
“You are very talented, Miss Savannah,” Mason told her, rolling onto his side.
“Not talented, I just love your co-” Savannah was cut off by Mason pressing his lips against hers in what quickly became a kiss full of hunger and passion, a mere hint of what she knew the rest of the afternoon held for them.


9 thoughts on “{Flash fiction} Savannah wakes Mason up

  1. Must say that I admire how you weaved your words around a beautiful plot – the detailing is absolutely perfect – haven’t read an erotica as this one in a long time. This is my first time in your blog – would look forward to reading more. Keep up the great work.


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