’tis the season… to escape family (and have sex)


It was incredible really, the immense weight she felt lifting off her shoulders as she let herself inside Grayson’s house. The two had been friends for years – friends with certain benefits – and she never realised just how badly she needed to make the most of those ‘benefits’ until the time arrived for them to make good on said benefits.

“Honey, I’m hoooo- oooooome!” Scarlett called, walking toward the lounge where she knew she’d find him, lying on the couch watching some form of sport on TV.
“Took your time,” Grayson called back as Scarlett entered the lounge and found him exactly where she knew he’d be, doing exactly what she knew he’d be doing. She rolled her eyes
“You are so predictable,” Scarlett sighed, watching him stand up.
He shrugged and grinned at her. “I would hate to let you down.”
“Oh, but didn’t you know? I’m the person who lets people down,” Scarlett said and exhaled loudly as Grayson wrapped his arms around her.
“Your parents obviously are obviously just as predictable as I am.”
“I had been there about five minutes before they began telling me all about Louisa’s new job, and the new house, and new car, and the holiday she and Mark took to Switzerland, and the bi-”

Before she could continue on her unplanned, yet not unexpected rant, Grayson silenced her with a kiss that made her instantly forget the hell that had been the first day with her parents. Scarlett wrapped her arms around his neck and the kiss deepened, their tongues brushing together in a delicate, yet hungry manner.

Scarlett’s breath hitched when Grayson pulled her into him and she felt the unmistakably hard ridge of his penis against her belly. Her instinctive reaction was to jump up and wrap her legs around his waist, bringing that deliciously hard bulge into contact with her throbbing pussy, a sense of urgency sweeping over her from nowhere.

“Let’s have dinner second,” Grayson whispered huskily against her ear, already carrying her in the direction of his bedroom.
“God, please, yes,” Scarlett’s voice quivered as she thought ahead to the glorious moment when he’d slam inside her and everything would be right in the world.
“I’ve been waiting for this for so long,” Grayson told her, anticipation clear in his voice.

Finally he kicked the door to his bedroom open and seconds later she was lying on his bed with him on top of her, kissing a path from her earlobe down to her neck. Scarlett moaned when he licked the crook of her neck, and moaned louder when he bit down on the same area. Her hips bucked and she could feel her pussy tightening as he began to move against her.

Briefly her legs wrapped around his waist, but then she was overcome by the need to feel skin against skin; she released her legs and pushed his chest, relieved when he immediately reared up on his knees. Her hands moved straight to his belt and suddenly it was as if she had tunnel vision. She wasn’t conscious of anything happening around her, the only thing she could focus on was getting him naked enough for him to be able to slam inside her.

As was usually the case when they took advantage of the ‘benefits’ aspect of their friendship, Grayson seemed to be in just as much of a rush and while she worked on his pants he took his top off and threw it on the floor. Her clothes were discarded just as hastily and when they were finally able to press together, skin-to-skin, Scarlett let out a shaky sigh consisting of equal parts relief and impatience.

She had forgotten being naked with the man tended to intensify the need she felt to have him inside her. Luckily he didn’t seem to be in the mood to take things slow and when she felt the tip of his cock brush against her wetness her hips lifted off the bed to meet him. She didn’t want to wait a micro-second longer than was necessary.

Scarlett groaned as she felt the top inch of Grayson’s cock pressing into her. It was a moment she’d been waiting for for weeks and it didn’t disappoint! The groan took on a guttural quality as he pressed deeper inside, the walls of her pussy stretching to accommodate his thick length – a sensation she loved more than almost anything.

Even though Grayson’s first few thrusts were slow and gentle, there was an undeniable intensity to them and she found herself instinctively digging her nails into his shoulders, as if to anchor herself. The thrusts didn’t remain slow or gentle for very long, probably just as well because she knew that what she needed was a hard, fast fuck. She needed the type of sex that would leave her in a comatose state for hours afterward, the type of sex that would make it a little uncomfortable to sit down the next day.

Grayson was gripping her hips and pulling her down in to him with each of his thrusts, but even still, she could feel he wasn’t hitting as deep or hard as she needed. Releasing her legs from his waist Scarlett pushed on his shoulders and he quickly got the message. Getting up on his knees he took her ankles and moved them to the top of his shoulders, then pulled her into him and resumed moving his hips.

Scarlett cried out loudly when she felt the impact of his cock against the back of her pussy, more foreceful than hard, precisely what she needed. Grayson grinned down at her as he held her hips so tightly his fingers dug uncomfortably – but in a good way – into her flesh. Each thrust of his hips had more power behind it and in turn, each of her cries was even louder.

Finally she was getting the type of sex she’d been craving for months, and god it felt incredible. Grayson felt so big inside her; she could feel her pussy was getting more and more swollen with each and every thrust of his cock. It wasn’t just her clit getting stimulated, she could feel friction right throughout with every single move he made. The ridges of his cock were rubbing against the sensitive spots inside her, causing pleasure to course through her body like never before.

Just when she was thinking the sex couldn’t get any better, Grayson changed position so his hands were either side of her head and she was bent almost in half. She was clearly more flexible than she gave herself credit for.

Having Grayson essentially on top of her again meant her clit was getting more intense stimulation, and that, combined with the forceful contact his cock was making with the back of her pussy, meant her orgasm was fast building. She tried to ward it off, but knew she was fighting a losing battle… it was six months since she’d had a sex-induced orgasm and there was no way her body was going to let her brain wait!

It didn’t help when Grayson seemed to have found another gear and was slamming harder and harder into her. She could tell her cries of pleasure were spurring him on, and when her cries turned to shrieks, he found yet another gear and Scarlett clawed at his back; she needed to hold on to something in an attempt to try and regain control… but it didn’t work.

She was more than aware she was probably raking Grayson’s back so hard she was likely drawing blood, but she couldn’t help it, her fingers had a mind of their own.

When she began struggling to breathe Scarlett knew she was close to the edge and only had a moment or two before she came. Mild panic set in because she knew Grayson needed to come just as much as she did, and if she came before him he wouldn’t have the chance. It needed to be about him just as much as it was about her. She needed to move positions, to stop, to pay him more attention.

Her body, however, wouldn’t let her brain be the one in control and as she unintentionally held her breath her entire body tightened, her pussy clamping down on his cock and her clit throbbing to the point it was painful. Just as suddenly she was screaming as her orgasm hit, her pussy clenching and releasing around Grayson’s cock, her hips arching off the bed, her fingernails digging even deeper into his back. Time stood still but the room was spinning; all she was conscious of was the fact she felt as if she’d just been hit by a bus, over and over again

All the tension drained from her body and she was flooded by relaxation so deep it was a struggle to breathe.

The relaxation was temporarily replaced by what felt like her entire body quaking as Grayson gave one final thrust of the hips as his own orgasm hit.

The feeling of his cock pressing so tightly against the back of her pussy caused a sharp aftershock of pleasure and as her pussy gripped his cock again, she was aware she’d just had a second orgasm, a second orgasm she couldn’t really be fully conscious of because her brain was so… flooded… by post-orgasm deliciousness.

Grayson slumped on top of her and he said something that Scarlett couldn’t quite make out. She attempted to ask what he’d said but all that came out was a jumbled mess of sounds.

The sex had definitely had the desired outcome.


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