Unwinding at the beach

Who doesn’t love a nice, relaxing afternoon at the beach?

… Eva and Ethan certainly do.



It was lunchtime by the time they arrived at the beach, and after a spot of lunch at a cute little beachside cafe named Poseidon they finally got changed into their swimwear and were ready for an afternoon of fun in the sun.

Eva kept sneaking appreciative glances at Ethan as they walked over the sand to the water’s edge and it took a lot of control not to drag him back to the car so they could race home and get very naked together. His muscles looked even more impressive in the sun and the way the green and black boardshorts hung off his hips was incredibly enticing, especially with her knowledge of what was hidden by the thin material of the shorts.

They walked straight in until they were in water above their waists. It felt good to be out in the sun and to have escaped the city, even if it was just temporarily.

“I’m glad we decided to come out here,” Ethan interrupted her thoughts and she smiled up at him.
“Same, it’s been a long time since I spent time at the beach,” Eva replied resting her head against his chest when he took her in his arms.
“I don’t know about you, but being at the ocean helps clear my head,” Ethan commented.
“I know exactly what you mean,” Eva said softly.
“Then again, all my head is full of now is how hot you look in your bikini and how badly I want to do very wicked things to you,” Ethan whispered in her ear and she bit her lip in response.
“Feeling is mutual,” Eva replied and he gave her a flustered look.
“If there weren’t so many people here-” Ethan started and rather than finish his statement moved one of his hands down the small of her back and around the curve of her ass, his fingers snaking inside the crotch of her bikini bottoms.

Eva whimpered when she felt one of his fingers teasingly stroking against her pussy. His fingertip didn’t quite reach her hole and that made her whimper with frustration.

“Remember earlier, when I went down on you?” Ethan commented innocently and Eva groaned.
“Stop it,” Eva pleaded, not that she really meant it.
“And remember the shower?” Ethan asked even more innocently.
“Stop it,” Eva pleaded again and although his fingers weren’t in her pussy she began moving her hips against his hand, glad the water level made it a little less obvious what was happening.

Ethan removed his hand from between her legs and Eva shot him a look of disappointment, the look changing when he led her out deeper. They stopped walking and he put his arms around her, lifting her up so her legs were around his waist, his erection pressing against her crotch. Warmth was radiating between her legs and she wished they were somewhere private so she could put that wet heat to use.

She wrapped her arms around Ethan’s neck as he walked a few more steps so they were even deeper in the water; it was then she felt his hand move between them and without seeing what he was doing she could tell he was undoing his boardshorts. It was far too public to have sex where they were but she couldn’t say no. She didn’t want to say no.

Ethan moved his hand from between them and placed it on her left hip – seconds later she felt her bikini bottoms loosening as they came undone on one side.

Eva tightened her legs and felt Ethan’s cock press lengthwise against her slit. She shuddered and began to whimper.

“I’ve never done this before,” Eva whispered, finding it hard to catch her breath with the way his cock was pressing against her.
“We don’t have to if you don’t want too,” Ethan reassured her but Eva tightened her legs around his waist again.
“I want to, I want you,” Eva told him desperately.

Ethan smiled devilishly and in one smooth movement was inside her.

“Oh god,” Eva whimpered, focusing on how hot his cock felt inside her. Neither of them were even moving yet and already she was having to hold back sounds of pleasure.
“I love the way you feel,” Ethan whispered huskily and Eva swallowed loudly.
“Ethan, I nee-” Eva started to tell him she needed more but as she spoke Ethan started to move incredibly gently against her.
“This was a bad idea,” Ethan groaned quietly into her ear as he pulled her more tightly against him.
“Uh huh.” Eva moaned quietly in agreement, fingernails digging into the back of his neck as her hips started moving in time with Ethan’s.
“I can’t stop,” Ethan informed her and Eva couldn’t tell if the edge in his voice was panic or excitement.
“I can’t either,” Eva replied tightening her legs even more.

“We are in the elevator,” Ethan whispered and Eva moaned quietly. He continued speaking, “I have you against the wall, your legs are around me. I’ve pulled your panties to the side and my dick is slowly sliding inside you.” His voice was husky and only added to what Eva was feeling as he held her tightly at the hips. “You’re filled to the hilt with my cock, which you made hard the moment you stepped out of the office wearing that slutty outfit.”

His words and her imagination were causing an image to build quickly in her head; she nodded her head enthusiastically, encouraging him to continue.

“We know we have to be quick, I start pounding into you against the wall of the elevator.” Eva moaned against his ear and could feel her body starting to shake as she tried to control her responses to his words. “I bite down on your neck as I slam inside you over, and over, and over. We are pressed so tightly together that my cock hardly even leaves you and all the force of my thrusts is on the back of your pussy, and that throbbing clit of yours.”
“Fuck,” Eva’s voice came out as a strangled whimper.
“I move faster, harder, you’re moaning so loudly anyone waiting for the elevator is sure to hear you,” Ethan continued and Eva bit down on his neck to stifle the agonised moan that escaped from her lips as she imagined all those stuffy business types hearing her and Ethan fucking.
“Oh god,” Eva growled into his ear grinding her hips tightly against his, hoping it wasn’t too obvious to anyone on the beach who happened to be looking in their direction.
“You’re really screaming now and you’re clawing at the walls of the elevator.”

The story went on and Eva’s cries of pleasure were coming out as muffled screeches against his neck. It took everything she had to not throw her head back and scream in the way she so badly needed to.

“You’re so close to coming, and we both know the elevator is going to stop any second. I keep pounding into you harder, and harder until you lose it and scream as you come, thrashing against me and against the wall as I continue thrusting until I finally let go and come deep ins-” Ethan’s husky words were cut off by a guttural groan into her neck as he came, his final thrust inside her triggering her own orgasm, causing her to scream into his neck as she convulsed tightly around him.

Not screaming at the top of her lungs during that orgasm was possibly one of the hardest things she had ever had to do. She couldn’t believe what had just happened. Never had she expected their innocent trip to the beach would lead to them fucking in the water while he told her a deliciously naughty story. A scenario she now wanted to recreate for real.

All she could do was cling to him. Her legs were like jelly and she knew if she tried to stand up on her own two feet she would probably collapse and drown.



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