Getting dirty in the shower

Before we run off to a birthday party here is some light reading to get the weekend started!


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The sound of the front door slamming signalled Dylan’s arrival home from his run. Giovanna thought the man was crazy, it was a stinking hot summer day and he’d felt the need to go for a ‘quick run’ along a nearby walking track. In Giovanna’s world a quick run would have meant a-10 minute jog around the block, but in Dylan’s world, a quick run equated to 90 minutes of fast paced off-road running. He was a lunatic, and it was just one of the things she loved about him.

“Hey baby,” Giovanna greeted an exhausted looking Dylan when he walked into the kitchen, wiping his face with a towel.
“Hey you,” Dylan replied and stopped to kiss her on the cheek.
“Good run?”
“Bit hot,” Dylan commented and Giovanna rolled her eyes.
“Well I’m shocked,” Giovanna teased, “it’s not like it’s the middle of summer and we’re in the middle of a heat wave.”
“Yeah, I know, I know,” Dylan chuckled.
“Well I’m glad you’re home,” Giovanna told him, using his t-shirt to pull him closer so she could kiss him on the lips.
“Down girl,” Dylan teased.

He had a point though. The poor guy had only just arrived home, was tired, sweaty, badly in need of a shower, and there she was, trying to start something. It wasn’t her fault she found her man incredibly irresistible in his current state; face flushed, t-shirt soaked with perspiration, hair damp and unruly looking. She knew most women would make their man get in the shower before going anywhere near them in such a state, but not her.

She watched Dylan walking down the hallway toward their bedroom and ensuite, following quickly after him when she decided he could probably do with some help in the shower.

Giovanna was naked by the time she entered the ensuite, causing Dylan to laugh.

“There I was thinking I would have a quick shower.”
“You should know better than that,” Giovanna winked, resting her hands on his hips, stepping in to kiss him.

His skin felt clammy against her hands as she moved them beneath his top and began stroking his lower back with her fingertips. She could feel him stiffening against her belly and looked up at him winking, her by-no-means-subtle way of saying ‘let me take care of you… before you take care of me‘.

Dipping her fingers in the waistband she made a show of slowly peeling his shorts and boxers down, throwing them in the direction of the washing basket when he stepped out of them. Giovanna wouldn’t go near his cock with her mouth when he was so sweaty, but had no problem taking him in her hand.

Giovanna got incredibly turned on, feeling him becoming rock hard against the palm of her hand as she gently squeezed him. She found it impossible to stop at gentle squeezing and smirked when he groaned as she tightened her grip, moving her hand up and down his shaft. Soon she was pumping him and considered making him come using only her hand, but that would mean not impaling herself on his cock. That just wouldn’t do.

Besides, she didn’t think she could physically restrain herself enough.

Releasing his cock from her fist Giovanna pulled up the hem of his t-shirt and giggled as he struggled to get it off over his head. The fabric was plastered to his skin, and while it wasn’t sexy in the traditional sense, something about it made Giovanna even more desperate to take him inside her.

“That’s much better,” Giovanna commented when Dylan’s t-shirt had joined his shorts and boxers in the laundry pile.
“Very much,” Dylan agreed and this time it was him pulling her into him, spreading his fingers over her bottom while he kissed a slow path from her earlobe to the crook of her neck.

The tip of his tongue swiped against the sensitive patch of skin and Giovanna felt her knees starting to buckle. Her neck was her major weakness; she could be so sick she could barely keep her eyes open, but one swipe of Dylan’s tongue against her neck and her legs would be spread, eagerly awaiting him. They didn’t argue often but when they did all it usually took was Dylan working his magic on her neck and the argument was forgotten about as the make-up sex ensued.

Giovanna began stepping backward and Dylan didn’t relent for a second, not that she expected he would; he was fair throbbing against her. Reaching back Giovanna felt for the shower mixer and turned it on, Dylan’s tongue and lips still moving up and down her neck, her legs more jelly like with each swipe and nibble.

Foreplay was something she enjoyed almost as much as the sex itself, but the combination of what Dylan was doing to her and the feeling of his cock against her belly meant that, that day, the foreplay would be in no way extended.


Checking that the water sufficiently warm, Giovanna moved backward again and Dylan followed her into the shower and under the powerful stream of water. His lips found Giovanna’s again and she sighed happily as his tongue slipped between her lips and grazed along her own tongue. The kiss deepened, their tongues duelling and dancing as they clung tightly to one another.

Giovanna broke the kiss off, panting as she looked up at Dylan and smiled sweetly at him. “You must be exhausted, you should probably sit down.”
Dylan smiled just as sweetly back at her. “Your concern for me is touching,” he told her, chuckling as he sat on the step that was built into their shower.

One of the best things about Dylan’s father owning a building company, was that when it came time to build their own house, they were able to add in lots of little extras for a very low price. One such extra was the seat height step in their ensuite shower. It was long enough that they could (carefully) lie down and have sex, but generally Dylan would sit and Giovanna would straddle him, or sit on his lap with her back to him. Carefully placed handles on the back wall got a lot of use, particularly when Giovanna was in the mood to grind him nice and hard.

Dylan took Giovanna’s hand and she stepped toward him, biting her lip when she saw his thick cock standing to attention. She stood with his legs between hers, leaned in and kissed him. As the kiss intensified she straddled him, loving Dylan’s sharp intake of breath when the tip of his cock brushed against the wet lips of her vagina.

She teased him, rocking her hips back and forward a few times, her pussy ghosting over the tip of his cock, causing him to shudder beneath her.

When Dylan’s hands clamped down on her hips, effectively stopping her from moving, Giovanna knew he was ready for more than a little light-hearted teasing. That his cock was pulsating between them provided her with more than enough proof.

They locked eyes in anticipation of the moment his cock would be sheathed by her pussy; Giovanna gently lowered herself onto him and watched as Dylan’s head tipped back, an almost imperceptible moan escaping from his lips as she took her time sinking down, nestling him deep inside.

Dylan wrapped his arms around her middle and peppered kisses all over her breasts. It became a struggle to control the speed of her hips when he began running his tongue back and forward across one nipple, then the other. She wanted their shower session to be drawn out, to take her time working him into a frenzy, but it seemed Dylan had other ideas.

She was easily swayed though.

The moment Dylan sucked the first of her nipples into his mouth and massaged it with his tongue, Giovanna felt a shift inside. She was no longer feeling relaxed or happy to take her time, and the idea of moving softly and slowly against him seemed like some form of inhumane torture.

Of course Dylan knew precisely what he was doing; when he unexpectedly pulled her down at the hips she groaned, her fingers moving into his hair, pulling his face forward in an attempt to make him suck her nipple harder.

At the same time the angle of her hips changed, tilting forward to create more friction on her clitoris, while at the same time taking him even deeper. Naturally her hips picked up the pace and soon her spare hand was on his shoulder, fingernails digging into the warm, wet flesh, muscles rippling beneath her hand as he moved.

So much for making it all about Dylan; he was moving his hips almost as much as she was!

Still, Giovanna knew that being the one on top meant ultimataely it was she who held most of the control; she could go as fast or slow as she wanted. It was just hard to want to go slow when it felt soooooo good moving against him.

Not that it would have worked if she’d decided to fight her urges and slow her hips down; one minute she was straddling Dylan’s lap and the next she was on her back on the marble tiles.

Apparently Dylan wanted to be the one in control. She wasn’t complaining.

Dylan hooked his hands under her shoulders and pressed back inside her, but unlike her he clearly had no desire to take his time, or to go steady. Every single thrust of his hips had more power behind it than the one preceding; harder, faster, deeper, deliciously so.

Considering he’d looked so exhausted when he arrived home, he seemed to have caught a second wind and was making good use of it. The harder Dylan drove into her, the louder she moaned; the louder she moaned, the harder he moved his hips. Inevitably this louder/harder cause-and-effect scenario triggered her orgasm.

Her body went rigid, hips arcing sharply into him as her pussy tightened and her orgasm hit. It tore through her with such intensity that even after she came down, it left her entire body quaking.

Wanting Dylan to get off just as hard as she had, Giovanna made sure she continued tightening and releasing the walls of her pussy, milking his cock in the way she knew he loved. The gravelly quality of his grunts and groans indicated that what she was doing was working, and she began clenching more tightly.

His fingers dug into her shoulders, the grunts and groans morphing into a growl as Dylan gave three final, deep thrusts. Giovanna wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him tightly against her, crying out as he pushed into her one final time, growling loud, long and deeply as he came, emptying himself inside her.

As he came down from his orgasm Dylan slumped on top of her, but made no effort move from his current position.

That was the good thing about sex in the shower; there were no sheets to worry about getting messy, there was no need to grab the tissues and clean up. They could lie together as long as they wanted, their bodies still connected in the most intimate of ways. She loved feeling his heart pounding against her skin, she loved the sound of his ragged breathing in her ear, and the quiet little groans he made as he recovered.

Sadly that period of post-sex togetherness never lasted as long as she’d like, purely because the hard surface of the shower grew increasingly uncomfortable without sex to focus on!

“Finish up in here and go for a nap?” Dylan suggested and Giovanna giggled.
“As long as you don’t actually want to sleep, because you know I won’t be able to keep my hands off you when we’re in bed.”

Dylan shot her a cheeky grin. “That’s what I’m counting on.”


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