Red & Black ball pt. 2

…  and here is part two!  I hope you’re enjoying the story so far.

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lips cropped

“That was close” Giovanna giggled as she and Dylan walked from the ballroom and down the hall toward the little group of offices in the function centre her parents owned.
“You talking about your mum, or the fact I almost came in my pants?” Dylan joked.
“Both,” Giovanna replied, taking the keys from her handbag and unlocking the door to office 4c.
“You are a wicked, wicked woman,” Dylan growled as she pushed the door open, and pulled him inside.
“And it’s why you love me,” Giovanna said with a wink. Dylan nodded in agreement.

After double-checking the door was locked Giovanna dropped her handbag and stalked toward Dylan.

“Now then, sir, I believe we have some business to attend to,” Giovanna purred taking the suit jacket from his hand and placing it on the empty desk.
“I think you’re right,” Dylan groaned as she undid his pants and pushed them down.

The couch they were standing in front of would be the perfect place for her to ride him, Giovanna thought as she dropped to her knees and began slowly peeling his boxers down. Why not take the time to tease him some more?

She could push him back onto the couch and use her hand, she thought. Yes, and then she could prolong it by straddling him and sandwiching his cock against her slit. Only when his cock was coated in her juices would she finally relent and give him what he wanted. Needed.

Giovanna tried to stand up, but her eyes were fixated on his cock; long, thick and very hard. As with her hand earlier, she seemed to have no control over her tongue because rather than standing up she shuffled forward and licked the tip of his cock. Dylan grunted and Giovanna couldn’t resist licking him again. And again. And again. Brushing her lips against the tip of his cock, it seemed there’d been a sudden change of plans.

Riding him was now the last thing on her mind; she had a craving for his cock that could only be sated in one way.

She moved a hand to the base of his cock and wrapped her fingers around him, a gentle squeeze eliciting a loud groan from him. The moment her lips wrapped around his tip he groaned even louder, a sharp intake of breath quickly followed by another groan and a salty taste on her tongue.

Upon tasting that first trickle of pre-cum, she moaned around his cock, which in turn caused Dylan to buck his hips against her, and his cock to be sheathed by her mouth. With her hand still around the base, Giovanna began sucking lustily on his cock, her head moving back and forward rhythmically, while maintaining the type of strong suction he liked with her mouth.

Under other circumstances the sound of a camera would have given her a hell of a fright, but not with Dylan. She didn’t need to glance up to know Dylan was attempting to hold his phone steady so he could take photos of her sucking him off. In fact, that knowledge only served as motivation, and she began sucking harder. In a way, she was performing for him.

Wanting to make him experience as much pleasure as possible, Giovanna began taking his cock deeper into her throat. Her ability to deep-throat was a skill she was very proud of – and that Dylan was extremely fond of – it really was win-win.

She loved the sounds Dylan made when she was taking him deep, but she also greatly appreciated that he never forced her to take him deeper. He had always let her go at her own pace, and because of that she enjoyed making him cum using her mouth. It was by no means the chore it had been in past relationships; not only that, Dylan got antsy if he didn’t taste her numerous times a week, so there was a lot of give and receive in their relationship. Another win-win situation.

The longer she sucked, the more laboured Dylan’s breathing became and she couldn’t wait for that moment when he came inside her mouth. It gave her a feeling of control like nothing else had, or probably ever would.

As he got closer and moved his hips more, Giovanna made sure to concentrate concentrate on keeping a rhythm with his thrusts. They’d been together for three years by then and were pretty in tune with each other, so when Dylan began squeezing her shoulder tightly Giovanna moved her hand to his balls and began massaging them in her palm.

Dylan’s hips were moving faster and he was making loud groans of desperation as she sucked him long and hard, the way he liked her to just before he came. Giovanna could feel his testicles moving and began massaging them faster, knowing she was on the right track when his groans became grunts so deep they were almost growls.

She could feel more pre-cum in the back of her throat which was her signal to move her fingers to his perineum and begin massaging the extremely sensitive patch of skin. Dylan’s groans became deeper and Giovanna tried to focus on her breathing so she would be prepared for the moment her throat was flooded with his cum. When she tasted more pre-cum she gave one last effort, sucking harder and massaging with more pressure.

A deep, growly groan erupted from Dylan as he flexed his hips forward and his cock lurched as he came, emptying himself into her throat with rhythmic contractions. As usual, the warm, salty fluid was a shock to her system, but a split second was all it took for her to get used to it. The feeling of his cum coating her throat was one she found incredibly arousing; if she hadn’t been so worried about messing up her dress she’d have moved her hand between her legs and rubbed her clit until she came.

There was also a sense that their luck would run out at some point. She hardly wanted their sneaky session in the office to end with her dad walking in while she had her fingers in her pussy. Mood kill.

Giovanna let Dylan’s cock slip from between her lips and looked appreciatively at it.

“Anyone would think we’d been making porn,” Giovanna commented and giggled quietly as she pointed at his cock.
“What do you me-”

Dylan burst out laughing as he too looked down at his cock, which was now smeared with fire-engine-red lipstick.

“I’m sorry,” Giovanna laughed and Dylan helped her to a standing position.
“I think it’s fucking awesome,” Dylan replied and winked at her, “Perhaps you should be wearing that lipstick next time too, could make for quite the arty photography session.”
She winked at him. “You are such a dirty pervert.”
Grinning and nodding, Dylan winked right back at her and uttered their signature remark;  “And it’s why you love me.”


Giovanna was kicking her shoes off even as she was walking through the front door. “Ahhhhh, that feels better.”
“If you weren’t such a shoe snob you could have worn comfortable shoes tonight,” Dylan teased and Giovanna scowled at him before picking her shoes up and holding them to her chest protectively.
“It’s okay LouLou, he doesn’t mean it, he knows I would never betray you by wearing ugly shoes,” she said soothingly as she petted her shoes.
“I am ever so sorry for insulting you in such a cruel way,” Dylan rolled his eyes, “I will never show concern for the comfort of your feet ever again.”
“Apologise to the shoes too!” Giovanna managed to keep a straight face and Dylan rolled his eyes as he too began stroking her shoes.
“Sorry, shoes.”
“That apology wasn’t very convincing, but I guess it’ll do,” Giovanna giggled and Dylan took said shoes from her hands, dropping to his knees and placing them on the floor in an exaggeratedly gentle fashion.

Rather than standing back up Dylan looked up at her with a devious twinkle in her eye. His fingers grazed up over her ankles and as he made his way up her legs he maintained the eye contact. Their eyes were still locked when his fingers dipped into the band of her panties, and as he slowly pulled the lacy garment down, she shivered. A thrill tore through her as she wondered what he had in mind for her; she had no doubt whatever it was would leave her sated and unable to function in even the most basic of capacities.

“As much as I love this dress,” Dylan said, standing up, “I think it’s about time your body had a chance to breathe.” The dress loosened as he undid the zipper, her heart speeding up as he stepped in toward her and brushed his lips against hers.
“You might be right,” Giovanna whispered against his mouth, as he pulled the dress down past her waist and over her hips, the sensation of the cool late-evening air against her skin causing her breath to catch in her throat.
“Oh, I know that I’m right,” Dylan chuckled as she felt the dress slipping down her legs.

She very carefully stepped out of her dress and had every intention of picking it up and putting it on a chair; her intent changing when Dylan placed his hands on the backs of her thighs and lifted her up. It was a natural response to wrap her legs around his waist and grip onto his shoulders, even though that meant the wetness between her legs was making contact with the fabric of his shirt and pants. It’s what dry cleaners were for, after all, wasn’t it?

To her surprise, Dylan didn’t carry her through to their bedroom, and instead only carried her the few metres to the dining room table. Not that it should have been a surprise, they made a habit out of having sex all over the house with bedroom-sex usually only reserved for just before going to sleep or just after waking up. Dylan perched her on the edge of the sturdy oak table and with his hands spanning her back, he kissed her.

The kiss was never going to be a soft, gentle one, but even still the hunger in the kiss was a shock to her. It was as if they were were devouring each other with that kiss; the intensity causing her to lock her arms around Dylan’s neck, her upper torso going rigid. It was as if with that kiss she became crazed, the only thing she could focus on was him, the feeling of his lips, of his arms pulling her into him while his body pressed into hers.

“There is something I’ve been wanting all night,” Dylan grinned and released her.
She watched him undoing his pants and was well aware a puddle was probably forming below her on the table. “I hope it’s the same thing I’ve been wanting.”
“What do you want?” Dylan asked, pushing his pants down and stepping out of them.
“You, me, naked,” Giovanna explained, whimpering quietly, watching his cock spring free from his boxers as he pulled them down. “You inside me, more specifically.”
“Oddly enough, that is what I want too,” Dylan feigned surprise and, as he stepped back in toward her, Giovanna’s legs once again instinctively wrapped around his waist.
“I had no i- idea,” Giovanna gasped at the sensation of his erection settling against her slit.
“Amazing coincidence,” Dylan exclaimed, clamping his hands on her hips, increasing the pressure of his cock against her wetness.
“Uh huh,” Giovanna nodded her head, trying to control her breathing as the tip of his penis nudged against her clitoris.

It was such a dangerous position for them to be in. More than a few times Dylan’s teasing her in that way had led to her having an orgasm from the external pressure and friction alone. She hated coming when he wasn’t inside her, but at the same time, she loved the sensation of his cock sandwiched against her slit, particularly the feeling of the tip of his cock rubbing against her clit. It was a fine line between teasing each other in that way, and passing the point of no return.

If she did orgasm through that type of stimulation though, Dylan would always make sure she had another orgasm while he was inside her, so perhaps it wasn’t such a bad thing.

Not that night though. That night she needed the real thing, she needed to come with him balls deep inside her, she needed to come around him, to have that resistance inside her when she came.

“You’re just gonna have to wait for that though,” Dylan informed her and moved away from her.
Giovanna stared at him in shock and hoped like hell he was joking. “What do y-”
Dylan cut her off. “There is something else I have been waiting for all night.”

Without a further word he dropped to his knees and positioned himself between her legs. Now she understood. Even if she didn’t understand by then, she certainly would have when he moved her legs so they were over his shoulders, and dropped a light kiss on the lips of her pussy.

Giovanna groaned, and as well as hearing Dylan chuckling, she could also feel it, the light vibrations hitting her right in the clit. The tip of his tongue made a slow pass from her hole to her slit, and back again; with the next pass he applied more pressure, and the pass after that more pressure still.

The level of pleasure increased by the second and she was voicing it in a series of sighs, moans and groans, the volume growing with each pass of his tongue.

As was always the case with oral, after a couple of minutes Giovanna found herself fisting Dylan’s hair in her hands. She never could quite tell if the need to grip his hair came from wanting the closest mouth/pussy contact possible, or if it was an anchoring aide, something to hold on to to try and maintain the faintest thread of control The idea of her being in control seemed stupid, because control was never was in her hands when it came to oral.

The control was one hundred percent with Dylan and his magical tongue. She had no idea how he could read her so well; he knew when she needed soft tongue contact, and when she needed firm, when she needed to feel his tongue all over, and when she needed him to focus on her clit. No matter what she needed and how she needed it, Dylan knew. It had been like that since the very first time he’d gone down on her and she couldn’t think of a single time oral hadn’t left her feeling semi-conscious at the best, and boneless.

Because of the teasing that had already ensued that night, Dylan sensed correctly that her clitoris needed to take a brunt of the action. Other than a few full length licks of the tongue when he began, Dylan’s tongue stayed on her clitoris, moving in a variety of directions; up and down, side to side, in circles, and at different speeds.

When Dylan began moving his tongue quickly from side to side, and Giovanna reacted by groaning loudly and pulling tightly on his hair he didn’t change a thing. She loved that he focused so intently on giving her the best orgasm possible, and he used her verbal and physical cues to know what she needed. It always confused her when she heard someone complain about not getting good enough head; it was simple really, just let the pussy against your tongue, or cock in your mouth lead the way.

Or perhaps she and Dylan were just extremely compatible in the realm of oral sex; either way, she knew they were incredibly lucky, possibly to the extent of being spoilt.

Oral sex was never a lengthy process (unless they really wanted it to be), and that night was no different. Giovanna’s hips suddenly had a mind of their own, lifting off the table and arching into Dylan’s face, to intensify the friction of his tongue against her clit. He helped in this mission by gripping her hips tightly and pressing his mouth more firmly against her, which in turn, allowed him to apply more pressure to her clit.

In a small part of her mind she was worried she might be hurting him by pulling so tightly on his hair, but it wasn’t something she could help; there was nothing in the world that could make her release his hair from her fists, probably not even an atomic bomb going off.

An atomic bomb going off. That was what it felt like when her orgasm was suddenly triggered and her entire body went tight as she roared in ecstasy, Dylan’s tongue moving furiously against her clit in order to make the orgasm last as long as possible. Last it did. Before she even came down her throat was red raw from screaming so powerfully; if she didn’t have that verbal release Giovanna knew she’d likely pass out from the internal pressure of keeping that amount of pleasure silent.

Gasping for air, desperate to replace the oxygen she’d lost giving voice to her pleasure, Giovanna was aware of suddenly feeling full. There were no words to explain how welcome the intrusion of Dylan’s cock inside the swollen confines of her pussy was; she didn’t have the brain power to even contemplate round two, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy feeling him moving inside her.

With each powerful thrust of the hips Dylan was hitting deep and hard; it was the type of impact she loved during sex, and had she not been so jelly-like and only somewhat conscious, she knew she’d have been groaning right along with him. His groans were so deep-seated Giovanna could tell his orgasm would hit quickly and with that in mind, she managed to find the energy to tighten her legs around his waist one final time, in hopes it would make his orgasm just as overwhelming as hers had been.

After tightening her legs all it took was another six or seven thrusts before he roared above her, his cock nestled deep as he emptied himself inside her. She could feel the powerful contractions of his penis against the swollen walls of her pussy, each contraction sending jolty aftershocks through her, a little reminder of the orgasm she’d just had.


“That was one hell of an after-party,” Dylan yawned a few minutes later when they both fell into bed.
“I did promise we could have an after-party,” Giovanna replied, snuggling up to Dylan, her head resting on his chest.
“While we are at it, also one hell of a party,” Dylan added and Giovanna grinned against his chest, knowing full well he wasn’t referring to the party in its entirety.

“Well, you looked so damn handsome in that suit, how could I resist?”
“I looked good in a suit, so you decided, ‘hey, I might blow him’?”
“Basically,” Giovanna replied, “I was going to ride you on the couch but then I was kneeling in front of you and well, it just seemed right.”
“I didn’t hear you suggesting I stop,” Giovanna protested.
Dylan laughed. “What type of man would I be if I stopped you mid-blowjob?”
“Beside, you seemed just as intent to repay the favour when we got home.”
“I didn’t hear you suggesting I stop,” Dylan countered and Giovanna giggled.
“What type of woman would I be if I stopped you mid-oral.”
Dylan chuckled. “I think we’re even now.”
“But for how long?”
“Is that a challenge?” Dylan posed the question, knowing full well he’d just turned it into one.

Giovanna looked up so she could give him a wicked grin; a wicked grin he returned; one of them would be woken up at some ungodly hour by wandering fingers or a wandering hand. She couldn’t wait to find out who.




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  2. This was fucking hot. But I also love the banter between them and I can definitely identify with the Louboutin shoe conversation. My Loubys would be so offended if I wore any ugly shoes in their presence. 😉


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