The best type of therapy


If you regularly check out my blog you’ll know that the past few things I’ve posted have been about Giovanna & Dylan.  Unlike most of what I write, there was no big, complex story planned for them.  I didn’t know about their past, I had no idea what lay ahead for them… I wrote one off, ‘in the now’ erotica scenes.

Then I wrote the start of a new short story.  But I couldn’t figure out what happened next.  One day I sat down to figure it out and next thing I knew the story had taken on a life of its own; it wasn’t me writing the story, the story was the one in charge, I had absolutely no control over what I was writing.

I still don’t.

Because it’s been ages since I posted I am going to finish a recently completed sex scene, but I may post more of the lead up, in the coming days.


Giovanna had been staring out at the ocean for a couple of minutes when she finally became aware of Dylan’s fingertips lightly stroking her hip. She smiled and closed her eyes, a sudden, intense feeling of calm washing over her, making her feel almost as if she was floating. Whereas her heart had been racing what felt like moments before, it was now slow and steady, the rush of adrenalin had stopped and had been replaced with, well, she wasn’t sure what it was, but it certainly felt like the opposite of adrenalin.

Needing to feel closer to Dylan, Giovanna melted back into him, enjoying the warmth and strength of his body against hers. She truly felt protected in his arms, physically and mentally, and perhaps it was that that had been the biggest healer of all for her. He’d been her everything over the past eleven months and she knew she wouldn’t have made it through without him.

For the three months after losing Lucia, when her mental state had been at its worst, Dylan had done the work of two adults. As well as the day-to-day household tasks, he’d arranged to work from home so he could be right by her side. When she was awake he’d sit in bed with her and alternate between working and holding her while she cried, or worse, while she just lay there in an almost catatonic state, unable to talk, unable to cry, unable to think, unable to be.

He’d taken the brunt of her emotions as she worked through the stages of grief, including a lot of anger that resulted in her, quite frankly, being a nasty bitch to him. She apologised numerous times for her angry outbursts but Dylan had reassured her he understood the anger wasn’t coming from a rational place and that he knew it was part and parcel of her working through her grief. Often she felt as if she hadn’t let Dylan go through his own grieving process, but she knew that wasn’t really the case and that he’d dealt in his own way.

The feeling of warm breath on her neck again focused her and Giovanna instinctively pressed back against Dylan, breath hitching when she felt his fingers tighten on her hip at the same time she noticed a certain hard ridge developing against her bottom. For a split second she wondered if she was just imagining it, but upon feeling Dylan’s lips pressing softly against the crook of her neck, she knew she wasn’t reading the situation wrong.

Tilting her head to the side to allow Dylan better access to her neck, Giovanna shuddered as he again kissed the sensitive skin, while at the same time began ghosting his fingers from her hip, up and over her rib cage. His fingertips stopped at the curve to her breast and Giovanna swallowed loudly, waiting for his next move. Knowing the delay was really a way for him to ask for permission to continue, she pressed her butt more firmly against him, her hips beginning to move gently of their own accord.

Achingly slowly he traced a path over her breast toward her nipple, finally brushing so softly against the hard nub, she wondered if maybe she’d imagined the contact. Fingertips softly passed over her nipple again – leaving Giovanna no doubt what she was feeling – the contact creating a connection that caused her clitoris to tingle. Back and forth the fingertips floated over her nipples, until finally he took her nipple between the tips of two fingers and began gently rolling it.

Giovanna sighed with pleasure and arched back into him, sticking her chest out, a silent plea for him to stop teasing her with his gentle fingers, and to give her the mixture of pleasure and pain she so badly needed.

It was these moments with Dylan, above anything else, that made her feel truly alive; when they were having sex the rest of the world disappeared and she felt like herself. There was no dead baby, no grief, no wondering how things might have been. There was just the two of them and the intense, welcome pleasure that acted as reassurance that ‘the old Giovanna‘ was still in there, somewhere.

A deep-seated groan escaped from between her lips as he began squeezing and rolling the nipple harder between his fingers. The situation didn’t call for extensive, playful teasing, it called for something far more intimate; the type of intense intimacy that made her feel as if they were part of a living cliché, of their bodies joining together, of the cliched two becoming one.

Dylan moved his hand from her breast, back down to her hip, which he gripped tightly. She moaned loudly, caught by surprise when he adjusted the position of his arm under her neck, enabling him to take the other nipple between his fingers, and tug on it. He began a squeezing and tugging motion on that nipple, while the other hand moved inward over her hip.

The moment his fingertips came in contact with her astoundingly wet slit, Giovanna moved her top leg back over Dylan’s hip, opening herself to him. She was aching with anticipation, craving the touch of him against her heat. Part of her hoped he would use his fingers first so the whole thing would last longer, but another part of her needed to feel the thick head of his cock probing at her hole, and the to-die-for sensation of her pussy stretching to accommodate his girth.

Oh god!” she uttered as she felt the warm, smooth head of his cock pressing against her, a whimper of delight followed as Dylan began slowly inching inside her, red hot heat flooding her pussy as he filled her completely, and then stilled.

I love you.” came the husky whisper in her ear.
I love you too,” she replied a little breathlessly and put her hand on top of his resting on her hip.

Their fingers intertwined and Giovanna let out a long breath as Dylan began the first, long slide out of her, stopping with just an inch left inside her. Pulling back on her hips he slid smoothly back inside her and by then she was well under his spell. The friction of his cock repeatedly moving out and then in, out and then in, sent shockwaves throughout her body, she could feel it in her toes, she could feel it in her brain. It was a bombardment of pleasure that would never grow old, and she could never have enough of.

Trying to keep her hips still was useless – the things had a mind of their own – and automatically the two of them slipped into a natural rhythm, her hips moving in loose circles, his keeping a steady back and forth motion. Giovanna could feel her eyes rolling back in her head as Dylan’s mouth found her neck; every nibble of the skin, every swipe of his tongue, every gentle kiss sent a jolt directly to her clitoris.

Considering the years they’d spent together, Dylan could play her like a finely tuned instrument. He knew precisely where and how to touch her, and which combination of stimulation would make her cum almost instantaneously, or make the sex go on, and on, and on. It was by no means a one-sided affair though. She knew how to suck his cock and make him cum in a couple of minutes, on the flip side she also knew how to tease him until he got so desparate to cum he was almost begging her to finish him off.

But, in that moment, the sex wasn’t about playing each other, or one person having the upper hand. It was simply about being together and enjoying the pleasure their bodies created together. Sex was a constant. No matter how tough things could be – and had been – sex was the one ‘place’ life felt normal, where they (at the most basic level) knew what to expect, where there were no horrible shocks waiting just around the corner for them. Sex was their security blanket, it was the one place they could hide from the ‘real’ world, and just be.

With Dylan firmly gripping her hip and his mouth making a constant assault on her neck, it didn’t take long before Giovanna felt her orgasm build up deep inside her. The quiet but strangled grunts Dylan was making against her neck suggested he was in very much the same state and she knew they had two options; pull back a little bit and make the sex last longer, or add that one little bit of stimulation that would send the both over the edge.

Over the edge. It was where Giovanna wanted to go, it was where she wanted to take Dylan.

To inform Dylan of her needs she took his hand from her hip and moved it down so his fingers were over her pubes, just above the top of her slit. She felt Dylan’s hand moving forward and when she felt the tip of a finger against her clitoris, her breath came faster as internally, she braced herself for that blissful, much needed release.

With his hips steady, Dylan began moving his finger in tight circles against her clit, rubbing progressively harder until she could feel a pleasurable discomfort building beneath the ultra-sensitive bud. Faster and harder he massaged her clit, and Giovanna knew she was reaching the very limit of what she could handle. Her pussy grew tight and hot, all of the muscles from her chest down seemed to burn; it felt divine, it felt like hell. She wanted the feeling to last, she wanted it to disappear.

Time seemed to stand still as the feeling in her clit continued building, until she felt as if her clitoris might explode. It was hot, scorching, scalding hot. And throbbing. Aching.

Until suddenly the hot, scorching, throbbing, aching feeling spread through her, from her clit to her toes, from her clit to her scalp. Something brilliant ruptured inside her. She’d been relatively quiet until then but as her orgasm tore through her she roared, every single cell in her body combusting as hot white light washed over her, and through her.

The tension she’d been overwhelmed by was replaced with a floaty, light feeling that left her mind swimming and made it feel as if her body was wrapped in the softest, plumpest, most divine of fibers.

Bliss. That was it, the soft, fluffy, beautiful, delicate sensation encompassing her. She was falling deeper and deeper into that state, and somewhere in that delicious haze she was aware of Dylan joining her in that space as his orgasm hit.

Sleepy and calm. Completely oblivious to the world. Perfect.

They dozed on and off for the next half hour, and though she wasn’t aware of it, at some point Giovanna rolled over so she could snuggle into Dylan and breathe in his scent.

When she’d recovered enough, Giovanna came to and smiled against Dylan’s chest, enjoying the contrast of his soft skin and firm body against her own. It was with perfect clarity she then remembered what had happened prior to their lovemaking. She was pregnant. They had another chance to become parents.

It was scary, but they were lucky, so incredibly lucky.


If you want to catch up on the rest of the stories involving Giovanna and Dylan…


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