Stories & Characters

To streamline things a bit I thought I would create this page to give an overview of the different stories and characters you will find on my blog.


*clicking on the names will direct you to the list of posts involving those characters

Alex, Lizzie, Victoria & Jake – The first characters I wrote about!  Established couple Victoria & Lizzie meet Jake and Alex.  The women go from being in a very happy monogamous relationship to a very happy, new & exciting polyamorous relationship.

Alyssa & Cameron – Alyssa & Cameron get engaged and to save themselves from wanting to inflict bodily harm on their families – who all have very strong ideas on what their wedding should be like – decide to escape to the islands to get married.

Amelia, Harrison, Charlotte & Thomas – The story is about four people in a polyamorous relationship.  At the start Amelia (who is pregnant) catches her boyfriend cheating on her, but over time she meets a new man and although they don’t mean to, they fall in love.

Carla & Andy – An unlikely couple who are quite perfect for each other.

Elle & Carter – Friends who finally give in to the chemistry that has been building between them.

Eva & Ethan – Find each other just when they need it the most.

Georgia & Zoe – Two women who are madly in love with each other.

Hannah & Josh – Ex-lovers reunited after a year apart.

India, James, Jenna & Lucas – Follows two couple with vastly different backgrounds on the road to parenthood.

Jane, Leah, Beau & Asher – An innocent threesome with Asher sets a series of unexpected – but welcomed – events in motion for long-time girlfriends, Jane & Leah.

Josh, Jamie & Marcus – Follows the evoluation of the relationships and friendships of three 30-somethings.

Lanie, Blake & Logan – The story of a woman in a polyamorous relationship with twin brothers.

Nadia & Sam – After having a one night stand the previous weekend with a man much too young for her, Nadia goes to work on Monday morning only to find out he is the new HR department intern.

Stella, Carly & Brad – Short stories about a polyamorous triad.


Common themes in my writing:
– girl-on-girl
– polyamory
– pregnancy


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