My Sexy Saturday, week 78

Another My Sexy Saturday is upon us!  For those of you who aren’t familiar with My Sexy Saturday, it is a blog hop giving writers of erotica a chance to share seven words, sentences or paragraphs from a published or unpublished work, based on a different theme each week.

For week 78 the theme is ‘My Sexy Date’.  I realised, when trying to find something suitable to use, that I don’t write many dates, something that I shall rectify!  The closest I found to a sexy date was this little moment when Victoria and Jake are on a date.  It’s from the very first story I wrote (the writing is horrific!) and will always have a special place in my heart!



“Here’s to more celebrating of milestones,” Victoria said, smiling shyly at him.

“Here’s to a lot more celebrating of milestones,” Jake corrected, hoping she couldn’t tell he was imagining them clinking glasses to celebrate one year together, two years together, pregnancy, a first birthday. He blushed, it was crazy to be thinking that way after they’d only been together one week.

“Here’s to many types of anniversaries,” Victoria replied with a certain twinkle in her eye, suggesting she had been thinking precisely as he had been.

Jake busied himself by taking a mouthful of Coke, because the next words out of his mouth were most likely going to be ‘I‘ followed by ‘love‘, finished off by ‘you‘, and he wasn’t ready to say those words. No, that wasn’t quite true, he was more unsure whether Victoria was ready for him to confess his love for her and didn’t want to ruin their night by creating a whole lot of awkwardness if that was the case. That he so badly wanted to say those words was a surprise; in the past he’d never been one to fall in love quickly, or to say ‘I love you’ so soon, but with Victoria it just felt right, more than that, it was the truth.

My Sexy Saturday, week 76

Welcome to another week of My Sexy Saturday!  For those of you who aren’t familiar with MSS, it is a blog hop giving erotica authors a chance to share their ‘sexy 7’ – 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs – based on a particular theme each week.

For week 76 the theme is ‘You’re So Sexy’, and I have chosen 7 sentences from the very first story I wrote.  It is about two women who have been in a relationship for a few years then meet two men and before long are in a polyamorous relationship.  I love the relationships between each of the m/f couples, but my favourite is the one between the two women, Lizzie & Victoria.




The girls went straight through to their bedroom and as Lizzie began to undress, Victoria couldn’t help but stare. Even after three years together, she still couldn’t help but look in awe at her naked girlfriend, all the curves that were now so familiar to her still made her heart race up and her fingers tingle with the need to touch her. She’d just had a crazy night with the man of her dreams, but for Victoria he was quickly becoming a distant memory, as she stood taking in her girlfriend’s body. Needing to feel Lizzie’s naked body pressed against hers, Victoria undressed quickly and, as they slid in between the sheets, they automatically found their way into each others arms.

Lizzie smiled softly at her and kissed her gently on the lips before whispering a heartfelt “I love you,” in her ear, a sentiment Victoria returned seconds before they gave in to the hunger simmering between them. Hands roamed and fingers grazed, kisses were deep and passionate, whimpers and moans growing louder with each passing second. Bliss, it was really the only word for it.

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Jake gets his very own personal (naughty!) nurse

When Jake gets injured his girlfriend, Victoria, takes it upon herself to be his personal nurse.  Considering the two can’t keep their hands off each other, it is no surprise when Victoria puts a very sexy spin on her temporary role as his very hands-on nurse.  Who can blame her?!



When Jake’s shoulder started to hurt again Victoria insisted he stay on the couch while she went to get his painkillers for him. A couple of minutes later he heard the bathroom door closing and could hear her walking down the hall toward the lounge, but when she came through the doorway Jake was very unprepared for what he saw. Gone were her t-shirt and jeans, replaced by a red and white corset with the tell-tale red cross embroidered in the middle of it, a pair of white stockings, the outfit finished off with a pair of very high, very shiny, very slutty red patent heels.

“Jesus Christ…” Jake uttered, finding it impossible to close his mouth as Victoria approached. He gulped nervously. He really had not been prepared to see her like that!

“Here is your medication, Mr Carter,” Victoria said handing him his painkillers, before turning around and bending over to pick up his drink bottle.

“Uh, thanks…” he replied as she handed him hisdrink bottle and the pills, which he quickly swallowed.

“Is there anything else I can do for you?” Victoria asked very professionally, as she placed his drink bottle back on the coffee table.

“No…” Jake answered, still a touch dumbfounded. He knew she had had a naughty nurse scenario planned, but the reality was so much better than he’d anticipated.

“Is there anything I can do to you?” Victoria asked, her voice suddenly had a very seductive, husky quality about it.

“Well, I could do with a little hug,” Jake said, starting to get his composure back.

“I can do that,” Victoria noted, then leaned over and kissed his forehead. “You feel hot. Perhaps you should take your pants off,” she said in that same sexy tone of voice. Jake raised an eyebrow at her and stood up.

“Maybe I should,” he replied, but before he could put his hands on his waistband, Victoria stopped him.

“Allow me to do that for you, Mr Carter,” Victoria insisted, dropping to her knees and looking up at him through her eyelashes – the sight was simply too much for him and his cock started to throb.

Victoria slowly pulled his pants down and then looked up at him again, this time biting her lip. As she freed him from his boxers, he whimpered.

“I should probably check your temperature,” Victoria suggested and Jake looked down at her warily.

“Oh, and um, how would you do that?” he asked. Rather than answer him, Victoria showed him, lightly licking the tip of his cock.

“Oh god…” he whispered, as she ran her tongue over the head of his cock again.

“Sorry, but I can’t get an accurate reading, I need to check again,” Victoria told him, her voice very serious.

As her mouth slid down the length of his cock he exhaled loudly and hoped like hell she wouldn’t spend too long ‘checking his temperature’, because he wasn’t sure how much of that he could handle. She sucked him gently and much to his relief didn’t take him deep in her throat… he didn’t want to cum while she was sucking his cock, because he had no idea how she felt about the idea of him cumming in her mouth. He was aware it wasn’t something every woman enjoyed! Luckily she kissed his cock goodbye and stood up, then put her hands on his shoulders and looked at him seriously.

“You seem a bit flustered, Mr Carter, perhaps you should sit down – I would hate for you to faint and hurt that shoulder even more,” Victoria said, her voice full of compassion.

“I think you’re right, Nurse Michaels,” Jake said and winked at her, then sat down and looked up at her, curious to see what ‘Nurse Michaels’s next move would be.

Victoria straddled him, with a hand either side of his head on the back of the couch, and wasted no time in kissing him. Jake groaned loudly. She started to kiss down his neck and he groaned again, it seemed that even the slightest touch from her was sending charges of pure heated lust through his body, and for the first time since Saturday morning, he forgot all about the pain in his shoulder.

Without thinking about it he kept his sore arm by his side, but moved his good arm so he was cupping her bottom in his hand. He couldn’t resist the urge to follow the curve of her ass, and as he ghosted his fingers over her slit, she moaned loudly and he felt her entire body shudder against him. She was even wetter than he had expected, and suddenly he wanted, no, needed her badly. Victoria was whimpering against his neck and he knew she wanted him just as badly.

“Now Mr Carter, there are two options regarding your very special care,” Victoria said, a little breathless.

“Oh, Nurse Michaels? Please inform me of those choices,” Jake replied, gazing up at her.

“I can either care for you with my hand and mouth,” Victoria explained, giving him the first option.

“Always a good choice. What is the other option?” Jake asked locking eyes with hers.

“Well, the other option is for me to perch on the top of your cock and then slide down taking you deep inside my pussy,” Victoria explained and Jake could feel her wetness on the tip of his cock. Rather than answering with words, Jake moved both of his hands to her hips and pulled her down until she was filled to the hilt with his cock.

“Naughty Mr Carter, you’re meant to let me do all the hard work!” Victoria exclaimed, then winked at him. “Though I do feel all the hard work inside me,” she said and bit her lip. Had it not been so sexy, Jake would have been teasing her about her dreadful joke.

Victoria started to rock her hips against his, her pussy massaging his cock, causing him to grow increasingly harder with each passing second. Jake had no choice but to groan, and to groan loudly. He hadn’t been frustrated or impatient about not having been inside her for three and a half days, but fuck it felt good to be inside her again!

Jake moved his hands from her hips and instead focused the attention of his fingers on her nipples, which he could see were all pointy beneath the corset she was wearing. Part of him wanted to play with them properly – so he could watch his fingers rubbing and squeezing her nipples – but another part of him loved the naughtiness of the corset, and he decided to leave it on. Why get all the fun out of the way in the space of one naughty fuck? He could (and would!) always help her out of it later that evening.

He began rubbing her nipples through the corset, and Victoria began to moan. He felt her hips immediately start to move faster against him, causing him to rub her nipples harder… and again, for her to move her hips even faster. It amazed him how something as simple as touching her nipples could have such a great ripple effect and impact on what her pussy and hips were doing. When he began to squeeze her nipples, he could feel her pussy tightening around his cock, he could feel her tight walls becoming wetter around him, making him throb even harder.

Without putting any conscious thought into it he pulled down the cups of her corset, and his mouth very quickly found one of her nipples. Jake let out a loud groan of satisfaction as he finally tasted her skin, and felt the hardness of her nipple between his tongue and the roof of his mouth.

Victoria cried out as he started to suck on her nipple. He was trying to be gentle – but was finding that extremely hard – especially when an overwhelming hunger for her had been unleashed. Jake moved his attention to the other nipple, sucking it just as hard and deep into his mouth and while he did this her pussy clenched widly around his cock, her hips bucking harder and faster against him.

Jake quickly got carried away and began to tug on her nipple with his teeth, causing her to cry out loudly and dig her fingernails deep into his shoulders. For a nanosecond he was worried he had hurt her, but the way she pushed her hips harder against him suggested otherwise. Again, he tugged on the nipple with his teeth, earning him the same result, this time with Victoria digging her nails into the back of his neck

Victoria started to ride him hard and fast and he could tell that she had one aim in mind – to make him cum – and whether she knew it or not, she was very close to accomplishing her goal. Jake put a hand on the back of Victoria’s neck and pulled her down so his mouth was level with her neck, then he bit down on the crook of her neck, not surprised by the scream that erupted from Victoria, or by the fact her hips suddenly began to buck wildly.

With his cock continously hitting the back of her pussy and his mouth working her neck, Jake could feel Victoria’s pussy starting to constrict. The increase of pressure around his cock triggered spasms deep inside him, which grew stronger and stronger and stronger until, with a loud groan, he came, biting down hard on Victoria’s neck. Her pussy began to clench and release around his cock and as her own orgasm hit she let out a strangled moan, her fingernails deep in his neck, her body rigid against his, his cock as deep inside her pussy as was humanly possible. They rode out their orgasms together, taking great enjoyment out of feeling each other’s body responding to what had turned out to be surprisingly feisty, heated sex.

Afterward, Victoria stayed on him with her face buried in his neck, while he absentmindedly stroked the top of her thigh and kissed the top of her head. His fingers brushed over the top of her stockings and he ran a hand down the length of her leg, until his fingers came to the top of her shoes. He ran his fingers down the stiletto heel and gulped loudly, imagining the heels digging into his back as he went down on her, her legs draped over his shoulders, much like on their first night together. He had no idea what it was, but something about garters, stockings and heels made him instantly horny, and he loved that Victoria appeared to quite enjoy wearing that particular little combination. A lot of fun could be had, he decided, smirking to himself.

“What are you smirking at, Mr Carter?” Victoria asked him, a twinkle in her eye.

“I was just thinking how lucky I am to have a girlfriend who enjoys wearing what is quite possibly the sexiest lingerie combination in the world,” Jake informed her.

“And what would that be?” Victoria asked, playing dumb.

“The corset, the stockings the garter, the heels,” Jake replied and Victoria raised an eyebrow at him.

“Oh, you like, do you, Mr Carter?” Victoria asked, doing a good job of sounding surprised.

“I very much do, Miss Michaels…” Jake told her and Victoria bit her lip.
“That is very handy to know,” Victoria said and then started to blush.

“What is it, Miss Michaels?” Jake asked, smiling softly at her.

“Well, it’s just that I understand the appeal of the corset, garter, stockings and heels,” Victoria admitted and Jake winked at her when he realised what she was saying.

“You understand just how amazingly horny it makes me then,” Jake said and chuckled. It felt very strange to be talking to his girlfriend about such a thing!

“I do, oh believe me, I do,” Victoria said and bit her lip again. Jake couldn’t help but wonder if she was imagining Lizzie dressed up like she was.

“You’re thinking about Lizzie wearing a similar outfit, aren’t you,” Jake whispered teasingly and Victoria nodded.

“I’m sorry,” Victoria replied and he laughed.

“Don’t apologise, by all means go ahead and continue your thoughts,” Jake told her and she giggled.

“You just like the thought of me thinking naughty things about my girlfriend!” Victoria exclaimed.

“Duh!” Jake said with a wink and they both laughed.

“Men. You’re so simple. Slightest hint of girl on girl and you turn to putty,” Victoria said, shaking her head in mock disgust.

“Baby, it’s one thing to think of girl in girl in general, but knowing your very own gorgeous, sexy, amazing girlfriend partakes in said girl on girl… it’s more mindblowing than you will ever know,” Jake informed Victoria.

“Dirty bastard,” Victoria joked and he nodded.

“At your service,” Jake replied and Victoria rolled her eyes, then kissed him playfully.

“The patient really should to go bed,” Victoria suggested and Jake nodded in agreement.

“Yes, I think I should, I am ever so tired and need to rest my aching body,” Jake replied with mock seriousness.

“If your entire body is sore perhaps I should examine you to make sure nothing else is wrong,” Victoria stated, that professional tone back in her voice.

“If it’s what you feel needs to happen, Nurse Michaels…” Jake said and winked at her.

“Oh, I do, Mr Carter. I really do,” Victoria replied and then stood up, he followed quickly and watched her as she walked through to the kitchen to get them both a glass of water for bed. “You are such a pervert of a patient!” she exclaimed when she had the water in hand.

“No no, I just admire those in the healthcare profession,” Jake replied, winking at her and Victoria laughed.

“Come on then, Mr Carter, let’s get you to bed,” Victoria said and bit her lip.

He followed as she walked down the hallway, feeling completely at her mercy – and loving it!

When they were both ready for bed Victoria did as she said she would and put him to bed. When she straddled him and started kissing him he presumed it was merely a goodnight formality, that was until he felt her pussy sliding back down his cock. She hooked her feet under his legs – the scratches on his legs from the stiletto heels quite possibly the most arousing ‘injury’ known to man – and for ten minutes she rode him slowly, gradually bringing them both closer and closer to orgasm. After they both came, she untangled her legs from his, kicked her shoes off and joined him beneath the sheets.

An hour later Victoria got up to go to the toilet, and Jake was standing by the bed when she came back through to the bedroom. When she stopped in front of him, Jake knelt in front of her and undid the clips holding up her stockings, slowly rolling them down so she could step out of them. He stood up and turned her around so she had her back to him, slowly undoing her corset, kissing each new bare inch of flesh along the way. When the corset dropped to the ground, Victoria turned to face him and they gently kissed, before sliding back in between the sheets. Victoria moved straight into his arms, both of them making sleepy sighs of happiness as sleep took over.

My Sexy Saturday, week 54

The weeks are just going faster and faster!  Another Saturday is upon us (well, it’s Sunday in my part of the world), and that means one thing.  It’s time for My Sexy Saturday!  For those of you who have no idea what My Sexy Saturday is, it is a chance for writers of erotica to share 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs of their work, based on a different theme each week.

This weeks theme, for example, is ‘Do You Think I’m Sexy’, and I have decided to go with 7 sentences from the very first story I wrote… a story that will never be published, but one that I love all the same!

In this scene Victoria’s injured boyfriend is treated to some very special one-on-one nursing care, by his own very sexy, very naughty nurse… (I may post this scene in its entirety on my blog later today, so keep an eye out!)

When Jake’s shoulder started to hurt again Victoria insisted he stay on the couch while she went to get his painkillers for him. A couple of minutes later he heard the bathroom door closing and could hear her walking down the hall toward the lounge, but when she came through the doorway Jake was very unprepared for what he saw. Gone were her t-shirt and jeans, replaced by a red and white corset with the tell-tale red cross embroidered in the middle of it, a pair of white stockings, the outfit finished off with a pair of very high, very shiny, very slutty red patent heels.

Jesus christ…” Jake uttered, finding it impossible to close his mouth as Victoria approached. He gulped nervously. He really had not been prepared to see her like that!

Here is your medication, Mr Carter,” Victoria said handing him his painkillers, before turning around and bending over to pick up his drink bottle, making him very aware of her pantiless state.


A little spanking, anyone?

…. as Alex soon learns

I know it has been awhile since I shared a proper excerpt on here.  I have been busy writing my latest story, and have to admit that I am very easily sidetracked!

But here it is, finally!  Excerpt two of what I jokingly refer to as ‘Vampire Rugby’, as it is based on two cursed rugby players… and came about all because of a stupid, innocent comment I made to my wife one night.

This little scene occurs after Lizzie and Alex have spent their second night together.  Lizzie’s girlfriend – Victoria – who has spent the night with Jake, rings Alex with a little suggestion that he finds it impossible to ignore.

You can read excerpt 1 & get a little of the background right here…

As always, I have uploaded the PDF file of this excerpt, please feel free to download it!
Vampire Rugby (excerpt 2) – Bree Guildford


‘Vampire Rugby’ (unofficial title) – excerpt 2 

Lizzie passed him his phone when it began to ring. He wondered who would be calling him on a Sunday, and hoped like hell it wasn’t one of the coaches requesting an urgent meeting for some reason. He had plans for the day. Plans that involved the very sexy, very naked woman in bed beside him. One look at the caller display and he could see it was Jake. Frowning, he answered the phone.

Hello,” he said, and was surprised when the voice on the other end was a woman’s.

Pretend it’s not me,” Victoria ordered.

I’m okay…” Alex responded, wondering why the heck Victoria was ringing him.

That girlfriend of mine? Spank her.” Victoria ordered and Alex coughed.

Why on earth would I do that?” Alex asked light heartedly, trying to not arouse Lizzie’s suspicions (there were other parts of her he’d sooner arouse…).

Just do it… trust me, you won’t regret it, and she will definitely thank you,” Victoria replied, and then the phone went dead. Lizzie looked curiously at him.

One of the boys being stupid,” Alex explained as he put his phone on the bedside table and Lizzie laughed. He was very glad she’d believed him.

Boys will be boys, huh!” Lizzie exclaimed and he nodded in agreement.

Noticing the time, and realising neither of them had eaten since early the previous evening, he decided he should be a good host and at least cook for for his very special, sexy guest.

“Don’t know about you, but I am famished” Alex remarked. “How about bacon and eggs for breakfast?” he suggested and Lizzie nodded enthusiastically.

Oh god that sounds good. I don’t suppose you have any mushrooms?” Lizzie asked, grinning when he nodded in response

I always have mushrooms!” Alex replied, and was so very glad he did he had picked some up in the groceries!

Want me to cook?” Lizzie offered. Alex shook his head.

No, you are my guest, and it’s my house, I can’t expect you to cook! I would love it if you came out and kept me company though” he responded and Lizzie smiled at him.

I’d love to!” she told him, and then they both got out of bed. Alex opened one of his drawers and threw her one of his t-shirts.

No point getting dressed if we’ll just be going back to bed,” he commented and Lizzie winked at him.

I’d hoped that would be your suggestion, post breakfast!” she informed him and he chuckled.

You really think I would rather be ANYWHERE else?” he asked, then added, “except in the shower, with you,” winking at her.

They went into the kitchen, and Alex couldn’t take his eyes off her. He had given her a t-shirt of his to wear, and he was amazed by how sexy she looked wearing it. The way it clung to her curves and the way her nipples pressed against the fabric were one big tease for him. Given Victoria’s short and sweet phone call, he found it hard to not look at her bottom, while wondering if what Victoria had implied was true, and Lizzie would enjoy a little spanking. Being that he was in a rather good mood, he was tempted to try it but wasn’t sure whether it was appropriate or not, considering they’d only known each other for a few days. Surely something like that required trust, or at least being 100% comfortable with each other. Not that HE didn’t feel 100% comfortable around her… he just wasn’t sure if she felt the same. He had a feeling she might, but didn’t want to assume.

Alex got the bacon, eggs and mushrooms from the fridge and put them on the bench beside the cooktop. When he turned around to get a frying pan out, he was met by Lizzie leaning against the countertop, with her bottom sticking out. It was almost as if she was asking for his hand to make contact with her ass. When he made his way past her to get the olive oil from the pantry, he made a point of running his hand across her bottom, and was sure he didn’t imagine her sharp intake of breath at the contact. Grabbing the oil, he made his way back to the cooktop – again running his hand along her bottom as he walked past her – and again hearing a sharp intake of breath from her.

Cup of tea? Orange juice?” Alex asked Lizzie.

Um a cup of.. um, I’ll have some orange juice.” Lizzie replied, when they made eye contact he could see that she was flustered.

You okay?” he asked innocently and she nodded.

Yea.. I’m fine…” she replied, not sounding it, but it wasn’t in a bad way.

Do you want anything else?” he asked, and she shook her head, but a look passed between them that suggested perhaps there WAS something else she needed.

No, I’m good, thanks,” Lizzie replied smiling at him, appearing a bit more composed.

That was until Alex passed her to get to the fridge, and ran his hand along her ass again. This time there was no denying the intake of breath, and Alex began to think that maybe Victoria had given him some good advice. He poured a glass of juice for both of them, then put the OJ back in the fridge. Rather than walking past her, this time he stopped beside her at the counter, under the guise of seeing what she was reading. When he placed his hand on her bottom and started gently massage the area, she let out a little whimper… it was one of the sexiest little noises he’d ever heard.

What are you reading?” he asked and she showed him the store brochure.

It’s really enthralling stuff,” she commented, her voice sounding a little more high pitched than usual. Maybe due to the fact he was still massaging her ass?

Maybe I can read it when you’re finished?” he suggested jokingly and she nodded.

There is a bit of a waiting list, but I guess it’s okay if you sneak in before the next person on the list,” Lizzie replied, her voice sounding husky.

Thanks for that,” he said sweetly then, not even realising what he was doing, lightly smacked her bottom and went back to the cooktop, but not before he saw her clench her fists together, and heard her let out another little sexy whimper.

After witnessing her reactions to her bottom merely being touched (and lightly smacked), Alex was suddenly very curious to see what her reaction to a proper spanking would be like, and toyed with the idea of doing it right there and then. He decided against it in the end, thinking that perhaps frying whilst spanking wasn’t the safest idea, and that a kitchen probably wasn’t a very sexy place to be spanked He tried to move the thought to the back of his head and concentrate on cooking… but that thought was never too far away, and it suddenly became hard for him to keep his hands to himself. When Lizzie turned around with her back to the kitchen island, he was quite relieved. There was no way he could touch her bottom if he had no access to it!

He did however have access to her boobs, and because of the teasing way her nipples were pressing against the fabric of the thin t-shirt, there was no way he could resist touching them. Stepping closer to her, he stood in front of her and put his hands on her hips and kissed her. He tried to keep the kiss as passionless as possible, knowing very well that if he kissed her with the hunger he felt, they would end up having very steamy sex, while his house burnt down around them. Finding it harder and harder to control himself, he gave in to temptation and kissed a trail down her neck and over the t-shirt, until his lips came into contact with one of her pointy, hard nipples. He started to suck the nipple through the cotton barrier, and when she groaned loudly, he realised that sucking her nipples was probably the stupidest thing he could do if he wanted to retain control, and not ravage the poor woman.

It was him who groaned next, upon seeing the wet patch of t-shirt, which made her nipple VERY visible to him. He knew he should step away and get back to the bacon, but it would hurt his OCD if she had only ONE wet, see through patch of t-shirt, so risking everything, he moved his mouth to her other nipple, and sucked long and hard. Lizzie moved her hand to the back of his head, as if to hold him in place, and he groaned against her nipple. He knew he was a lost cause. Breaking the contact, Alex coughed and gave her a pained, flustered, desperate look, before moving back to the cooktop to try and concentrate on not completely destroying their breakfast.

But concentrate he could not. Not with her standing there. She wasn’t even standing beside him, or really making her presence known. But he KNEW she was there, and couldn’t take his mind off the myriad of things he’d love to be doing to her, right there and then in his kitchen. No. They weren’t things he would love to be doing to her – they were things he desperately HAD to do to her One thing in particular he badly needed to do. Deciding to let his cock make his decisions, he turned off the cooktop and turned to her.

There is only one thing I want for breakfast,” he said, as he approached her. She raised an eyebrow at him.

Oh really?” she asked, innocently.

Yes. Something I’ve been wanting to taste for quite some time,” he replied as he pressed up against her, his hands on either side of her on the kitchen island, so she couldn’t escape.

What would that be, Mr Bradshaw?” Lizzie asked, again oh-so innocently. She was so good at pretending to be innocent.

You know exactly what that would be,” he responded, locking eyes with her and licking his lips.

No, no clue, sir,” Lizzie replied and shook her head.

I am going to need to show you, aren’t I?” Alex sighed dramatically and Lizzie nodded.
“Oh, you are…” Lizzie responded, the slightest hint of a smirk on her face. Without a further word he put his hands on her hips and lifted her up so she was sitting on the island.

May I suggest you lie back,” Alex suggested and she did just as he asked.

He could not prevent the groan that escaped from his lips as she slowly let her legs fall open, almost in slow motion. His eyes were glued to her pussy, and almost bugged out of his head as her pussy lips parted, and he could see she was already glistening with wetness. His plan had been to do it slowly, to tease her, to almost make her beg for his tongue, but upon seeing how wet she was, his plan changed dramatically. Leaning down slightly, he inhaled deeply and shuddered as he caught her scent… so womanly, so enticing.

The moment his tongue made contact with her wet folds, Alex KNEW he’d made the right choice. Bacon and eggs were nothing compared to the deliciousness he was currently experiencing. Rather than being slow, and working her gradually toward an orgasm, he found he couldn’t control himself, and began to lick her pussy hungrily. He lapped his tongue up and down her pussy, increasing the pressure with each stroke, making sure to focus on her clit when his tongue made contact, before licking back down to her hole. The way she cried out whenever he dipped his tongue inside her hole made his cock twitch and throb. Each time he dipped his tongue back in she was even wetter, and the more he tasted her juices, the more he needed to taste them. He wondered for a vague moment if he’d died and gone to heaven because in that moment, life was pretty much perfect. He’d always loved the taste of a woman but Lizzie was by far his most pleasurable oral experience he had ever had, and he hoped there’d be plenty more to come.

Then he remembered her girlfriend and their committed, long term relationship… and the fact that that wasn’t very conducive to him being able to taste her a thousand more times.

He was stirred from his thoughts, by a loud guttural moan from Lizzie, and the feeling of her fingers linking with his own. He smiled against her pussy, glad that she seemed to be enjoying it as much as he was, and that she wanted the extra contact with him. Soon one of her hands let go of his and she moved it to the back of his head; suddenly his mouth was more firmly against her, and her hips were bucking against his mouth. He wanted to make it a lengthy, pleasurable experience for her, but the more he licked her pussy and tasted her wetness, the more carried away he became and as she began to scream and dig her fingernails into his hand, while pulling at his hair, he realised she was getting very close. Part of him wanted to slow right back down – but he couldn’t do that to her – or to himself.

He licked her clit harder and faster, making sure to keep it steady… her screams became louder and more high pitched, when he began to feel her legs closing, he knew she was almost there, so began to lick fasterstill. He was immediately rewarded by her screaming loudly as her orgasm hit, her thighs trying to clamp together, her hips raising up off the island, her hand pushing firmly on the back of his head as her fingernails dug deeply into his arms. When her whole body went limp, he gently kissed her pussy and inner thighs while stroking her hand, which was still in his, then raised his head and looked at her. He smiled and she smiled back; it was a very drunk smile, the type of smile that told him she was orgasmed out and very blissfully happy.

Alex took both of Lizzie’s hands in his and pulled her to a sitting position, then putting one arm under her legs and another behind her back, he picked her up and carried her back through to the bedroom. Breakfast could wait, all he wanted to do now was hold this amazing woman in his arms, while she recovered from what had appeared to be a rather intense orgasm. Smiling at her, he then kissed her gently and placed her on the bed, climbing in behind her so she had her back to his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and heard her sigh happily, then lay there holding her, smiling to himself… while trying to forget the fact she was actually someone else’s, not his.

Lizzie snoozed in his arms for half an hour, but he was much too wired to sleep. Not to mention more than a little horny. His mind kept going back to the brief phone call with Victoria, telling him to spank Lizzie… he had never ever thought about spanking a woman, because it wasn’t something that HE was interested in. But when he thought about Lizzie’s reactions to his very gentle teasing earlier, it stirred something deep inside him and he felt compelled to follow through and find out just how horny a little spanking could make her. But he had no idea how to really go about it. Spontaneously? Talk to her about it first? How would he know how hard to do it? What if she really didn’t like it? What if he did it wrong, somehow?

He heard Lizzie let out a quiet whimper and realised he was rubbing her bottom again. Obviously the spanking thoughts had gone straight to his hand and it seemed she was liking it. Was now the time to test out the spanking theory? At least if she didn’t like it, or if it offended her for some reason (though he was pretty sure that wouldn’t be the case), she could get up and leave and they wouldn’t have had months worth of connection, destroyed. But what if he DID spank her and she decided to leave and it ruined the potential for future months of connection building? It was tough, and wasn’t exactly something he could ask anyone for advice about. Except maybe Victoria, but that might be just a little weird… although, she’d been the one who suggested it, so he came to the conclusion that she probably wouldn’t mind.

Alex continued rubbing her bottom and Lizzie kept letting out her little whimpers, the sexy little whimpers that caused his cock to stir and his blood to heat up. Finally he lost his restraint and decided he had to do it – he HAD to spank her – he was far too curious to find out how turned on it would make her. Moving back a tiny bit, Alex removed his hand from her ass, and then brought it down gently. Lizzie arched her back and whimpered. Again he moved his hand from her ass, and brought it down, this time not quite as gently. He was rewarded with a loud whimper. The next time, his hand came down harder, and her whimper grew louder… and he found that as her whimpers became louder, his cock grew harder.

When he brought his hand down on her ass the next time, he did it harder than he’d meant to – but Lizzie let out a loud moan of pleasure – indicating to him that perhaps harder was better. Again his hand came down hard on her ass and her moan was louder, slightly more high pitched, and he noticed that her breathing was coming faster. Lizzie pulled the blankets off her, as if to give Alex easier access to her ass… and oh… how he loved that. He soon learnt that bringing his hand back further meant he could bring it down harder, which resulted in louder moans from her… but it also resulted in a new response – she began bucking her hips.

When he realised how much she was enjoying it he decided to stop worrying about doing it too hard and just followed her cues. When her moans turned to shrieks he knew that he was doing it perfectly and didn’t alter the force with which he was spanking her. He made sure his hand was making contact in the same spot each time, stopping after every few contacts to rub her bottom a little. When she started to grind her hips and writhe around he began to miss the red handprint target that had developed on her ass. He had never been witness to anything sexier… the extreme hardeness of his cock was proof of that.

Lizzie unexpectedly turned so she was facing him and then pushed him onto his back. He was worried that she had had enough, but the look in her eyes told him that was not the case. When she climbed on top of him and impaled herself on his cock, he began to understand why she had changed position. If she was on top, she could have him inside her – and he could spank her at the same time.

What a revelation THAT was! The first time he spanked her while he was inside her, he gasped as his cock was clenched with an iron grip. He spanked her again, harder, and the same thing happened, causing him to let out a loud moan of his own. And so it continued, he’d spank, she’d clench and grind, he’d spank, she’d clench and grind, he’d spank, she’d clench and grind, spank, clench and grind, spank, clench and grind. Her pussy was so amazingly wet that it felt like his cock was shrouded in silk. She was so incredibly smooth and he really had never felt anything so… he couldn’t even find the word for it.

Alex was not surprised when his orgasm began building up, and was glad that it appeared to be coinciding with hers. After all the work they’d put in, it only seemed fitting for them to cum together. She continued riding him hard, while he spanked her hard, and as her shrieks became increasingly high pitched, he was grunting louder and louder. He felt her pussy starting to tighten so pulled her down hard and felt his cock hit nice and deep. After three thrusts/grinds, they both exploded into orgasm – both loud, both guttural, both going rigid against each other, as their orgasm lasted for what felt like ten minutes.

Then she collapsed against him. They lay breathing heavily, a hot, sweaty mess of naked, sexed out, over-sensitised, post-orgasmic bliss.

Afterward he had no idea how long it took for them to recover enough to talk, and when he tried to think of the space of time immediately post-orgasm, he found he had no recollection… it was as if he had cum so hard that he had blacked out.


My Sexy Saturday, week 35

It is My Sexy Saturday time again!  My Sexy Saturday is a blog hop, which allows participants to post 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs from one of their own works (published or in progress), to share with other members.
The theme for week 35 is ‘Come Undone Sexy’, and from the moment I read the theme brief, I KNEW the perfect excerpt to share.
It is from an unpublished story which is revolves around two men and two women, who are in a polyamorous relationship.  This excerpt focuses on one of the male/female couples – Alex and Lizzie – and the end of what had been a rather innocent night.  Alex had work to do, so Lizzie curled up on a chair in his office and read her book while he worked… before going to get them both a drink and coming back dressed in new, very sexy lingerie.  Alex forgets all about his work and proceeds to eat Lizzie on his desk, before spanking her and taking her against, and then on the desk…

As Alex’s desire grew, so did his need for sex of the not-so-gentle kind.  Although he loved that he was fucking her on his desk, he wasn’t able to hit as deep and hard as he wanted – and needed – so moving his hands under her thighs, he lifted her up and walked away from the desk, pressing her up against the wall beside the door. Finally he was able to get the momentum he desired, his cock hitting hard, causing her to cry out with each thrust.  He wasn’t concerned he was being too rough, because Lizzie had her fingers fisted in his hair and was tightening her legs around him, as if to pull him even deeper inside.  He kissed and nibbled at her neck before moving onto her lips; the way she was moaning against his mouth spurred him on, and he began to move harder against her.

When Lizzie tugged on his lip as she broke off the kiss, something about the sensation caused him to suddenly start thrusting harder against her, causing him to grunt with the effort.  As the few frames that were hanging on the wall began to rattle, both of them laughed  and he decided that it was probably a good idea to move to a surface where there was less chance of damage. Stepping back from the wall he walked slowly, still kissing her, and headed for his bedroom, figuring there was little chance of anything getting broken in there if he was suddenly overcome again.

That was until he saw the sideboard out of the corner of his eye, and without even thinking about it,  turned and walked toward it. Pausing as he looked at the random knick-knacks and the like sitting on top of the sideboard, Alex shrugged and thought ‘fuck it’, then, in one fell swoop, pushed the contents onto the floor.  He didn’t even cringe as he heard the distinct noise of items breaking as they landed on the floor. Lizzie looked at him with her eyes wide open, shock written all over her face.

“Nothing expensive or important,” Alex reassured her.

“You are crazy,” Lizzie exclaimed.

“For you, yes,” Alex replied, then pressed his mouth against hers, the broken knick-knacks the last thing on either of their minds.

He felt so consumed by his need for Lizzie.  He needed to touch her all over and to be as close as possible to her.  He felt crazed and out of control, but her own need seemed to match his and he knew that he would remember the events of the evening for a very long time to come! When he put his hands on her hips and began to thrust against her again, he felt Lizzie’s nails digging into his shoulders, the nails getting deeper and deeper as he moved harder against her. The powerful thrusts caused them both to cry out in pleasure, their cries growing louder and louder, to the point that Alex hoped all the windows were closed.  Or that his neighbours were hard of hearing.

Alex would have loved for the sex to go on for hours, but he was realistic and  knew he had limits.  Limits he was fast reaching.  Lizzie’s own appetite seemed to be growing, and he wondered if it was because they were on the sideboard; he knew it was a little kink of hers, and he loved that. He’d always enjoyed having sex in places that weren’t a bed, but his ex-girlfriends had seemed to prefer the more vanilla in-a-bed-you-on-top-me-on-bottom variety of sex.  He wasn’t some sort of insatiable monster, he enjoyed that type of sex as well… but if it was the only type of sex had, it got to be a bore.  He knew that sex would NEVER be a bore with Lizzie!

When her legs tightened around him again, Alex groaned loudly as her pussy began to clench and release his cock, with that iron grip he had come to love.  He could feel her getting tighter, which was causing extra friction on his cock, and he knew he had gone past his limit and things were about to come to an inevitable, explosive end.  He gripped her hips, fingers digging deeply into her flesh, pulling her as tightly against him as he could, then began to slam harder and harder against her.  Lizzie began shrieking loudly, the shrieks growing higher in pitch with each one.  As his breathing became faster, he could feel an immense throbbing pressure in his cock, and the tension in her pussy became unbearable.  Instinctively his thrusts became more forceful, and moments later, in a case of perfect timing, they both came, fingertips digging into flesh, bodies pressed together, screaming, gasping for breath…


Yet to be named story – excerpt 1

This excerpt is from the first story I finished and is yet to be officially named.  I have been referring to this story as ‘vampire rugby’, because it centers around two rugby players who also happen to be vampires.

Anyone who knows me will know that I don’t ‘do’ vampires or anything supernatural in nature, and that I am a huge rugby fan.  It is my disinterest in vampires and interest in rugby that brought this story into being.  One day I very jokingly told my wife that maybe if someone wrote about vampire rugby players, I would be more inclined to take an interest… I then went about my day as normal without giving the idea of vampire rugby players a second thought.  Until 2am the following morning, when I woke up with a storyline ready to go.

It turned out that the someone who would write about vampire rugby players was me.

As a general overview the story follows four characters – Victoria, Lizzie, Alex and Jake – who between them have three relationships.  Alex and Jake met (long time girlfriends) Victoria and Lizzie at a cafe one innocent afternoon.  After it was revealed that Alex was Lizzie’s free pass and Jake was Victoria’s, the four of them agreed to a one-time-only night of sex.  One night turns into two nights, two into three, three into four… and though it wasn’t what any of them planned on, two new relationships are started, Lizzie and Alex, Victoria and Jake.  Lizzie and Victoria’s relationship continues as before with the added bonus that they now each have a boyfriend.

I will go into more detail about the story in a later post, but for now I will leave you with an excerpt from the story and a link in case you’d like to download it.
*to download the PDF file, click on the downward pointing arrow on the top left of the document

Yet to be named story (excerpt 1) – Bree Guildford

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

‘Vampire Rugby’ (unofficial title) – excerpt 1


Alex was doing his best to concentrate on driving but couldn’t help sneaking glances at Lizzie every so often. She was really there. In his car. Going home. With him. To… He shook his head and once again focused on the road. Crashing was not an option. He ran a hand through his hair and was sure he heard Lizzie let out a little whimper… it was one of the hottest noises he’d ever heard. He willed time to speed up because if they didn’t get home soon he was going to explode, in a very big way!

“I can’t believe this is happening…” Alex said quietly and when Lizzie didn’t respond he realised she hadn’t heard him. He chuckled quietly and she turned to him

“I’m sorry, what?” Lizzie asked, blushing.

“Oh… uh… I was… talking to myself, really…” Alex replied, suddenly feeling even more flustered.

“Mmm?” Lizzie prompted him. He took a deep breath.

“It’s just that… I can’t quite believe this is happening… I mean, you know, I didn’t think when I went to Puzzles this afternoon that THIS is how my day was gonna end,” he said honestly.

“Hey! That’s my line!” Lizzie giggled.

“I can also tell you that neither Jake nor I really believed you girls would go through with that ‘free pass’ thing,” Alex commented and Lizzie smirked at him.

“That was pretty obvious. But we are very serious. And while we’re on the subject of the free pass thing…” she started and then stopped.

“What? You have a very long list full of movie stars?” Alex asked teasingly. Lizzie laughed.

“No, actually. There is only ONE name on my list.”

“And who is th….. OH!!!!” Alex exclaimed when he understood what she was saying. “Well, I’m very, um, flattered!” Alex told her, in complete honesty.

As they stopped at a red light, Alex turned to Lizzie and, moving a hand to the side of her face, pulled her in toward him and kissed her with all the hunger he was feeling, letting out a little groan as her tongue swiped against his own. In a perfect world, that particular red light would have been red for a few minutes so he would have time to help her straddle him and then plunge deep inside her and make her scream. His cock twitched with the thought and he wasn’t at all surprised when the car behind him tooted, indicating the light had turned from red to green and he was holding up the traffic.

“Lost in thought?” Lizzie asked him and he chuckled huskily.

“Like you wouldn’t believe!” he replied and she laughed.

“Oh I would believe, Mr Bradshaw. I would very much believe!” Lizzie said, biting her lip when he looked at her and raised an eyebrow.

“And what would make you so believing?” he asked her, smirking.

“I was just harbouring some rather explicit thoughts, that’s all,” Lizzie responded.

Again Alex felt his cock stirring and wondered how in the hell he would be able to make it home without crashing and killing both of them.

Finally… finally they arrived at his house and after turning the car off he hastily undid his seatbelt – trying to not appear too eager – but he knew his eagerness was blatantly obvious to Lizzie. Not that she looked as if she had all the time in the world. He grinned at her and opened his door, surprised when Lizzie put her hand on his thigh.

“No,” she told him sternly, he looked at her confused.

“You want me to take you home?” he asked, hoping he was very wrong.

“No,” she replied and gave him a look that was pure sexual desire.

“What do you want me to do then?” he asked, feeling rather puzzled.

“Move your seat back as far as it goes,” she instructed him. He did as she asked, then licked his lips as she turned in her seat and in one smooth movement was straddling him.

“I… um…” Alex stumbled. Lizzie grinned at him and then placed her hands on his shoulders.

“There is no way I’m waiting an extra minute to have you inside me,” she informed him, and with that, moved her hands down between them and undid the button on his jeans – rising up on her knees so he could lift himself up and pull his pants and boxers down, just far enough.

“Oh god, I’m so glad you feel that way,” Alex exclaimed, and then all talking ceased.

Their hands roamed each other’s bodies, their lips moved against each other in a manner that soon made them breathless. Though they had had minimal foreplay he knew that neither could wait any longer so he hooked his index finger inside her panties and pulled them to the side. Lizzie plunged down on top of him and finally he was inside her.

So much sexual tension had built between them that Alex wasn’t at all surprised when he immediately started to feel his orgasm building up… her pussy felt so wet and tight around his cock, it was impossible to pretend to have any form of self restraint. Not when he wanted her so badly. His hands quickly moved to her hips and he held her tightly against him, knowing that their close proximity to each other would be causing non-stop friction against her clit. Yes, he was a man – a very horny one at that – but he wasn’t selfish and wanted the experience to be just as powerful for her. Perhaps even more so. Maybe if it was mind-blowing enough, they could discuss the possibility for another night of… free pass style sex… He was getting way ahead of himself though. They hadn’t even finished having sex for the first time!

The combination of her tongue in his mouth, her fingers digging into his shoulders and her pussy tightly clenching at his cock made it very hard for him to try and control his responses. Lizzie was moaning loudly and he could feel her pussy starting to get tighter and tighter around him, so he knew that things were equally as intense for her. As she started to grind harder he instinctively pulled her down harder against him and as she began to moan in a very loud, high pitched fashion, he felt his orgasm getting very close to ripping free. He braced himself, and then in what worked out to be a case of exceptional timing, they both came – loud, hard, shaking.

Lizzie collapsed against his chest and he kissed the top of her head as he wrapped his arms around her. For a couple of minutes they were silent, but then she looked at him and grinned.

“Sorry for my unladylike actions, but I just couldn’t help myself… I have wanted you so badly, for such a long time,” Lizzie said, he chuckled.

“Oh believe me, no need to apologise,” Alex answered and kissed her again.

“Restraint has never been my strong point,” Lizzie admitted and Alex shrugged.

“Restraint is overrated!” he remarked and Lizzie laughed.

“Another of my lines!” she laughed. He couldn’t stop himself from kissing her again.

“Shall we go inside now? Unless you feel the need to have sex on the path… FYI I’m totally cool with the idea if that’s the case!” Alex teased and Lizzie raised an eyebrow at him.

“Don’t go putting thoughts in my head!” she remarked and they both laughed.

After untangling their bodies from each others, Lizzie and Alex managed to make it out of the car and he led her along the concrete path (without stopping half way to have sex!) and into the house. Alex didn’t get a chance to take her to the bedroom because the moment the door was closed, Lizzie pushed him up against the wall and climbed him like a tree.


Victoria followed Jake inside and bit her lip in anticipation. She couldn’t believe she was actually in his house, and that she was going to have sex with him (more than once, she hoped). Standing in the kitchen, he turned to her and smiled warmly.

“Can I get you anything?” he asked – she knew he was referring to a drink – but couldn’t resist.

“You…” she responded and found herself biting her lip again. By the time he was finished with her, there was going to be a hole in her damn lip.

Jake stepped closer to her and pressed her up against the bench then they began to kiss again, his hands working their way down her sides coming to rest lightly on her hips. Victoria placed her hands on his shoulders and as the kiss intensified her fingertips made their way up his neck and she moved her hands around the back of his head, burying her fingers in his hair. They both let out little moans of pleasure at the same time and Victoria felt her body starting to respond.

The kissing went on for a long time and although there was a lot of anticipation about what was to come, neither appeared to be in a hurry for things to get to that point… both knew that the longer they waited before finally giving in, the better it would be. That said, Victoria was quite literally aching to have him inside her and the fact she could feel his hardness against her belly told her he was feeling just as… in need.. as she was.

“I hate to be so forward, but… I really… need you,” Victoria said quietly against his mouth, and he pressed harder against her and tugged on her bottom lip with his teeth, causing her to whimper loudly.

“Be as forward as you want to,” Jake said, gasping for breath when the kiss broke off.

“Lead the way,” Victoria prompted and Jake smirked naughtily at her.

“There is actually something I’ve wanted to do for a long time…” Jake said, looking at her suggestively.

Before Victoria could respond, Jake put his hands under her ass and lifted her up. She instinctively wrapped her legs around him and he walked them through the lounge, down the hallway and into what appeared to be an office. She looked at the desk and grinned, imagining Jake doing the cliché pushing of all desk contents onto the floor, then taking her right there on the desk. When he bypassed the desk Victoria was surprised, but then her eyes focused on the high backed leather executive chair and she understood exactly what he was going to do. What they were going to do.

Again she was wrong.

Jake didn’t sit on the chair and pull her down on top of him like she’d expected he would, instead he crouched down in front of the chair so that Victoria was sitting on it then, moving his hands behind his back, unwrapped her legs from his waist. He pulled a little lever on the side of the chair and the seat back moved to a reclined position, Victoria going with it.

“Perfect,” Jake said quietly and then, with her assistance, removed her skirt.

Spreading her legs he ran his hands up her thighs and over hips until his fingers were hooked in the waistband of her panties. Victoria lifted her bottom off the chair again and Jake began to slowly pull her underwear down. As he slipped them over her heels he looked up, his eyes sparkling.

“The heels are staying on,” he informed her and Victoria laughed.

She completely understood where he was coming from… she almost died whenever Lizzie wore heels and loved nothing more than having sex with her while she was still wearing them.

“I completely understand,” Victoria answered winking at him. He gulped noisily and gave her a pained look.

“As if I wasn’t horny enough,” he remarked and Victoria raised an eyebrow at him. “Then you go and mention what you and your girlfriend do when you have sex… you really think I need the added mental imagery?” he joked.

“So, what are you going to do to me, Boss?” Victoria asked, thinking to herself that it was probably a good thing he didn’t know about her little boss fetish.

Victoria waited for a naughty retort, instead he answered by dipping his head between her thighs and slowly licking from her hole to her clit. Victoria gasped. She had NOT expected that. After her initial (pleasant) shock her first instinct was to move her hands to his head, so she could tangle her fingers in his hair and hold his mouth more firmly against her. He repeatedly licked slowly from her hole to her clit and back again for what felt like hours, but in reality it was only a couple of minutes… something about the position she was in caused his tongue to create a more intense sensation than if she was lying on a bed, couch, floor, bonnet of a car – and she couldn’t help but moan loudly and get absolutely carried away by what he was doing to her.

There had been an enormous build up of sexual tension over the course of the day, well, from the moment she saw Jake at Puzzles. The flirting, the looks, the desire, and it had all made her very very horny. Some of that tension was of course released when she and Lizzie had had sex when they got home after leaving Puzzles – but it was really a different type of sexual tension – and it had only continued to build at the restaurant. Because of that, when Jake began to focus more on her clitoris she felt her orgasm starting to build almost straight away and she knew there was no point in trying to keep it at bay. When Jake moved her legs so they were over his shoulders Victoria felt things speeding up even more and she knew that it wouldn’t be long. She just hoped he wouldn’t mind her speedy climax.

Jake’s tongue moved fast, back and forward over her clit and she could feel her pussy getting tighter and tighter with each swipe. Her moans became louder and more high-pitched, and though she tried not to, she was also pushing his face harder and harder against her while her hips bucked against his mouth. Her head was thrashing around, there was absolutely no way she could keep still. Her orgasm hadn’t even hit yet and already it felt powerful. She held tightly to his hair, and when he suddenly pressed his face harder against her pussy she came undone, her orgasm hitting hard, her screams so loud they could probably be heard all around the neighbourhood. It seemed to go on forever and when she finally began to come down Jake began licking softly up and down her slit making sure to avoid any contact with her very sensitive clitoris. For one so comparatively young he had quite the skill when it came to oral. If Victoria hadn’t been so dead from her orgasm she would have blushed at the thought of how much younger than her he was. But in her state she really didn’t give a fuck.

Jake looked up at her and grinned. She managed to grin back even if her brain wasn’t functioning well enough for her to perform the simple task of forming words. As Jake carefully moved her legs off his shoulders, he kissed the top of each of her thighs then stood up. Putting his hands on the armrests of the chair, he leaned over and kissed her. She whimpered as she tasted herself on him then moaned quietly because of the soft nature of the kiss. After the intensity up until that point it was nice to have a kiss so gentle. Even if it did leave her wanting more.

She had just had a crazily intense orgasm and she was already wanting more? Seriously?

“Well, that was certainly worth the wait!” Jake said, his voice husky. Victoria wasn’t sure if he was referring to making her cum or finally making someone cum on his big boss chair, but she didn’t care either way.

“That was… wow…” Victoria replied, not really knowing what word to use to describe exactly what it was. Wow seemed to fit the bill.

“Uh huh, it was pretty… wow!” Jake answered, kissing her again.

Somewhere deep inside she felt an ache and mentally rolled her eyes at herself. She was terrible! The man had just made her cum in pretty spectacular fashion and she was already starting to want more?

“It was very unexpected…” Victoria commented, then realised he could have taken that the wrong way. “I mean, unexpected in the way that I thought you were going to take me on your desk… or that I’d be straddling you on this big boss man chair… good unexpected…” Victoria said, trying to explain what she’d meant. “Not that either of the other options would have been bad…” Victoria added, then felt like slapping her own face. “Please just kiss me, so I stop rambling,” she pleaded.

“Gladly…” Jake replied and then kissed her again – this time not quite as softly as the more recent kisses – and there was no way Victoria could hide the fact she was starting to feel aroused again.

Without a word Jake stood up then leaned down and, putting one arm behind her back and the other under her knees, lifted her up and walked out of the office kissing her the entire time. He carried her through another doorway and Victoria realised they were now in his bedroom. Seconds later she was lying on his bed, with him lying beside her. She couldn’t stop grinning as she thought about the events of the day and, sneaking a quick glance at him, she saw he was smiling just as much as she was.

“I don’t know about you,” Jake started. “But today has been fucking crazy, in an awesome way, and I am exhausted!” he finished. Victoria laughed.

“It has been a very strange day, but good strange… And yes, I’m tired as well,” she responded, wondering what would happen next. For the first time, she felt a tiny bit awkward.

“I’m going to go and get a drink and use the bathroom. Do you want me to bring you a drink back?” Jake asked, rolling in toward her and kissing her. She felt a little more relaxed after that.

“A glass of water would be lovely… I’m a little parched!” Victoria said and he winked at her.

“All that screaming and moaning you were doing, I’m not surprised!” he teased and he had a point.

“That was all your fault!” Victoria gasped and he chuckled.

“Maybe I’ll bring you two glasses of water then,” he said, winking at her before he got off the bed and left the room. She hoped that he meant what she thought he was implying… that there’d be more screaming and moaning before the night was over.

Victoria wondered how Lizzie’s night was going and, rather than feeling jealous or weird about the fact she was off having sex with someone else, she felt more than a little turned on as she imagined what Alex may have been doing to Lizzie right at that moment. Sitting up, she picked up her handbag from the floor (obviously Jake had dropped it in on their way to the office) and got her phone out. She text Lizzie saying ‘Hope that gorgeous man is everything you imagined he would be! Love you to bits, can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Sweet dreams.. if you sleep at all, that is! Love you xxx’. She by no means expected an immediate reply, but knew that Lizzie would text her when she could… she didn’t exactly expect her to stop mid-sex to check her phone and respond to a text message!