My Sexy Saturday, week 77

Welcome to another edition of My Sexy Saturday!  My Sexy Saturday is a blog hop which gives writers of erotica a chance to share 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs from a published work or a work in progress.

Each week there is a specific theme, this week it is ‘Their Sexy Thoughts’, and I have chosen an excerpt from an untitled WIP which centers around four main characters (Charlotte, Amelia, Thomas & Harrison) who are in a polyamorous relationship.  This excerpt is toward the start of the story, before Amelia and Harrison begin their little branch of the relationship.



The more time Harrison spent with Amelia, the more convinced he became that he couldn’t just be friends with her.

He wanted to be able to kiss her, to be able to cup her face in his hands and tell her just how beautiful he thought she was. He wanted to make love to her, spend hours exploring her body, making her moan, scream and cry out before she finally came undone around him. He wanted to take her by surprise in the shower with fast and furious sex that would leave them both dizzy and shaking.

He wanted her.

What made it worse was that he knew that she wanted him as desperately; he could see it in her eyes and read it in her body language. It was so hard to try and give themselves time before taking things further when they both wanted it so badly.

Harrison’s 3am wake up call

With all this time on my hands now that uni is over for the year (3x B’s & 1x B+ thank you very much!) I have been reading back over my polyamory_by_jymaru-d4r38hj.pngnumerous half-written stories to work out what happens next.  The latest story I have been reading is one I’ve been unofficially calling ‘Bastard Daniel, a story which revolves around four characters – Thomas, Charlotte, Amelia, & Harrison – and their polyamorous relationship.

I am not sure why polyamory features in so many of my stories, it is not something I have experienced myself – nor do I want to – but it is something that fascinates me.  Personally I believe that love is love and you cannot control who you love – or how many people; what really matters is that any form of relationship is based on trust, honesty, respect and communication.  I know of polyamorous relationships that are a lot healthier than some monogamous relationships.

It is that trust, honesty, respect and communication that is the foundation of all the relationships – polyamorous or monogamous – that I write about.  Maybe this is because it is the basis of the relationship between my wife and I?

Enough musing over this though, I shall leave you with this little excerpt which takes place in the middle of the night after Amelia and Harrison have finally had sex for the first time.  As is the case with a lot of my stories, Amelia is pregnant and is at the mercy of her hormones…


Harrison was jolted from a deep sleep when Amelia woke him up at 3am. Immediately he was taken back to the afternoon he’d spent with her in hospital, not long after they’d begun seeing each other as slightly more than acquaintances.

“What’s wrong?” Harrison asked, suddenly wide awake and feeling more than a little panicked.
“I’m horny,” Amelia announced, and Harrison started to laugh.
“Oh god, I thought something serious was wrong, like with the baby,” Harrison explained as he rolled onto his back and pulled her over with him.
“Probably could blame the baby, it is the whole pregnancy hormones thing that has given me this strange middle of the night craving for sex,” Amelia joked, moving her hand down to his cock and stroking him very quickly into a state of hardness.
“In that case, pregnancy hormones are awesome,” Harrison replied, groaning quietly as Amelia moved from stroking his cock, to gripping it in her hand.
“At this particular moment in time, yes they are,” Amelia agreed, giggling as she squeezed him harder and he gasped loudly. “And they have made me particularly wet,” she added for good measure.

Her hand left his cock and when it returned a moment later her fingers were wet with her arousal. Something about the mental image of her touching her pussy caused his cock to swell more and it was a sigh of relief he let out when Amelia quickly moved from a lying position beside him on the bed, to straddling him at the hips, her slick juices coating his cock, which was sandwiched between them. She lifted her hips and put a hand on his cock, then positioning herself over him, took the first inch of his hardness inside her, moaning and shuddering as she slid down the rest of his length.

“Oh god,” Amelia groaned, then leaned forward and put her hands on the headboard. “Fuuuuuuck,” she exclaimed as the slight change in position caused her clit to press against his pubic bone.

Harrison gently held onto her hips and smiled up at her as she started moving against him, slowly to start with, but soon speeding up the circular motion. Her wetness felt hot and silky around him, causing his cock to throb, the friction only enhancing the way her pussy felt tightly squeezing his cock. Amelia’s moans filled the room and he found himself getting carried away as well. The sex was unexpected and he loved the way it felt to be inside her, to know he was the reason for her cries of pleasure.

His groans came in sync with her moans and as they moved together he could feel his orgasm building. She felt too amazing to try and keep it at bay. The way she moved against him produced the most delicious friction against his cock and he could tell from the increasing grinding motion of her hips that the friction against her clit was having the same effect on her. With each passing minute he could feel her pussy growing tighter around him, he could feel her getting hotter, he could feel the tension spreading through her body.

Amelia began to grind her hips harder but her moans sounded as if they were starting to come from a place of frustration, rather than pleasure; hoping it was what she needed he pulled her down at the hips. The loud cry that followed told him that he had read her cues perfectly and when she started to shriek he could tell she was going to come very quickly.

He was a little sad that the sex was about to be over, but at the same time, he was so caught up in the divine sensations their bodies were creating as they moved together that he almost wanted his orgasm to arrive straight away. He wanted to experience that release with her, wanted to feel her climaxing around him, wanted to feel her melting into his arms as she came down from her orgasm, wanted to hear her struggling to catch her breath as her body trembled with aftershocks.

And that was exactly what happened. Amelia came with a loud cry just seconds before his own orgasm hit. As his cock pulsated and lurched he could feel her pussy tightly squeezing and releasing over, and over, and over. She was struggling to breathe, as was he, and when she collapsed against his chest he wrapped his arms around her, enjoying the feel of her laboured breaths against his neck. Spontaneously she would shake and her pussy would tightly squeeze and release as the remnants of her orgasm left her body. He loved the little aftershocks, it felt almost as if her pussy was massaging his cock; the sensation was oddly relaxing.

When his cock was too soft to stay inside her they both let out a sigh – part satisfaction, part disappointment – at their bodies no longer being connected. Amelia moved off him and lay so she was partly on her side and rested her head on his chest. He could feel she was touching her belly, and when he moved his hand down so he was also touching it, he was surprised to feel it was almost rock hard.

“Is everything okay?” Harrison asked, that panicked feeling coming back.
“It’s a braxon hicks contraction,” Amelia explained and Harrison nodded, he had heard of them before but wasn’t too sure what it was. She didn’t seem worried though, so he decided it was probably harmless.
“Does it hurt?” Harrison questioned, naturally equating the word ‘contraction’ with pain.
“Not really, it’s just tight,” Amelia replied. “It will go away soon,” she added, and as if to prove her point, he could feel the tension escaping from her belly.
“That felt weird,” Harrison acknowledged and Amelia giggled quietly.
“It is a really weird feeling, Charlotte used to get them all the time when she was pregnant with Milly Moo, first time I felt her have one I freaked out in a big way,” Amelia commented. “It’s kind of like a practice contraction,” she explained and he knew she was saying it to reassure him.
“As long as you’re okay,” Harrison replied with a yawn and kissed her gently.
“We should get back to sleep,” Amelia yawned.
“I love you,” Harrison informed her.
“I love you too,” Amelia replied and after another brief kiss, she nuzzled her face into his neck and they both gave in to sleep.


My Sexy Saturday – week 61

Goodness, I am VERY late this week!

For those of you who don’t know what My Sexy Saturday is, it is a blog hop which gives writers a chance to share 7 words, sentences or paragraphs from a published work or work in progress, each week based on  a different theme.

This weeks theme is ‘Getting Your Sexy On’, and while there were a lot of excerpts I could have shared, I chose to share one from an un-named WIP.  The characters from this scene are Amelia and Harrison, who – along with Charlotte and Thomas – are the main characters from the story, which has strong themes of polyamory.

I would love to go into more detail, but in all honesty I’m falling asleep typing this, so I apologise!

I hope you enjoy my seven sentences!


Harrison stilled and looked down at her. Neither of them were blinking and both were holding their breath. There was an amazing intensity in the eye contact between them which made Amelia feel as if she was giving herself to him. The moment was both extremely emotionally and sexually charged.

They weren’t about to have sex for the first time – they were about to make love for the first time.

Harrison dipped his head down and kissed Amelia softly, the moment their lips made contact he began to move slowly against her, both of them moaning quietly as he slid back inside her for the first time. Amelia felt overwhelmed to finally have him inside her.

My Sexy Saturday, week 53

Saturday is upon us again, which means it is time for another My Sexy Saturday!  If you aren’t familiar with My Sexy Saturday, it is a chance for writers to share 7 words, 7 sentences, or 7 paragraphs of their writing, based on a particular theme each week.

This week the theme is ‘Our Sexy Love’, and I have chosen an excerpt from an untitled WIP, focusing on a polyamorous foursome.  This scene happens after Amelia’s new love interest, Harrison, has been punched by her ex-boyfriend.  They have been taking their time getting to know each other, and haven’t even kissed yet, but the tension growing between them is overwhelming, to say the least.

“Can I do anything?” Amelia asked quietly.

“You are already making it feel better,” Harrison whispered, he knew it was probably a cheesy comment, but the words were out before he could stop them.

Amelia cupped his face with both hands and before he realised what was happening she leaned in and lightly kissed just beneath his eye. She repeated the action, this time kissing the edge of the bruising on the outer corner of his eye, and then again just above his eye. When she moved to kiss his cheek again, Harrison tilted his head up and rather than feeling her lips against his cheek, they brushed almost imperceptably against his lips. Their eyes connected and Harrison swallowed nervously, awaiting her next move, hoping like hell she wouldn’t climb off his lap and leave. He was terrified he had read the situation wrong and had crossed the line.


My Sexy Saturday, week 48

It’s that time of the week again – My Sexy Saturday time!
My sexy Saturday is a blog hop which gives writers a chance to share 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs from a published work or a work in progress, based on different sexy theme each week.
This week’s theme is ‘Our Sexy Delight’.  My excerpt is from an untitled WIP, which revolves around a polyamorous foursome… which is turned into a threesome when Amelia learns Daniel has been cheating on her.  There is of course a lot more to the story!
When she got into hers and Thomas’s bedroom Charlotte changed Emily’s nappy and then carried her over to the chair she used for nursing. She undid the clip on her maternity bra and held Emily to her breast, letting out a loud sigh when the baby latched onto her nipple. The day had been so draining and even though it wasn’t her who had had her heart torn out and ripped into shreds, she felt the strongest urge to cry. She had never seen Amelia so distraught or miserable and hated that it was one of the people who supposedly loved her unconditionally that had put her in that state. Charlotte began to focus on Emily, because no matter how down she was feeling, the precious little girl that had entered their lives six months earlier had the magical ability to cheer her up.
After a couple of minutes of intense eye contact between mother and daughter, Emily’s eyes started to flicker and eventually snapped shut. Charlotte smiled down at the sleeping bundle in her arms and when Thomas walked into the room a moment later he crouched down beside her and kissed Emily on the forehead.
“Want me to put her in her cot?” Thomas whispered and Charlotte nodded, then slipped her nipple from Emily’s mouth and raised her up so she could kiss her on the cheek.
“Goodnight princess,” Charlotte whispered as she carefully transferred Emily into Thomas’s arm and then re-fastened the cup of her nursing bra before getting up out of the chair.
Charlotte smiled as she watched Thomas holding Emily, she loved that whenever he was the one placing her in her bassinet or cot he always stood holding her for a couple of minutes, looking down at her with a sense of wonder on his face. It had the same effect on her as feeding Emily did, only it was both of them she fell a little more in love with as she watched his nightly ritual. When Emily was eventually in her cot they walked from the room hand in hand and went back downstairs to the lounge. Remembering Daniel’s key was in her pocket Charlotte went into the kitchen and put it on the key holder which was on the wall inside the pantry. She let out a loud sigh as she walked back through the kitchen and into the lounge.
As she went to sit beside him Thomas held out his arms and rather than sitting beside him on the couch, Charlotte straddled his lap and then put her arms around his neck and leaned into his chest. Thomas moved his arms around her and began to rub her back, something which always had a calming effect on her. He knew her so well. After a few minutes Charlotte moved back from his chest and looked him in the eyes.
“I love you,” Charlotte told him before cupping his face in her hands and kissing him. She had never felt more grateful to have found such a wonderful man to share her life with.
“I love you too,” Thomas replied and this time it was him that cupped her face before brushing his lips against hers.
“I am scared for Amelia,” Charlotte admitted and Thomas stroked her cheek softly.
“I am too… but she will be okay,” Thomas promised as he trailed his fingers down her cheek, over her jaw, down her neck and then inward, settling at the top of her cleavage.
When he leaned in to kiss her neck Charlotte could feel a familiar hardness developing in his pants, a hardness which continued to develop as he brushed his lips softly against the crook of her neck. Thomas had always had the ability to know exactly what she needed, and clearly he knew that in that moment she needed to feel comforted, but needed intimacy at the same time. He knew she needed to have her mind taken of what had happened with Amelia… and he knew a mind numbing orgasm was the best way to do that.

Time for some girl-on-girl!

When I was looking through the list of posts I have made, I realised that there is only one excerpt which contains any girl-on-girl.  It just so happens that THAT post has been the most popular post on my blog, so I thought it was time to post some more!

This excerpt is another one from the ‘Bastard Daniel’ story, which is a work in progress.

Amelia’s new post-Daniel bed has arrived and naturally she feels the need to christen it.  When Thomas leaves to pick up Emily from the nanny, and then take a detour to the hardware store, Amelia and Charlotte take the opportunity and do just that!

If you would prefer to download the PDF file of the excerpt you can do so right here
Bastard Daniel (excerpt 3) – Bree Guildford


Bastard Daniel (unofficial title) – excerpt 3

Thomas and Charlotte went back upstairs to finish sanding Emily’s room, but soon realised they didn’t have enough sandpaper, so called it a day on the room. Thomas left early to pick Emily up so he could go to the hardware store with her on the way home. Amelia found it particularly adorable that Thomas enjoyed taking Emily shopping with him, and could just imagine in a couple of years time a trip to the hardware store would take him three times as long, because Emily would NEED to play on the playground, and there was no way Thomas would say no to that.

Not long after he left Charlotte’s phone rang and Amelia could tell by the way she was talking that it was Thomas.

Baby, Thomas is going to stop and get Indian on the way home, what do you want?” Charlotte asked her.

Chicken tikka masala of course,” Amelia replied and Charlotte relayed the information back to Thomas.

See you when you get home, love you,” Charlotte send and ended the call.

Um… baby… I am really hungry,” Amelia told her and Charlotte laughed.
“Seriously woman, you just wolfed down a piece of carrot cake and you are still hungry?” Charlotte remarked, but Amelia stepped closer to Charlotte and stroked her fingers along her girlfriend’s hand.

No baby, I am HUNGRY,” Amelia repeated, with emphasis on the hungry. Charlotte quickly understood and grinned.

Just as well you have a bed we need to christen,” Charlotte said with a wink and pulled Amelia against her.

Charlotte gave Amelia a look that just about melted her panties and caused an immediate throbbing between her legs. Charlotte leaned in closer and brushed her lips against Amelia’s neck, the contact caused her to let out a quiet whimper, and when Charlotte moved her lips from her neck to her lips, Amelia pressed against her as her tongue moved forward and she slowly licked the tip of Charlotte’s tongue.

I haven’t tasted you in days. I NEED you…” Amelia whispered and then took Charlotte’s hand and led her toward the stairs.

Amelia led Charlotte into the bedroom and didn’t bother closing the door. Without discussing it they each walked to one side of the bed and spread the bottom blanket out, followed by the bottom sheet. There was no point putting the top sheet on because it would just get kicked off anyway! Amelia walked around to where Charlotte was standing and they spent a few moments looking at each other before stepping in closer and kissing. Amelia cupped Charlotte’s face in her hands and enjoyed the way it felt to finally be touching her girlfriend again. Their tongues connected at the tips and both women let out quiet noises of pleasure, and as their tongues explored further the noises became louder and more insistent.

Amelia moved her hands to Charlotte’s hips and dipped her fingers inside the waistband of her jeans. She ran her fingers along the top of Charlotte’s panties and when her fingers then moved inside the lacy fabric something was awoken inside Amelia, something that made her abandon her plans to take it slow and tease Charlotte to the brink of desperation. Instead she undid the button on Charlotte’s pants and slowly pushed them down. She moved to her knees and pressed her face against Charlotte’s lace-clad pussy, inhaling deeply the intoxicating scent of her girlfriend’s arousal.

As she pulled down Charlotte’s panties, Amelia’s mouth began watering; she could almost taste Charlotte’s juices and her tongue hadn’t even made the slightest of contacts yet. It pained her to stand up, to move away from Charlotte’s pussy, but seeing the almost drunken look on Charlotte’s face was worth it. Amelia couldn’t tell who was more turned on, her or Charlotte. They began to kiss again and the urgency she could feel in Charlotte’s kiss reminded her that she had something she badly needed to do to her girlfriend. Kissing could wait. There were other places she wanted to put her tongue.

Amelia removed her top and felt a little self-conscious about the growing belly that was suddenly put on display. Charlotte bent down and kissed the top of her belly and Amelia knew it was her girlfriend’s way of telling her to stop worrying about how she looked, and that in Charlotte’s eyes, she was beautiful. After the little belly kiss, Charlotte moved her hands to Amelia’s jeans and as she pulled them down, Amelia felt a pull deep inside… she needed Charlotte so badly. She needed to cum, but she needed to make Charlotte cum even more, and decided that her orgasm was less important. She was becoming more and more ravenous for her girlfriend’s cunt, so much so that she felt she might die if she didn’t dip her tongue inside Charlotte’s sopping hole immediately.

With her panties still on, Amelia pushed Charlotte back on the bed and felt her pussy starting to swell as she climbed up the bed between her girlfriend’s legs, moving ever closer to the slick folds already beading with moisture. Amelia felt as if she was moving in slow motion as she brought her face up to Charlotte’s pussy. With her forearms resting on Charlotte’s thighs she put her fingers on either side of Charlotte’s pussy and then gently spread her open. She could hear Charlotte gasping for breath, and as she pressed her mouth against Charlotte’s wet heat, and pressed her tongue against her hole, Charlotte let out a loud cry of relief and pleasure. Amelia moaned against Charlotte, she was so wet and tasted better than Amelia could remember. She wanted to drink her in, she didn’t want to ever move her tongue from the tight hole that she loved so much.

Overcome by how good Charlotte’s heat tasted and felt against her tongue, Amelia licked greedily up her slit, enjoying the way she caused Charlotte’s entire body to shake as she moved closer to her clit. She ran her tongue over Charlotte’s clit and then ran it equally as greedily back down to her hole again, dipping her tongue in to taste the sweet juice that was pooling between Charlotte’s legs. After having her fix Amelia ran her tongue back up, this time taking the time to move her tongue in circles around Charlotte’s clit, which was gently pulsating beneath her tongue. Again she moved her tongue down to Charlotte’s hole and pressed it in further than the previous times, causing Charlotte to groan and buck her hips in a manner that told Amelia she should keep doing it.

Amelia started to thrust her tongue in and out of Charlotte’s hole, moving it faster and deeper each time, until Charlotte started to cry out loudly and began writhing around beneath her. It was then that Amelia bid farewell to the wet hole she loved so much, and ran her tongue back upward to concentrate on Charlotte’s clit. She pressed her tongue against Charlotte’s clit and then started to move it back and forward in a sideways motion. Charlotte’s hand clamped behind her head and Amelia grinned as her face was pressed harder against Charlotte’s pussy, she loved that being closer meant she could apply more pressure with her tongue. The effect of the increased pressure was immediate and as Charlotte started to cry out loudly Amelia focused on moving her tongue faster, then moving it faster again when she felt Charlotte apply more pressure to the back of her head.

Charlotte seemed to be just on the brink of orgasm, but Amelia knew that didn’t mean it was going to be over any time soon. Just like Charlotte had a sense of perfect timing with her, Amelia knew precisely what to do to get Charlotte seconds away from orgasm, and to keep her there for as long as she wanted. When Charlotte began to take the deep breaths that she always took just before her orgasm hit, Amelia relaxed the pressure she was applying with her tongue, JUST enough to stop Charlotte going right over the edge. Charlotte began crying out in her usual fashion so Amelia used more pressure with her tongue again, pulling right back when Charlotte started approaching orgasm again. Each time she did this Charlotte squeezed Amelia’s arm tightly and dug her nails in, releasing them when the pressure lessened. It was a type of pain that Amelia loved.

Amelia did her little orgasm-postponing trick a few times, but she wasn’t a complete idiot and knew that if she did it too many times Charlotte would ‘lose’ her orgasm. When Charlotte suddenly dug her nails in harder than she had before, Amelia knew that it was time to stop prolonging things and to let her girlfriend’s orgasm hit. She heard Charlotte take her deep breaths and rather than relaxing her tongue she used even more pressure and licked faster and faster until Charlotte let out a loud, long scream and her orgasm hit, causing her hips to raise completely off the bed as she tossed from side to side. Amelia held tightly to Charlotte’s thighs and pressed her mouth against her pussy until all her movement ceased completely. When Charlotte’s legs flopped to the side Amelia broke the contact between pussy and mouth and looked up at her girlfriend.

There was nothing she loved more than the look of pleasure on Charlotte’s face immediately after she had cum. Each time she saw Charlotte in that state, she fell in love with her just a little bit more. Amelia moved up the bed and lay beside Charlotte, pulling her against her chest and holding her tightly, peppering little kisses on her forehead, giggling each time Charlotte let out a quiet sigh of pleasure. Their post-sex rituals were almost as fun as the sex itself. Almost.

You killed me,” Charlotte whispered, like she did every single time.

I am glad,” Amelia whispered back, her reply also following the same script.

I love you,” Charlotte sighed and Amelia released her hold a little so she could move down and look Charlotte in the eye.

I love you,” Amelia replied and they smiled at each other.

If you let me recover, I will return the favour… promise…” Charlotte muttered and Amelia laughed.

You don’t have to return the favour,” Amelia reassured her.

You kidding me? I need to make you scream,” Charlotte noted.

Amelia got off the bed and picked up the duvet that was lying on the floor then got back on the bed and pulled the duvet up over both of them. They moved into each others arms again and lay together, happy and right where they wanted to be. Amelia had no idea how long they were lying there, but eventually Charlotte came out of her hazy post-orgasm fog and as she had promised she started to touch Amelia in ways that made her toes curl. It didn’t take long before Amelia opened her legs to Charlotte and was moaning loudly as her girlfriend worked her magic with her tongue and fingers.

More than sex

Now that I have been blogging for a month, I decided it was time to post an excerpt of my writing that ISN’T a sex scene.

Yes, I am a writer of erotic romance, BUT there is more to my stories than plain ol’ sex.  I like to think that my stories all have a good storyline and a decent amount of plot, not just sex here, sex there, sex everywhere.  The more I write, the more I find myself delving deeper into the world of each character, the result being storylines which are more emotionally driven… something *I* (as a reader, and a writer) enjoy.

The excerpt I am posting is the second of the story I have affectionately titled ‘Bastard Daniel’.  As a general over view, Amelia and Charlotte are girlfriends (in love girlfriends, not friends who are girls!), each has a boyfriend.  Charlotte is in love with (and has a child to) Thomas, while Amelia is in love with (and is pregnant to) Daniel.  That is until Amelia catches Daniel having sex with Sarah, and their relationship is unsurprisingly called off.  Amelia becomes good friends with Harrison, and eventually they start dating… polyamorous relationship, baby in belly, and all.  I won’t give away what happens at the end though!

Now where was I?  Oh right, excerpt #2.
It’s a relatively short excerpt so I won’t say too much, but in this excerpt Charlotte gets a chance to have a word (or 50) with the dirty cheating scumbag, who has broken her pregnant girlfriend’s heart.  As you can imagine, she isn’t going to have any nice words to say to him!  I might also add this isn’t the last time Charlotte is going to tell Daniel just what she thinks of him!

In case you missed it, here is Bastard Daniel (excerpt 1)

And now I quite happily give to you excerpt number 2!

If you want to download the excerpt as a PDF file, you can do so by clicking on the following link
Bastard Daniel (excerpt 2) – Bree Guildford


Bastard Daniel – excerpt 2!

After Amelia had been softly snoring for a few minutes Charlotte carefully moved out of the bed, got dressed, and tiptoed from the room, closing the door gently behind her. As she walked down the hall toward the living areas she could hear two male voices, which struck her as strange because she had left Thomas with Emily, and he hadn’t mentioned that anyone was stopping by. When she got closer to the room she realised exactly who it was Thomas was talking to. Daniel. That filthy piece of scum. What was HE doing there? Moving closer to the door Charlotte stood and listened to what was being said in the dining room.

“I thought you’d understand where I’m coming from. You know what it’s like to share,” she heard Daniel say to Thomas.

“No, I don’t know where you’re coming from. I love Charlotte, I respect and fully accept the relationship she and Amelia have, to the point that it is now a part of OUR relationship. I don’t see it as sharing, I don’t see it as only getting half of my time with Charlotte… it is life, it is the way our relationship works and it just feels natural to me,” Thomas replied and Charlotte smiled at his words.

“When I found out Amelia was bloody pregnant it was like all of a sudden I was third best… she would talk about the baby non-stop and it made me feel unimportant and…” Daniel started to say, before Thomas cut him off.

“She is EXCITED about the baby. She LOVES the baby… of COURSE she is going to talk about it a lot. The baby might not mean anything to you, but to Amelia, that baby is her world. All she wanted was to be able to share that excitement with you, but you were too selfish to think about things from her point of view,” Thomas said, sounding as exasperated as Charlotte felt.

“That baby was a fucking mistake. And you know what, I kind of wonder if Sarah is right and Amelia DID get pregnant on purpose,” Daniel announced.

Charlotte had heard enough. It was time to to make her thoughts on the matter known, whether Daniel liked it or not. Taking a deep breath she walked into the lounge and threw Daniel an angry look.

“You asshole. I can’t believe you had the balls to show up here,” Charlotte spat out as she stopped at Thomas’s side.

“It’s my house too,” Daniel reminded her and Charlotte sniggered.

“Shall I get our accounts out and show you where the mortgage repayments have been coming from? I think you’ll find that you haven’t paid a cent toward the mortgage, Daniel. Therefore this house is NOT yours,” Charlotte informed him and then held her hand out. “With that in mind, you can give me your key now. Thomas will be here tomorrow afternoon when you pick up your shit… IF Amelia hasn’t burnt it by then,” her voice was stern and cold, and she felt a little thrill of satisfaction when Daniel got his keys from his pocket and placed the house key into her waiting palm.

“If she touches any of my stuff I will be calling the cops,” Daniel declared and Charlotte rolled her eyes as she slipped the key into her back pocket.

“Why would she WANT to touch any of your stuff? She wants NOTHING to do with you,” Charlotte stated.

“Of course she wants nothing to do with me, she got the stupid baby she was always after, I guess I played my part,” Daniel said bitterly and Charlotte could feel the rage starting to bubble away in her stomach.

“YOU are a bastard. You know Amelia was doing what she could to avoid getting pregnant, you KNOW she had agreed to wait until you were ready to start a family. YOU know just as well as I do how upset she was when she found out about the pregnancy, she cried for days, upset that she had ruined your life by getting pregnant,” Charlotte said angrily, her voice getting louder with each word until she was shouting at him. “She was going to have an abortion because of you!”

“You think you’re so tough, I bet you’re going to throw something at my head as well,” Daniel said snidely and it was only then that Charlotte noticed the gash on his forehead. He was lucky Amelia hadn’t thrown something bigger at him.

“I could throw something at your head, Daniel. Something big and hard that would cause a lot of damage… but I’m not going to. I don’t want to waste my time and energy on a pathetic scumbag like you,” Charlotte told him, shooting him an icy glare.

“You’re all talk, Charlotte,” Daniel said smugly and then looked at Thomas who was holding Emily. “Got him wrapped around your little finger too… you got the fancy house, you got the baby, I wouldn’t be surprised if you tried to get rid of Amelia now so that you can have all of this to yourself,” he said acidly. Charlotte stepped in toward him and smiled sweetly.

“I can handle you insulting me, but I will not put up with you insulting Thomas or Amelia,” Charlotte announced then stepped in closer to him and, putting her hands on his shoulders, brought her knee up into his groin.

The contact between knee and balls was hard. Daniel let out a screech of pain then collapsed to his knees, holding his hands over his balls. Written over his face was pure pain. Written over Charlotte’s face was pleasure. Throwing something at his head would have been fun, but hitting him where it REALLY hurt provided a bigger sense of enjoyment than a mere hit to the head ever could have. She watched Daniel struggling to his feet and after she had taken Emily from Thomas’s arms she turned to him and sighed.

“You take out this piece of trash and I am going to go and feed this adorable little monkey of ours and then put her to bed,” Charlotte said, then kissed Thomas on the cheek and walked upstairs without turning back.