When the characters changed the path of the story…

Seeing as I posted about Chris and Emily, and their decision to not go through with a planned termination, I thought it made sense to post the actual scene… so here you go… the scene in which characters completely changed the path of my story.

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Emily awoke from what had been a very deep sleep and immediately couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. Rolling over she expected to melt into the warm wall of Chris’s chest, instead she was met by the feeling of cold sheets.

Where the hell was Chris?

Worried that something was wrong she got out of bed and walked out of the bedroom, surprised to see a line of light under the closed hallway door. She walked down the hallway and opened the door to find Chris sitting on the couch, a blanket around him, something in his hands.

“You okay?” Emily whispered as she walked toward him. The light in the room was dim but when he looked up at her she could see his eyes were red.

“I didn’t mean to wake you,” Chris replied quietly, taking the blanket off his lap and changing positions so she could sit between his legs and rest back against his chest.

“You didn’t,” she reassured him, adding, “I woke up and you weren’t there, had me a bit worried, that’s all.”

“I couldn’t sleep, thought my tossing and turning would wake you up and I wanted you to have a good sleep,” he told her. It was only when he wrapped his arms around her she realised it was the strip of ultrasound photos he was holding in his hand. Her heart sunk.

“You thinking about the baby?” Emily could feel herself blushing furiously as she asked.

“Sorry, I know I shouldn’t.” Chris sounded ashamed and let the strip of photos drop from his hand. Emily picked them up and looked at them.

“Why shouldn’t you?”

“Because I’m a guy and I’m not meant to think about babies,” he sighed.

“Well whoever made up that rule is stupid,” Emily tried to lighten the mood, not quite sure where their conversation was going. Part of her hoped it’d end there, part of her hoped it’d continue.

“I just- seeing the baby today- it, I don’t know, it was more emotional than I thought it would be,” he tried to explain. “I knew it would be weird to see the baby, but I didn’t think the images would stay in my head all day.”

“I am glad I slept the day away because I know if I’d been awake I’d have been the same,” Emily told him, glad to know he felt the same way she did.

“I didn’t think it’d be so tough,” Chris sighed and Emily moved from between his legs, repositioning herself so she was able to snuggle up to him. She was glad she had invested in a huge corner couch, there was enough room for them to lie comfortably, side by side… it was also a great sex couch, but that was beside the point.

For a few minutes they lay in each other’s arms with the blanket over them, but sensing Chris needed to talk, she resumed the conversation. “I dreamed about the baby a lot last night.”

“I haven’t so much been dreaming about it as day-dreaming about it.” Chris’s voice was quiet and he sounded surprisingly vulnerable.

“Want to talk about it?” Emily didn’t want to push him.

“I got into bed and all I could imagine was us going to sleep in our bed and being woken up an hour later by a crying baby,” Chris admitted, continuing, “and I imagined sitting with you while you fed him, then changing his nappy while you went to get a drink of water, us kissing him before putting him back in his bassinet and getting back in bed ourselves.” He didn’t stop there though. “Then I was thinking about the three of us taking a walk through the botanic gardens, baby sound asleep in the pram with a cozy blanket over him, us sneaking a peak at him every couple of minutes just because we could.”

She was floored. She had no idea Chris had been thinking that way, no idea at all. What shocked her more was that the image he painted in her mind made her smile and, at the same time, made her heart ache. They could never have that, well, not with the baby in her belly anyway.

“Last night I dreamed the three of us were at the beach,” Emily told him, adding, “our little guy looked so much like you, he had your eyes and your smile, his hair colour was the same and he even had the same faint smattering of freckles as you do.”

“Sounds nice,” Chris said sadly and Emily nodded.

“It was nice,” she replied and it wasn’t until she felt tears rolling down her cheek that she realised she was crying.

“I am sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything, the last thing I wanted was to upset you,” he sighed.

“No, it’s okay,” Emily told him, “I think it’s important we talk about it.”

“I still feel bad though, I know you’ve made your decision, and now I feel like I’m emotionally blackmailing you to change your mind, or something” Chris sounded miserable.

“Do- do you want me to change my mind?” Emily asked, caught off guard.

“It is your decision baby, and I told you I’ll support you whatever you decide.” Chris’s did a good job of avoiding directly answering her question.

“Chris, I need to know, I need to know what you think, what you want.” Emily felt panicked.

“Let’s just go back to bed,” Chris suggested.

“Chris, no. I need to know what you really want… do you know how guilty I’ll feel if I go through with the abortion and you tell me six months later you wanted the baby? Do you know how shitty I’ll feel if you suffer emotionally because you actually wanted our child? I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if something I did made you sad, or made you depressed, and what happens if you resent me because of it? What if you decide you can’t be with me because I am a constant reminder of what could have been? What if we go on to have other kids and you can’t stop thinking about the fact they could have had an older brother? What if we-”

“Fine, I want the baby,” Chris exclaimed. “I try not to, I try to remind myself of the financial cost, of the emotional cost, of the way our lives would change, of the added responsibility, of the dirty nappies, the crying, the teething, the fact we couldn’t just drop everything and go away for a weekend, the fact your parents are going to hate me without even giving me a chance, the fact we couldn’t travel together, that your plan for life after uni will completely change.” He took a breath before continuing, “I don’t want to, but all I can imagine is you, me and our little guy, all the milestones, all the laughs, watching the little dude growing up, being a family, having our own place, baby clothes strewn here, there and everywhere, what our cars would look like with a babyseat in the back, taking the little guy to work with me when he’s bigger, letting him draw on us so he can pretend he’s being a tattooist.” His voice was breaking now. “I feel guilty as hell about it Emily, because I don’t want you to do something just because I’m romanticising it, but then I think about going to the clinic with you and how heartbreaking it’ll be to know the baby is gone. I have never felt so fucked up in my life, so petrified and excited and happy and sad and worr-”

This time it was she who cut him off. “I don’t want to have an abortion, Chris.”

Before any other words could come out, before she could tell him she’d convinced herself she wanted an abortion because it was what everyone else would tell her was best, before she could tell him what she really wanted was to be a family, she started crying. Chris held her tightly and she felt all the stress that had built up over the past few days melting away as the tears flowed.

“Can I please take you back to bed now?” Chris whispered and Emily gave him a teary smile.

“Please, I need bed, I need sleep, I need you,” Emily replied and Chris stood up from the couch.

“Come on then.” Before she could stand up, Chris swooped her up from the couch and she moved her arms around his neck, feeling slightly drunk as he carried her through the lounge and down the hall toward her bedroom.

She giggled as he lay her down on the bed and didn’t stop until she had sat up and taken off the t-shirt she’d put on earlier before going to find him. He undressed and got back in bed beside her, she instantly found her way into his arms, sighing happily when he gently kissed her neck. Emily was far too exhausted to even think about having sex, but it was certainly nice to feel Chris’s lips against her skin and to have his warm body pressing against hers.

“I love you,” Chris whispered, for the very first time.

Emily didn’t hesitate. “I love you too.”

They shared a sweet kiss, but both knew it was time for sleep. What a weird early-morning it had been for them. Emily had woken to find Chris wasn’t in bed, and now here they were, snuggled up, both having said ‘I love you‘ to each other, for the first time. More than that though, they had made the decision to continue with the pregnancy, to take a huge leap and become a family.

So Chris wouldn’t see her crying for the fiftieth time in the last five days Emily rolled over in his arms so her back was to his chest. His arm snaked around her waist as was usual when they were spooning, but this time his arm wasn’t draped haphazardly over her waist; his hand was protectively spanned over her lower belly, the simple gesture saying more than any words could.

Vicariously living through my characters


A while back now I posted a teaser from a story I’m working on, focused on a guy and girl – Chris and Emily – who finally get up the courage to give in to the sexual tension that has been building between them for two years.  Both were in relationships so never did more than flirt (okay, there was ONE kiss), but then it comes out both are single and one thing leads to another.

You can read the two part teaser here (part 1) and here (part 2)

The story has moved on and in a move that isn’t exactly uncommon for me, they are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy.  Emily and Chris agree that having an abortion is the best option for them, they have, after all,  only been seeing each other on a (monogamous) casual (very regular) basis, are still (relatively) young and have a lot they want to experience before they think of settling down and having children.

This is a situation I have personally experienced and like the characters in this story, I made the decision to have an abortion because it was ‘what was best’, according to society, according to all the ‘rules’, according to what everyone else would say was best for me, and for my baby.  Throughout the whole experience I convinced myself an abortion was right because… well, because it was what everyone else said was right.  I blanked off and stopped myself thinking about what I truly wanted.  I was only 18, how could I possibly know what was best for myself?

So I went through with the abortion.  It wasn’t what I wanted, but it was what was ‘right’, right?


It wasn’t the right thing for me and because of it I have suffered emotional trauma that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.  Even 13 1/2 years on, I am still dealing with it (albeit a lot better than in the past!), and from the start I’ve known I needed to incorporate an abortion storyline into a story of mine.

To start with it was going to be a general fiction story, then I began accepting that the type of fiction I enjoyed writing was erotica, and so it was to become the part of an erotic romance story.  This was going to be the story.  Emily and Chris were going to get pregnant and decide to have an abortion.  I was going to write about the pressure the abortion placed on their relationship, it was going to be about their journey, trying to find their ‘new normal’ together.

I couldn’t write it though. I just couldn’t.  I couldn’t let Emily go through with an abortion that I, as her creator, knew she didn’t really want to have… even though that was the whole point of the story and of the character.  I wanted her to go through what I through, so I could use the story as a form of therapy, as a way to finally get my thoughts surrounding my abortion out on paper.  Creative cleansing, if you will.

On its own, the story went down the path I wish I had gone down in ‘real life’, and I found/find myself living vicariously through Emily, and wishing I had had a Chris in my life at the time of my own unplanned pregnancy.

By the time I found out I was pregnant, my ex and I had broken up.  I told him about the pregnancy and to start with we were going to keep the baby, but two days later he told me he thought I should have an abortion and rattled off a list of reasons why.  I gave in.  He didn’t go to the abortion with me, didn’t even ask me afterward how it had gone.  We didn’t speak about it until close to a year later, when he admitted to me that he hadn’t actually wanted me to have the abortion, but didn’t say anything to me because he thought it was what I wanted.  On he continued, telling me he thought about our baby a lot, wondered what he’d have looked like, etc etc etc… sad fact was, the way he had been feeling was the way I had been feeling.  It broke my heart to know that if we had communicated properly the abortion probably wouldn’t have happened.

All of this fed into the character of Chris and his middle of the night confession that he didn’t want Emily to have an abortion.  It is the conversation I so badly wish I had had with my ex.

Emily and Chris are the scenario I wish had played out for me, back in 2001.

Life isn’t going to be easy for them, perhaps because I know that if I had continued my pregnancy, life would likely have been damn hard, certainly not all baby smiles and laughter, but it would have been life with my baby… the life I wanted.

I don’t know that it is healthy per’se, to live vicariously through my characters… but I have found that when it comes to writing, you aren’t always in charge of where the story takes you!

(if you are interested in the scene in question, I have just added it, you can read it here)



Inked love (pt2)


As promised, here is part two of the tattooist/tattoo-ee story!

(click here to read part 1)


“I’ve wanted to do this since the first time you came in for a tattoo,” Chris admitted while they took a break from the kissing to try and get their breath back.

“So have I,” Emily confessed, swallowing loudly as he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her softly again.

“That night… in the club… I knew there was more,” Chris told her and Emily blushed.

“That was the most memorable kiss I’ve ever had,” Emily replied, smiling at the memory, then winking at him, “well, until now.”

Chris laughed and pulled her closer to the edge of the seat – so much so that it was an instinctive reaction for her to wrap her legs around his waist. His hands travelled from her hips to her ass and again he pulled her closer, causing Emily to groan quietly with surprise when she felt something hard pressing against the thin cotton of her panties.

She found it hard to catch her breath and looked at him in desperation. The moment she felt his cock against her crotch the casual we-have-all-the-time-in-the-world atmosphere dissolved, only to be replaced by a frantic feeling of I-need-you-to-fuck-me-NOW.

Her hands moved beneath his top and she began raking her nails up and down his back while her legs tigthened around his waist and pulled him into her. Even behind layers of clothing his cock felt hard and hot against her and she needed to feel his flesh against hers, needed to feel his hard length moving against the walls of her wet pussy as they fucked each other senseless.

Their kisses were filled with moans and groans as they worked themselves into a frenzy, her hands clawing his shoulders and back, his fingers digging deeply into her hips, hands squeezing her ass, fingers occasionally dipping beneath the back of the waistband of her panties.

Emily gripped the hem of his tshirt in her hands and he broke off the kiss long enough for her to pull his top up and over his head, dropping it on the floor beside the chair. The kissing, when it resumed, was even more heated and full of their need to consume each other. When he broke off the kiss so he could bite her neck Emily cried out loudly, feeling relieved when his fingers brushed against the skin of her belly as he pulled her top up. He broke the contact between mouth and neck so he could discard of her top, then went straight back to her neck.

This time he began kissing a path down over her collarbone and the top of her chest. He stopped momentarily at the lace edge of her bra so he could pepper kisses along the tops of her breasts, before kissing down the cup of one bra until his lips brushed against her lace clad nipple. Emily’s hands were on his shoulders and her fingernails dug in as he licked back and forth over the nipple, the pattern of the lace providing extra friction that made her clit throb.

When he began sucking the nipple she couldn’t contain the chorus of moans that escaped as she waited for him to pull the bra cup down so she could finally feel his tongue against her bare nipple. Chris seemed intent on teasing her though and two minutes later he was still licking and sucking the nipple through her bra, as well as tugging gently on it with his teeth.

Emily’s hips were moving against him, her panties essentially rendered useless because they were so saturated with her arousal. Her pussy was swollen and ached, only one thing would stop the discomfort and that was his thick cock slamming inside her.

Having the feeling Chris could happily tease her for hours, Emily moved her hands between them and undid his pants, pushing them down with her feet even as she was freeing his cock from his boxers. As with the pants, she pushed his boxers down with her feet and Chris stepped out of the pile of pants and boxers pooling at his feet.

Chris was naked before her but she didn’t even take the time to appreciate the view. All she was focused on was finally feeling her pussy gripping onto his cock as he fucked her, and with that in mind she pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and tried to guide him inside her.

Rather than pressing inside her in one smooth movement Chris reached behind him and unlocked her legs from behind his waist. Emily didn’t know what was happening and a surge of insecurity had her believing their night was over, another occurance to be laughed off next time they saw each other.

He didn’t walk away though and instead undid the zip on the side of her skirt and helped her out of it (not an easy feat while sitting down!). Kneeling in front of her, Chris ran his hands up her calves, over her knees, and up the outside of her thighs until his fingers snaked inside the waistband of her panties and he slowly pulled them down, staying on his knees until they’d dropped to the floor.

Standing up, Chris stepped in to her again and moved her legs back around his waist. She could feel the length of his cock against her slit and shuddered as she imagined how it would feel when he finally entered her.

That initial thrust though, nothing prepared her for the divine feeling of her pussy stretching to accommodate his cock, shocks of pleasure coursing through her as he pressed deeper, the ridges of his cock creating friction she hadn’t expected. It was as if every hot spot inside her cunt had been woken up, sensitive spots she didn’t realise existed until now.

Maybe it was because she hadn’t had sex in so long; maybe it was because his cock was meant for her.

With her legs tightly around his waist and his hands pulling her at the hips, their hips were pressed snuggly together, meaning on the out-stroke his cock stayed nice and deep. Each in-stroke caused his cock to slam into the back of her pussy eliciting loud moans from her; the constant friction on her clit and inside her pussy was overwhelming – in the very best of ways.

The sensations of the friction were amplified by the fact they continued kissing, deep, hungry kisses that made her toes curl and sent constant surges of pleasure-filled tingles directly to her clit. Whenever their tongues tangled or swiped together Chris would groan even louder against her mouth, those groans were the sexiest noises she’d ever heard and spurred her on.

She quickly got lost in the delicious feelings exploding through her body, there was no point fighting it, she knew that… the sex was far too good to do anything but give herself over to it!

Chris somehow changed the position they were in, so she was leaning backward and he was leaning into her. Her hips naturally titled forward, taking him even deeper, and because he was leaning into her, each of his thrusts had more power behind it, her pussy taking the brunt of the force. And God it felt good.

Emily was crying out and only a little worried about anyone outside hearing them; she had taken the last appointment of the day and the other tattooists had left, so getting seen by someone wasn’t an issue. The noise level though, that was rising, right along with her building orgasm.

The moment Chris broke off the kiss and dug his teeth into her neck Emily knew she was a goner. His cock was hitting the back of her pussy with the perfect amount of force – setting a nice balance between pain and pleasure – and he was expertly assaulting her neck, alternating between biting and running the tip of his tongue lightly along the area he had been biting. The contrast between gentle and rough was only adding to the overall bombardment of sensation she was experiencing, and any attempt to try and control her responses was pointless.

She felt as if something had been unleashed, a part of her she didn’t know existed – something raw and sexual – and she was caught between wanting the sex to last for hours and wanting to experience the mindblowing orgasm she knew was on the way.

Chris kept at her neck, biting and licking in the way Todd had never been able to master; his cock – which felt enormous inside her – felt even bigger because of the swollen state of her cunt. On top of that her moans and cries of pleasure were growing louder and more high-pitched, quickly turning into shrieks which became screams as her orgasm approached.

They began kissing again and, as his grunts became more guttural and he started moving harder against her, Emily knew he was getting close. His fingers held tighter onto her hips and Emily could feel tension spreading through his body, until he was almost rigid against her.

It became almost impossible to continue kissing because their grunts and shrieks were coming in a continuous stream. Chris’s hips were pumping harder, the force on the back of her pussy was intense but needed, she needed to be fucked, she needed the mild discomfort that came after a good, hard fuck.

Chris started panting and again his mouth found her neck. He was suddenly making a noise that could only be described as a growl, and as her shrieks turned into screams Emily felt herself losing touch with reality. All she could feel was pleasure, tension, heat, friction, tingles, throbbing, pressure, pressure so insistent it was almost uncomfortable, pressure that built and built until Chris’s cock hit particularly hard and triggered her orgasm.

She screamed as he pressed into her one final time, roaring as his own orgasm hit. Her pussy was convulsing around him, his cock pulsating as he emptied himself inside her, the sounds of ecstasy filling the room had an almost animalistic tone. Emily rode the waves of her orgasm for what felt like hours, at the same time wondering if she was going to pass out from the overwhelming pleasure attacking her body.

Then there was silence, bar their laboured gasps for breath. Both were perfectly still, as if moving would break the spell and erase what had just happened between them, or perhaps wake them from a very vivid dream.

Chris kissed her softly and helped her to a sitting position. No spell was broken and it definitely wasn’t a dream, it had only been the most spontaneous, intense, amazing sex of her life.

“I thought we were going to talk about my tattoo,” Emily teased and Chris chuckled as he picked up their clothes from the floor.

“We were but then you kissed me,” Chris said with a wink and Emily gasped.

“I didn’t kiss you, you kissed me!” Emily exclaimed, Chris shrugged.

“Okay, so I guess technically I kissed you, but I could tell you wanted me to kiss you,” Chris declared and wrapped his arms around her waist so he could kiss her again.

“Oh, I wanted it,” Emily agreed, then smiled softly at him, “since that night in the club you’re all I’ve been able to think about,” she admitted, then wondered if perhaps she had taken it too far with the honesty thing.

Chris pressed his forehead against hers and sighed happily.

“It’s all I could think about as well,” Chris commented and cupped her face in his hands. “When you said you and Todd had broken up, I couldn’t help myself, I needed to kiss you,” he said shyly before kissing her again.

“I’m so glad you did,” Emily whispered as he wrapped his arms around her. She inhaled deeply, finding the natural scent of the man intoxicating.

“How about we get dressed?You could come back to mine if you want?” Chris suggested and Emily blushed as she nodded in agreement.

“I’d like that,” Emily replied and picked her clothes up from where Chris had placed them beside her.

“We can pick up some dinner on the way,” Chris said and with those words Emily realised how hungry she was. “Uh, and I guess in the morning we can take a little trip to the chemist to get the morning after pill.” This time it was him blushing. Emily smiled reassuringly at him.

“I’m on the pill,” Emily told him and the look of relief on his face was comical.

“Phew, I don’t really think we’re ready for a permanent reminder of our first time having sex!” Chris joked and Emily laughed, feeling more excited than she should that he had used the words ‘first time’ rather than ‘only time’ in relation to the sex they had just had.

They finally got dressed and after Chris had gone through the closing up routine, they left. Emily had taken a taxi to the studio that day, being unsure if driving would be comfortable with a fresh tattoo on her foot. She’d known that upon leaving the studio that day she would feel happy, blissful even – but she had never expected those feelings would be because of the man she was leaving with – rather than her usual post-tattoo high.

Inked love (pt1)


I posted about an ongoing tattooist/tattoo-ee fantasy of mine and that I thought the time was right to write it.  Well, write it I did!

What I wrote is too long for one blog post, so I thought I’d separate it into two.  Here is part one – which is really the lead up to the sex – and now I have posted it, here is part 2!


“Too soon to start planning your next one?” Chris joked as Emily sat admiring the Calla lily tattoo he had just finished on the top of her foot.

“Never too soon,” Emily replied and he laughed.

It was a running joke between the two of them that almost as soon as he had finished her latest piece of ink she would tell him what she had in mind for her next one. Chris never failed to tell her he loved how addicted she was to getting inked – what he didn’t know, however, was that she was also rather addicted to him.

Since the first time he had branded her skin, two years ago, she had had a major crush on him. It wasn’t just your usual giggle-inducing crush though, it was more a consistent bombardment of fantasies involving the two of them. Steamy fantasies that would wake her up in the middle of the night with a wet pussy and a dull throb between her legs, fantasies that would distract her during her university classes, fantasies that had led to her developing a very good relationship with her favourite Ceramix dildo.

Even during her relationship with Todd it was the thought of Chris that sent her over the edge when they had sex. She had been in love with Todd, but he didn’t cause her blood pressure (or the pressure in another part of her body) to sky rocket, in the way her favourite tattooist did.

Everything about Chris drove her crazy, in a very good way.

He was a little over six foot tall, had gorgeous sparkly blue eyes, a devilish smile and short hair that always looked very sharp, regardless of how he had it styled by the barber. To top it off he had the build of a professional rugby player – muscley and wide in the shoulders and chest – yet not so bulky that he looked like a body builder.

Then there were his own tattoos. Both arms were completely covered, as were the lower halves of each leg, his family name was on the back of his neck and when he wore sleeveless tops she could see parts of the tattoo that covered at least the top half of his chest. Emily had no doubt there were more tattoos hidden beneath clothing and she hoped she would have the pleasure (both literal and figurative) of unveiling those tattoos.

“So, what do you have in mind?” Chris prompted and Emily gave him an innocent smile as she pointed to her right leg.

“I think it’s time to get my cherry blossom vine,” Emily informed him and Chris nodded, smiling.

“I thought that might be the case,” Chris chuckled as his hand came to rest on her right foot, “show me where you want it to go.”

“I want it to start here,” Emily said, pointing to the outside of her ankle, “then up here” she continued, runing her finger up toward the inside of her knee, “then up here,” she traced her finger from the inside of her knee to the right hip.

“I can already see it in my head,” Chris commented as his fingers followed the same path her fingers had taken.

Emily struggled to maintain composure as Chris’s fingers grazed briefly up her inner thigh. Had he continued straight on up his fingers would have been inside her pussy by then, a thought that caused her to fight back a whimper which was a mixture of frustration and pleasure.

“You don’t mind getting down to your panties for the top part of the tattoo?” Chris’s question took her by surprise.

“I would – um – no, I wouldn’t mind doing that,” Emily replied trying to sound as unaffected as she could manage.

“I have to ask because some women don’t feel comfortable with that,” Chris explained.

“It’s been a long time since I have been down to my panties in front of a man,” Emily commented, wishing she could take the words back the moment she’d spoken them. She went the brightest shade of red.

“Oh?” Chris sounded surprised.“You and Todd aren’t together anymore?” he asked and Emily shook her head.

“Nah, we were kind of going in different directions,” Emily told him. “He wanted to move to a bigger city and try to get into a big law firm, while I am more than happy here and don’t have any intention of leaving when I’ve finished uni,” she explained confidently.

“Well I’m sorry to hear that,” Chris said then smiled softly at her. “I kinda know how it feels, I broke up with Erin a few months ago.”

“Big changes for both of us, huh,” Emily commented and he grinned at her.

“Erin decided drugs were a lot more enjoyable than her job, so she quit, then suggested to me we could have a baby so we would get money from the government and she wouldn’t have to work.” Chris rolled his eyes and Emily laughed.

“I always thought you were too good for her anyway,” Emily teased.

Okay. Maybe Chris wasn’t completely oblivious when it came to her feelings for him. Since that first tattoo session there had been a lot of flirting between the two of them. It had started out innocent and jokey, then one night they had run into each other in a bar and after dancing together to a song with a very sexy beat, had shared a heated, passionate, hungry kiss. Had Todd not been on his way to meet her, had Erin not been at a club with her friends and due to join Chris any minute, there was no question their kiss would have led to more. A lot more.

They had laughed it off the next time they had seen each other, but Emily had never been able to forget that one dance and that one kiss they had shared. She could still remember how soft his lips had felt against hers, how strong his hands had felt on her hips, how manly he had smelled, the heat radiating off him as they had pressed against each other, how gentle the kiss had started out, how frantic it had become. Most of all she couldn’t forget the way he had looked at her when they had parted and tried to find the words to adequately explain why the kiss had happened. Intense need. He had looked at her with need – more need than she had ever seen in Todd’s eyes – and the same look she knew Chris had seen mirrored in her own eyes.

The revelation they were both single filled Emily with excitement and nerves. There was something between them, something that needed to be explored and given a chance, but the idea of initiating that exploration terrified her. Maybe she had completely misread his feelings. What if the kiss was just a drunken, carried-away-by-the-moment kiss? Perhaps the flirting between them was one sided and he was merely being nice to her? He probably treated all his clients the way he treated her.

But the way he had looked at her after that kiss… No, she knew she wasn’t wrong. There was something there and the question now was whether either of them was brave enough to make the first move. If she was doubting his feelings, perhaps he was doubting her feelings. What if they were both so unsure, neither was willing to make that first light touch of finger against hand, of hand on knee, of lips brushing lightly against lips?

“Your face is much too serious for someone planning their next ink!” Chris jolted her from her almost panicked thoughts.

“I was just, uh… nevermind, back to the ta-” Emily was cut off as Chris made that magical first move, brushing his lips against hers in a contact that was almost imperceptible.

The kiss that followed was tender and full of heat, it contained the same hunger as their first kiss, but lacked the frantic, almost impatient tone that had guided the first kiss. There was no rush, they had no reason to get the kiss over with quickly – there was no one to catch them – no partners to be heartbroken upon finding their significant other locked in a passionate embrace with someone else.

Chris turned her around so her legs were hanging over the side of the reclining tattoo chair, the change in position meaning they were face to face; the kiss deepened as he put his hands on her hips and it was then Emily finally let out the whimper that had been trying to escape for the past two hours.

“I’ve wanted to do this since the first time you came in for a tattoo,” Chris admitted while they took a break from the kissing to try and get their breath back.

“So have I,” Emily confessed, swallowing loudly as he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her softly again.

“That night… in the club… I knew there was more,” Chris told her and Emily blushed.

“That was the most memorable kiss I’ve ever had,” Emily replied, smiling at the memory, then winking at him, “well, until now.”