Cohen & Drew – Nova lives out her fantasy

As promised, here is part two

(you can read part one here)



“Kick me in the balls for suggesting this if you want,” Cohen started nervously, “but um, we could always- well, we could- um- if you w-”
“What he is trying to say is that if you felt the need to um, relive that night and do the whole hot and sweaty and naked thing, well, we would both be… up… for it,” Drew finished saying what Cohen couldn’t.

Without even looking Nova knew that both men were indeed up for it. Truth be told, she was up for it too, more than up for it, but wasn’t sure how to take that next step and communicate that to the two men. Taking a deep breath Nova stood, picked up her handbag from where she’d dropped it beside the couch and turned to look at Cohen and Drew. Both looked embarrassed and she knew they were thinking she was about to leave, insulted by their suggestion.

As if.

Rather than walking behind the couch and toward the front door, Nova walked toward the hallway and when she reached the doorframe turned around and smiled at the men.

“You coming or not?”

She didn’t wait for their responses and instead giggled quietly to herself as she walked quickly up the hallway, very aware of the footsteps behind her getting closer as Cohen and Drew followed her. Nova didn’t turn around until she was in Cohen’s bedroom and the door had been closed by whichever man was last into the room. Continue reading

A year on and that chemistry is still fizzing away

hello-im-back… and I have some new characters to share!

I’m sharing it in two parts because it is a substantial amount of writing and probably easier to digest in two readings… but of course I hope you feel the need to read them one after the other, without time to digest!

I won’t share too much of the back story because it is all included in part 1, but the main characters are Nova, Cohen & Drew… a threesome who once upon a time shared a frisky kiss-and-grope session, but nothing has been said about it since.  That, of course, is about to change.


(and for easy access here is part 2!)



“Are you sure this doesn’t look too trashy?” Caroline asked nervously as she stood looking at her reflection in the full length mirror.
“No, you look gorgeous,” Nova reassured her best friend. “Sexy, but in a sophisticated, tasteful way.”
“You think his grandparents will approve then?”
“Of course they will!”
Caroline smiled nervously at her reflection. “Come on, let’s go have a cuppa and relax for a few minutes.”

Weekends at Caroline’s, it had become the norm. Usually the two would go out clubbing on Friday night with other friends then afterward Nova would crash at Caroline’s because it was within walking distance of all the bars. Saturday was usually spent hungover with neither woman moving too far from the couch. On Sunday they would go for brunch and at some stage in the afternoon Nova would go back to her boring, lonely flat.

“You dicks want something to drink?” Caroline called out to her twin brother, Cohen, and his best friend, Drew.
“Coffee please, one of those yummy freeze dried ones, not the crappy powdery instant you usually give me,” Cohen shouted in reply.
“You’ll have what I give you!” Caroline called back and rolled her eyes at Nova. “What about you Drew?”
“Ummm I will have a cup of coffee please, and I don’t mind the crappy powdery instant, unlike this ungrateful bastard.” came Drew’s voice from the lounge.
Caroline laughed. “How that dude is still single, I don’t know.”
“I guess what that whore Janelle did has probably put him off women forever,” Nova replied.

A year earlier Drew’s girlfriend of four years had left him for his older brother, who he used to be extremely close to. It seemed he was finally moving on with life and was starting to cope with losing his brother from his life, but they all knew it had been harder on him than he let on. Understandably. Continue reading