Now that the Outlander drought is over…

I feel compelled to post about the new episode of Outlander that aired on the 4th of April.  I am not sure WHY I feel so compelled, nor do I know exactly what I want to say about it.  All I can say is that the following post will contain spoilers, so if you don’t want to read said spoilers, may I suggest you go and look at some of my other blog posts.


Remember the spoilers?  They are a-coming, this is your last chance to leave… mmmkay?


I mean it this time, LAST CHANCE TO LEAVE!



(you get the idea, right?)

In the first episode of the second half of season one of Outlander (seriously, what is it with this whole breaking in the middle of a season thing?) we find out that Jamie did indeed save Claire from that asswad, Blackjack Randall, not only did he save her, they escaped and managed to make their way back to Castle Leoch in one piece.  They weren’t exactly talking, to put it frankly they were both pretty pissed with one another, but they made it back, that is the main thing.

Fast forward to the scene that made me roll my eyes because I *know* there are going to be truckloads of people writing to complain about it.

When I said they make it back to Castle Leoch in one piece, I may have missed out one important fact; on the way home, Jamie, 1740’s Jamie, takes it upon himself to punish his wife for disobeying him.  This punishment is in the form of a spanking with his belt.  It’s not really as straight forward as that though, because Claire is not impressed with the idea of her husband punishing her in such a way; the scene is rather funny, really… if you forget the spanking with the belt thing, Claire is the clear (haha) winner of the scene, throwing all manner of heavy objects at Mr Fraser, along with kicking him in the face.

I can hear the complaints already about the show glorifying domestic violence, about the show trying to make funny a very serious issue.

YES.  A man assaulting a woman / a woman assaulting a man in such a way IS physically abusive.  Nowadays it would certainly be seen as domestic abuse in every context possible, but people need to remember that the show is set in 1740’s Scotland and that back then, women were seen as chattels, men did believe it was their right – their job – to put a woman in her place if she stepped out of line.

Already I have seen people comparing this scene to 50 Shades… which is just bullshit.  The spankings in both books/movies/tv shows (whichever applies)  are in totally different contexts.  In 50 Shades the spanking is part of a BDSM relationship; in Outlander the spanking is completely unrelated to anything sexual…   If anything, the spanking in Outlander is more a ‘way of life in the 1740’s’ thing.  While it’s totally inappropriate in that context, people need to remember when the show is set.

Enough of the spanking though.  An even better scene was at the end.

A sex scene.

Need I say more?

This sex scene was a lot less ‘polite’ than the previous sex scenes involving Claire and Jamie.  To put it politely, it’s hot!  Both have their time in the driver’s seat, so to speak… the sex is fast, it’s slow, it’s rough, it’s gentle, it’s romantic, it’s angry and hunger fuelled.  I have said it before and I’ll say it again: the sex on Outlander is the best on screen sex I have ever witnessed…



***** I just want to add, although a lot of people will be pissy about the spanking scene, there are no doubt going to be hoards of women more than a little curious about belts and perhaps going as far as to suggest to their significant other that they play ‘naughty wife in the 1740’s’…


Tuesday Teaser – Outlander


Tuesday Teaser is a bookish meme hosted by MizB of ShouldBeReading – anyone can take part, all you need to do is:

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OutlanderDiana Gabaldon

Oh yeah... and Jamie Fraser is rather delish!

Oh yeah… and Jamie Fraser is rather delish!

I have been reading this book for a long time, I’ve devoted far too much time lately to catching up on TV shows and by the time I get to bed it is time for sleep, not reading!  I am getting closer to the end though and am looking forward to the second book in the series (Dragonfly in Amber).  This series has been turned into a TV show (with the same title) and is what finally prompted me to read the book!


In 1946, after WWII, a young Englishwoman named Claire Beauchamp Randall goes to the Scottish Highlands with her husband, Frank. She’s an ex-combat nurse, he’s been in the army as well, they’ve been separated for the last six years, and this is a second honeymoon; they’re getting re-acquainted with each other, thinking of starting a family. But one day Claire goes out walking by herself, and comes across a circle of standing stones—such circles are in fact common all over northern Britain.  She walks through a cleft stone in the circle….and disappears. Back into 1743, where the first person she meets is a gentleman in an 18th-century army officer’s uniform. This gentleman, Jack Randall, looks just like her husband Frank—and proves to be Frank’s six-times-great-grandfather. Unfortunately, he also proves to be a sadistic bisexual pervert, and while trying to escape from him, Claire falls into the hands of a gang of Highland Scots, who are also trying to get away from Black Jack Randall—though for other reasons.

In order to avoid being handed over to Captain Randall, Claire is obliged to marry one of the young clansmen. So she finds herself trying to escape from Castle Leoch and her Scottish captors, trying to get back to her husband Frank, trying to avoid being recaptured by Captain Randall—and falling in love with Jamie Fraser, the young man she’s been forced to marry.


Teasers (pg. 489):

But the time was coming when I would be able to delay no longer, and I forced my mind back, carefully drawing him in my mind, tracing the long, smooth arcs of his brows with my thoughts as I had once traced them with my fingers

No matter that my fingers tingled suddenly with the memory of rougher, thicker brows and the deep blue of the eyes beneath them.


Outlandishly gooooood sex scenes

Christian Grey is soooooooooooo last year and there is a new fictional man stealing the hearts of women everywhere.  His name is Jamie.  James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser to be precise.

For those of you not in the know he is the lead male character from Diana Gabaldon’s ‘Outlander’ series of books and more recently, the Starz screen adaptation of the series.

I give to you Jamie Fraser

My mum has been recommending the books to me for years but it just didn’t sound like ‘my type of thing’ because there is an element of fantasy to it [fantasy, sci-fi… my brain just can’t comprehend it].  As with the books she encouraged me regularly to watch the series so one night the wifey and I decided we would give it a go.  I don’t know that either of us had great expectations for the show but I have learnt my mum is usually right [about everything…] so we settled on the couch to watch.

From episode one we were hooked.  Yes, the story was pretty great, but what really caught our eye was the deliciousness that is Jamie Fraser.  Yeap.  Intense, cheeky, sweet, funny, loveable, and just plain ol’ HOT.

Going too much into just why Jamie is the all-around perfect man would probably give away too much about the story for those of you who haven’t read the books or seen the series (if you haven’t, GO WATCH IT NOW!), so because this is a blog with a strong sexual base, I thought I would discuss another reason we love Outlander.

The sex.

The sex is.  Wow.  Just wow.

I know I said I didn’t want to spoil too much, so if you’d prefer not to read about the sex, then stop reading now.

You have been warned.

Had I been eating or drinking something during a particular part of episode six I likely would have choked on whatever was in my mouth at the time.  Jamie, hot, brooding, cheeky [and let’s face it, utterly fuckable] tells Claire that he is a virgin.  I know!  Hold up.  WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY JAMES ALEXANDER MALCOLM MacKENZIE FRASER?!

Something about Jamie being a virgin made him even more appealing, I think it gave him an added sense of vulnerability.  There he was.  Sexy as hell and a virgin.  It did not compute!  I cannot think of any other show where such a strong male lead is a virgin, and let’s face it – he owns it!  The naughty little smile when he tells Claire that one of them should know what they are doing, you can tell he wants to be taught, he wants to be shown, that he wants to be at the mercy of this one woman.

Who doesn’t want someone to feel that way about them?

The virginity admission really set the scene for the sex that was to come in the next episode.  Yes dear readers, if you can’t be assed watching Outlander just skip straight to episode 7 and enjoy the naughty delights within.

Normally on-screen sex is all ass moving up and down, the woman moaning and crying out from the second the man enters her, she grips at the sheets and within thirty seconds both of them are a spent heap of sweaty flesh with all of their good parts strategically hidden by sheets, limbs, vases of flowers, shadows, etc, etc, etc.

Not in Outlander!

The first time Claire and Jamie have sex is A W K W A R D.  First of all Jamie doesn’t realise that a man and a woman can have sex face to face.  No, he thinks that humanoid sex is like four-legged animal sex and attempts to take her from behind.  Claire, ever the patient teacher she is leads him to the bed and pulls him down on top of her.

It is then that Jamie becomes a man.  For a brief period of time.  Yeap, unlike the usual on-screen sex
scene it is all over very quickly for James Alex…. Jamie, and also unlike the usual on-screen sex scenes Claire doesn’t writhe around beneath him with a look of ecstasy permanently painted on her face and there is no grand operatic type orgasm.  Don’t get me wrong, she was hardly writing her shopping list in her head, but rather than being over the top with orgasmness (yes, that is a word, or it is now), her response was REALISTIC.

Clearly it felt good and you could see she was enjoying it, BUT she also looked like a woman having sex with her new man for the first time… their parts fit well together, but it was more introduction sex than let’s scream the house down sex.

[and yes, now I find myself imagining a penis and vagina introducing themselves to each other and making awkward small talk… ‘nice weather we are having’, ‘a bit wet today’…]

Part of what any audience wants is to feel as if they have something in common with a character, that they can sympathise with a character, smile and nod as they remember themselves in a similar situation or feeling a similar way.  With the good-but-not-great first time sex I think this is accomplished.

Throughout the whole seventh episode I felt almost giddy with nerves and anticipation, almost as if I was feeling everything Jamie and Claire were feeling!

As the episode progresses Jamie and Claire talk and get to know each other better, you can see them feeling more comfortable with each other and just know there is going to be a rather climactic climax to the episode.  And there was.  Oh yes, oh yes, OH YES.

The second time they have sex one gets the impression that James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser is indeed a very fast learner.  They were standing before each other and my wife and I were both yelling at him to pick her up.  Pick her up he did!

Her legs wrapped around his waist, he walked her to the bed, lay her down and they went on to have sex that was very arousing to watch.  Hips were bucking, faces were contorted in pleasure, her legs were pulled up toward her chest, her hands were gripping his ass [and what an ass!!!], his back, his shoulders.  A particularly fall-even-more-in-love-with-Jamie thing happened when Claire was crying out with pleasure and Jamie stopped to ask if he was hurting her.  HELL NO, GET BACK TO IT LAD!

Then Claire blew Jamie’s mind (uhhhh literally) and gave him a blow job.  The camera stayed on Jamie’s face and I have to say, that man is a sublime actor.  His facial expressions were so authentic I had to wonder for a minute if she really was having some fun down there.  Of course she wasn’t, but wow, the look on his face when she had finished was complete and utter overwhelmed bliss and amazement.  Again it was impossible not to fall a little more in love with Mr Fraser.

He then looked at Claire as if she was a goddess and he worshipped her.

Then he fell asleep.
One word for you: R E A L I S T I C!

In the following episode the two love birds fool around in the grass and partake in some sex al fresco (briefly anyway…. I shan’t give away spoilers about what happens after the sex).  Before they get down to it Jamie very casually exposes one of Claire’s breasts and sucks on her nipple – a look of relief crosses his face as he does so – you can just tell he has been wanting to do it since the last time he had a chance to be naked and naughty with her.  The sex that ensues is full of haste and hunger and need and slow, deep rocking of hips that caused me as a viewer to bite my thumb and whimper quietly.  It’s okay, my wife was doing the same thing.

Then it finished.  The sex.  The season.  No more Outlander until April 4 2015.  No more new Jamie until April 4 2015.  No new Jamie & Claire sex until at least April 4 2015.

If you listen carefully you can hear women around the world sobbing, wondering how they are going to make it through the next six months.