My Sexy Saturday, week 81

Welcome to another edition of My Sexy Saturday!  If you aren’t familiar with it, My Sexy Saturday is a blog hop giving erotica writers a chance to share 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs of their work, based on a specific theme each week.

Most weeks the theme is clearly defined, but some weeks – like this week – it is more open to interpretation.  For week 81 the theme is ‘My Sexy Addiction’, inspired by the song ‘Addicted to Love’ (you know it, Robert Palmer, the women in black with fire engine red lipstick, playing instruments…); I have opted to go with an excerpt that contains no sex, but that I feel works with the theme!

It’s from a flash fiction I wrote; Brad gets home from a hard day at the office to find his girlfriends have disappeared… until he goes into the bedroom, and finds them enjoying a little naked girl time.  Naturally he joins in.

The following excerpt is at the very end of the story…



“We missed you,” Carly added and he smiled.

“I missed both of you as well,” Brad replied, loving that even after three years they still missed each other when they were apart.

“We were talking about the naughty weekend we spent in Sydney and that was what got us horny before you got home,” Carly informed him and he smirked as he remembered the weekend she was talking about.

“Perhaps we should reminisce some more after dinner,” Brad suggested, unable to think of anything he’d like more than spending the night having sex with Carly and Stella.

“Food and sex, perfect way to spend a night!” Stella joked and they all laughed.

“I love you two crazy women,” Brad declared.

“We love you too,” Carly and Stella replied in unison, both smiling adoringly at him.

My Sexy Saturday, week 77

Welcome to another edition of My Sexy Saturday!  My Sexy Saturday is a blog hop which gives writers of erotica a chance to share 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs from a published work or a work in progress.

Each week there is a specific theme, this week it is ‘Their Sexy Thoughts’, and I have chosen an excerpt from an untitled WIP which centers around four main characters (Charlotte, Amelia, Thomas & Harrison) who are in a polyamorous relationship.  This excerpt is toward the start of the story, before Amelia and Harrison begin their little branch of the relationship.



The more time Harrison spent with Amelia, the more convinced he became that he couldn’t just be friends with her.

He wanted to be able to kiss her, to be able to cup her face in his hands and tell her just how beautiful he thought she was. He wanted to make love to her, spend hours exploring her body, making her moan, scream and cry out before she finally came undone around him. He wanted to take her by surprise in the shower with fast and furious sex that would leave them both dizzy and shaking.

He wanted her.

What made it worse was that he knew that she wanted him as desperately; he could see it in her eyes and read it in her body language. It was so hard to try and give themselves time before taking things further when they both wanted it so badly.

Double the trouble or double the pleasure?


I have shared a couple of excerpts from my story about Lanie, Blake, & Logan; since I decided today to devote some attention toward this WIP, I thought it’d be a good idea to share another excerpt.

The story starts off as an innocent one night stand between Lanie and Logan.  Fast-forward to the next morning and Lanie finds out Logan has an identical twin brother; she finds it impossible not to be turned on by Blake – easy to understand considering the fact the two men truly look identical.  By the end of the day Lanie has had sex with both Logan and Blake, and is preparing for another night in a foreign bed… this time Blake’s bed, rather than Logan’s.

Stuff happens (I know, very descriptive and informative!) and eventually Lanie has to decide whether to cut all ties with the  men, or to follow her heart and enter into a relationship with both, which as Logan and Blake see it, is the obvious answer to their predicament.

Before I start confusing y’all, I shall say goodbye and leave you with a little excerpt.


** If you are interested in reading the other excerpts from the Lanie, Blake, & Logan story, here they are:
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With the lasagna in the oven Lanie and Blake retreated to the lounge to relax. She went to sit beside him on the couch but he had other ideas and pulled her onto his lap so she was straddling him. Being face to face with Blake proved too much temptation and unlike in the kitchen this time it was her initiating a kiss.

His lips felt plump and soft against her own and when his tongue plunged inside her mouth she moaned far louder than intended. Sexual tension between them had built to a dangerous level and were Logan not in the house she imagined the kiss would have very quickly led to nakedness and before long they would have been a writhing, sweaty heap on the couch, their bodies connected in the best way.

As it was, Lanie could feel every manly inch of Blake pressing against her pussy and without realising it, she had begun moving her hips subtly against him. Lanie knew she would get carried away very quickly if she didn’t stop, but stopping was the last thing she wanted. Her hands naturally moved to Blake’s neck and as she started to run her fingers up and down he groaned softly and pulled her down against him – an action Lanie had a feeling he wasn’t conscious of.

They had started something and though she knew she should get off his lap, Lanie didn’t think she physically could; even clothed his cock felt far too good pressing against her, so good she could feel her panties getting damper with each movement of her hips. Continue reading

Leah and Beau see the New Year in with a bang

Yes.  Absolutely terrible pun for a title, but come on – it is the end of the year – I think we’re all entitled to a little craziness?  It is New Years jw056-350a-whiskey-on-the-rocks-whiskey-and-ice_1920x1200_69168Eve here in NZ (in fact, it’ll be 2015 in a little over 5 hours) so I thought to celebrate I would share a New Years scene from one of my stories.

Now, this story is an old one and probably won’t be published… but I absolutely love it.  I love the characters, I love the storyline… I just love it.  Maybe because it is one of the very first substantial stories I wrote?  I shouldn’t say ‘wrote’ because it is still a WIP, it probably always will be.  I can’t seem to finish things up for Leah, Jane, Beau, & Asher… it would be like saying goodbye to good friends for the final time.

I have posted excerpts from this story before… it focuses on girlfriends Jane and Leah, their bestfriend (and friend with benefits) Asher, and his friend Beau.  Long story short, Jane, Leah, & Asher have a threesome, become best friends, he offers to be a donor for them, they agree, Jane gets pregnant; the couple also has sex with Beau and as a result of the New Years Eve I am about to share, Leah also becomes pregnant.  Blah, blah, blah, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah, Asher meets the love of his life (Lucy), and over time Jane and Leah come to realise they are in love with Beau… as I am a fan of the happy ever after, it is no surpise that he is also in love with them.  Jane, Leah, & Beau all go on to live very happily ever after in polyamorous bliss… along with their tribe of children.

Ooops, I said long story short didn’t I.  More like long story not quite as long.

Before I ramble more, I shall say goodbye for now and leave you with that drunken New Years Eve that changed evvvvvvverything.



“Thanks for inviting us tonight, it’s been ages since we did anything for New Year’s,” Leah said and Beau smiled.

“No problem. I knew Ash would be gone and that you’d probably be missing him, so thought you might enjoy a night out,” Beau explained. “It’s just a pity Jane couldn’t be here too!” he added.

“I know, but this pregnancy thing is taking it out of her. She is so tired, I don’t think she’s been awake past nine for the last week now,” Leah told him and he smiled sympathetically at her.

“What do you do all night long then?” Beau asked and Leah winked at him.

“Well, I’m writing a lot more than I have for the past year, so I guess my publisher will be happy with me!” Leah told him and Beau smirked. He had been told about the type of books Leah wrote, and the thought of her writing erotica stirred something inside him.

“What’s the new book about?” Beau asked and Leah winked at him.

“That would be telling,” Leah replied, cryptically. Beau laughed.

“Let me know when it’s published then,” Beau told her and Leah nodded.

“Maybe you’ll even get a free copy,” Leah suggested.

A waitress walked past carrying a champagne tray and Beau took two glasses and handed one to Leah. They ceremonially clinked glasses and took a sip.

“I haven’t been drunk in a lonnnnnng time,” Leah informed him and Beau laughed.

“After an incident a few months ago, neither have I,” Beau said with a wink. Leah laughed and winked back at him.

“I think I know the incident of which you speak,” Leah noted and Beau raised an eyebrow at her.

“Oh, I’m sure you do,” he replied.

“As much as I love this fancy sparkly stuff, do you reckon we can find something a bit stronger?” Leah asked and Beau grinned at her.

“I like the way you think,” Beau replied and then took her hand and led her toward the bar. “What do you want?” he asked Leah, curious to see what her answer would be.

“Whiskey and dry… might as well make it a double,” Leah replied and Beau couldn’t hide his surprise because he presumed she would ask for a vodka and orange juice or something equally girly.

After ordering himself the same thing he led her out onto the balcony with drinks in hand and they took in the view. They stood talking like old friends and, before he knew it, both glasses were empty – so he went back for another – and another, and another… and another. After the fifth drink, he lost count of how many they had had and when they started having their whiskey on the rocks knew they were in trouble.

At some stage in the evening, in an attempt to be responsible, he got them both water and they were sitting at a table talking when Michael and Maddi sat down in the two spare seats.

Beau had forgotten that Michael and Maddi were going to be there and greeted them both very happily. Maddi explained that they had managed to convince her parents to babysit for a few hours and told them she felt like she was missing a part of her body, not having Benjamin around. They spoke about Jane and Maddi promised Leah that the fatigue would start going away after the first trimester. Beau’s eyes glazed over a bit with all the baby talk – and it wasn’t entirely due to the alcohol consumption!

After a few minutes later Maddi and Michael left to look for ‘little nibbly things’ to eat and Beau led Leah inside in search of another drink.

With a fresh drink in hand, Leah and Beau explored the enormous penthouse suite. They eventually found themselves in a secluded hallway and both laughed when they talked about the shenanigans they could get up to in such a secluded part of the suite.

A look passed between them that left Beau unable to do anything but put his whiskey down on the sideboard they were standing next to, take Leah’s from her hand and put it beside his, then press her up against the wall and kiss the hell out of her. Leah kissed him back just as hungrily and when he tugged on her bottom lip with his teeth she moaned quietly and pressed her hips against him. When he broke off the kiss to catch his breath, he put his hands on the wall – one on either side of her head – and looked down at her.

“You know we don’t have to….” Beau started and Leah nodded.

“We probably shouldn’t… drunk and all,” Leah replied.

“Bad intoxicated decisions,” Beau agreed.

“Pregnant girlfriend home in bed,” Leah added.

“Drunk and all,” Beau noted.

“Boss kink… suit….” Leah said and ran her hand down his chest.

“Boobies… heels… boobies… boobies…” Beau replied, running a finger down her cleavage.

“Horny, so…. horny…” Leah said then bit her lip.

“Very very…” Beau replied, and when Leah pulled on his tie she smiled sexily at him.

“Need it…” Leah stated, firmly.

“Badly,” Beau added, and then moved his face very close to hers. “Jane did give us her express permission so how about we go to my house?” he suggested and Leah pulled on his tie as she kissed him.

“Now,” Leah exclaimed insistently against his mouth.

There was a cough to the left of where they were and when they eventually broke off the kiss and looked up, Beau was surprised to see Michael standing there, grinning.

“You are both going to be so hungover tomorrow,” Michael exclaimed and shook his head, then left the hallway. The exchange was over so quickly that, a minute later, Beau wasn’t sure if it had really happened or not. Had he imagined the exchange with Michael? What the hell would he think, seeing him and Leah kissing so hungrily? He was too drunk and horny to care…

Beau took Leah’s hand and led her from the hallway and out into the main part of the suite so they could get the elevator. When the doors opened no one else followed them, so for the 30 second trip down to the ground floor, Beau had Leah pressed up against the wall as they kissed passionately. Leah’s fingers snaked into the waistband of his pants and Beau let out a frustrated groan – he desperately wanted to be naked with her – but an elevator on New Year’s Eve was hardly the time or the place.

While they waited for a taxi to arrive, Leah went to the bathroom and came out a couple of minutes later smirking. She took her handbag off her arm then held it open in front of him – looking inside Beau could see Leah’s panties – and again the need to be buried deep inside her became overwhelming. He shot her a pained look and she smirked knowingly again. The taxi finally arrived and after what felt like a very drawn-out trip they were outside his house. Beau paid the driver and led Leah up to the front door, which he proceeded to press her up against and kiss her, while fumbling with his keys to open the door.

The door opened and they fell through, laughing as they stumbled and fell on the mat in the entry way. Beau laughed as he rolled on top of her and they started to kiss again, but this time with more ferocity than any of their prior kisses – most likely due to the fact they were finally alone – and in a sex appropriate locale. Leah moved her legs around his waist and pulled him against her. Even though he was fully clothed he began moving against her, enjoying the way it made her moan.

The kissing continued until they were both frantic and finally he moved off her and removed his pants and boxers. Leah’s handbag was beside her on the floor and when he looked back at her she was removing a condom from the box he had purchased earlier. She grinned as she pushed him onto his back and straddled his legs before carefully putting the condom on his cock, which was getting steadily harder.

With that little matter taken care of, Leah moved up until she was straddling him at the hips; after lining herself up she plunged down on top of him, letting out a loud cry as he hit the back of her pussy. Leah moved so her hands were either side of his head and as she rocked her hips against him they kissed, tongues tangling and grazing against each other while he moved his hands to her hips and pulled her down more snuggly against him. Leah’s began to move her hips harder and faster and even though he had a condom on, he was still very conscious of how good her pussy felt around him. As he began nipping at her neck Leah started to moan loudly and he found that the more contact his mouth made with her neck – and the harder the contact was – the harder and faster she moved against him.

Had he been sober he probably wouldn’t have started biting her so hard, but couldn’t control himself as he dug his teeth into the soft flesh of her neck, spurred on by the way she responded to the biting, her hips bucking wildly against his. He started to grunt as he felt his orgasm starting to build, and again pulled Leah down harder against him, enjoying the way she screamed as his cock hit a new spot inside her. Beau could feel her pussy clenching tightly around him and while he wished he could feel her without the barrier of a condom he also liked the fact that the condom was prolonging sex for them.

It couldn’t be prolonged forever though and when Leah started to move harder and faster against him, Beau felt the tension in his cock get to the point of discomfort. Leah started to scream loudly and he felt her pussy start to clench madly around his cock her entire body going rigid as her orgasm hit. Beau pulled her down so he could hit deeper and Leah managed to keep moving her hips until the tension inside him finally burst free and he groaned loudly as his orgasm hit. Leah continued moving her hips against him until his orgasm had waned and then she collapsed on top of him, giggling as he rolled them both onto their sides.

“Oops,” Leah exclaimed.

“I did not mean for that to happen!” Beau replied and they both laughed loudly.

“Who are we kidding, that was going to happen whether we wanted it to or not,” Leah giggled drunkenly and Beau nodded in agreement.

“Your fault, your boobies looking all… boobyish, with that deviously designed dress,” Beau commented.

“No, your fault, all suit and tie and boss-man looking,” Leah countered.

“Actually I blame you because of those damn heels you were wearing,” Beau decided.

“Wait, let’s blame Asher! If he was in town, me and Jane would be with him tonight,” Leah giggled.

“Yes. It’s Asher’s fault we got drunk and ended up having sex on my floor!” Beau agreed and they both laughed.

Beau got up from the floor and helped Leah to her feet before leading her into the lounge. He had been about to suggest they go to bed when he noticed that the clock on the wall read 11.56pm. So, rather than suggesting bed, he ran through to the kitchen and got the half-full bottle of whiskey from the cupboard, along with two shot glasses and took it back into the lounge where Leah was sitting on the couch, looking rather dazed.

“Almost midnight!” Beau exclaimed as he turned the TV on, and put it on the offical New Year’s countdown.

“Oooooooooooooooooooh, it’s the law to do shots then!” Leah said excitedly.

“It’s the ultimate law!” Beau agreed as he opened the bottle and filled the two shot glasses.

“What do we shot to?” Leah asked, giggling.

“I don’t think ‘shot to’ is the right word, but I can’t think of what it is, so… let’s shot to…. Jane being with child!” Beau proposed and they raised their glasses.

“To Jane being with child!” Leah said loudly and they both downed their shots.

“We can’t do a shot to Jane being with child, without doing one to baby daddy!” Beau noted as he filled the two glasses again.

“Yes! No! Yes! I mean….” Leah rambled.

“To baby daddy!” Beau yelled, and again they clinked their glasses and threw back their second shots.

“I know! We need to do a shot to whiskey too! Without whiskey, we wouldn’t be shotting whiskey!” Leah exclaimed and Beau nodded as he filled the glasses again.

“Very true!” Beau agreed.

“To whiskey!” Leah proclaimed, they clinked again and gone was the third shot.

They took their next shot when the clock officially struck midnight and, after having another four shots, saw in the New Year with a lot of kissing. Kissing that started out with them sitting side by side on the couch and ended with Leah straddling him, his cock buried deep inside her. Before she started to move her hips Leah literally tore his short off him – buttons popped off as it opened – and he moved forward so she could take the shirt off.

Finally she started moving against him and it seemed only natural for him to move his hands to Leah’s back and undo her dress zipper. Leah assisted him by moving her hands from his shoulders so he could pull the dress up and over her head, eventually casting it aside on the floor. Beau buried his face in her cleavage and grinned like a lunatic as he felt the soft skin of her breasts against his face. Naturally he felt the need to explore further so, in one easy movement, reached behind her and undid her bra – which soon joined the rest of their clothes in a pile on the floor.

Leah sat up taller so her boobs were in his face and as he took one nipple in his mouth, he could feel her pussy squeezing at his cock. The harder he sucked, the tighter Leah’s pussy squeezed his cock and the faster she rode him. Beau couldn’t get enough of her boobs and for a while all his concentration was on the way her nipples felt against his tongue and between his fingers. When Leah put her fingers under his chin and brought her mouth to his, it was as if he was snapped out of his nipple-rific daze and suddenly all he was aware of was the fact her pussy was drenched, and how hot and silky it felt as she moved against him.

Things progressed very quickly from there, one moment he was enjoying how hard her nipples were against his tongue, the next minute he was feeling the presure building inside his cock as she rode him speedily toward orgasm. Her pussy was tight around him, their pelvic bones were grinding together, her cries were loud and high pitched with his grunts and groans equalling hers in the noise department.

With arms tightly around his neck Leah rode him harder until she came undone, screaming as her orgasm burst free, seconds before his own hit.

Afterward, Leah collapsed against him and he buried his face in her neck, trying to catch his breath. Somehow they made it into his bed – with the premise of having sex all night – but that turned out to be wishful drunk thinking, because moments after their heads hit the pillow and the room began to spin, they both fell asleep.

Carly and Stella give Brad a memorable welcome home

threesome_heart_attackWhile I was doing some last minute exam study a couple of months back – I became inspired – and rather than adding to my notes about… well, whatever it was, I turned to the back of my exercise book and began writing.

The result of this procrastination was the story of Carly, Stella & Brad making the most of Brad’s boss’s lunch break by having sex on his desk.  It was going to be a one off and it still is a one off, but I enjoyed the characters of Carly, Stella and Brad so much that I felt the need to visit them again.  Because it was meant to be a one off story I don’t actually know a hell of a lot about the characters, other than the fact they are in a polyamorous relationship… I have a feeling I’ll have to get to know them a bit better if I am to write anything else about this trio!

I haven’t really written since I got all of my exam results back and last weekend I was feeling bad about that.  I revisited old works and would get motivated to write, but sitting in front of my laptop the words just wouldn’t flow.  That was when I remembered the flash fiction I had writen about Carly et al and before I knew it I was writing!

The following is what appeared to flow from my brain directly to the computer screen…

I am sure I will be back with story #3 very soon!


Brad sighed with relief as he let himself in the front door. Work had been hectic that day and he was looking forward to being able to put his feet up and spend the evening relaxing with Carly and Stella.

Smiling expectantly, Brad walked into the kitchen but his smile disappeared when it was an empty room he walked into. Usually the two girls would be in the kitchen cooking dinner by that stage and he wondered if he had forgotten they were going to be late home. That didn’t make sense though, as both of their cars were in the driveway and the door was unlocked.

He went over to the big bay window that looked out over the backyard but the only movement out there were a few birds hopping around on the soggy post-rain grass.

“I’m home,” Brad called out but his greeting went unreturned.

Perhaps they had gone for a walk, he decided, as he made his way down the hallway toward their bedroom. He would get out of his stuffy business clothes and get into something suitable for a night of lounging on the couch with the loves of his life.

A grin spread across his face when he opened the bedroom door to reveal Stella lying spread-eagled on the bed moaning quietly, while Carly focused the attentions of her tongue on Stella’s pussy. It was a sight he never got tired of and one that had an immediate effect on his cock. Even as he approached the two women he was getting hard, his cock starting to throb and twitch as he took in the sight of Carly hungrily licking Stella’s cunt.

Both women were naked and he couldn’t decide which one he wanted to touch first, or how. On the one hand Stella’s nipples were hard and he couldn’t wait to take one in his mouth and suck long and hard on it, but on the other Carly’s ass was enticingly on display and the temptation to remove his pants, step in behind her and guide his cock inside her wet pussy was very strong.

“Mind some company?” Brad asked overly-politely as he shrugged his shirt off and undid his pants.sexthreescompanyfeb5

“You are officially invited,” Stella replied, her voice husky and pleasure-filled. “We thought you’d like a nice surprise when you got home,” she explained quickly and moaned loudly as Carly worked some sort of magic with her tongue.

Stepping out of his pants and boxers, Brad moved closer to the bed, stroking his hand up and down rapidly hardening his cock. Without really thinking about it, he stepped in behind Carly and with his hands on her hips, ran the tip of his cock up and down her slit. The way she was positioned at the end of the bed, she was at the perfect height and he couldn’t resist the open invitation provided by her splayed pussy.

He would have loved to be able to display some form of control, to not appear too eager to bury himself in Carly’s wet heat but he was fighting a losing battle.

Carly arched her hips backward and groaned against Stella’s pussy as he pressed the top inch of his cock into her hole. Brad placed his hands on her hips and finally pushed all the way inside Carly, grunting loudly as her pussy tightly gripped his cock and she instinctively began moving her hips in loose circles.

Stella’s own moans and cries of pleasure grew louder and Brad smirked because he knew how turned on it made her when Carly was being pleasured by him, while pleasuring her. The first few thrusts of his hips were slow and gentle, but as was so often the case, he very quickly got carried away, gripping more firmly to Carly’s hips so he could hit deeper and harder with each movement.

Even though they were muffled against Stella’s pussy, Carly’s moans were still considerably loud which had the domino effect of making him more vocal. There was something about hearing Carly’s and Stella’s cries, whimpers, moans, groans and screams of pleasure that heightened the whole experience for him and invariably led to him being louder.

Stella’s cries reached fever pitch – the look of utmost pleasure on her face telling him she was going to cum – and soon. At the same time Carly’s hips were moving faster and she was pressing back into him, her moans louder against Stella’s pussy. He could only imagine the vibrations caused by Carly’s moans were having an effect on the sensations Stella was feeling; for the millionth time since they had entered into their relationship, he thought about how lucky they were to have such an incredible sex life.

The three of them were moaning, groaning and crying out, the sounds of their pleasure mingling to create some sort of sex chorus. Stella’s cries had transitioned into screeches and Brad could see Carly pressing her face more firmly against Stella’s pussy, he knew her tongue would be moving back and forward against Stella’s clit at an astonishing rate. In some ways Brad was envious of Carly, he loved the taste of Stella’s pussy juice on his tongue and decided perhaps he would need a turn later in the evening.

He didn’t understand guys that complained about having to go down on their girlfriend or wife; one of his favourite things to do was eat one woman and eat the other straight after. There was nothing better than having both women at the mercy of his tongue and then hearing them scream when they couldn’t handle any more.

Brad watched as Stella started to tremble, his fingers digging deeply into Carly’s hips as he braced himself for the loud scream that would inevitably erupt from Stella in a few seconds. The trembling became more pronounced, the loud screeches suddenly became screams and as Stella’s orgasm hit he pulled Carly back into him, ensuring he hit deep inside, knowing that would help trigger her own orgasm.

His orgasm was steadily building and he hoped Carly would cum before he did; he always put Carly’s and Stella’s pleasure ahead of his own and felt oddly guilty if he came before one or both of them had. Judging by the tightness of her cunt Brad knew Carly’s orgasm would hit soon and he couldn’t stop himself slamming harder into her, in hopes it would make her orgasm even stronger when it did hit.

Carly’s cries became more high-pitched and he could feel the muscles in her hips tensing beneath his fingertips; at the same time her pussy began to strangle his cock and not release. Harder, and harder he moved against her, his cock ramming into the back of her pussy making her cry out even louder. The cries turned into screams and the constant friction against his cock became almost too much. His breathing was fast and shallow, his ass was tight and he was gripping Carly’s hips tightly, anchoring himself in preparation for his orgasmic release.

When Carly’s screams became louder she pressed tightly back against him again; he could feel her shaking and put more effort into the movement of his hips, groaning loudly as his cock started to throb with such intensity it became uncomfortable. He slammed into her as hard and fast as he could and after five final thrusts Carly screamed long and loud as she came undone around him, the contractions of her pussy milking his cock.

Carly was still riding the crest of her orgasm when his hit and he roared loudly, pressing into Carly while pulling her back at the hips, cock pulsating as he spilled his load into the tight heat of her cunt. The orgasm didn’t seem to want to stop and when it finally petered off Brad felt more than a little light headed.

He released Carly’s hips and watched through heavy eyelids as she crawled up the bed and lay beside Stella, immediately snuggling up against her and letting out a satisfied sigh. Brad’s legs were shaking so he followed Carly’s lead and crawled up the bed, coming to a stop on the other side of Stella.

Somehow they managed to move under the blankets and as Brad rested his head against Stella’s chest he put his arm over her, his hand coming to rest on Carly’s hip. Carly did the same thing with her arm and he smiled as he felt her fingers lightly stroking his side.

“I’m glad you’re home,” Stella whispered and Brad nuzzled his nose against her neck.

“I’m glad as well,” Brad replied.

“We missed you,” Carly added and he smiled, loving that after so long together the three of them still missed each other when they were apart.

“I missed both of you as well,” Brad told them honestly.

“We were talking about the naughty weekend we spent in Sydney and that was what got us horny before you got home,” Carly informed him and he smirked as he remembered the weekend she was talking about.

“Perhaps we should reminisce some more after dinner,” Brad suggested, unable to think of anything he’d like more than spending the night having sex with Carly and Stella.

“Food and sex, perfect way to spend a night!” Stella joked and they all laughed.

“I love you two crazy women,” Brad declared.

“We love you too,” Carly and Stella replied in unison, both smiling adoringly at him.

Harrison’s 3am wake up call

With all this time on my hands now that uni is over for the year (3x B’s & 1x B+ thank you very much!) I have been reading back over my polyamory_by_jymaru-d4r38hj.pngnumerous half-written stories to work out what happens next.  The latest story I have been reading is one I’ve been unofficially calling ‘Bastard Daniel, a story which revolves around four characters – Thomas, Charlotte, Amelia, & Harrison – and their polyamorous relationship.

I am not sure why polyamory features in so many of my stories, it is not something I have experienced myself – nor do I want to – but it is something that fascinates me.  Personally I believe that love is love and you cannot control who you love – or how many people; what really matters is that any form of relationship is based on trust, honesty, respect and communication.  I know of polyamorous relationships that are a lot healthier than some monogamous relationships.

It is that trust, honesty, respect and communication that is the foundation of all the relationships – polyamorous or monogamous – that I write about.  Maybe this is because it is the basis of the relationship between my wife and I?

Enough musing over this though, I shall leave you with this little excerpt which takes place in the middle of the night after Amelia and Harrison have finally had sex for the first time.  As is the case with a lot of my stories, Amelia is pregnant and is at the mercy of her hormones…


Harrison was jolted from a deep sleep when Amelia woke him up at 3am. Immediately he was taken back to the afternoon he’d spent with her in hospital, not long after they’d begun seeing each other as slightly more than acquaintances.

“What’s wrong?” Harrison asked, suddenly wide awake and feeling more than a little panicked.
“I’m horny,” Amelia announced, and Harrison started to laugh.
“Oh god, I thought something serious was wrong, like with the baby,” Harrison explained as he rolled onto his back and pulled her over with him.
“Probably could blame the baby, it is the whole pregnancy hormones thing that has given me this strange middle of the night craving for sex,” Amelia joked, moving her hand down to his cock and stroking him very quickly into a state of hardness.
“In that case, pregnancy hormones are awesome,” Harrison replied, groaning quietly as Amelia moved from stroking his cock, to gripping it in her hand.
“At this particular moment in time, yes they are,” Amelia agreed, giggling as she squeezed him harder and he gasped loudly. “And they have made me particularly wet,” she added for good measure.

Her hand left his cock and when it returned a moment later her fingers were wet with her arousal. Something about the mental image of her touching her pussy caused his cock to swell more and it was a sigh of relief he let out when Amelia quickly moved from a lying position beside him on the bed, to straddling him at the hips, her slick juices coating his cock, which was sandwiched between them. She lifted her hips and put a hand on his cock, then positioning herself over him, took the first inch of his hardness inside her, moaning and shuddering as she slid down the rest of his length.

“Oh god,” Amelia groaned, then leaned forward and put her hands on the headboard. “Fuuuuuuck,” she exclaimed as the slight change in position caused her clit to press against his pubic bone.

Harrison gently held onto her hips and smiled up at her as she started moving against him, slowly to start with, but soon speeding up the circular motion. Her wetness felt hot and silky around him, causing his cock to throb, the friction only enhancing the way her pussy felt tightly squeezing his cock. Amelia’s moans filled the room and he found himself getting carried away as well. The sex was unexpected and he loved the way it felt to be inside her, to know he was the reason for her cries of pleasure.

His groans came in sync with her moans and as they moved together he could feel his orgasm building. She felt too amazing to try and keep it at bay. The way she moved against him produced the most delicious friction against his cock and he could tell from the increasing grinding motion of her hips that the friction against her clit was having the same effect on her. With each passing minute he could feel her pussy growing tighter around him, he could feel her getting hotter, he could feel the tension spreading through her body.

Amelia began to grind her hips harder but her moans sounded as if they were starting to come from a place of frustration, rather than pleasure; hoping it was what she needed he pulled her down at the hips. The loud cry that followed told him that he had read her cues perfectly and when she started to shriek he could tell she was going to come very quickly.

He was a little sad that the sex was about to be over, but at the same time, he was so caught up in the divine sensations their bodies were creating as they moved together that he almost wanted his orgasm to arrive straight away. He wanted to experience that release with her, wanted to feel her climaxing around him, wanted to feel her melting into his arms as she came down from her orgasm, wanted to hear her struggling to catch her breath as her body trembled with aftershocks.

And that was exactly what happened. Amelia came with a loud cry just seconds before his own orgasm hit. As his cock pulsated and lurched he could feel her pussy tightly squeezing and releasing over, and over, and over. She was struggling to breathe, as was he, and when she collapsed against his chest he wrapped his arms around her, enjoying the feel of her laboured breaths against his neck. Spontaneously she would shake and her pussy would tightly squeeze and release as the remnants of her orgasm left her body. He loved the little aftershocks, it felt almost as if her pussy was massaging his cock; the sensation was oddly relaxing.

When his cock was too soft to stay inside her they both let out a sigh – part satisfaction, part disappointment – at their bodies no longer being connected. Amelia moved off him and lay so she was partly on her side and rested her head on his chest. He could feel she was touching her belly, and when he moved his hand down so he was also touching it, he was surprised to feel it was almost rock hard.

“Is everything okay?” Harrison asked, that panicked feeling coming back.
“It’s a braxon hicks contraction,” Amelia explained and Harrison nodded, he had heard of them before but wasn’t too sure what it was. She didn’t seem worried though, so he decided it was probably harmless.
“Does it hurt?” Harrison questioned, naturally equating the word ‘contraction’ with pain.
“Not really, it’s just tight,” Amelia replied. “It will go away soon,” she added, and as if to prove her point, he could feel the tension escaping from her belly.
“That felt weird,” Harrison acknowledged and Amelia giggled quietly.
“It is a really weird feeling, Charlotte used to get them all the time when she was pregnant with Milly Moo, first time I felt her have one I freaked out in a big way,” Amelia commented. “It’s kind of like a practice contraction,” she explained and he knew she was saying it to reassure him.
“As long as you’re okay,” Harrison replied with a yawn and kissed her gently.
“We should get back to sleep,” Amelia yawned.
“I love you,” Harrison informed her.
“I love you too,” Amelia replied and after another brief kiss, she nuzzled her face into his neck and they both gave in to sleep.


Lanie has a threesome with Blake and Logan

I would love to give all the background that led to me writing this, but we are heading away for the day and I am already running behind!
I have a feeling this may turn into a series because let’s face it, the background story is going to be rather intriguing.  After all, how does a woman end up in a relationship with identical twin brothers?
For now, I leave you with Lanie, Blake and Logan… enjoy!

Lanie stood before the door and nervously smoothed down her outfit. She was going for the ‘fake it til you make it’ thing and hoped her business-like outfit of black pencil skirt and red short sleeve shirt with ruffles down the middle would make her look more confident than she felt. In reality she had never been more nervous, excited, or anxious in her life.

Another knock on the door and she rolled her eyes, “Come on Lanie, get your shit together, you can do this,” she said to herself and before she could chicken out pulled the door open. Her knees went weak as she took in the doubly delicious sight of Blake and Logan.

“Hey gorgeous,” Logan said and held his arms out to Lanie.

“Hey yourself,” Lanie laughed as she stepped into his arms and inhaled his scent, manly and musky. She never could get enough of the Ralph Lauren cologne he wore.

“Oi, remember we are sharing tonight!” Blake chuckled from beside her and Lanie winked at him as she moved from Logan’s arms into his, loving the stark contrast of his Armani cologne which citrusy and fresh, making her think of summer.

“Wanna come in?” Lanie asked and mentally rolled her eyes… of course they wanted to come in.

“Inside or in you?” Blake asked wickedly and Lanie bit her lip.

“Both,” Lanie replied and turned back into the house, Blake and Logan following closely behind.

“Can I get either of you a drink?” Lanie asked stopping outside the door to the kitchen.

“Look at you playing the hostess,” Logan teased and Lanie shrugged.

“Just giving you time to back out,” Lanie managed to say with a straight face, knowing there was no way that was going to happen.

“You really think either of us is going to back out when you have been sending us filthy text messages all week?” Blake asked stepping behind her and moving her hair to the side so he could bite the crook of her neck.

“And those naughty pxts were pure wickedness,” Logan added putting his hands on her hips and stepping into her so she was effectively sandwiched between the two men.

“No idea what you’re talking about,” Lanie said innocently, biting back a whimper when the two men began kissing opposite sides of her neck.

The men managed to kiss and nip at her neck as the three of them made their way through to the bedroom, Lanie’s tormented whimpers and moans the only sounds in the house. As they walked, Logan was undoing the buttons on her shirt while Blake was unzipping the back of her skirt.

By the time they stepped into her bedroom her black sheer lace bra was on display and when Blake worked her skirt down over her hips, so were her matching panties. Lanie stepped out of her skirt and moved to take her red stilettos off, but Logan stopped her, whispering huskily in her ear that she should keep them on. Lanie smirked at him as she remembered he was the one with the stiletto fetish. Keep them on it was.

When her shirt dropped to the floor Lanie looked at both men with determination.

“Tops off, now,” she ordered, feeling a tight clench in her pussy when the two men did as was asked of them. To Lanie’s disappointment Blake never had the slightest hint of hair on his chest, but he was covered from neck to hips in tattoos, a major turn on for her. Logan, on the other hand, had no ink whatsoever, but he had the perfect amount of hair on his chest and seeing his treasure trail was enough to give her a mini-orgasm.

It was when they had their tops off that it was blatanly obvious which twin was which. Yeap. She didn’t have a boyfriend – she had two – and they were identical twin brothers. The idea of a threesome was something they had been toying with for a few months; Blake and Logan were both happy with the idea, but Lanie had needed longer to think about it. Ultimately though, she knew she could trust both men, and she would be lying if she said she wasn’t extremely curious about what it would be like to be in bed with both men at the same time.

And there they were!

Lanie wasn’t too sure what to say so rather than speak she moved closer to the two men so she could trail a hand down their chests and over their bellies before continuing south and dipping a hand in the waistband of each man’s pants. Logan groaned while Blake inhaled sharply. Both were looking at her intently waiting for her next move… which was to take her hands from inside their pants and pull each of their zippers down. The buttons of their jeans came undone next and she watched Blake and Logan shuffling out of their jeans and shoes, a burst of desire tearing through her body as she looked at them standing in their boxers.

They really were identical – the same wide shoulders, the same big arms, the same broad chests, the same powerful thighs – and they were all hers. She wasn’t sure how she’d got so lucky, even if it was they who claimed they were the lucky ones, an admission she always scoffed at.

Her hands drifted down their chests again and over their bellies, this time her hands settled on the two hardening bulges encased in their boxers. She gave them both a gentle squeeze followed by a not-so-gentle squeeze and bit her lip as both men groaned and gave her pleading looks. Pretending she was immune to their desperate looks Lanie snaked her fingers into the waistband of their boxers and slowly moved each hand lower and lower until she had a bare cock gripped in each fist.

Blake started to move against her hand while Logan put his hand around hers and made her grip him tighter. She had never felt more in charge in her life – it was a feeling she wasn’t used to – and she loved it.

The feeling of control disappeared when Logan slipped his fingers beneath the elastic of the crotch of her panties and brushed his finger against her wet folds. She wanted to pretend she was in no rush and that she wanted to take things slow, but her hips betrayed her and began moving against his hand. With her hand still inside his boxers, Blake moved in front of her and cupped her breast in his huge hand, his thumb swiping across the lace covered nipple and she let out a shuddery moan, arching her back in an attempt to push more of her boob into his hand.

Lanie gripped onto Blake’s shoulders when Logan added another finger to her pussy and began to rub her clit with his thumb. If she was standing much longer she knew she was going to collapse – there was only so much a girl could take before needing to writhe around naked beneath an equally naked man [or men as it were] – and that time was fast approaching.

She removed her hand from inside Blake’s boxers and pulled him forward at the shoulders so she could kiss him. His tongue swiped against hers and she groaned against his mouth as Logan began rubbing her clit in faster, harder circles. When Blake’s hands began to trail slowly down her sides Lanie found it hard to catch her breath, the featherlight touch of his fingertips was causing a throbbing ache deep inside her pussy and she was suddenly overcome by the need to have one of them – no, both of them – inside her.

The kissing deepened and she was sent into some form of sensory overload when she focused on the feeling of two hands on her sides and one hand between her legs. It felt incredible and intense and she wondered how she had waited so long to let both of them have her at the same time.

Blake dropped gently to his knees and when Lanie felt Logan’s hand leave her pussy she felt what could only be described as panic. Maybe they had changed their minds? When she felt the waistband of her panties being pulled down she sighed with relief. They weren’t leaving, they were taking her panties off. When her panties dropped to the floor Lanie stepped out of them and smiled nervously at Blake when he stood back up. It wasn’t that she was unsure, it was just that it was such a huge moment for her – for all of them – and it was hard not to feel nervous about what was to come!

Logan kissed the tip of her shoulder then kissed inward until he reached and kissed up her neck and along her jaw until he reached her lips. They kissed softly and slowly, and when Lanie felt Blake’s breath on her neck she turned so she could kiss him. The hunger in his kiss surprised her and she moaned as he tugged on her bottom lip with his teeth then resumed kissing her with even more hunger. The kiss came to a natural end and Lanie could sense the two men were feeling just as needy as she was.

She kicked off her stilettos before dropping to her knees between the men. She pulled down Blake’s boxers, followed by Logan’s, and wasn’t surprised when the moment she stood up Blake turned her around and undid her bra. It almost floated to the floor and as she turned around again she noticed a very familiar look of hunger on both men’s faces. It was identical.

“Ready for bed?” Blake whispered, pushing a stray strand of hair from her face and tucking it behind her ear.

“I’m very ready,” Lanie whispered.

“Come on then,” Logan smiled at her and took her hand. She and Logan walked around to one side of the bed while Blake went around the other side, when they were all in the bed she was in between the two men, and again was finding it hard to breathe.

Lanie wasn’t too sure what to do next but Logan and Blake made that a moot point by rolling in toward her and each taking one of her nipples in their mouths. She gasped and groaned as the men began sucking her nipples, both using slightly different techniques. Blake was flicking the tip of her nipple with his tongue, while Logan was running his tongue around the nipple in his mouth… on their own it would be enough to make her grip at the bedsheets and beg for more. The two of them at the same time felt like heaven. Overwhelming pleasurable heaven.

To try and slow down her response, Lanie moved her hands down until she found the two hard cocks she was so familiar with. As the men sucked and played with her nipples she squeezed their hard lengths, loving the way it felt when one of them groaned against her nipple, the reverberations spreading through her body and causing her clit to throb. The harder she squeezed them the harder they sucked and before long her room was full with a chorus of moans, groans, grunts and cries. Her hips were moving in tight circles and her legs were spreading of their own accord – it was as if her body was screaming out ‘please fuck me now!‘ – and her body was right, she was beyond ready.

“I… I need more,” Lanie said feeling flustered.

“Do you want both of us at the same time, or do you want us to take turns?” Blake asked sweetly and had she not been so turned on and aching for their cocks, she would have laughed.

“Both of you,” Lanie replied without needing to think about it.

Blake moved on top of her and began kissing her. She could feel his cock pressing against her slit but he made no attempt to press inside her, while they were kissing she was aware of Logan sitting up beside her and opening the bedside table. Again, had she not been so ready for their cocks she would have laughed and made a comment about there being no sexy way to say ‘sorry hunny I just need to get the lube out‘, but in that moment all she wanted was to feel two cocks deep inside her. In her opinion, he couldn’t lube up fast enough!

Blake moved off her as Logan lay back down and before she could say a word Logan was on top of her. Like with Blake, she could feel Logan’s cock pressing against her slit but he didn’t make any moves to enter her and instead kissed her nice and slowly. It was the type of kiss that would ordinarily have led to hours of love making, but not that night. She softly moaned against his mouth and her breath hitched when he lightly licked the inside of her top lip. That single contact sent pleasure coursing directly to her clit and she suddenly found it hard to not wrap her legs around his waist and pull him deep inside her cunt.

When they broke the kiss to catch their breath Lanie felt almost crazed with desire. She couldn’t just kiss anymore, she needed to be filled up with their cocks, to move against them, to feel them moving against her. She needed to cum, and badly.

A strong hand grabbed her hip and she felt a thrill of excitement tear through her as Blake rolled her so she was pressed right up against him. His cock was against her saturated slit and when he lifted her leg and put it over his hip she knew she was finally getting what she so badly wanted and needed. The thick head of his cock ran up and down between her swollen lips a few times and then stopped at her hole. Her breath hitched as she felt the first inch of him pressing inside her and then she groaned loudly when he pulled her against him as he pushed into her. Pleasure shot through her system and she silently willed him to begin moving hard and fast against her.

That was when she felt Logan’s lubricated fingers probing at her asshole. She moaned as he massaged the tight ring of muscle before pressing one finger inside her and sliding it in and out of her slowly, sending pleasurable waves deep into her pussy, which was clenching tightly around Blake’s cock. He added another finger and she moaned loudly, her hips bucking as her fingers dug into Blake’s arm. Logan’s fingers were soon replaced by the feeling of his cock against her tight opening and as he slowly and carefully inched his way inside her he groaned, she groaned, and Blake groaned, his hand digging into her hip.

For a few moments they were still, then Blake began kissing her and as a natural response her hips began moving against him. Blake began moving in time with her and Logan quickly found the right rhythm – both cocks were pulling out at the same time and both were pushing in at the same time – the feeling of fullness surpassed anything she had imagined and then there was the friction. God. She had never felt friction of an intensity like she felt in those moments.

Her clit was getting constant friction and the tight ring of muscle at the entrance to her ass was getting it too; what she hadn’t counted on was the internal friction caused by Logan’s and Blake’s cocks rubbing against her internal walls at the same time. The sensation caused by the friction was all encompassing, and the louder her moans and cries got, the faster the men moved against her, the more friction was created, and the louder she would moan and cry… it was a never ending circle of pleasure like she had never experienced before.

Logan was working his usual magic on her neck, licking and biting in exactly the right place to send bolts of electricity directly to her clit. She could feel that she was swollen and knew she was incredibly wet, the more her body responded, the more she felt the pleasure. What she would normally feel in her clit began spreading throughout her cunt and soon she felt a tight heat in her pussy. The heat only added to what she was feeling and when she started shrieking she hoped she could prolong things long enough to make Logan and Blake cum… she hated the idea of her being the only one who reached orgasm!

Blake was gripping onto her hip harder with each few thrusts and when he started grunting she felt relieved knowing it meant he was going to cum soon. Behind her Logan was panting, his breath coming hard and fast against her neck.

“Harder baby,” Lanie whispered to Logan and immediately he began to move his hips harder against her.

Whenever they had anal sex he waited until she told him it was okay to start moving harder… he had done it the first time they had it and it had become a bit of a habit for them. She loved that he cared so much about her, but then his brother was just the same – both were feisty in the sack – but also very gentle and caring, and always put her pleasure ahead of theirs.

Because Logan started moving harder, so did Blake, and Lanie quickly felt her orgasm building up. She knew it was going to be a big one because, rather than starting deep in her pussy, it started in her toes and spread upward, every muscle in her body tightening, and when it reached her cunt rather than the tension bursting free after a couple of seconds it kept building and building and building. Her pussy felt so tight around Blake she was afraid she might do him some damage, but his deep groans told her he was fine. Logan was grunting loudly in her ear and as his thrusts became even harder she put her arm behind her so she could grip onto his hip. She needed to be anchored to try and have some control over her orgasm.

There was so much tension in her cunt, it was almost unbearable. In fact it was. She had to stop. She had to…

Before she could decide what she had to do her orgasm hit with such impact she thrashed about and screamed loudly, she was conscious of nothing and of no one, the room was spinning, the bed was spinning, as far as she knew the world was spinning. In the murky depths of her vaguely-conscious brain she could hear and feel the two men cumming, Blake pressing deep into her cunt, Logan pressing deep into her ass, growling and groaning, roaring their release.

By the time Lanie came around, her cunt and ass were both empty. She was on her back with Blake and Logan were snuggled up against her – Blake was lazily stroking her thigh, Logan was peppering kisses on her shoulder – and she was trying to find the energy and mental capacity to talk, to turn her head, to move her toes.

She found no energy though – quite the opposite actually – she was falling asleep and didn’t want to because she wanted to enjoy the post orgasmic bliss with Blake and Logan… but she just… couldn’t… keep… her… eyes…… open.