{Alessandra & Xavier} Stolen moments in the dark

Now that I’m back to being Bree, I decided it was only right to share some of what I’ve been writing recently.  As is so often the case with me, this story involves pregnancy… of the very unexpected type.

Times three.

I will share more of the background of the actual story in another post, but for now, I officially introduce you to Alessandra and Xavier.



Holding her breath, Alessandra lay perfectly still. It was 3.23am and she’d awoken but the lack of cries coming through the baby monitor suggested she’d woken of her own accord. Another minute passed without the slightest sound from Sloane’s room and Alessandra deemed it safe to try and get back to sleep.

She rolled in toward Xavier and rested her hand on his belly, giggling quietly to herself when he let out a mumbled sigh of pleasure. Absentmindedly she began stroking her fingers back and forth along the trail of hair beneath his belly button, and found that rather than become sleepy, she only seemed to wake more.

No thought went into it as she moved her hand lower, another unconscious sigh of pleasure escaping from Xavier as her fingertips brushed against the base of his penis.

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The accidental orgasm


There is a particular story I have been writing for well over a year now.  It won’t get published, no one else will probably read it in its entirety but my wife… but it is one I can’t stop writing.  I guess I have a bond with the four characters and I need their story to be finished – for myself – more than anything!

…. if you want to skip straight to the good stuff, feel free!

… if not, read on!

The story revolves around two couples – Jenna & Lucas, and India & James – both couples are expecting a baby (or in the case of India & James, twins), but their backstories couldn’t be more different.  Jenna and Lucas have been together for years and are expecting a baby after the heartbreaking loss of their first baby five years earlier, while  India and James have only been together a couple of months when they find out they are expecting twins.  Both couples have their own hurdles to overcome… but of course they do just that, and live happily ever after.

(I like happily ever afters, so sue me!)

This excerpt is from India & James side of the story.  As a little background, India was put on strict bedrest a couple of months prior to this scene.  One of the restrictions was that she wasn’t allowed to have sex, or to orgasm, needless to say they are both very sexually frustrated and have reached breaking point.  To give India a break, James books two nights in a hotel (with the midwife’s approval!)… this scene takes place when they arrive at the hotel.

(I know pregnancy erotica isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I also know other posts of mine including pregnancy sex have been very popular)


By the time they got to the hotel it felt as if they were in another city, both were relaxed and James could tell India was happier than she had been since going on bedrest. She was even happier when they found their room had a waterfront view and a large patio with loungers for them to blob out on.

“I love you,” India sighed happily as they lay down on the large king size bed.

“I love you more,” James replied and kissed her softly.

James was surprised by the hunger with which India returned his kiss, her tongue tangling with his, moaning softly as she dug her fingers into his side. Before he knew what was happening India moved a hand between them and slipped it inside his shorts and boxers. Her palm was hot against his cock and he knew they were playing a very dangerous game, it would be a major battle to stop themselves before they got too carried away.

But he didn’t want to stop, and he knew she didn’t either. One of them was going to have to be the strong one and he hoped they could stop themselves before it was too late. It was as if they had no control over what they were doing, like their instincts had taken over… or perhaps they had both finally reached the limit of what they could handle.

They were quickly undressed and touching each other in a way they hadn’t for a long time. James very carefully pressed his fingers inside India, making sure he didn’t go too deep – but it was a huge mistake – a huge mistake that made his cock throb and his body tense up as he fought the urge to plunge deep inside her. India hit his hand away and he was glad one of them had the sense to stop things, that was until India slowly got to her hands and knees, and straddled him. His cock was sandwiched against her pussy, her wetness drenching him, causing his cock to pulsate more insistently. Continue reading

Harrison’s 3am wake up call

With all this time on my hands now that uni is over for the year (3x B’s & 1x B+ thank you very much!) I have been reading back over my polyamory_by_jymaru-d4r38hj.pngnumerous half-written stories to work out what happens next.  The latest story I have been reading is one I’ve been unofficially calling ‘Bastard Daniel, a story which revolves around four characters – Thomas, Charlotte, Amelia, & Harrison – and their polyamorous relationship.

I am not sure why polyamory features in so many of my stories, it is not something I have experienced myself – nor do I want to – but it is something that fascinates me.  Personally I believe that love is love and you cannot control who you love – or how many people; what really matters is that any form of relationship is based on trust, honesty, respect and communication.  I know of polyamorous relationships that are a lot healthier than some monogamous relationships.

It is that trust, honesty, respect and communication that is the foundation of all the relationships – polyamorous or monogamous – that I write about.  Maybe this is because it is the basis of the relationship between my wife and I?

Enough musing over this though, I shall leave you with this little excerpt which takes place in the middle of the night after Amelia and Harrison have finally had sex for the first time.  As is the case with a lot of my stories, Amelia is pregnant and is at the mercy of her hormones…


Harrison was jolted from a deep sleep when Amelia woke him up at 3am. Immediately he was taken back to the afternoon he’d spent with her in hospital, not long after they’d begun seeing each other as slightly more than acquaintances.

“What’s wrong?” Harrison asked, suddenly wide awake and feeling more than a little panicked.
“I’m horny,” Amelia announced, and Harrison started to laugh.
“Oh god, I thought something serious was wrong, like with the baby,” Harrison explained as he rolled onto his back and pulled her over with him.
“Probably could blame the baby, it is the whole pregnancy hormones thing that has given me this strange middle of the night craving for sex,” Amelia joked, moving her hand down to his cock and stroking him very quickly into a state of hardness.
“In that case, pregnancy hormones are awesome,” Harrison replied, groaning quietly as Amelia moved from stroking his cock, to gripping it in her hand.
“At this particular moment in time, yes they are,” Amelia agreed, giggling as she squeezed him harder and he gasped loudly. “And they have made me particularly wet,” she added for good measure.

Her hand left his cock and when it returned a moment later her fingers were wet with her arousal. Something about the mental image of her touching her pussy caused his cock to swell more and it was a sigh of relief he let out when Amelia quickly moved from a lying position beside him on the bed, to straddling him at the hips, her slick juices coating his cock, which was sandwiched between them. She lifted her hips and put a hand on his cock, then positioning herself over him, took the first inch of his hardness inside her, moaning and shuddering as she slid down the rest of his length.

“Oh god,” Amelia groaned, then leaned forward and put her hands on the headboard. “Fuuuuuuck,” she exclaimed as the slight change in position caused her clit to press against his pubic bone.

Harrison gently held onto her hips and smiled up at her as she started moving against him, slowly to start with, but soon speeding up the circular motion. Her wetness felt hot and silky around him, causing his cock to throb, the friction only enhancing the way her pussy felt tightly squeezing his cock. Amelia’s moans filled the room and he found himself getting carried away as well. The sex was unexpected and he loved the way it felt to be inside her, to know he was the reason for her cries of pleasure.

His groans came in sync with her moans and as they moved together he could feel his orgasm building. She felt too amazing to try and keep it at bay. The way she moved against him produced the most delicious friction against his cock and he could tell from the increasing grinding motion of her hips that the friction against her clit was having the same effect on her. With each passing minute he could feel her pussy growing tighter around him, he could feel her getting hotter, he could feel the tension spreading through her body.

Amelia began to grind her hips harder but her moans sounded as if they were starting to come from a place of frustration, rather than pleasure; hoping it was what she needed he pulled her down at the hips. The loud cry that followed told him that he had read her cues perfectly and when she started to shriek he could tell she was going to come very quickly.

He was a little sad that the sex was about to be over, but at the same time, he was so caught up in the divine sensations their bodies were creating as they moved together that he almost wanted his orgasm to arrive straight away. He wanted to experience that release with her, wanted to feel her climaxing around him, wanted to feel her melting into his arms as she came down from her orgasm, wanted to hear her struggling to catch her breath as her body trembled with aftershocks.

And that was exactly what happened. Amelia came with a loud cry just seconds before his own orgasm hit. As his cock pulsated and lurched he could feel her pussy tightly squeezing and releasing over, and over, and over. She was struggling to breathe, as was he, and when she collapsed against his chest he wrapped his arms around her, enjoying the feel of her laboured breaths against his neck. Spontaneously she would shake and her pussy would tightly squeeze and release as the remnants of her orgasm left her body. He loved the little aftershocks, it felt almost as if her pussy was massaging his cock; the sensation was oddly relaxing.

When his cock was too soft to stay inside her they both let out a sigh – part satisfaction, part disappointment – at their bodies no longer being connected. Amelia moved off him and lay so she was partly on her side and rested her head on his chest. He could feel she was touching her belly, and when he moved his hand down so he was also touching it, he was surprised to feel it was almost rock hard.

“Is everything okay?” Harrison asked, that panicked feeling coming back.
“It’s a braxon hicks contraction,” Amelia explained and Harrison nodded, he had heard of them before but wasn’t too sure what it was. She didn’t seem worried though, so he decided it was probably harmless.
“Does it hurt?” Harrison questioned, naturally equating the word ‘contraction’ with pain.
“Not really, it’s just tight,” Amelia replied. “It will go away soon,” she added, and as if to prove her point, he could feel the tension escaping from her belly.
“That felt weird,” Harrison acknowledged and Amelia giggled quietly.
“It is a really weird feeling, Charlotte used to get them all the time when she was pregnant with Milly Moo, first time I felt her have one I freaked out in a big way,” Amelia commented. “It’s kind of like a practice contraction,” she explained and he knew she was saying it to reassure him.
“As long as you’re okay,” Harrison replied with a yawn and kissed her gently.
“We should get back to sleep,” Amelia yawned.
“I love you,” Harrison informed her.
“I love you too,” Amelia replied and after another brief kiss, she nuzzled her face into his neck and they both gave in to sleep.


Sex and a spanking… just a normal afternoon in suburbia

It’s late here, but I wanted to share an excerpt from one of my stories, before I head to bed!
This excerpt is from a story I have posted a few excerpts from before, the main characters are two couples –  Jenna & Lucas, and India & James – and it follows both couples on their path to parenthood.  For those of you who have read previous excerpts from this story, you will know that Jenna and Lucas are pregnant with a baby boy, five years after losing their little girl, Sasha, at 14 weeks.
This little afternoon of sexing occurs after Lucas has a run in with their (ex) friend Shane, who they have just found out was cheating on his girlfriend…
I’m too ill and tired to go into anymore detail, so I shall leave you with the excerpt, and links to other excerpts (including My Sexy Saturday blog hop posts) from this story!
Enjoy xxx
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Now for the actual excerpt!

Jenna tried to contain her excitement when she heard Lucas’s car in the driveway… she was still asleep when he’d left for training that morning and she had missed him like mad while he was away. When he walked inside Jenna’s excitement turned to concern – Lucas looked angry – and for a moment she was taken back to the days that anger had been aimed at her, albeit in a misguided way. Lucas walked straight up to her and wrapped his arms around her.

“God I love you,” Lucas sighed and buried his face in her neck.

“I love you too,” Jenna said, her arms as tightly around him as his were around her.

“I almost punched Shane,” Lucas confessed and Jenna moved one of her hands up so she could stroke the back of his neck.

“What happened baby?” Jenna asked, surprised that he had said ‘almost’ rather than ‘did’.

“Bit my tongue all day, then it was just me, James and him in the locker room after training and… I just… I had to say something,” Lucas explained, moving his face from her neck and looking her in the eyes. “I came so close to punching that little cunt… I really did… I was so angry… everything he said wound me up more and more and then he… well, he said something that tipped me over the edge. I came so close… but I stepped away… and left,” he said, recounting the experience for Jenna.

“I am proud of you,” Jenna replied and kissed him gently. “But what did he say to make you so angry?” she couldn’t help but ask.

“He… he… well, he kind of insinuated that I’m physically abusive to you,” Lucas said quietly and Jenna scowled.

“That bastard… how dare he! We might have had a period of time where we yelled at each other a lot, but you have never come close to raising your fist at me,” Jenna said with conviction.

“I hope it’s not the impression that the other guys have of me as well,” Lucas sighed and Jenna could tell that Shane’s comment had had an effect on him.

“It sounds to me like Shane was trying to make you lash out,” Jenna commented and Lucas nodded.

“Yea, I guess he probably was,” Lucas agreed.

“Come on gorgeous man, why don’t you put your feet up and I’ll make us both a drink,” Jenna suggested and Lucas nodded.

“Sounds like a perfect idea to me, but don’t worry about making me a drink… I would sooner cuddle with my wife-to-be on the couch,” Lucas said and then kissed her.

The kiss started out gentle but the moment Jenna put her hands underneath his t-shirt and started to stroke just above his hips, the kiss deepened. Then deepened some more. Then became hungry… and hungrier. Lucas walked Jenna backward into the lounge, not taking his lips off hers for a second. Well, not until he removed her top… Jenna followed in kind and helped him out of his top, and as Lucas reached behind her to undo her bra she let out a shuddery whimper. When Lucas stopped after two hooks Jenna whimpered loudly and looked up at him.

“Don’t stop…” Jenna begged and Lucas chuckled.

“Where is grandma?” Lucas asked and Jenna winked at him.

“She is out visiting an old friend, gave me a naughty little wink when she left, said she wouldn’t be back until five, and to use the time wisely,” Jenna informed him.

“Who knew that grandma would say something like that!” Lucas chuckled and Jenna bit her tongue before she told him that she wasn’t at all surprised. She also failed to tell him that Josephine had been rather dressed up when she left… and Jenna had a sneaking suspicion it was an old male friend she was going to be spending the afternoon with.

Lucas resumed undoing the hooks on her bra and when he threw it across the room Jenna could tell that he was in the mood for some not-so-sweet sex. Good. So was she. Jenna moved her hands to the waistband of his trackpants and dipped her fingertips inside his boxers, teasingly stroking his treasure trail, stopping just before making contact with the tip of his cock. The groans coming from him were delightful and made her pussy clench tightly. Although she loved teasing him there was only so much teasing she could do and decided to put him out of his misery.

She slid his boxers and trackpants down far enough for them to fall the rest of the way by themselves. When Lucas stepped out of them Jenna suddenly felt a hunger for him that was so strong, she couldn’t resist pushing him back onto the couch and ordering him to lie down on his back. She knew he enjoyed removing her clothing by himself, but she needed him inside her so badly that she quickly took her skirt and panties off by herself… and wasted no time in straddling him and sliding down his gloriously hard length.

Jenna cried out loudly as his cock hit the back of her pussy – she had wanted him – NEEDED him all day, and the relief that he was finally inside her was immense. She didn’t bother teasing him with gentle hip movements, because as much as she could tell HE needed fast ‘growly’ sex, so did she. With a hand on the back of the couch and Lucas supporting her hips with his hands Jenna started moving hard and fast against him, making sure that her legs were as far apart as was comfortable for her, to ensure he was hitting as deep inside as was possible.

The friction on her clit caused her to moan loudly as the sensations coursed through her system and she began riding him increasingly harder. She didn’t give a fuck that her back hurt, that her hips hurt or that she was exhausted, the sex felt so good she wished there was a way for them to stay like that for at least a month. His cock had never felt quite so good, it filled her so completely that the friction wasn’t just on her clit, but right throughout her pussy.

When Lucas pulled her down even harder, Jenna let out a strangled scream as she felt her pussy tightening around him – which of course caused the friction to intensify – and all too soon she started to feel her orgasm building up. Jenna looked at him pleadingly and he understood the meaning behind the look, moving his hands from her hips to lessen the friction, helping her to keep her developing orgasm at bay. He moved his hands back to her hips but rather than pulling down he just rested them there while Jenna continued riding him – albeit not quite as hard as moments earlier – it was worth it though… anything to make that pleasure last as long as possible!

Jenna enjoyed watching the expression on Lucas’s face as she rode him. She had always loved that she had the ability to cause him to look so flustered and needy, as if he was completely at her mercy… especially when she was on top. The sounds he made were another enjoyable extra for her, his grunts and groans were always very gutteral and deep… very primal, and they never ever failed to turn her on even more. As she listened to the loud groans coming from Lucas, Jenna could feel her willpower slipping away… All she wanted to do was to take her gorgeous man to the point of no return and to hear the loud manly roar as he came.

If she didn’t drown out his roar with her own screams of pleasure.

Spreading her legs as far as she could Jenna sunk down further and understanding her unspoken desires, Lucas helped by pulling her down tightly at the hips again. The sudden increase of pressure and friction causing her orgasm start to build again. Jenna was crying out loudly and found herself tuning out to the rest of the world; Lucas felt unbelievable inside her and there was no way she could stop what was coming.

Tightening her grip on the back of the couch Jenna started to move as fast and hard as she could against Lucas, her orgasm building and building and building until she was screaming so loudly her throat felt raw. Lucas pulled her down one final time and that sent her over the edge, her orgasm hitting her like a tonne of bricks, causing her to let out a loud, long, almost piercing scream as her orgasm kept hitting and hitting and hitting, before finally starting to peter off… just as Lucas’s own orgasm hit. She heard the loud roar and when Lucas pulled her down and pushed into her at the same time Jenna found herself screaming again as orgasm number two came out of nowhere.

Jenna had no idea how she managed to move off Lucas and found herself giggling when he stood up, swooped her up in his arms and carried her through to the bedroom, laying her gently on the bed before collapsing on it himself. Lucas lay with his head on her chest and Jenna lazily stroked the back of his neck while he grazed his fingers along the underside of her belly.

“I’m going to miss not being able to feel him kicking after he’s born,” Lucas said quietly and Jenna giggled.

“I know, I will as well,” Jenna replied.

“Obviously I’m going to love having him here,” Lucas reassured her. “But there is just something so… intimate and… peaceful and… I don’t know… calming about rubbing your belly and feeling him moving around in there,” he explained.

“I feel the exact same way,” Jenna told him and placed her free hand on top of his, smiling as she entwined her fingers with his.

“At least we still have around 13 weeks of this to experience before he arrives,” Lucas said.

“It seems like a lifetime away, but at the same time it isn’t really that far away,” Jenna commented and felt slightly nervous as she thought about giving birth.

“And you know I will be right by your side when our little man makes his arrival,” Lucas reassured her and Jenna shrugged.

“Who knows. Maybe you’ll be away and I will go into labour a bit earlier than expected… you could miss his birth…” Jenna sighed and then rolled onto her side so she was facing away from him. She didn’t want him to see just how worried she was about THAT happening.

Rather than him rolling her onto her back again she let out a shriek as she felt his hand come down on her ass. He hadn’t done that to her in years.

“That was a bit naught…” Jenna started to say but the rest of her words were replaced by a shaky moan as Lucas’s palm again made contact with her ass.

“Can’t help it… your delicious booty was right there and… I didn’t even think about it,” Lucas admitted as he rubbed her bottom, causing her clit to throb and her pussy to tighten. She had forgotten the immediate effect being spanked had on her body.

Jenna waited for Lucas’s hand to come down on her again and when it didn’t happen she started to whimper… luckily he got the message and brought his hand down on her butt again, sending jolts of pleasure throughout her body and causing her to grip onto the side of the bed. Lucas started to bring his hand down on her butt over and over, it felt just as good as it ever had, but she had a feeling he was holding back… and she didn’t want him to.

“You can do it harder…” Jenna whispered.

“Are you sure? I haven’t done it in a long time… I thought maybe you’d need to be gently weaned back into it,” Lucas whispered back and Jenna giggled.

“Complete opposite actually,” Jenna informed him and realised that their old spanking positions wouldn’t really work due to the enormous belly in front of her.

“Mind if we move from the bed?” Lucas asked and Jenna could tell by the tone of his voice that he had something in mind.

“Lead the way,” Jenna replied and got off the bed.

Lucas got off the bed and took her hand then led her from the bedroom and into the bathroom. Jenna saw the vanity unit and grinned as she remembered the many times Lucas had spanked her while she supported herself on the vanity unit and watched him in the mirror. She let out a moan as she put her hands on the vanity and Lucas stepped in behind her, their eyes connecting via the mirror. Jenna watched as Lucas moved his hand backward and then brought it down on her ass, the clench she felt inside was incredible and left her wanting more. Again Lucas drew his hand backward and brought it down on her ass, the loud slapping noise almost as satisfying as the pleasurable pain caused by the palm-ass contact. They kept their eyes locked on each other and Lucas continued spanking her, each contact causing her pussy to tighten and her clit to throb.

Jenna was sure Lucas was still holding back a little and between ass slaps whimpered the word ‘harder’. The following contact was indeed harder and Jenna couldn’t help the loud cry that came from her, the cry becoming louder with each consecutive palm-ass contact. She was so turned on that between contacts she was aware of the wetness spreading down her thighs, and that there was a deep ache inside her pussy.

As Lucas continued to spank her Jenna became overwhelmed by the sensations and knew that soon she would need him inside her. Spanking wasn’t just about the physical act of hand against ass, there was also the anticipation while waiting for the hand to come back down against her ass, there was the sound caused by the impact of palm against ass and then there was the strong emotional connection caused by the via-the-mirror eye contact. It was a complete experience and one that never failed to arouse her to a level that she had been unaware even existed prior to the first time he had spanked her.

Lucas moved his hands to her hips and Jenna held her breath as she watched him in the mirror. He stepped forward, pulled lightly on her hips to adjust the angle, his cock brushed against her hole as he lined himself up and as he pulled her backwards at the same time as he stepped in, Jenna cried out loudly. She couldn’t get enough of him and immediately pressed backward, wanting to feel him as deeply inside her as was possible. Lucas groaned loudly and began to move against her, his fingers tightly gripping her hips, his cock hitting the back of her pussy harder with each impact. Jenna’s cries very quickly turned to screams and she found herself begging him to move harder against her.

Lucas moved harder and his grunts were just as loud as her screams… she didn’t give a fuck that the bathroom window was open and that their neighbours would be able to hear them. The only thing she cared about was the pleasure they were giving and receiving from each other… pleasure which was increasing at a faster rate than she had anticipated. Jenna gripped the edge of the vanity unit very tightly as she felt her thighs starting to tighten while her pussy tensed up around his cock… the force he was slamming into her with was too much for her to handle any longer. She let out a loud, long scream as her orgasm hit, right at the same time as Lucas let out a loud roar and pulled her tightly against him. They rode out their orgasms together and then slowly collapsed to the floor, Lucas helping Jenna down until she was sitting between his legs.

Jenna leaned back against his chest and tried to catch her breath and it proved to be a harder task than usual. Lucas kissed her neck and she giggled quietly as she thought about what a sight they must have been… both covered in sweat, naked, sitting on the bathroom floor. Jenna smiled when his hands made their way to her belly and Theo immediately gave him a hard boot to the hand. It hadn’t even occurred to her that Theo had probably been a little shaken around because of the sex, especially because he was fast running out of room! She rolled her eyes when he moved into a position that put a lot of pressure on her bladder. How sexy… post sex bliss ruined by ‘sorry hunny, I need to pee’.

“Your son is trying to ruin the mood,” Jenna sighed. “I need to go to pee,” she informed him. Lucas chuckled as he stood up and helped her to her feet.

“I guess he’s just getting us used to what it’ll be like when he’s here… you know… we’ll be just about to have sex and he’ll start crying… that sort of thing,” Lucas joked. Jenna laughed but wondered if perhaps he was right. Sneaky baby.

“I think that might be why they eventually go into their own room,” Jenna suggested and they both laughed.

Jenna went to the toilet and then followed Lucas through to their bedroom. They climbed into bed and lay on their sides facing each other.

“That was… unexpected,” Jenna started, feeling weirdly shy.

“I know… I didn’t plan on it, but… you rolled over… that butt was there and I just… I couldn’t help it,” Lucas said sounding almost apologetic.

“It was amazing… didn’t realise how much I had missed it,” Jenna said honestly.

“I felt nervous doing it… after the last time…” Lucas replied and smiled sadly at her.

“Last time was a long time ago, baby,” Jenna said, moving her hand up to his face so she could stroke his cheek.

“After that time I swore I would never do it again,” Lucas commented.

“Hey… things have changed since then. We are both different people and our relationship has changed,” Jenna said soothingly, tears coming to her eyes as Lucas moved up against her and buried his face in her chest.

As she ran her fingers through his hair and stroked the back of his neck, Jenna thought back to the early days of their relationship. They had been only together a couple of months when Jenna had confessed to Lucas that she got quite turned on by the thought of being spanked… it had only taken one time before spanking had become a regular part of their sex life. It was by no means an everyday occurrence, but did happen numerous times a month. After Sasha died they went through a long period of having no sex at all and it took even longer before he began to spank her again… but eventually their sex life went back to normal.

Everything was fine (in that department anyway) until one night about two years after Sasha had died. Lucas got home from training in a bad mood and it was made even worse when Jenna told him she was planning on going to the mall by herself to get a haircut and do a little shopping. They had a huge fight and, as was so often the case after the screaming and yelling was done, they ended up in bed getting very hot and heavy, with Jenna eventually ending up on her knees, leaning against the headboard so that Lucas could begin to spank her.

The spanking had been one of the most intense she’d ever experienced and it was the ONLY time she had ever asked him to stop spanking her. They had sex and when it was all over Lucas got out of bed to go to the toilet. Ten minutes later he hadn’t returned so Jenna got up to see what was keeping him and found him sitting in the lounge – butt naked – and with tears in his eyes.

Jenna sat down beside him and asked him repeatedly what was wrong… it was obvious something was up and she didn’t plan on letting him away without telling her. Eventually he turned to her and explained that when he was spanking her he was doing it from a place of anger… he was still pissed off about her wanting to go out and when he started to spank her that anger seemed to come out and he had been unable to control himself.

Jenna hadn’t known what to say so did all she felt she could and wrapped her arms around him. After a few minutes Jenna led him back to the bedroom and told him that she was glad he had been honest with her, but didn’t let on just how shaken up she was after his confession. Lucas swore right there and then that he would never spank her again because he was afraid that he would hurt her, and that if that did happen he would never be able to forgive himself.

And that was that. It was never brought up again and their sex life went on as usual… just minus the spanking that they had both enjoyed so much.

Jenna smiled when she managed to leave her little daze. Lucas was rubbing her belly and Theo was just starting to move around, it was most certainly her happy place and the thought of getting out of bed did not appeal in the least. She was just about to suggest to Lucas that they have something simple for dinner and then watch DVDs in bed when there was a knock on the bedroom door.

“Hello you two, your clothes are outside the door,” came Josephine’s voice. Lucas looked at Jenna in horror.

“Uhhhh must have fallen out of the washing basket,” Lucas called back and Jenna could hear Josephine laughing.

“I might be old but I’m not stupid,” Josephine replied. “Am I okay to stay home now or should I head back out for a while?” she asked and Jenna laughed.

“You’re fine, Josie… we’ll be up in a minute,” Jenna told her and Lucas rolled his eyes.

“I was looking forward to taking advantage of you again,” Lucas informed her quietly and Jenna smirked at him.

“You will just have to do it later on when we go to bed,” Jenna replied.

“I guess I can wait,” Lucas said and after kissing her, got out of bed and put some trackpants on before opening the door and getting their pile of clothing, which as promised, was sitting just outside the door.


What’s not to love about reunion sex?!

I realised today that it has been a long time since I posted an excerpt on my blog!  The last few samples of my writing I have posted, have been the ‘Georgia & Zoe’ stories, and while I love the series, I thought it was time I shared something a little different!  This excerpt is from a story I haven’t really shared on here yet, so I will give you a little background…

Long story short
Leah and Jane (girlfriends) meet Asher at a party and an innocent night of threesome fun turns into so much more.  They quickly become best friends, and when Asher offers to act as sperm donor for the women, they agree.  Jane soon gets pregnant, and the friendship continues as usual…

… there is SO much more to this story, but where would the fun be in giving too much away too soon?

This specific excerpt focuses mainly on Asher and Jane, and the reunion sex they have when he gets back from being away for a month, visiting his parents.  Jane is around 12 weeks pregnant, and has moved from the ‘so exhausted I can’t move’ phase, to the ‘I am full of life and neeeeeeeeed sex, sex and more sex’ phase…

If you want to download the (free) PDF file of this excerpt, you can do so by clicking this link:
Jane & Asher reunion sex

for your enjoyment xxx


Three days later, after almost four hours on a plane, Asher met Leah and Jane at the airport. It had been just under a month since he’d seen them last, and when he saw them waiting at the arrivals lounge he grinned to himself. He’d missed them more than he’d realised, and as they launched themselves into his arms, he decided they had missed him just as much! The girls spoke excitedly as they drove home, telling him about their month and about what they had done during their time off. Asher told them about his month at home and about the discussion he’d had with his parents. The girls were both surprised he had told his parents so soon, but neither seemed to mind. In fact, he thought that Jane seemed almost relieved to find out that his parents knew. When it came down to it, he was glad he’d told them because he hated to keep things from his family, especially from his parents.

Because Asher had left his car at Leah and Jane’s, that was their first port of call after the airport. When he followed the girls inside, Jane took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom, while Leah got her robe from behind the bedroom door and, after winking at them, went into the bathroom and closed the door.

My poor girlfriend is exhausted from all the sex I have been neeeeeeeeeding…” Jane explained.

Oh that is no good!” Asher joked and winked at her.

I know, especially since I’m rather in the mood for sex, right now,” Jane stated innocently. Asher walked up to her and lightly kissed her on the neck.

Funny, because now you mention it, so am I,” Asher replied, just as innocently.

We could help each other, you know,” Jane suggested, as she moved her hands up the inside of Asher’s t-shirt.

That’s a very good idea,” Asher commented as he pulled Jane’s top up and off, then dropped it on the floor at their feet.

After Jane’s top came off the rest of their clothes followed suit quickly, and as they stood together, naked and kissing, Asher realised how badly he had missed the sex. Putting his hands on the backs of Jane’s thighs, Asher lifted her up and walked toward the bed, then lying her down carefully, climbed on top of her and began to kiss her. For a few minutes they only kissed, working each other into a state of horniness that eventually led to the need for their bodies to become connected in the most intimate of ways.

Asher let out a shuddery groan as he slid inside Jane, amazed by how wet she was and stunned by how good it felt to be back inside her after a month of their only contact being via the phone. Before he was inside her Asher had decided that it was going to be a slow experience, that the sex was going to be very lengthy – BUT – feeling her pussy around his cock, all of that flew out the window. There was no way the sex could be anything but hard and fast. Jane wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him deeper inside; Asher kissed her hungrily, and smirked against her mouth as she let out a loud moan of delight. How he had missed those sexy little noises of hers!

Asher started to move against Jane, spurred on by all the pent up need that he felt. There was a month’s worth of sexual tension built up inside him, and it needed a release, immediately. Jane moved her hips in time with his, her thighs so tight around his waist that her ass was off the bed, meaning Asher could hit deeper and harder. He found himself groaning as Jane’s pussy started to clench around his cock, and when he put his hands under Jane’s shoulders, he was able to hit harder still – the cries coming from Jane suggesting it was just what she needed – his own groans signalling to her that it was what he needed too.

Jane cried out loudly as he started to move harder against her, and he was sure that from the bathroom he could hear the faint sounds of Leah moaning as well. Jane raised an eyebrow at him, telling him she had heard Leah’s moans too. Jane’s pussy started to squeeze his cock tighter and Asher forgot all about Leah’s distant moans as he concentrated on the feeling of Jane’s pussy around his cock. If it was possible, she was even wetter than usual, and Asher realised it was probably a pleasant side effect of pregnancy. If she was hornier than normal, it made sense for her to also be wetter than normal. When Jane moaned the word ‘harder’ Asher put his sole focus on pounding into Jane as hard as he could and was quickly rewarded by louder cries, and tighter contractions of her pussy around him.

As Jane’s cries grew louder and more high pitched, Asher started to move as hard as he possibly could. He could feel the pressure building inside his cock and could also feel the pressure building inside Jane. She was extremely swollen and wet and it felt simply amazing. The faster Asher moved against her, the more friction that caused against his cock, and the increase in friction caused more pressure to build deep inside him. When Jane began making her telltale screamy squeals, Asher started to pound harder and harder against her, until – with a loud scream – she came, her nails digging into his shoulders, legs tight around waist, her entire body going stiff. Asher slammed into her another three times and then his own orgasm hit, and he let out a loud groan as he felt his release finally happen. He pushed into her one final time and then collapsed on top of her.

Eventually Asher rolled off Jane, but neither of them could form words, neither of them could even smile or laugh. All they could muster were the deep, loud, exhausted gasps of two people who had just experienced monstrous orgasms. Which they had. Leah came into the room while they were still lying in their useless post-orgasmic state, and taking her robe off, climbed onto the bed on the other side of him. She pulled the blankets up over them and for the next hour they all slept. Upon waking Leah decided that she was still too tired from sex, so went out to the lounge to watch DVDs and left Jane and Asher to get better reacquainted. For for the rest of the day he and Jane made up for lost time – with orgasm after orgasm after orgasm – after orgasm.


Lucas gets his own back on Jenna…

I posted an excerpt earlier this week which has turned out to be very popular…  so I decided I would post a related excerpt.  This time rather than Jenna waking Lucas up for sex at 3am because she is pregnant and horny, it is Lucas waking up his pregnant fiancee because he just neeeeeeds to taste her.  At 3am.  He also comes close to missing a flight a few hours later, because again he just neeeeeeeds her.

(sorry for the lack of associated blog post, but I am knackered, bed calls!)

If you want to download the PDF you can do so by clicking on the link
Horny Lucas – Bree Guildford


Horny Lucas

Jenna’s plan for the night HAD been to have dinner, then go to bed and have sex for the rest of the night, but as she and Lucas got into bed she knew that sex wasn’t going to be on the menu. Without telling Lucas, she set the sex alarm, so they could wake up an hour earlier than planned and make up for the sex they hadn’t had that night. Even Theo seemed tired, his movements a lot lighter than usual, obviously the big kicking session he had had while she was having her bath had taken it out of him.

They spoke quietly in the dark, mostly about the wedding. Lucas and James were going to pick up their suits the following Monday, but other than that everything was organised. Except for the weather. Both hoped like hell that the weather held out for them, and they could have a sunny day for their wedding. Tom told them he had access to a big gazebo that he could put up in the yard if it did rain, but Jenna hoped it wouldn’t come to that. Lucas was rubbing her belly the whole time they were talking about it, and they both fell asleep with his hand still grazing back and forward over her growing bump.

When Jenna woke at 3am she found herself feeling incredibly horny, hornier than was usual for her upon JUST waking up. So horny that she couldn’t hold back the loud moan that escaped from her lips. That had never happened before. As the sleepy fog cleared Jenna understood why it was she was feeling so horny and why she had moaned so loudly. There was a tongue expertly licking up and down her pussy, and as the tip of that tongue pressed inside her hole, she cried out loudly. There was no slowly working her into it, there was no gradual increase of tongue pressure, there was certainly no teasing. Jenna had woken up feeling VERY close to orgasm, and she wondered how long Lucas had been going down on her before she had eventually woken up.

Jenna cried out as Lucas flicked the tip of his tongue inside her hole, the sensation quite unlike anything she had ever felt before. As she started to wake up properly, she was more and more overcome by the sensations coursing through her pussy. Instinctively she started to move her hips against Lucas’s mouth, the pressure against her pussy increasing as she did so. Moving her hands beneath the covers, Jenna ran her fingers through his hair… and as he began to use more pressure with his tongue, she found it impossible to not move her hand to the back of his head so she could hold him in place.

Lucas started to move his tongue faster and Jenna groaned loudly as she felt her body start to tense up, and her pussy began pulsating faster. Again she pushed harder on the back of his head and the increased pressure against her pussy made her come undone. Her orgasm hit and she screamed loudly, her thighs clamping tightly against each side of his head, so hard that had she been more aware of anything BUT her orgasm, she’d probably have been concerned about hurting him. The orgasm seemed to go on and on and on, and when it finally did wane Lucas licked up her slit and began to concentrate on her clit.

Jenna loved that he was continuing with his magical tongue skills but her clit felt very over sensitised. She was about to ask him to stop when he used the perfect amount of pressure and speed, and rather than telling him to stop, she was begging him NOT to stop. Lucas kept his tongue steady and very quickly Jenna felt another orgasm starting to build, but this one was starting in her toes and she knew that it was going to be a massive one. The tension spread from her toes, up her legs, into her thighs, through her pussy, spread up through her abdomen, her chest, down her arms and into her fingers.

All she could do was cry out loudly, in the hoping that vocalising her pleasure would lessen the pressure and tension she was feeling throughout her body, but it didn’t work. When Lucas pressed harder on her clit with his tongue she felt the initial orgasmic explosion and then screamed one long, loud, high pitched scream as her orgasm hit with full force. Jenna was not conscious of Lucas breaking the contact between his tongue and her pussy, nor was she aware of him moving up in the bed… she could feel his lips against her lips, his head against her chest, and his hand on her belly, but then she lost the fight and everything went black.

When her earlier-than-planned alarm went off at 6am, Jenna reached over and turned it off then went straight back to sleep. When the 7am alarm went off Jenna woke up and hit the ‘snooze’ button, just incase either of them went back to sleep. But they didn’t. Lucas looked particularly proud of himself and Jenna couldn’t help but laugh.

What brought that on at 3am?” Jenna asked with a wink and Lucas shrugged.

I woke up with the strongest urge to taste you… so I did,” Lucas explained.

It was beyond amazing, I don’t think I have ever cum that hard from oral… and that’s saying something!” Jenna replied.

You were lying on your back, and when I put my hand on your belly to say hello to Theo my hand kind of drifted down and… well, you were already rather wet,” Lucas mentioned.

That would be because the only dreams I seem to have these days are sex dreams,” Jenna laughed.

After you came the first time I wasn’t quite satisfied enough and felt compelled to give you a double,” Lucas noted and Jenna shook her head.

It was amazing, I don’t know how you know just how much pressure to use but… god…” Jenna whimpered.

It was admittedly a tiny bit of a mood kill when I kissed your belly before getting to work and Theo kicked me in the mouth,” Lucas chuckled and Jenna laughed.

Oh god… that must have been… off-putting,” Jenna exclaimed and Lucas shrugged.

Maybe for a second, but then I could smell you and… well, alllllllll my attention was again on the delightful job at hand,” Lucas informed her.

As they spoke about their little middle of the night oral session, Jenna could feel Lucas getting hard against her. As much as he claimed that smelling her was too much for him, FEELING his cock against her was becoming too much for her and she had to do something about it. Pushing Lucas onto his back, she moved on top of him and winked at him as she sunk down on his cock. Lucas gripped onto her hips straight away and Jenna didn’t bother taking things slow, instead opting to move her hips hard and fast against him, from the very first movement.

Jenna loved hearing Lucas groaning, and that morning his groans were particularly loud. His groans always spurred her on, and the louder he got, the harder and faster she moved her hips against him. Her moans soon became as loud as his groans, and their bedroom was filled with a sex chorus of sorts. Lucas pulled her down tightly against him, and Jenna could see by the look on his face that he was going to cum very quickly, so she moved her hands to the headboard, which allowed her to move even harder against him.

His groans became very guttural and as his fingers steadily dug harder into her hip, Jenna could feel his hips starting to arch upward, the look on his face a mix of pleasure and desperation. Lucas pulled her down hard and pushed into her as his orgasm hit. The sudden impact of his cock against the back of her pussy left Jenna gasping for breath as her own orgasm quickly built, bursting free when Lucas again pulled her down while at the same time pushing into her. They both screamed with pleasure as their orgasms coursed and waned.. Jenna felt so drained of energy that she couldn’t even lift her leg in order to move off him, instead she slumped forward and rested uncomfortably against him, her belly very much in the way.

Lucas managed to roll them both onto their sides and Jenna moved her leg from where it was resting on his hip, groaning as she felt a deep ache resonating from her pelvis. Her body had started doing all manner of weird things lately. She was getting cramps in places she didn’t know you could get cramp in, she had started getting daily braxton hicks contractions, and now it seemed she was getting the pelvic pain her midwife had talked about. Fun.

They got up for the day and Jenna made breakfast for them. As they sat and ate, Jenna felt herself getting close to tears. She didn’t want Lucas to leave… she wanted to spend all weekend in bed with him, but there was no way that could happen. Lucas was leaving for the airport at 9am, and it wasn’t too long after that that India would be coming over so they could go to the airport together to pick Josephine up, before leaving for their weekend by the ocean. Jenna knew that the hardest part (apart from being in bed alone at night) was saying goodbye and that after he’d left she would feel a little better. But saying goodbye, God, it sucked!

An hour later Jenna was standing outside, waving Lucas off. She forced herself to fight back the tears and NOT cry, because crying wouldn’t solve anything, and she had things to do! After cleaning up the mess she had created making breakfast, Jenna put away the load of washing that was sitting in the basket on the recliner, then went into the bedroom to get ready for her shower. With her clothes for the day decided upon, Jenna went into the ensuite and turned the shower on, climbing in a minute later. The water felt good as it coursed over her body, and she smiled happily as she put both of her hands on her belly and said good morning to Theo, who was kicking and rolling around, putting on quite the show!

Jenna screamed when she felt two hands on her hips and for a second thought someone had broken in and was going to do only God knew what to her. But then she felt the familiar lips on her neck, quickly followed by the familiar hands spreading over her belly.

What the fuck are you doing home?” Jenna exclaimed as she turned around.

I need you,” Lucas replied and Jenna glared at him.

Baby. You have a FLIGHT to catch!” Jenna reminded him and Lucas gave her a cheeky grin that melted all her insides.

I know I do, but… I was thinking about you and next thing I know I was running back in the front door to find my gorgeous fiancée, so I could do dreadfully wonderful things to her. Very quickly.” Lucas declared and Jenna laughed.

Part of her wanted to tell him to get out of the shower, get dressed and leave so he wouldn’t miss his flight, but another part of her  wanted what he had just described. As was so often the case where sex with Lucas was involved, it wasn’t her brain that won that debate.

Jenna leaned against the shower wall, with her back to him, and when Lucas pulled her back against him, she felt the head of his cock against her hole. He pulled her backward again and she felt him pressing inside her, causing her to moan as her pussy clenched tightly around him. He moved against her, his cock repeatedly slamming against the back wall of her pussy, causing him to groan loudly, and her to cry out with each hard contact.

Jenna loved when he was like that. Quickies with Lucas were always hard, fast and a little on the rough side, and the memory lingered for a long time, there mere thought causing her to clench hours after the sex had happened. Jenna knew he was going to be running very much behind and that it was possible he would miss his flight, but God it’d be worth it! Lucas kept slamming into her and as his groans became deeper Jenna pressed back against him, allowing him to hit even harder… and when his groans turned to grunts Jenna braced herself for what was to come.

Again he started slamming harder and let out a loud, long grunt. His orgasm hit and Jenna pushed back against him at the same time as he pushed into her, the extra pressure on her a-spot causing her to cum without any warning, her pussy squeezing him repeatedly. They both stayed perfectly still until their orgasms had petered off and then Lucas let out a loud, shaky sigh as he pulled out of her. Jenna turned around and shook her head.

You are shocking!” Jenna exclaimed and Lucas shrugged.

I can’t help it, my fiancée is particularly sexy looking right now and I can’t resist her,” Lucas replied and Jenna laughed.

You’re full of shit, but I love you, and I do love when you just pounce like that,” Jenna admitted with a wink.

Well I quite enjoy pouncing like that,” Lucas replied as Jenna turned the shower off.

Hurry up then Mr No-Control, get dressed and I will take you to the airport,” Jenna said as she pointed to the shower door.

No need for you to come,” Lucas said as he got out of the shower.

Baby, you know it’ll take you ten minutes to park and get into the airport, no way you’ll make the flight if you have to do that. I will drive. I will stop at the front door and you can run in. Maybe ring James or one of the guys and tell them you’ve had car trouble,” Jenna said as she quickly dried off.

A couple of minutes later they were both dressed and heading for the front door. Jenna opened the door and she wasn’t sure if it was her or India who got the biggest fright.

Lucas’s car, now. We’re taking him to the airport,” Jenna said and pointed to his car.

India giggled and followed them to his car. When they were finally on their way Jenna felt a little bit of a relief, but she knew it was going to come down to a matter of seconds between Lucas making the flight and missing it.

Someone decided on the way to the airport that he needed to come home and have a quickie,” Jenna explained and India laughed.

That is sweet,” India replied and Lucas turned to her.

Thank you!” Lucas exclaimed and they all laughed.

I guess if you miss your flight you’ll be able to go on a later one today,” India commented and Lucas nodded.

Probably get my ass kicked but yea… there are about four flights a day so I will still make it in time,” Lucas replied.

No doubt everyone will blame ME for you being late,” Jenna noted and India giggled.

Don’t worry I will make sure you don’t get the blame,” Lucas sighed and then winked at her.

When they got to the airport Jenna stopped in the drop off zone and quickly kissed Lucas.

Go! Get your ass to that check in counter!” Jenna demanded and he got out of the car.

I might see you when you get inside, if not have a great weekend, I love you,” Lucas said and blew her a kiss then closed the door, got his bag out of the backseat and ran toward the entrance of the airport.

Pregnant and horny… what is a girl to do?

This afternoon I was reading back over some earlier scenes of one of my works in progress, and found an excerpt I just HAD to post.

A lot of my stories have a pregnant character in them, and I think this is because having experienced pregnancy myself, pregnancy is something I know.  Even if I don’t intend on writing a pregnancy into a story, it seems to naturally happen.

In this particular story, Jenna and Lucas are expecting a baby… after experiencing the loss of their daughter, Sasha, sixteen weeks into the pregnancy.  Needless to say, the pregnancy is a very up-and-down time for the couple, emotionally!  So far Jenna’s pregnancy has been plain sailing, and their little boy is doing well, but the worry is never far from either Jenna’s or Lucas’s minds.

This excerpt is rather straight forward… Jenna has reached the stage in her pregnancy, where she is horny all the time.  Even at three o’clock in the morning.

Come hell or high water, she WILL get sex!

As usual, this excerpt is available as a PDF to download, just click on the link below
Jenna & Lucas 3am sex – Bree Guildford


Jenna & Lucas – 3am Sex

Baby,” Jenna whispered and waited for Lucas to respond. When he didn’t respond she gently shook him. When there was still no response she shook him harder.

What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Lucas asked sounding sleepy but suddenly alert.

No… I’m not okay,” Jenna replied and Lucas sat bolt upright.

What’s wrong?” Lucas asked, sounding panicked.

I need you…” Jenna informed him, and Lucas sighed as he fell back against his pillow.

Go back to sleep,” Lucas pleaded.

Baby… I’m REALLLLLLY horny, I REALLLLLLY need you,” Jenna insisted. Deep in the back of her mind she felt guilty for waking him up, but it was true. She WAS really horny and she REALLY did need him.

I’m tired, babe,” Lucas yawned.

It’s okay, you can lie back, I will do all the work!” Jenna promised and he groaned.

How about I go to sleep and you get out that new vibrator I bought you,” Lucas suggested.

You know that no vibrator can ever make me feel the way you do,” Jenna replied as she began to stroke his cock with her fingertips. Lucas looked over at the clock and groaned again as he saw the time.

Baby, it’s only three o’clock, why don’t we just set the alarm a little earlier and we can have sex at a time that is a little more acceptable to be awake,” Lucas suggested hopefully.

Don’t I turn you on anymore?” Jenna asked sadly.

Of course you do!” Lucas reassured her.

It’s because I’m fat isn’t it! You don’t want to have sex with your fat almost-wife!” Jenna exclaimed, glad Lucas couldn’t see the smirk on her face.

Sweetheart you know that isn’t true. I love your belly,” Lucas replied and pulled her in for a kiss.

Jenna kissed him hungrily and continued to stroke his cock. As the kiss intensified, Jenna began to squeeze him and could feel him responding in a very desirable manner. She wasn’t sure where it had come from but the past week ALL she could think about was sex. She would wake up horny, she would look at Lucas sleeping and start throbbing; he would do something as simple as reach into the wardrobe to get a shirt out and she would feel the strongest urge to jump him. While he was at training she was horny; when he got home he was lucky to make it to the bedroom before she made her hunger for him known. Watching him do the dishes, she would get horny; watching him clean his boots she would get horny; watching him in the garden she would get horny. There wasn’t a thing the man could do that didn’t make her horny, and she found herself initiating sex wherever and whenever the mood struck. Before India and James had turned up the night before, the mood had struck in the hallway and they both had carpet burn on their knees and backs as tender reminders.

When Lucas rolled onto his back Jenna got on her knees and carefully straddled his hips. A movement that had once been so simple and fluid but now seemed like a huge undertaking, and she wondered how much longer she would be able to do it for. Pregnant sex was certainly starting to have its limits. Lucas put his hands on her hips and Jenna sunk down on his cock, groaning loudly as her craving for him was satisfied.

You think I don’t see through your little ‘you don’t want to have sex with me because I’m fat’ ploy?” Lucas teased and Jenna giggled.

Works every time,” Jenna teased and he laughed.

Jenna began to rock her hips against his and very quickly her pussy began to swell and throb, his cock feeling enormous inside her… partly due to the swelling, but also due to the fact he really was rather large. That impressive size was something she had never appreciated more than she had in the last week or so. The only way she could describe herself was cock hungry… well, Lucas hungry, really. Jenna leaned forward so she could support herself on the headboard and she started moaning loudly as Lucas began to lightly suck on her nipples. The added stimulation caused Jenna to start grinding harder against Lucas, her clit feeling as if it was going to burst due to the added friction and pressure.

Lucas began to groan against her nipple and the sensation the groaning created against her nipple was electrifying. Jenna responded by bucking her hips harder against his, crying out loudly each time his cock hit the back of her pussy, and then again each time she plunged back down on him. He filled her so perfectly, his cock stretching the walls of her pussy enough to cause a lot of pressure, but not so much that it was painful. The longer she rode him, the more amazing it felt, and the more she wished the sex could last for hours. When Lucas started to pull her down harder at the hips Jenna knew that he was getting close to cumming and started to speed her hips up, her own orgasm starting to build deep within.

Jenna used the headboard as resistance so she could ride and grind him as hard as possible. Her clit began to pulsate as a result of the increased friction, and before long Jenna could feel her pussy starting to tighten and tingle. Lucas pulled her down harder again, and Jenna started to move as fast as she possibly could, the tension in her pussy growing until all of a sudden there was an enormous release and her orgasm hit. Jenna screamed as she kept moving against Lucas, very aware that her arms were going to give way soon, with this in mind she moved her hands to Lucas’s shoulders. Moments later he let out a loud grunty groan, and she felt him cum deep inside her. Jenna spread her thighs as wide as she could, and sunk deeper on him, causing him to let out another loud, strangled groan.

When his orgasm had passed, Lucas wrapped his arms around her and sighed loudly against Jenna’s neck, and she smiled at the sensation of his warm breath against her skin. Knowing that if she stayed on him much longer her hips would start to cramp up, Jenna slowly moved off him with Lucas supporting her leg as she moved it over him. When she cuddled up against him she could feel herself starting to go to sleep, but her eyes shot open when she felt her belly tightening, to the point it was uncomfortable. She gasped and grabbed Lucas’s hand and placed it on her belly so he could feel the tension for himself.

What’s wrong with me?” Jenna asked, feeling terrified. The last time she had felt anything slightly crampy it was the start of her miscarriage with Sasha. Tears automatically came to her eyes.

Baby… I think it’s a braxton hick contraction,” Lucas said calmly, and she felt the tension starting to lessen. Jenna exhaled slowly.

A pretend contraction?” Jenna asked and he nodded.

I think so. Was it painful?” Lucas asked and Jenna shook her head.

Not really just… tight… like a painless cramp,” Jenna explained, trying to relax.

You’re twenty five weeks now, I read about them in that pregnancy book you bought… it mentioned they can happen at any point, but more in the last half, and that they often happen after orgasm,” Lucas reassured her.

You’re not just saying that, are you?” Jenna asked and Lucas shook his head.

Baby, you know that at the first sign of anything not being right I would be whisking you off to hospital, so no, I am not just saying that. If you have more, or if they get painful, I will totally be bundling you into the car and taking you to hospital,” Lucas informed her.

I’m sorry about the waking you up,” Jenna whispered, suddenly feeling very ashamed of being so insistent about having sex.

Don’t apologise… I know I pretend to not like your little early morning wake-ups, but in reality… I am a big fan,” Lucas replied with a quiet chuckle, which made her smile.

Let’s go to sleep now…” Jenna yawned and Lucas kissed her.

I love you, you sex crazed maniac,” Lucas teased and Jenna shrugged.

I love you too, and you’re right, I think I am a sex crazed maniac,” Jenna agreed.

Jenna could feel sleep was about to take over and then felt a huge kick inside her belly. Followed by another huge kick, and the sensation of Theo bumping against the top of her belly. Jenna sighed and then giggled.

Please tell your son to go to sleep,” Jenna instructed Lucas.

Poor you, being kept awake when you want to sleep,” Lucas teased and Jenna giggled quietly as Theo gave another big kick.

Jenna knew he was right. Karma wasn’t a bitch, it was a baby kicking the hell out of you when you really wanted to go back to sleep after waking the love of your life up for some 3am sex. Regardless, Lucas put a hand on her belly and began rubbing it. The belly rubbing didn’t stop Theo from kicking about – in fact it seemed to have the opposite effect – so for the next hour Jenna and Lucas lay in the dark and enjoyed feeling their son moving around in her belly. It was something they had both looked so forward to when she was pregnant with Sasha, and neither had the will to turn their focus to going to sleep. Not when every single movement their little boy made was so precious to them.