{Alessandra & Xavier} Stolen moments in the dark

Now that I’m back to being Bree, I decided it was only right to share some of what I’ve been writing recently.  As is so often the case with me, this story involves pregnancy… of the very unexpected type.

Times three.

I will share more of the background of the actual story in another post, but for now, I officially introduce you to Alessandra and Xavier.



Holding her breath, Alessandra lay perfectly still. It was 3.23am and she’d awoken but the lack of cries coming through the baby monitor suggested she’d woken of her own accord. Another minute passed without the slightest sound from Sloane’s room and Alessandra deemed it safe to try and get back to sleep.

She rolled in toward Xavier and rested her hand on his belly, giggling quietly to herself when he let out a mumbled sigh of pleasure. Absentmindedly she began stroking her fingers back and forth along the trail of hair beneath his belly button, and found that rather than become sleepy, she only seemed to wake more.

No thought went into it as she moved her hand lower, another unconscious sigh of pleasure escaping from Xavier as her fingertips brushed against the base of his penis.

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Red & Black ball pt. 2

…  and here is part two!  I hope you’re enjoying the story so far.

Did you miss the lead up?  Catch up on part one right here!


lips cropped

“That was close” Giovanna giggled as she and Dylan walked from the ballroom and down the hall toward the little group of offices in the function centre her parents owned.
“You talking about your mum, or the fact I almost came in my pants?” Dylan joked.
“Both,” Giovanna replied, taking the keys from her handbag and unlocking the door to office 4c.
“You are a wicked, wicked woman,” Dylan growled as she pushed the door open, and pulled him inside.
“And it’s why you love me,” Giovanna said with a wink. Dylan nodded in agreement.

After double-checking the door was locked Giovanna dropped her handbag and stalked toward Dylan.

“Now then, sir, I believe we have some business to attend to,” Giovanna purred taking the suit jacket from his hand and placing it on the empty desk.
“I think you’re right,” Dylan groaned as she undid his pants and pushed them down.

The couch they were standing in front of would be the perfect place for her to ride him, Giovanna thought as she dropped to her knees and began slowly peeling his boxers down. Why not take the time to tease him some more?

She could push him back onto the couch and use her hand, she thought. Yes, and then she could prolong it by straddling him and sandwiching his cock against her slit. Only when his cock was coated in her juices would she finally relent and give him what he wanted. Needed. Continue reading

Getting dirty in the shower

Before we run off to a birthday party here is some light reading to get the weekend started!


B x



The sound of the front door slamming signalled Dylan’s arrival home from his run. Giovanna thought the man was crazy, it was a stinking hot summer day and he’d felt the need to go for a ‘quick run’ along a nearby walking track. In Giovanna’s world a quick run would have meant a-10 minute jog around the block, but in Dylan’s world, a quick run equated to 90 minutes of fast paced off-road running. He was a lunatic, and it was just one of the things she loved about him.

“Hey baby,” Giovanna greeted an exhausted looking Dylan when he walked into the kitchen, wiping his face with a towel.
“Hey you,” Dylan replied and stopped to kiss her on the cheek.
“Good run?”
“Bit hot,” Dylan commented and Giovanna rolled her eyes.
“Well I’m shocked,” Giovanna teased, “it’s not like it’s the middle of summer and we’re in the middle of a heat wave.”
“Yeah, I know, I know,” Dylan chuckled.
“Well I’m glad you’re home,” Giovanna told him, using his t-shirt to pull him closer so she could kiss him on the lips.
“Down girl,” Dylan teased.

He had a point though. The poor guy had only just arrived home, was tired, sweaty, badly in need of a shower, and there she was, trying to start something. It wasn’t her fault she found her man incredibly irresistible in his current state; face flushed, t-shirt soaked with perspiration, hair damp and unruly looking. She knew most women would make their man get in the shower before going anywhere near them in such a state, but not her.

She watched Dylan walking down the hallway toward their bedroom and ensuite, following quickly after him when she decided he could probably do with some help in the shower.

Giovanna was naked by the time she entered the ensuite, causing Dylan to laugh.

“There I was thinking I would have a quick shower.”
“You should know better than that,” Giovanna winked, resting her hands on his hips, stepping in to kiss him.

His skin felt clammy against her hands as she moved them beneath his top and began stroking his lower back with her fingertips. She could feel him stiffening against her belly and looked up at him winking, her by-no-means-subtle way of saying ‘let me take care of you… before you take care of me‘. Continue reading

Unwinding at the beach

Who doesn’t love a nice, relaxing afternoon at the beach?

… Eva and Ethan certainly do.



It was lunchtime by the time they arrived at the beach, and after a spot of lunch at a cute little beachside cafe named Poseidon they finally got changed into their swimwear and were ready for an afternoon of fun in the sun.

Eva kept sneaking appreciative glances at Ethan as they walked over the sand to the water’s edge and it took a lot of control not to drag him back to the car so they could race home and get very naked together. His muscles looked even more impressive in the sun and the way the green and black boardshorts hung off his hips was incredibly enticing, especially with her knowledge of what was hidden by the thin material of the shorts.

They walked straight in until they were in water above their waists. It felt good to be out in the sun and to have escaped the city, even if it was just temporarily.

“I’m glad we decided to come out here,” Ethan interrupted her thoughts and she smiled up at him.
“Same, it’s been a long time since I spent time at the beach,” Eva replied resting her head against his chest when he took her in his arms.
“I don’t know about you, but being at the ocean helps clear my head,” Ethan commented.
“I know exactly what you mean,” Eva said softly.
“Then again, all my head is full of now is how hot you look in your bikini and how badly I want to do very wicked things to you,” Ethan whispered in her ear and she bit her lip in response.
“Feeling is mutual,” Eva replied and he gave her a flustered look.
“If there weren’t so many people here-” Ethan started and rather than finish his statement moved one of his hands down the small of her back and around the curve of her ass, his fingers snaking inside the crotch of her bikini bottoms.

Eva whimpered when she felt one of his fingers teasingly stroking against her pussy. His fingertip didn’t quite reach her hole and that made her whimper with frustration. Continue reading

After work delight

957db02a29d1d5587f530709b90bbabfPatience. It had never been Giovanna’s strong suit, especially not when it came to having her craving for sex satisfied. That day was no different, particularly after Dylan’s lunch time text.

While on her lunch break – a whole six hours earlier – Dylan had sent her a text ‘better get your ass home quickly tonight… may have potentially watched one of our little home movies… very horny now, dying to feel you all hot and swollen while I slam into that delicious pussy of yours‘. Needless to say, reading his text had caused a giant throb deep inside her vagina, a throb that had grown in intensity throughout the rest of her work day.

It hadn’t help at all when, on her afternoon tea break, she’d received another message from Dylan – a picture message this time – of his enticingly hard cock. The image had caused her to whimper and a tight feeling to develop in her clitoris. She had quickly replied to his message telling him he was evil and that she couldn’t wait to get home to him.

As as a final little tease she had gone into the bathroom and, in the privacy of one of the stalls, managed to snap a photo, showing Dylan the effect his words – and dick pic – had had on her cunt.

It had been extremely hard to not touch herself more than necessary in the bathroom. The way she was feeling, she probably would have only had to rub her clit for a minute before reaching climax. A silent orgasm was so unrewarding though; she knew it would be much better if, when she finally came, it was because of what Dylan was doing to her body, not what she was doing to her own. Continue reading

{Flash fiction} Savannah & Mason

After a little exam study this morning, I felt the need to write.  Actually, I felt the urge to write.  It was an urge I haven’t felt in a long time, so I had to embrace it!  This 1885 word flash fiction seemed to write itself, which was another nice feeling. 

While it is a stand alone flash fiction, I borrowed two characters from another of my stories, Savannah and Mason.  I have shared three excerpts from their story, you can find them here, here, and here!

For now though, you can join them in their bedroom…


8a5df5eb5040f9119a8c5507e95238b6Savannah shuddered with excitement when she heard the front door open and close, followed by the metal clang of keys being dropped on the bench. Footfalls grew louder and when the bedroom door opened she forced herself not to turn around; as far as Mason knew, she hadn’t even heard him.

He wasn’t stupid, however. Even though she wasn’t looking at him, she could picture the naughty smirk on his face when the undulating movement of her hips made him realise she was reading something particularly steamy. It wasn’t like she’d planned for him to walk in and find her hot and bothered, lying on their bed in lingerie she’d purchased earlier that day. Nope. Not at all.

Savannah continued her state of faux-oblivion, something that became increasingly tricky when she heard the sound of his t-shirt being pulled up and over his body, before landing lightly on the floor. She then heard the metallic, leathery sound of a belt being undone, followed quickly by two quiet footsteps, indicating his jeans were now off. Another quiet ‘swish’ of fabric against skin caused her thighs to squeeze tightly together; his boxers were off and she knew his cock would already be hard.

It was especially difficult to continue reading her book when Mason straddled her on his hands and knees. Slowly, he crawled up the length of her body, licking and kissing a path up her spine, his lips eventually coming to rest on the base of her neck. He brushed his lips softly against the sensitive skin and Savannah intuitively raised her hips off the bed, pressing her ass against his crotch. Continue reading

Cohen & Drew – Nova lives out her fantasy

As promised, here is part two

(you can read part one here)



“Kick me in the balls for suggesting this if you want,” Cohen started nervously, “but um, we could always- well, we could- um- if you w-”
“What he is trying to say is that if you felt the need to um, relive that night and do the whole hot and sweaty and naked thing, well, we would both be… up… for it,” Drew finished saying what Cohen couldn’t.

Without even looking Nova knew that both men were indeed up for it. Truth be told, she was up for it too, more than up for it, but wasn’t sure how to take that next step and communicate that to the two men. Taking a deep breath Nova stood, picked up her handbag from where she’d dropped it beside the couch and turned to look at Cohen and Drew. Both looked embarrassed and she knew they were thinking she was about to leave, insulted by their suggestion.

As if.

Rather than walking behind the couch and toward the front door, Nova walked toward the hallway and when she reached the doorframe turned around and smiled at the men.

“You coming or not?”

She didn’t wait for their responses and instead giggled quietly to herself as she walked quickly up the hallway, very aware of the footsteps behind her getting closer as Cohen and Drew followed her. Nova didn’t turn around until she was in Cohen’s bedroom and the door had been closed by whichever man was last into the room. Continue reading