Now for a shameless request…


I hate being all ‘like me, like me, PLEEEEEASE LIKE ME!’, but I am in search of some new Facebook likers, so here I am.

If you like my writing, if you like my sex blogger posts, even if you feel sorry for me for having a pitifully low number of Facebook likes I would forever be in your debt if you could click on the ol’ FB ‘like’ button on my author page!  If by chance you are lovely enough to spare a like for me and would like more likers on your own FB page let me know and give me a link so I can like you back… I am more than happy to pimp you out 🙂

While we are at it, I am also on Twitter & Instagram and am more than happy to do the same follow-for-follow on those social media channels as well!

Click on the following linky-loos to throw some love my way!