{Flash fiction} Savannah & Mason

After a little exam study this morning, I felt the need to write.  Actually, I felt the urge to write.  It was an urge I haven’t felt in a long time, so I had to embrace it!  This 1885 word flash fiction seemed to write itself, which was another nice feeling. 

While it is a stand alone flash fiction, I borrowed two characters from another of my stories, Savannah and Mason.  I have shared three excerpts from their story, you can find them here, here, and here!

For now though, you can join them in their bedroom…


8a5df5eb5040f9119a8c5507e95238b6Savannah shuddered with excitement when she heard the front door open and close, followed by the metal clang of keys being dropped on the bench. Footfalls grew louder and when the bedroom door opened she forced herself not to turn around; as far as Mason knew, she hadn’t even heard him.

He wasn’t stupid, however. Even though she wasn’t looking at him, she could picture the naughty smirk on his face when the undulating movement of her hips made him realise she was reading something particularly steamy. It wasn’t like she’d planned for him to walk in and find her hot and bothered, lying on their bed in lingerie she’d purchased earlier that day. Nope. Not at all.

Savannah continued her state of faux-oblivion, something that became increasingly tricky when she heard the sound of his t-shirt being pulled up and over his body, before landing lightly on the floor. She then heard the metallic, leathery sound of a belt being undone, followed quickly by two quiet footsteps, indicating his jeans were now off. Another quiet ‘swish’ of fabric against skin caused her thighs to squeeze tightly together; his boxers were off and she knew his cock would already be hard.

It was especially difficult to continue reading her book when Mason straddled her on his hands and knees. Slowly, he crawled up the length of her body, licking and kissing a path up her spine, his lips eventually coming to rest on the base of her neck. He brushed his lips softly against the sensitive skin and Savannah intuitively raised her hips off the bed, pressing her ass against his crotch. Continue reading

Now that the Outlander drought is over…

I feel compelled to post about the new episode of Outlander that aired on the 4th of April.  I am not sure WHY I feel so compelled, nor do I know exactly what I want to say about it.  All I can say is that the following post will contain spoilers, so if you don’t want to read said spoilers, may I suggest you go and look at some of my other blog posts.


Remember the spoilers?  They are a-coming, this is your last chance to leave… mmmkay?


I mean it this time, LAST CHANCE TO LEAVE!



(you get the idea, right?)

In the first episode of the second half of season one of Outlander (seriously, what is it with this whole breaking in the middle of a season thing?) we find out that Jamie did indeed save Claire from that asswad, Blackjack Randall, not only did he save her, they escaped and managed to make their way back to Castle Leoch in one piece.  They weren’t exactly talking, to put it frankly they were both pretty pissed with one another, but they made it back, that is the main thing.

Fast forward to the scene that made me roll my eyes because I *know* there are going to be truckloads of people writing to complain about it.

When I said they make it back to Castle Leoch in one piece, I may have missed out one important fact; on the way home, Jamie, 1740’s Jamie, takes it upon himself to punish his wife for disobeying him.  This punishment is in the form of a spanking with his belt.  It’s not really as straight forward as that though, because Claire is not impressed with the idea of her husband punishing her in such a way; the scene is rather funny, really… if you forget the spanking with the belt thing, Claire is the clear (haha) winner of the scene, throwing all manner of heavy objects at Mr Fraser, along with kicking him in the face.

I can hear the complaints already about the show glorifying domestic violence, about the show trying to make funny a very serious issue.

YES.  A man assaulting a woman / a woman assaulting a man in such a way IS physically abusive.  Nowadays it would certainly be seen as domestic abuse in every context possible, but people need to remember that the show is set in 1740’s Scotland and that back then, women were seen as chattels, men did believe it was their right – their job – to put a woman in her place if she stepped out of line.

Already I have seen people comparing this scene to 50 Shades… which is just bullshit.  The spankings in both books/movies/tv shows (whichever applies)  are in totally different contexts.  In 50 Shades the spanking is part of a BDSM relationship; in Outlander the spanking is completely unrelated to anything sexual…   If anything, the spanking in Outlander is more a ‘way of life in the 1740’s’ thing.  While it’s totally inappropriate in that context, people need to remember when the show is set.

Enough of the spanking though.  An even better scene was at the end.

A sex scene.

Need I say more?

This sex scene was a lot less ‘polite’ than the previous sex scenes involving Claire and Jamie.  To put it politely, it’s hot!  Both have their time in the driver’s seat, so to speak… the sex is fast, it’s slow, it’s rough, it’s gentle, it’s romantic, it’s angry and hunger fuelled.  I have said it before and I’ll say it again: the sex on Outlander is the best on screen sex I have ever witnessed…



***** I just want to add, although a lot of people will be pissy about the spanking scene, there are no doubt going to be hoards of women more than a little curious about belts and perhaps going as far as to suggest to their significant other that they play ‘naughty wife in the 1740’s’…


Lanie wants a spanking *flash fiction*

I was studying for an exam yesterday and surprisingly found myself inspired.  A spanking scene was brewing in my head and it just HAD to be written!

Just how cramming for my Editing & Publishing exam left to me feeling quite so inspired I really don’t know!  It was a very good way to relax though… the best exam prep ever!


“You’re very distracting, you know that?” Logan tried his hardest to sound annoyed but they both knew he was enjoying the distraction provided by his girlfriend modelling her latest purchase.

“Don’t you like my dress?” Lanie did a good job of sounding innocent as she pouted at him in that sexy way of hers.

“Quite the opposite,” Logan declared, his eyes running over her dress for the billionth time.

“I hope I will look the part at this awards show,” Lanie sighed and Logan could tell she wasn’t faking the concern in her voice.

“Looking the part?” Logan smirked and then stood up from where he was seated at the kitchen table, ignoring the paperwork he had brought home to do. “You are going to be the most beautiful woman there,” he reassured her and wasn’t lying when he added, “every other woman will pale in comparison to you.”

“You’re just saying that because you have to.” Lanie rolled her eyes at him.

He wasn’t just saying it. The emerald green dress she wore looked as if it had been custom made for her. It had a plunging neckline that stopped one millimeter short of being too risqué and managed to look classy instead, and the way the fabric skimmed over her hips and waist was extremely alluring. Her already perfect-in-his-eyes hourglass figure was somehow even more breathtaking than usual and the longer he took in those curves he loved so dearly, the harder it became to concentrate on anything.

It didn’t help that the blood flow to his brain seemed to have been diverted to his cock, which was fast waking up and standing to attention.

“If I didn’t like your dress, would I be in this state right now?” he asked, motioning toward the growing tent in his pants. Lanie flashed him a sexy smile and he approached her, stopping when he was close enough to put his hands on her hips.

“You haven’t seen the back view yet,” Lanie reminded him and slowly turned around.

Logan forgot to breathe as he took in the sight. Her ass. Holy fucking hell. He had been hard before she’d turned around but his cock was now rock solid… and his palm had started to itch.

Logan didn’t give her a chance to turn back around and, with his hands on her hips, directed her across the room to the counter that separated the dining room from the kitchen. Lanie placed her hands on the countertop and stuck her ass out. Oh yes, she knew him so well.

Logan rubbed his hand slowly over her ass, his cock twitching excitedly as his fingers followed the curve around. He stopped when he heard a whimper from Lanie. Not wanting to risk ruining what was clearly a very expensive dress, Logan unzipped the gown and helped her out of it then placed it on the counter beside them.

She had no panties on and when Logan ran his hand down the curve of her ass again Lanie whimpered again and tilted her hips back. He heard her breath hitch as he broke the contact between her skin and his hand and as he brought the hand down on her ass she let out a loud moan of either pleasure or relief. Maybe it was both.

Exactly how long had she been craving a good spanking?

Logan knew how she liked to be spanked and wasted no time in bringing his hand down on her ass again, and again, and again. Lanie’s moans and cries were loud from the start and something about the volume spurred him on.

Over and over his hand came down on her ass, the blotchy red handprint quickly developed into a redder and more defined shape with each blow of his hand against the tender flesh. Lanie was moving her hips in circular motions and when he stopped after every few blows to rub his hand gently over the reddening handprint, he had to resist the urge to drop his pants, step in behind her and feel the undulations of her hips with his cock buried deep inside her pussy.

“Harder,” Lanie begged breathlessly and Logan immediately did as she asked.

Her cries and moans became louder, the motion of her hips tightened and sped up, and he could see wetness beginning to coat her inner thighs. The scent of her sex was faint but intoxicating and his cock was now uncomfortably hard.

Knowing from the noises she was making that they had reached the stage where she would no longer feel pain, Logan began spanking her with more force. Lanie’s moans became screams and she began gripping the counter so hard her knuckles went white. His palm was stinging, her ass was a flaming red colour and the heat radiating off it was unbelievable.

Lanie started to tremble and Logan knew she was close to the edge. His own limit was also perilously close and without thinking about it he pulled his pants and boxers down with one hand while spanking her with the other. With his cock free, he put one hand on her hips and with the other guided his cock to her hole.

When he was lined up he moved his other hand to her hips and pulled her back against him as he thrust forward, impaling her on his cock. Both of them made strangled screams of pleasure as he filled her swollen cunt. Their instincts took over and as he slammed in and out of her, hard and fast, Lanie pressed back into him allowing him to hit as deeply as possible.

His orgasm had started to build the moment he felt her drenched heat on the tip of his cock and after only ten forceful, deep thrusts he could feel his body tensing in anticipation. Lanie’s pussy had an iron-like grip on his cock and at the exact moment his orgasm erupted, he felt her come undone around him as her orgasm struck.

She pushed back, he pushed forward and held tightly to her hips. Their screams and groans were loud, hers high pitched, his deep and guttural; wave after wave they rode together, until the tension dissolved from their bodies and they collapsed into a sweaty, comatose heap on the floor.


Spanking… for the fun of it

Everything I read about spanking, seems to be heavily linked to a BDSM lifestyle.  Whether it is an informative article, or in a story, it always seems to connect back to BDSM, with the spanking being about control and punishment. I’m not stupid, nor am I naive, I KNOW that spanking does fall into the category of BDSM.  I know a lot of dominants enjoy spanking their subs, I know that a lot of subs enjoy being spanked… and all the more power to them!!!

I’m not here to ‘bash’ the BDSM lifestyle, because there are aspects of it which fascinate me!  It’s not a lifestyle I wish to lead, but I know plenty of couples who do, and every single one of them seem to have amazingly strong relationships… which is more than I can say about some of the ‘vanilla’ couples I know!  Who gives a fuck what other people do in their private life?

But you know what?  Doms and subs, BDSM aside, some of us enjoy spanking our better half simply because THEY ENJOY IT.

Yes.  You heard it.  Sometimes a person just wants to be spanked for the pure pleasure of it.  They don’t want it to be a ‘punishment’, they don’t want to feel at the mercy of the spanker, they don’t need to be taught a lesson, they don’t want to be controlled, they don’t want to test their limit to see how much they can take; they want to be spanked because it feels good, because it turns them on, because it’s a way of expressing their love.  Please note, I’m not saying none of those reasons are applicable when it comes to spanking as part of the BDSM lifestyle!

It wasn’t that long into our relationship that my wife first mentioned the idea of being spanked was something that turned her on.  To start with it confused me a little, I couldn’t understand why the thought of having pain inflicted would be a turn on for her, but when we spoke about it more, I realised it was similar to my desire to be tied up and teased to within an inch of my life. 

 When we finally got around to trying it, I was quite nervous.  I didn’t want to hurt her, I didn’t want the experience to be a bad one for her… but I needn’t have worried.  With that very first palm/ass contact I realised  the experience was causing nothing but pleasure or her.  She got hornier than I had ever seen her get, and it happened a lot faster than I was used to.  It was obvious to me she was loving it.  I knew there was an element of pain to it – my palm was red and tingly, she had a bright red handprint on her ass – but with the moans and cries coming from her there was no denying she was enjoying herself!

I wouldn’t say spanking has become an every day part of our relationship, but it is something I enjoy doing to her, PURELY because of how much enjoyment she gets out of it.  There isn’t the slightest element of domination to it for me, there isn’t the slightest element of submission in it for her.  We have spoken about it in depth, the reasons she enjoys it, the reasons I enjoy doing it to her… and have come up with the conclusion it is one of our special little kinks.  Something we do for the fun of it, for the pleasure, the enjoyment… the amazing foreplay qualities!

I know that we aren’t the only couple out there who enjoy spanking, without BDSM coming into it.  I do feel like we are in a minority though!  Everything I have read about spanking, focuses on it being an aspect of the BDSM lifestyle… but for some of us, we just like the feel of a hot tingly palm, and the sight of our better half with a rosy red handprint on their ass.

Sex and a spanking… just a normal afternoon in suburbia

It’s late here, but I wanted to share an excerpt from one of my stories, before I head to bed!
This excerpt is from a story I have posted a few excerpts from before, the main characters are two couples –  Jenna & Lucas, and India & James – and it follows both couples on their path to parenthood.  For those of you who have read previous excerpts from this story, you will know that Jenna and Lucas are pregnant with a baby boy, five years after losing their little girl, Sasha, at 14 weeks.
This little afternoon of sexing occurs after Lucas has a run in with their (ex) friend Shane, who they have just found out was cheating on his girlfriend…
I’m too ill and tired to go into anymore detail, so I shall leave you with the excerpt, and links to other excerpts (including My Sexy Saturday blog hop posts) from this story!
Enjoy xxx
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Now for the actual excerpt!

Jenna tried to contain her excitement when she heard Lucas’s car in the driveway… she was still asleep when he’d left for training that morning and she had missed him like mad while he was away. When he walked inside Jenna’s excitement turned to concern – Lucas looked angry – and for a moment she was taken back to the days that anger had been aimed at her, albeit in a misguided way. Lucas walked straight up to her and wrapped his arms around her.

“God I love you,” Lucas sighed and buried his face in her neck.

“I love you too,” Jenna said, her arms as tightly around him as his were around her.

“I almost punched Shane,” Lucas confessed and Jenna moved one of her hands up so she could stroke the back of his neck.

“What happened baby?” Jenna asked, surprised that he had said ‘almost’ rather than ‘did’.

“Bit my tongue all day, then it was just me, James and him in the locker room after training and… I just… I had to say something,” Lucas explained, moving his face from her neck and looking her in the eyes. “I came so close to punching that little cunt… I really did… I was so angry… everything he said wound me up more and more and then he… well, he said something that tipped me over the edge. I came so close… but I stepped away… and left,” he said, recounting the experience for Jenna.

“I am proud of you,” Jenna replied and kissed him gently. “But what did he say to make you so angry?” she couldn’t help but ask.

“He… he… well, he kind of insinuated that I’m physically abusive to you,” Lucas said quietly and Jenna scowled.

“That bastard… how dare he! We might have had a period of time where we yelled at each other a lot, but you have never come close to raising your fist at me,” Jenna said with conviction.

“I hope it’s not the impression that the other guys have of me as well,” Lucas sighed and Jenna could tell that Shane’s comment had had an effect on him.

“It sounds to me like Shane was trying to make you lash out,” Jenna commented and Lucas nodded.

“Yea, I guess he probably was,” Lucas agreed.

“Come on gorgeous man, why don’t you put your feet up and I’ll make us both a drink,” Jenna suggested and Lucas nodded.

“Sounds like a perfect idea to me, but don’t worry about making me a drink… I would sooner cuddle with my wife-to-be on the couch,” Lucas said and then kissed her.

The kiss started out gentle but the moment Jenna put her hands underneath his t-shirt and started to stroke just above his hips, the kiss deepened. Then deepened some more. Then became hungry… and hungrier. Lucas walked Jenna backward into the lounge, not taking his lips off hers for a second. Well, not until he removed her top… Jenna followed in kind and helped him out of his top, and as Lucas reached behind her to undo her bra she let out a shuddery whimper. When Lucas stopped after two hooks Jenna whimpered loudly and looked up at him.

“Don’t stop…” Jenna begged and Lucas chuckled.

“Where is grandma?” Lucas asked and Jenna winked at him.

“She is out visiting an old friend, gave me a naughty little wink when she left, said she wouldn’t be back until five, and to use the time wisely,” Jenna informed him.

“Who knew that grandma would say something like that!” Lucas chuckled and Jenna bit her tongue before she told him that she wasn’t at all surprised. She also failed to tell him that Josephine had been rather dressed up when she left… and Jenna had a sneaking suspicion it was an old male friend she was going to be spending the afternoon with.

Lucas resumed undoing the hooks on her bra and when he threw it across the room Jenna could tell that he was in the mood for some not-so-sweet sex. Good. So was she. Jenna moved her hands to the waistband of his trackpants and dipped her fingertips inside his boxers, teasingly stroking his treasure trail, stopping just before making contact with the tip of his cock. The groans coming from him were delightful and made her pussy clench tightly. Although she loved teasing him there was only so much teasing she could do and decided to put him out of his misery.

She slid his boxers and trackpants down far enough for them to fall the rest of the way by themselves. When Lucas stepped out of them Jenna suddenly felt a hunger for him that was so strong, she couldn’t resist pushing him back onto the couch and ordering him to lie down on his back. She knew he enjoyed removing her clothing by himself, but she needed him inside her so badly that she quickly took her skirt and panties off by herself… and wasted no time in straddling him and sliding down his gloriously hard length.

Jenna cried out loudly as his cock hit the back of her pussy – she had wanted him – NEEDED him all day, and the relief that he was finally inside her was immense. She didn’t bother teasing him with gentle hip movements, because as much as she could tell HE needed fast ‘growly’ sex, so did she. With a hand on the back of the couch and Lucas supporting her hips with his hands Jenna started moving hard and fast against him, making sure that her legs were as far apart as was comfortable for her, to ensure he was hitting as deep inside as was possible.

The friction on her clit caused her to moan loudly as the sensations coursed through her system and she began riding him increasingly harder. She didn’t give a fuck that her back hurt, that her hips hurt or that she was exhausted, the sex felt so good she wished there was a way for them to stay like that for at least a month. His cock had never felt quite so good, it filled her so completely that the friction wasn’t just on her clit, but right throughout her pussy.

When Lucas pulled her down even harder, Jenna let out a strangled scream as she felt her pussy tightening around him – which of course caused the friction to intensify – and all too soon she started to feel her orgasm building up. Jenna looked at him pleadingly and he understood the meaning behind the look, moving his hands from her hips to lessen the friction, helping her to keep her developing orgasm at bay. He moved his hands back to her hips but rather than pulling down he just rested them there while Jenna continued riding him – albeit not quite as hard as moments earlier – it was worth it though… anything to make that pleasure last as long as possible!

Jenna enjoyed watching the expression on Lucas’s face as she rode him. She had always loved that she had the ability to cause him to look so flustered and needy, as if he was completely at her mercy… especially when she was on top. The sounds he made were another enjoyable extra for her, his grunts and groans were always very gutteral and deep… very primal, and they never ever failed to turn her on even more. As she listened to the loud groans coming from Lucas, Jenna could feel her willpower slipping away… All she wanted to do was to take her gorgeous man to the point of no return and to hear the loud manly roar as he came.

If she didn’t drown out his roar with her own screams of pleasure.

Spreading her legs as far as she could Jenna sunk down further and understanding her unspoken desires, Lucas helped by pulling her down tightly at the hips again. The sudden increase of pressure and friction causing her orgasm start to build again. Jenna was crying out loudly and found herself tuning out to the rest of the world; Lucas felt unbelievable inside her and there was no way she could stop what was coming.

Tightening her grip on the back of the couch Jenna started to move as fast and hard as she could against Lucas, her orgasm building and building and building until she was screaming so loudly her throat felt raw. Lucas pulled her down one final time and that sent her over the edge, her orgasm hitting her like a tonne of bricks, causing her to let out a loud, long, almost piercing scream as her orgasm kept hitting and hitting and hitting, before finally starting to peter off… just as Lucas’s own orgasm hit. She heard the loud roar and when Lucas pulled her down and pushed into her at the same time Jenna found herself screaming again as orgasm number two came out of nowhere.

Jenna had no idea how she managed to move off Lucas and found herself giggling when he stood up, swooped her up in his arms and carried her through to the bedroom, laying her gently on the bed before collapsing on it himself. Lucas lay with his head on her chest and Jenna lazily stroked the back of his neck while he grazed his fingers along the underside of her belly.

“I’m going to miss not being able to feel him kicking after he’s born,” Lucas said quietly and Jenna giggled.

“I know, I will as well,” Jenna replied.

“Obviously I’m going to love having him here,” Lucas reassured her. “But there is just something so… intimate and… peaceful and… I don’t know… calming about rubbing your belly and feeling him moving around in there,” he explained.

“I feel the exact same way,” Jenna told him and placed her free hand on top of his, smiling as she entwined her fingers with his.

“At least we still have around 13 weeks of this to experience before he arrives,” Lucas said.

“It seems like a lifetime away, but at the same time it isn’t really that far away,” Jenna commented and felt slightly nervous as she thought about giving birth.

“And you know I will be right by your side when our little man makes his arrival,” Lucas reassured her and Jenna shrugged.

“Who knows. Maybe you’ll be away and I will go into labour a bit earlier than expected… you could miss his birth…” Jenna sighed and then rolled onto her side so she was facing away from him. She didn’t want him to see just how worried she was about THAT happening.

Rather than him rolling her onto her back again she let out a shriek as she felt his hand come down on her ass. He hadn’t done that to her in years.

“That was a bit naught…” Jenna started to say but the rest of her words were replaced by a shaky moan as Lucas’s palm again made contact with her ass.

“Can’t help it… your delicious booty was right there and… I didn’t even think about it,” Lucas admitted as he rubbed her bottom, causing her clit to throb and her pussy to tighten. She had forgotten the immediate effect being spanked had on her body.

Jenna waited for Lucas’s hand to come down on her again and when it didn’t happen she started to whimper… luckily he got the message and brought his hand down on her butt again, sending jolts of pleasure throughout her body and causing her to grip onto the side of the bed. Lucas started to bring his hand down on her butt over and over, it felt just as good as it ever had, but she had a feeling he was holding back… and she didn’t want him to.

“You can do it harder…” Jenna whispered.

“Are you sure? I haven’t done it in a long time… I thought maybe you’d need to be gently weaned back into it,” Lucas whispered back and Jenna giggled.

“Complete opposite actually,” Jenna informed him and realised that their old spanking positions wouldn’t really work due to the enormous belly in front of her.

“Mind if we move from the bed?” Lucas asked and Jenna could tell by the tone of his voice that he had something in mind.

“Lead the way,” Jenna replied and got off the bed.

Lucas got off the bed and took her hand then led her from the bedroom and into the bathroom. Jenna saw the vanity unit and grinned as she remembered the many times Lucas had spanked her while she supported herself on the vanity unit and watched him in the mirror. She let out a moan as she put her hands on the vanity and Lucas stepped in behind her, their eyes connecting via the mirror. Jenna watched as Lucas moved his hand backward and then brought it down on her ass, the clench she felt inside was incredible and left her wanting more. Again Lucas drew his hand backward and brought it down on her ass, the loud slapping noise almost as satisfying as the pleasurable pain caused by the palm-ass contact. They kept their eyes locked on each other and Lucas continued spanking her, each contact causing her pussy to tighten and her clit to throb.

Jenna was sure Lucas was still holding back a little and between ass slaps whimpered the word ‘harder’. The following contact was indeed harder and Jenna couldn’t help the loud cry that came from her, the cry becoming louder with each consecutive palm-ass contact. She was so turned on that between contacts she was aware of the wetness spreading down her thighs, and that there was a deep ache inside her pussy.

As Lucas continued to spank her Jenna became overwhelmed by the sensations and knew that soon she would need him inside her. Spanking wasn’t just about the physical act of hand against ass, there was also the anticipation while waiting for the hand to come back down against her ass, there was the sound caused by the impact of palm against ass and then there was the strong emotional connection caused by the via-the-mirror eye contact. It was a complete experience and one that never failed to arouse her to a level that she had been unaware even existed prior to the first time he had spanked her.

Lucas moved his hands to her hips and Jenna held her breath as she watched him in the mirror. He stepped forward, pulled lightly on her hips to adjust the angle, his cock brushed against her hole as he lined himself up and as he pulled her backwards at the same time as he stepped in, Jenna cried out loudly. She couldn’t get enough of him and immediately pressed backward, wanting to feel him as deeply inside her as was possible. Lucas groaned loudly and began to move against her, his fingers tightly gripping her hips, his cock hitting the back of her pussy harder with each impact. Jenna’s cries very quickly turned to screams and she found herself begging him to move harder against her.

Lucas moved harder and his grunts were just as loud as her screams… she didn’t give a fuck that the bathroom window was open and that their neighbours would be able to hear them. The only thing she cared about was the pleasure they were giving and receiving from each other… pleasure which was increasing at a faster rate than she had anticipated. Jenna gripped the edge of the vanity unit very tightly as she felt her thighs starting to tighten while her pussy tensed up around his cock… the force he was slamming into her with was too much for her to handle any longer. She let out a loud, long scream as her orgasm hit, right at the same time as Lucas let out a loud roar and pulled her tightly against him. They rode out their orgasms together and then slowly collapsed to the floor, Lucas helping Jenna down until she was sitting between his legs.

Jenna leaned back against his chest and tried to catch her breath and it proved to be a harder task than usual. Lucas kissed her neck and she giggled quietly as she thought about what a sight they must have been… both covered in sweat, naked, sitting on the bathroom floor. Jenna smiled when his hands made their way to her belly and Theo immediately gave him a hard boot to the hand. It hadn’t even occurred to her that Theo had probably been a little shaken around because of the sex, especially because he was fast running out of room! She rolled her eyes when he moved into a position that put a lot of pressure on her bladder. How sexy… post sex bliss ruined by ‘sorry hunny, I need to pee’.

“Your son is trying to ruin the mood,” Jenna sighed. “I need to go to pee,” she informed him. Lucas chuckled as he stood up and helped her to her feet.

“I guess he’s just getting us used to what it’ll be like when he’s here… you know… we’ll be just about to have sex and he’ll start crying… that sort of thing,” Lucas joked. Jenna laughed but wondered if perhaps he was right. Sneaky baby.

“I think that might be why they eventually go into their own room,” Jenna suggested and they both laughed.

Jenna went to the toilet and then followed Lucas through to their bedroom. They climbed into bed and lay on their sides facing each other.

“That was… unexpected,” Jenna started, feeling weirdly shy.

“I know… I didn’t plan on it, but… you rolled over… that butt was there and I just… I couldn’t help it,” Lucas said sounding almost apologetic.

“It was amazing… didn’t realise how much I had missed it,” Jenna said honestly.

“I felt nervous doing it… after the last time…” Lucas replied and smiled sadly at her.

“Last time was a long time ago, baby,” Jenna said, moving her hand up to his face so she could stroke his cheek.

“After that time I swore I would never do it again,” Lucas commented.

“Hey… things have changed since then. We are both different people and our relationship has changed,” Jenna said soothingly, tears coming to her eyes as Lucas moved up against her and buried his face in her chest.

As she ran her fingers through his hair and stroked the back of his neck, Jenna thought back to the early days of their relationship. They had been only together a couple of months when Jenna had confessed to Lucas that she got quite turned on by the thought of being spanked… it had only taken one time before spanking had become a regular part of their sex life. It was by no means an everyday occurrence, but did happen numerous times a month. After Sasha died they went through a long period of having no sex at all and it took even longer before he began to spank her again… but eventually their sex life went back to normal.

Everything was fine (in that department anyway) until one night about two years after Sasha had died. Lucas got home from training in a bad mood and it was made even worse when Jenna told him she was planning on going to the mall by herself to get a haircut and do a little shopping. They had a huge fight and, as was so often the case after the screaming and yelling was done, they ended up in bed getting very hot and heavy, with Jenna eventually ending up on her knees, leaning against the headboard so that Lucas could begin to spank her.

The spanking had been one of the most intense she’d ever experienced and it was the ONLY time she had ever asked him to stop spanking her. They had sex and when it was all over Lucas got out of bed to go to the toilet. Ten minutes later he hadn’t returned so Jenna got up to see what was keeping him and found him sitting in the lounge – butt naked – and with tears in his eyes.

Jenna sat down beside him and asked him repeatedly what was wrong… it was obvious something was up and she didn’t plan on letting him away without telling her. Eventually he turned to her and explained that when he was spanking her he was doing it from a place of anger… he was still pissed off about her wanting to go out and when he started to spank her that anger seemed to come out and he had been unable to control himself.

Jenna hadn’t known what to say so did all she felt she could and wrapped her arms around him. After a few minutes Jenna led him back to the bedroom and told him that she was glad he had been honest with her, but didn’t let on just how shaken up she was after his confession. Lucas swore right there and then that he would never spank her again because he was afraid that he would hurt her, and that if that did happen he would never be able to forgive himself.

And that was that. It was never brought up again and their sex life went on as usual… just minus the spanking that they had both enjoyed so much.

Jenna smiled when she managed to leave her little daze. Lucas was rubbing her belly and Theo was just starting to move around, it was most certainly her happy place and the thought of getting out of bed did not appeal in the least. She was just about to suggest to Lucas that they have something simple for dinner and then watch DVDs in bed when there was a knock on the bedroom door.

“Hello you two, your clothes are outside the door,” came Josephine’s voice. Lucas looked at Jenna in horror.

“Uhhhh must have fallen out of the washing basket,” Lucas called back and Jenna could hear Josephine laughing.

“I might be old but I’m not stupid,” Josephine replied. “Am I okay to stay home now or should I head back out for a while?” she asked and Jenna laughed.

“You’re fine, Josie… we’ll be up in a minute,” Jenna told her and Lucas rolled his eyes.

“I was looking forward to taking advantage of you again,” Lucas informed her quietly and Jenna smirked at him.

“You will just have to do it later on when we go to bed,” Jenna replied.

“I guess I can wait,” Lucas said and after kissing her, got out of bed and put some trackpants on before opening the door and getting their pile of clothing, which as promised, was sitting just outside the door.


Introducing you to ‘Zoe: Spanked’

After the success of my first short-story on Smashwords, today I got around to posting the second story in the ‘Georgia & Zoe’ series.

The new story is called ‘Zoe: Spanked’, and as the title suggests, in this story Zoe gets spanked!  This story happens a bit later than the ‘Georgia: Restrained’ story, taking place the morning after their wedding!  Short-story short, Georgia wakes up, Zoe is asleep, Georgia decides to give her the spanking of her life!  And she does.

I plan to write more in the ‘Georgia & Zoe’ series, as you will see when you read the story, I leave it open to tell the story of how Georgia met Zoe… and this will indeed be the focus of my next story.

Because I have made it available on Smashwords, I won’t add a link for a PDF of the story, but you CAN download the story from the Smashwords website (free) by clicking this link!


Zoe: Spanked

When Georgia awoke in the morning, it took her a few moments to stop feeling disorientated and to remember where she was and WHY she was there. Thinking about the wedding the day beforehand, Georgia couldn’t help but smile. Glancing across at her wife, Zoe, she was torn between waking her up and and letting her sleep, because, admittedly, the day beforehand had been exhausting.

Deciding that the latter was probably the kinder thing to do, Georgia lay quietly and reflected on their wedding. It had been perfect and Georgia smiled as she thought about how happy their families and friends had been for them. It had been amazing to be able to share their special day with those nearest and dearest to them. She knew they were incredibly lucky, not just that they had had so many people who wanted to share their wedding day with them, but because they were ABLE to get married, in general.

It didn’t take long until Georgia’s thoughts drifted to what had happened AFTER the wedding, namely getting to the hotel, seeing that four poster bed, and remembering the scarves in their luggage. She had quickly realised Zoe had something very naughty in store for her and, at the time, had been overcome by the vivid memories of being restrained by Zoe on different occasions. The simple act of remembering the way it felt to be tied up, to be teased until she felt she was going to die if Zoe didn’t make her cum, was enough to make her extremely horny. It went without saying the rest of their wedding day was spent in orgasmic bliss. She could still feel the tension in her arms and legs, which came with being tied up, and only wished she had been able to spank Zoe before they had both fallen asleep.

As she relived the teasing and pleasing of the previous day, a little idea formed in Georgia’s head and she smirked to herself. It was mean, but it had to be done. Checking again that Zoe was still asleep, Georgia carefully made her way out of the bed and found two of the scarves that Zoe had used the day beforehand. She tiptoed back to bed and climbed in beside Zoe. Zoe was lying on her tummy with her arms resting on the matress, above her head. It didn’t take much for Georgia to gently lift both of Zoe’s hands and slide the scarves underneath them. It was even easier for her to tie a scarf to each wrist, before tying the opposite end of each scarf to one of the slats on the headboard. There was still enough slack in the scarves that Zoe wasn’t disturbed from her sleep, and Georgia giggled quietly to herself as she lay back down between the sheets and got ready to put her plan into action.

Lying on her side and facing Zoe, Georgia began to think of all the things Zoe had done to her the day before – the tying her up, the biting, the licking, the sucking, the oral. Very quickly, Georgia began to feel horny, and without Zoe awake to touch her, Georgia had no choice but to touch herself. Oh, what a pity. Georgia moved her arm from under her so she could start rubbing her nipple, while she moved her top arm down, so her hand was positioned between her legs. Her finger very easily slipped inside her pussy, with her thumb resting on her clit. As she continued thinking, her fingers began to move naturally and, in no time at all, she began moaning very very softly. As she began squeezing her nipple and rubbing her clit harder and faster, her moaning became louder and louder and she speedily became hornier and hornier.

When Zoe began stirring beside her, Georgia upped the ante a little, squeezing her nipple harder, moving her finger in and out of her pussy, while using more pressure on her clit. Naturally, this caused her to moan louder and when Zoe slowly turned her head and opened her eyes, Georgia smiled at her. She continued to masturbate, her pussy was getting increasingly wet and she could feel more friction against her finger caused by the swelling of her cunt. As Georgia had known would happen, Zoe came to and realised the full extent of what Georgia was doing. Georgia grinned at her.

Would you like a hand, wife?” Zoe asked sleepily. Georgia nodded.

I would love nothing more,” Georgia replied and winked at Zoe, knowing that she would not be helping! Zoe moved her arm toward Georgia, and when she realised she was restrained she gasped.

What have you done to me?” Zoe exclaimed.

Well, gorgeous wife of mine, I decided you needed a little payback after your hijinx last night,” Georgia told Zoe, very matter of factly. Zoe laughed.

Oh, you are SO evil!” she responded and Georgia nodded.

Pot, kettle, black,” Georgia teased. “But yes, I am a little evil,” she added.

So for my punishment I get to watch you make yourself cum?” Zoe asked, curiously.

No, that was just to wake you up,” Georgia informed Zoe with a wink. Zoe raised her eyebrows at Georgia.

Oh really? So how are you going to tease me then? I’m on my stomach – it’s not like you have access to any of my exciting parts!” Zoe joked.

Georgia pulled back the blankets and ran her fingers from Zoe’s neck, down to the top of the cleft of her bottom, then slowly raked her fingernails down over one of the cheeks of her ass. Zoe’s full body shudder was very evident, and when she raked her nails back up and down again, the shudder was accompanied by a soft moan.

No baby. I can’t do any of the things I’d love to do to your boobs, your nipples, your clit, your pussy… but I can do this,” Georgia said, then brought her hand down on Zoe’s bottom. Zoe moaned.

Oh god!” she exclaimed and Georgia giggled.

Uh huh,” Georgia remarked, as she brought her hand down on Zoe’s ass again, a tiny bit harder this time.

Bitch,” Zoe remarked, and rather than reply, Georgia brought her hand down on Zoe’s bottom again, and as was the case with the previous time, her hand came down a little harder. The moan that escaped Zoe’s lips was music to Georgia’s ears.

From then on, the only verbal communication from Zoe came in the form of whimpers, moans, groans and cries, as Georgia continued to spank her – the spanking growing harder and harder with each blow to her bottom. Every few blows, Georgia ran her fingers lightly down the cleft of Zoe’s ass, her fingers moving until they were met by the warm wetness of Zoe’s pussy. Georgia was getting hornier herself and when she pushed three fingers deep inside Zoe and spanked her at the same time, she could feel Zoe’s pussy clenching in response. Feeling the effect the spanking was having on Zoe, first hand (literally), only served to make Georgia even hornier. THEN because Georgia felt hornier, she spanked Zoe harder – it was really a win-win of very sexy proportions.

As Zoe writhed around on the bed, moaning and crying out, she managed to pull her knees up beneath her, so her bottom was in the air. Georgia’s pussy squeezed tightly as she took in the sight of Zoe’s ass poking up in the air. The prospect of being able to spank her even harder, sending waves of pleasure through the wetness pooling at the apex of her thighs. She’d learnt early on that when it came to spanking, she shouldn’t worry about whether or not she was hurting Zoe; if it was too much, Zoe would tell her.

There hadn’t been one instance so far of Zoe telling her to be more gentle and Georgia wondered exactly how high her threshold was. It was the same with Zoe biting her though – she’d told Zoe that if it hurt, she’d tell her – but the pain inflicted by the biting was counteracted by deep-seeded throbs it caused inside her pussy, and she presumed that it was a similar story for Zoe when it came to being spanked.

Georgia knew that when it came to fingers and vibrators, Zoe preferred them to be used hard and fast. The one problem with spanking AND using fingers inside was that she could never move her fingers as hard as Zoe needed. Luckily, Georgia had thought about this before she’d started her grand wake-up scheme and when she took the vibrator from where it was sitting on top of the bedside cabinet (hiding behind a box of tissues), she heard Zoe whimper before she gave her a pleading look. A look that said ‘Now. Quickly. Please!’.

Georgia lined the vibrator up with Zoe’s hole, then slowly pressed it inside her, grinning when Zoe cried out loudly. The vibrator wasn’t even ON yet! When Georgia did turn the vibrator on, Zoe responded immediately, crying out loudly again. Georgia bit her lip as she raised her hand up and then brought it down on Zoe’s ass. Zoe shrieked and the shrieking continued as Georgia started bringing her hand down harder and faster on her ass. At the same time Georgia was pumping the vibrator in and out of her pussy – hard and fast – the way Zoe liked. The shrieking, the moaning, the crying out, all of it was coming in a continuous stream as Georgia worked toward her sole goal, making her wife cum.

Oh god, oh god, oh god,” Zoe began saying breathlessly – and Georgia knew she was getting close.

Georgia concentrated on keeping the two types of stimulation steady – not wanting to deviate from the current pace – not when she knew that Zoe was getting closer and closer to cumming. As Georgia continued bringing her hand down on Zoe’s ass and pounding her pussy with the vibrator, Zoe again began to shriek. When Georgia started moving the vibrator even harder, Zoe started to shriek louder, the shrieks growing more and more high pitched with each blow. Georgia could see Zoe was squeezing her thighs together, and she knew that Zoe’s orgasm was starting to build. Georgia brought her hand down just a little harder on Zoe’s ass, making sure her hand was making contact with skin at the same time the tip of the vibrator was hitting the back of Zoe’s pussy, and as Zoe raised her ass further in the air, Georgia knew she was getting painfully close.

Two more hard thrusts of the vibrator was all it took to push Zoe over that edge. She came loud, screaming, her legs squeezed tightly together, her whole body rigid. Georgia continued to pump the vibrator as Zoe’s orgasm ran its course, but began to turn the speed dial down, as it became obvious that the orgasm was petering off. Georgia timed it perfectly, as Zoe’s body went into an extreme state of post-orgasm relaxation, Georgia slowly slid the vibrator out of Zoe’s pussy, smiling as Zoe let out a satisfied sigh.

After putting the vibrator back on the bedside table, Georgia slowly and very gently rubbed Zoe’s rather pink bottom, before moving up on the bed and undoing Zoe’s wrists. Lying back down beside Zoe, Georgia pulled the blankets up so they were covering them then moved nice and close to her wife so she could take her in her arms. It was very clear that Zoe would need a lot of time to recover from both the spanking and the orgasm.

Georgia wasn’t the least bit surprised when Zoe went to sleep. She lazily kissed Zoe’s forehead and smiled as she thought about the fact they were now wife and wife. Thinking about their new relationship status, it was impossible to not remember the night they had met… THAT had been unexpected and a very big surprise!


A little spanking, anyone?

…. as Alex soon learns

I know it has been awhile since I shared a proper excerpt on here.  I have been busy writing my latest story, and have to admit that I am very easily sidetracked!

But here it is, finally!  Excerpt two of what I jokingly refer to as ‘Vampire Rugby’, as it is based on two cursed rugby players… and came about all because of a stupid, innocent comment I made to my wife one night.

This little scene occurs after Lizzie and Alex have spent their second night together.  Lizzie’s girlfriend – Victoria – who has spent the night with Jake, rings Alex with a little suggestion that he finds it impossible to ignore.

You can read excerpt 1 & get a little of the background right here…

As always, I have uploaded the PDF file of this excerpt, please feel free to download it!
Vampire Rugby (excerpt 2) – Bree Guildford


‘Vampire Rugby’ (unofficial title) – excerpt 2 

Lizzie passed him his phone when it began to ring. He wondered who would be calling him on a Sunday, and hoped like hell it wasn’t one of the coaches requesting an urgent meeting for some reason. He had plans for the day. Plans that involved the very sexy, very naked woman in bed beside him. One look at the caller display and he could see it was Jake. Frowning, he answered the phone.

Hello,” he said, and was surprised when the voice on the other end was a woman’s.

Pretend it’s not me,” Victoria ordered.

I’m okay…” Alex responded, wondering why the heck Victoria was ringing him.

That girlfriend of mine? Spank her.” Victoria ordered and Alex coughed.

Why on earth would I do that?” Alex asked light heartedly, trying to not arouse Lizzie’s suspicions (there were other parts of her he’d sooner arouse…).

Just do it… trust me, you won’t regret it, and she will definitely thank you,” Victoria replied, and then the phone went dead. Lizzie looked curiously at him.

One of the boys being stupid,” Alex explained as he put his phone on the bedside table and Lizzie laughed. He was very glad she’d believed him.

Boys will be boys, huh!” Lizzie exclaimed and he nodded in agreement.

Noticing the time, and realising neither of them had eaten since early the previous evening, he decided he should be a good host and at least cook for for his very special, sexy guest.

“Don’t know about you, but I am famished” Alex remarked. “How about bacon and eggs for breakfast?” he suggested and Lizzie nodded enthusiastically.

Oh god that sounds good. I don’t suppose you have any mushrooms?” Lizzie asked, grinning when he nodded in response

I always have mushrooms!” Alex replied, and was so very glad he did he had picked some up in the groceries!

Want me to cook?” Lizzie offered. Alex shook his head.

No, you are my guest, and it’s my house, I can’t expect you to cook! I would love it if you came out and kept me company though” he responded and Lizzie smiled at him.

I’d love to!” she told him, and then they both got out of bed. Alex opened one of his drawers and threw her one of his t-shirts.

No point getting dressed if we’ll just be going back to bed,” he commented and Lizzie winked at him.

I’d hoped that would be your suggestion, post breakfast!” she informed him and he chuckled.

You really think I would rather be ANYWHERE else?” he asked, then added, “except in the shower, with you,” winking at her.

They went into the kitchen, and Alex couldn’t take his eyes off her. He had given her a t-shirt of his to wear, and he was amazed by how sexy she looked wearing it. The way it clung to her curves and the way her nipples pressed against the fabric were one big tease for him. Given Victoria’s short and sweet phone call, he found it hard to not look at her bottom, while wondering if what Victoria had implied was true, and Lizzie would enjoy a little spanking. Being that he was in a rather good mood, he was tempted to try it but wasn’t sure whether it was appropriate or not, considering they’d only known each other for a few days. Surely something like that required trust, or at least being 100% comfortable with each other. Not that HE didn’t feel 100% comfortable around her… he just wasn’t sure if she felt the same. He had a feeling she might, but didn’t want to assume.

Alex got the bacon, eggs and mushrooms from the fridge and put them on the bench beside the cooktop. When he turned around to get a frying pan out, he was met by Lizzie leaning against the countertop, with her bottom sticking out. It was almost as if she was asking for his hand to make contact with her ass. When he made his way past her to get the olive oil from the pantry, he made a point of running his hand across her bottom, and was sure he didn’t imagine her sharp intake of breath at the contact. Grabbing the oil, he made his way back to the cooktop – again running his hand along her bottom as he walked past her – and again hearing a sharp intake of breath from her.

Cup of tea? Orange juice?” Alex asked Lizzie.

Um a cup of.. um, I’ll have some orange juice.” Lizzie replied, when they made eye contact he could see that she was flustered.

You okay?” he asked innocently and she nodded.

Yea.. I’m fine…” she replied, not sounding it, but it wasn’t in a bad way.

Do you want anything else?” he asked, and she shook her head, but a look passed between them that suggested perhaps there WAS something else she needed.

No, I’m good, thanks,” Lizzie replied smiling at him, appearing a bit more composed.

That was until Alex passed her to get to the fridge, and ran his hand along her ass again. This time there was no denying the intake of breath, and Alex began to think that maybe Victoria had given him some good advice. He poured a glass of juice for both of them, then put the OJ back in the fridge. Rather than walking past her, this time he stopped beside her at the counter, under the guise of seeing what she was reading. When he placed his hand on her bottom and started gently massage the area, she let out a little whimper… it was one of the sexiest little noises he’d ever heard.

What are you reading?” he asked and she showed him the store brochure.

It’s really enthralling stuff,” she commented, her voice sounding a little more high pitched than usual. Maybe due to the fact he was still massaging her ass?

Maybe I can read it when you’re finished?” he suggested jokingly and she nodded.

There is a bit of a waiting list, but I guess it’s okay if you sneak in before the next person on the list,” Lizzie replied, her voice sounding husky.

Thanks for that,” he said sweetly then, not even realising what he was doing, lightly smacked her bottom and went back to the cooktop, but not before he saw her clench her fists together, and heard her let out another little sexy whimper.

After witnessing her reactions to her bottom merely being touched (and lightly smacked), Alex was suddenly very curious to see what her reaction to a proper spanking would be like, and toyed with the idea of doing it right there and then. He decided against it in the end, thinking that perhaps frying whilst spanking wasn’t the safest idea, and that a kitchen probably wasn’t a very sexy place to be spanked He tried to move the thought to the back of his head and concentrate on cooking… but that thought was never too far away, and it suddenly became hard for him to keep his hands to himself. When Lizzie turned around with her back to the kitchen island, he was quite relieved. There was no way he could touch her bottom if he had no access to it!

He did however have access to her boobs, and because of the teasing way her nipples were pressing against the fabric of the thin t-shirt, there was no way he could resist touching them. Stepping closer to her, he stood in front of her and put his hands on her hips and kissed her. He tried to keep the kiss as passionless as possible, knowing very well that if he kissed her with the hunger he felt, they would end up having very steamy sex, while his house burnt down around them. Finding it harder and harder to control himself, he gave in to temptation and kissed a trail down her neck and over the t-shirt, until his lips came into contact with one of her pointy, hard nipples. He started to suck the nipple through the cotton barrier, and when she groaned loudly, he realised that sucking her nipples was probably the stupidest thing he could do if he wanted to retain control, and not ravage the poor woman.

It was him who groaned next, upon seeing the wet patch of t-shirt, which made her nipple VERY visible to him. He knew he should step away and get back to the bacon, but it would hurt his OCD if she had only ONE wet, see through patch of t-shirt, so risking everything, he moved his mouth to her other nipple, and sucked long and hard. Lizzie moved her hand to the back of his head, as if to hold him in place, and he groaned against her nipple. He knew he was a lost cause. Breaking the contact, Alex coughed and gave her a pained, flustered, desperate look, before moving back to the cooktop to try and concentrate on not completely destroying their breakfast.

But concentrate he could not. Not with her standing there. She wasn’t even standing beside him, or really making her presence known. But he KNEW she was there, and couldn’t take his mind off the myriad of things he’d love to be doing to her, right there and then in his kitchen. No. They weren’t things he would love to be doing to her – they were things he desperately HAD to do to her One thing in particular he badly needed to do. Deciding to let his cock make his decisions, he turned off the cooktop and turned to her.

There is only one thing I want for breakfast,” he said, as he approached her. She raised an eyebrow at him.

Oh really?” she asked, innocently.

Yes. Something I’ve been wanting to taste for quite some time,” he replied as he pressed up against her, his hands on either side of her on the kitchen island, so she couldn’t escape.

What would that be, Mr Bradshaw?” Lizzie asked, again oh-so innocently. She was so good at pretending to be innocent.

You know exactly what that would be,” he responded, locking eyes with her and licking his lips.

No, no clue, sir,” Lizzie replied and shook her head.

I am going to need to show you, aren’t I?” Alex sighed dramatically and Lizzie nodded.
“Oh, you are…” Lizzie responded, the slightest hint of a smirk on her face. Without a further word he put his hands on her hips and lifted her up so she was sitting on the island.

May I suggest you lie back,” Alex suggested and she did just as he asked.

He could not prevent the groan that escaped from his lips as she slowly let her legs fall open, almost in slow motion. His eyes were glued to her pussy, and almost bugged out of his head as her pussy lips parted, and he could see she was already glistening with wetness. His plan had been to do it slowly, to tease her, to almost make her beg for his tongue, but upon seeing how wet she was, his plan changed dramatically. Leaning down slightly, he inhaled deeply and shuddered as he caught her scent… so womanly, so enticing.

The moment his tongue made contact with her wet folds, Alex KNEW he’d made the right choice. Bacon and eggs were nothing compared to the deliciousness he was currently experiencing. Rather than being slow, and working her gradually toward an orgasm, he found he couldn’t control himself, and began to lick her pussy hungrily. He lapped his tongue up and down her pussy, increasing the pressure with each stroke, making sure to focus on her clit when his tongue made contact, before licking back down to her hole. The way she cried out whenever he dipped his tongue inside her hole made his cock twitch and throb. Each time he dipped his tongue back in she was even wetter, and the more he tasted her juices, the more he needed to taste them. He wondered for a vague moment if he’d died and gone to heaven because in that moment, life was pretty much perfect. He’d always loved the taste of a woman but Lizzie was by far his most pleasurable oral experience he had ever had, and he hoped there’d be plenty more to come.

Then he remembered her girlfriend and their committed, long term relationship… and the fact that that wasn’t very conducive to him being able to taste her a thousand more times.

He was stirred from his thoughts, by a loud guttural moan from Lizzie, and the feeling of her fingers linking with his own. He smiled against her pussy, glad that she seemed to be enjoying it as much as he was, and that she wanted the extra contact with him. Soon one of her hands let go of his and she moved it to the back of his head; suddenly his mouth was more firmly against her, and her hips were bucking against his mouth. He wanted to make it a lengthy, pleasurable experience for her, but the more he licked her pussy and tasted her wetness, the more carried away he became and as she began to scream and dig her fingernails into his hand, while pulling at his hair, he realised she was getting very close. Part of him wanted to slow right back down – but he couldn’t do that to her – or to himself.

He licked her clit harder and faster, making sure to keep it steady… her screams became louder and more high pitched, when he began to feel her legs closing, he knew she was almost there, so began to lick fasterstill. He was immediately rewarded by her screaming loudly as her orgasm hit, her thighs trying to clamp together, her hips raising up off the island, her hand pushing firmly on the back of his head as her fingernails dug deeply into his arms. When her whole body went limp, he gently kissed her pussy and inner thighs while stroking her hand, which was still in his, then raised his head and looked at her. He smiled and she smiled back; it was a very drunk smile, the type of smile that told him she was orgasmed out and very blissfully happy.

Alex took both of Lizzie’s hands in his and pulled her to a sitting position, then putting one arm under her legs and another behind her back, he picked her up and carried her back through to the bedroom. Breakfast could wait, all he wanted to do now was hold this amazing woman in his arms, while she recovered from what had appeared to be a rather intense orgasm. Smiling at her, he then kissed her gently and placed her on the bed, climbing in behind her so she had her back to his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and heard her sigh happily, then lay there holding her, smiling to himself… while trying to forget the fact she was actually someone else’s, not his.

Lizzie snoozed in his arms for half an hour, but he was much too wired to sleep. Not to mention more than a little horny. His mind kept going back to the brief phone call with Victoria, telling him to spank Lizzie… he had never ever thought about spanking a woman, because it wasn’t something that HE was interested in. But when he thought about Lizzie’s reactions to his very gentle teasing earlier, it stirred something deep inside him and he felt compelled to follow through and find out just how horny a little spanking could make her. But he had no idea how to really go about it. Spontaneously? Talk to her about it first? How would he know how hard to do it? What if she really didn’t like it? What if he did it wrong, somehow?

He heard Lizzie let out a quiet whimper and realised he was rubbing her bottom again. Obviously the spanking thoughts had gone straight to his hand and it seemed she was liking it. Was now the time to test out the spanking theory? At least if she didn’t like it, or if it offended her for some reason (though he was pretty sure that wouldn’t be the case), she could get up and leave and they wouldn’t have had months worth of connection, destroyed. But what if he DID spank her and she decided to leave and it ruined the potential for future months of connection building? It was tough, and wasn’t exactly something he could ask anyone for advice about. Except maybe Victoria, but that might be just a little weird… although, she’d been the one who suggested it, so he came to the conclusion that she probably wouldn’t mind.

Alex continued rubbing her bottom and Lizzie kept letting out her little whimpers, the sexy little whimpers that caused his cock to stir and his blood to heat up. Finally he lost his restraint and decided he had to do it – he HAD to spank her – he was far too curious to find out how turned on it would make her. Moving back a tiny bit, Alex removed his hand from her ass, and then brought it down gently. Lizzie arched her back and whimpered. Again he moved his hand from her ass, and brought it down, this time not quite as gently. He was rewarded with a loud whimper. The next time, his hand came down harder, and her whimper grew louder… and he found that as her whimpers became louder, his cock grew harder.

When he brought his hand down on her ass the next time, he did it harder than he’d meant to – but Lizzie let out a loud moan of pleasure – indicating to him that perhaps harder was better. Again his hand came down hard on her ass and her moan was louder, slightly more high pitched, and he noticed that her breathing was coming faster. Lizzie pulled the blankets off her, as if to give Alex easier access to her ass… and oh… how he loved that. He soon learnt that bringing his hand back further meant he could bring it down harder, which resulted in louder moans from her… but it also resulted in a new response – she began bucking her hips.

When he realised how much she was enjoying it he decided to stop worrying about doing it too hard and just followed her cues. When her moans turned to shrieks he knew that he was doing it perfectly and didn’t alter the force with which he was spanking her. He made sure his hand was making contact in the same spot each time, stopping after every few contacts to rub her bottom a little. When she started to grind her hips and writhe around he began to miss the red handprint target that had developed on her ass. He had never been witness to anything sexier… the extreme hardeness of his cock was proof of that.

Lizzie unexpectedly turned so she was facing him and then pushed him onto his back. He was worried that she had had enough, but the look in her eyes told him that was not the case. When she climbed on top of him and impaled herself on his cock, he began to understand why she had changed position. If she was on top, she could have him inside her – and he could spank her at the same time.

What a revelation THAT was! The first time he spanked her while he was inside her, he gasped as his cock was clenched with an iron grip. He spanked her again, harder, and the same thing happened, causing him to let out a loud moan of his own. And so it continued, he’d spank, she’d clench and grind, he’d spank, she’d clench and grind, he’d spank, she’d clench and grind, spank, clench and grind, spank, clench and grind. Her pussy was so amazingly wet that it felt like his cock was shrouded in silk. She was so incredibly smooth and he really had never felt anything so… he couldn’t even find the word for it.

Alex was not surprised when his orgasm began building up, and was glad that it appeared to be coinciding with hers. After all the work they’d put in, it only seemed fitting for them to cum together. She continued riding him hard, while he spanked her hard, and as her shrieks became increasingly high pitched, he was grunting louder and louder. He felt her pussy starting to tighten so pulled her down hard and felt his cock hit nice and deep. After three thrusts/grinds, they both exploded into orgasm – both loud, both guttural, both going rigid against each other, as their orgasm lasted for what felt like ten minutes.

Then she collapsed against him. They lay breathing heavily, a hot, sweaty mess of naked, sexed out, over-sensitised, post-orgasmic bliss.

Afterward he had no idea how long it took for them to recover enough to talk, and when he tried to think of the space of time immediately post-orgasm, he found he had no recollection… it was as if he had cum so hard that he had blacked out.